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Snowflake for a Day
by: Amy Medina

Every year we experience snow fall where snow flakes fall from the sky. It is to be known that each snow flake is different from one another. No two snow flakes are same everything falling from the sky is different. It is known that each snowflake that falls is completely unique. An individual.

Imagine that you are a snowflake falling from the sky and you only have a few moments to live your life before you touch the ground. if you only had a few brief moments to share something about yourself with the snowflake next to you, what would you say that expresses who you are.

And the things you mention will make a lasting impression so the other snowflake would always remember you?


  1. The answers you give cannot be anything related to your eating disorder.
  2. And also note that the answer should be anything less or equal to hundred words as the time is less the sentences should be less.

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