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Color of the Day
by: Tony & Amy Medina

Here in this article we discuss about a game that helps you with you eating disorder.

The game starts:

  1. Pick any color that describes your mood or how you feeling about the day. Write the color down.
  2. Now tell or describe why you picked the color. And what that color means to you and how the color describes your mood.
  3. Immediately get a color pencil or marker in that shade.

So now if the color refers or describes any kind of bad mood like anger, sad or frustration or depression, take a paper and start to scribble on it till you feel satisfied.

Take the scribbled paper and tear it into pieces or rip it off, do anything that makes you feel okay. Now mail it to your enemy ( evil laugh)  if that feels good. Own it and get rid of it.

If the color is related to any good feeling like happiness, or any good vibes take a paper and start to doodle or draw something you like, color boxes and circles all over the page and fold it up — save it for a day you feel down to look at if you want.

REMEMBER these are your emotions and you can definitely do something about them.

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