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Mirror-Mirror on the Wall Game
by: Amy Medina

Here in this article we discuss the games that will help you to get enough self motivation to cope up with your eating disorder.

To start this game, all you need is some color pens or crayons, magic markers, or a pen. Either your journal or it can be any piece of paper.


  1. Stand in front of your mirror.
  2. Now look at yourself. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it something negative? Now all you got to do is find something positive about yourself that will combat the negative voice.
  3. Find three positive aspects of your physical self and then write them down.
  4. Look yourself in mirror and say them out loud.
  5. Stare at your self in the mirror for five minute EYE-TO-EYE. What and who do you see?
  6. Now relax for a bit. Spend some time journaling on how you feel and what this little exercise means to you.
  7. Spend some time writing self-affirmations and ideas for combating any negativity you have pointed at yourself.


After completing this exercise have some time to relax. (coping ideas)

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