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What Do You Need?
by: Amy Medina

People suffering from an eating disorder or those who are recovering from the disorder often feel like they are missing something. Not just an eating disorder all those who are suffering from any mental health disorder feel like they are missing something.

This missing thing can be anything. It can be something that they lack inside or something they crave from others. Something that one need from someone that they are not getting. (love, friendship, attention, independence, understanding, validation, etc. etc.)

Now question yourself with the following questions:

  1. What is it you think you need?
  2. Question yourself…. is it something that needs to provided to you?
  3. Who is it you need something from? Is it yourself or someone else (if someone else tell us who — your friends, a family member, your father or mother, a spouse, etc.)?
  4. Name three or more constructive ways you can get what you need!
  5. rules: none of your answers can have anything to do with weight or food.
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