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Reasons to play Love Me Game
by: Amy Medina

A game that should be played with someone you truly love, someone you can rely on. This is a game that needs to be played with someone who you can trust. It can be your friend, lover, spouse or your life partner.

First step of the game is to take a pen and paper, or a book of your wish or can simply be a notepad,

Now find a place that makes you feel very comfortable, it can be any place in your home.

While the third step goes like this, ask your partner why they love you. Ask them to tell at least 5 points or the reasons of loving you and caring you. As the other person says the reasons never try to argue with them or feel bad or think that they are lying. Try to enjoy the process and write down the points.

Now sit with your partner and tell or explain them how you feel about doing this. Explain them Are you comfortable or not? Do you feel happy? Sad?

Communicate with them what you really feel.

Later, when you are alone look at the list of things why your partner loves you. Now try to turn those points into positive self affirmations that can help you in your recovery.

Think of ways you can turn this into your own “why I love myself” list. Create few index cards with these affirmations and carry them with you. Do refer them when you feel low. As this will help you to get through the situation.

Ladies, sometimes writing them on the mirrors with lipstick will help you to refer them when you wake up in the morning, even gents can do this…. LOL.

This game really helps you to create a self affirmation.

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