Compulsive Exercising

Having an eating disorder have many results and signs. We often come across the questions like, “How can there be such thing as too much exercise” or “How can exercise hurt me”. One of the main outlets of eating disorders are “Compulsive Exercising”. People having this compulsive exercising are often the disordered eater who are suffering from  Anorexia, or Bulimia non-purging type.

However there can be individuals with both the eating disorders who are suffering from Compulsive Exercising.

People suffering from this Compulsive eating disorder often have episodes of excessive exercising. They won’t stop at a particular extent and will continue to exercise until they are exhausted. They do this so as to get rid of the guilt they got while binge eating. To burn the calories they gained while eating or to get ready to binge eat later.

People suffering from the compulsive exercise often feel tremendously guilty if they skip an exercise for a day or two. It feels like they have committed a mistake of not burning there calories they had previous day.

Individuals with eating disorders find this exercising as a justification for there binge eating. As they are burning the calories which they have taken.

Exercising gives them a sense of relief which is temporary as the surface goal is to burn the calories or lose weight. After exercising they feel a sense of temporary power or at least they feel like they are under control for that point. In order to forget the underlying issues and the guilt, people exercise compulsively.

Sometimes people feels like they are destined to exercise every day as if it is a chore or a punishment. They also feels like they deserves it due to there binge eating episodes. They often feel relief in taking the pain of exercising for long periods in order to gain the temporary feeling of self control over them.

Some of the physical dangers that may become an issue for someone exercising too much can be: dehydration, stress fracture and osteoporosis, degenerative arthritis, Amenorrea (loss of menstrual cycle) and reproductive problems, and heart problems. Also see the Physical Dangers page.

Eating disorders in Athletes:

Many times people participating in Athletics or dance also has a major role. Since emphasis in which society, coaches and/or parents makes them feel like they need to be thin in order to lead a successful career. They develop a sense of feeling that in order to succeed they should stay “Fit and Trim”. They involve themselves in compulsive exercising in order to maintain their stature in their field.

Which eventually develops an eating disorder…….

Getting praises from parents and couches for being in good shape often acts as a fuel for this destructive habit. There are athletes that have distorted eating habits and compulsive exercises in order to maintain there shape which can lead to many serious health issues. As heavy exercising and being on a margin of gaining and losing weight leads to organ damage.

Dancers, runners, gymnasts and wrestlers seem to be at an elevated risk of serious injury or death because of their desire to lose weight. For an average individual healthy exercise is considered to 20 to 30 minutes of athletic time a day.

Link: Mirror-Mirror — Eating Disorders in Athletes

One should remember that compulsive exercising is one of the way that a sufferer copes with his eating disorder. It is as dangerous as compulsive dieting, binging and purging or the use of diet pills and laxatives.

Compulsive exercising can lead to serious physical dangers and death.

Link: ANRED — Athletes and Eating Disorders.

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