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Our Mission: We are dedicated to raising awareness… emphasizing always that Eating Disorders are NOT about food and weight; They are just the symptoms of something deeper going on, inside. We are determined to remind each and every sufferer that they are not alone, and that complete recovery is possible. If you are the loved-one of someone that suffers, use this website to educate yourself. The more you know about Eating Disorders, the more you are equipped to provide the support your loved-one needs. If you have an Eating Disorder, you can find help. You can recover. And you deserve to do both.

March 24, 2014

Something Fishy Under NEW MANAGEMENT

When it comes to getting support for an eating disorder, we know how much you have relied on Something Fishy for guidance. We also recognize that we have plenty of room to grow on our end, which is why we are excited to take over the site and make some exciting and beneficial changes!

Not only will we be doing a complete overhaul of the site, but we are also set to install improvements that will make navigating the site itself much simpler. In addition, message boards will be up and running as soon as possible so you can share and connect with others.

We are excited to announce this welcomed breath of fresh air to a site that has served as a significant resource for many in the past. We promise to remain committed to bringing you only the best so you and/or your loved ones can continue to get the help needed to live a healthy life free of eating disorders.

June 22nd, 2006

It has been over ten years since I started this site back in 1995, and nearly 8 years since we opened up the interactive community here. Tony and I are so proud of the work we have done in providing a resource to so many of you who have needed to find a good source of information and a safe place for support. Almost 8 million people have passed through this site since its inception, and we feel honored to have touched so many people in such a positive way.

Over the last few years our time has become more and more limited. We have always managed running the site in between our paying jobs, foregoing vacations and often staying up late into the night. We’re older now, and having such a full schedule is not as easy, especially as the kids get older and our time with them becomes even more precious.

My career (non-eating disorders related) has taken a positive direction as of late, which means even less time for the site. Tony and I promised each other long ago that if we ever got into the position where we just couldn’t focus on the site as it needs, it would be time to make a change. Like we always preach to all of you, we must take care of ourselves too. 

Since we have reached that time, we’ve explored several options… to close the site, to close the interactive areas of the site… or to try to transfer ownership of the site to someone else � Someone with the resources required to keep it going and make it even better.

We have recently developed a relationship with a wonderful company called CRC Health. They are focused on providing recovery resources, for those suffering with addictions and eating disorders, both online and in real-time. They are the owners of the 4Therapy.com and eGetgoing websites, as well as Sierra Tucson. There are dedicated to providing more resources to those with Eating Disorders and to expand their reach so everyone has access to information and support.

We have made the decision to transfer ownership of Something Fishy over to CRC Health. While the decision was personally a difficult one, we have come to know them as a compassionate company with extremely focused goals, and a large one with a staff of people that can dedicate resources to the site that Tony and I are just not capable of. They do not wish to run in here and make all kinds of changes � to the contrary their goal is to make very few; They want to be sure everyone here continues to have a forum in which to find support, and a site in which to get information, and Tony and I both believe they will do a good job.

Over time, there may be new moderators (on our bulletin boards), and I have complete faith that they will be a welcome addition to the community here. Jik and BIBRI have committed to staying on as moderators for the immediate future, and Kensington will be taking over as “lead moderator and administrator”. She looks forward to continuing to provide you all with support and guidance, and we are honored that she has accepted these additional responsibilities and new role; We know she understands the community well and shares very similar visions as Tony and I. We can never thank all the mod-fishys enough for what they have done for us and this community!

Tony and I still emphatically believe in this cause, and have tried to make a decision we felt was best for everyone. It was not an easy decision � The site has been our “baby” and it feels similar to sending your baby off to college, or out into the world on its own. Similarly, there will be change, and growth, and hopefully it will be exciting even if it may seem a little scary. Just as with anything in life, we don’t know with 100% certainty what will happen, but we move forward optimistically, hoping and dreaming for great things… not just for the site, but for all of you. Our primary goal was that you all continue to be able to get support… and that is a goal that will be achieved through this transfer.

Tony and I wish you all the very best. Each of you CAN and WILL recover… you have that power within you… and we know the Something Fishy Website on Eating Disorders will continue to be a valuable resource to assist everyone with an Eating Disorder on their healing journey.

While it’s time for us to say good-bye,
Please know we will miss you…
And we will always be thinking of you.

As Tony always says… Good Luck…

And as I say… remember to Take Care of YOU…. Always…

Amy & Tony
aka. SFishy and MrFishy

June 22, 2006


On behalf of all of us at CRC Health, it is a great pleasure to welcome Something Fishy and its community to our family of services. We want to thank Amy and Tony for their support and confidence and recognize the wonderful site and community they have developed. It is greatly appreciated.

Since 1995, Something Fishy has been diligently offering assistance to those with eating disorders and their families. For more than 20 years CRC Health has been setting the standard of excellence in the treatment of addiction and other behavioral health disorders. Including Something Fishy into that philosophy enforces our commitment to creating a vision of delivering quality care to those suffering from eating disorders, and redefining the way in which people communicate and reach out for help.

Over the past several years CRC has dedicated additional personnel and resources to providing the highest quality care by embracing the values of integrity, compassion and responsibility. Incorporating Something Fishy into our collection of services accelerates CRC’s strategy of creating a defining policy that offers more solutions for delivering eating disorder treatments, resources, support and information to those suffering and their loved-ones.

CRC will carry on with an unwavering commitment to the Something Fishy readers by maintaining the integrity of the site. We also want to thank Jik, BIBRI, and Kensington for their continued dedication and service.

Please join us in our new endeavor. Together, we can continue to build a strong community and help more and more people.

Howard A. Brown, M.A., MFT
CRC Health Corporation