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ProSolution Pills Review – Can ProSolution Pills Replace Prescription ED Pills?

ProSolution Pills is one of the biggest names in male enhancement. Guys use it for size, stamina and to get more sex. But is this for real? I’ve got a few things to say about it…

Prosolution Pills

Rated: #2


  • Bigger Erections
  • Stronger Sex Drive
  • Better Stamina
  • Intense Climaxes
  • Greater Sexual Satisfaction


The quick version is that ProSolution Pills does what I just said. The extended version is that it does it thanks to a powerful formula that’s dosed for results. Customer service is good, the guarantee is generous, and ProSolution Pills has a long – and well-deserved – history for quality and great results in the bedroom.

That’s what you want as a male enhancement customer. ProSolution Pills delivers, and is an excellent value for what it offers.

I’ve tested ProSolution Pills thoroughly, for months, and compared it against countless other products in the male enhancement niche. This is #2 – a close second to VigRX Plus. It’s not quite that good, but it’s not far behind either. Allow me to go into greater detail about ProSolution Pills…

Where to Buy ProSolution Pills

While counterfeiting isn’t a huge problem with ProSolution products at present, it’s still advised to buy ProSolution Pills from its official stores only. You can buy official ProSolution Pills from the following sites:

ProSolution Pills – Under the Microscope

With that covered, let’s dive right into this ProSolution Pills review and talk about the things you really want to know. We’re going to look at:

How it Works

ProSolution Pills Ingredients

Before & After

Safety and Side Effects

Best Value

How ProSolution Pills Works

ProSolution Pills works like any other male virility supplement. It’s made with amino acids, vitamins, minerals and sexual ingredients that accumulate over time in the male reproductive system and help shift male sex hormones back to youthful levels.

As well, it helps blood flow to the penis, so you can get and keep that monster erection you really want.

The bigger picture with ProSolution Pills is that is helps your ongoing sexual vitality. Yes, it helps your male sex hormones, and you’ll definitely be hard and ready to go with this product. But it also generally benefits your sexual wellness, IE, your desire for sex, your stamina, and your satisfaction in the bedroom.

If only the Rolling Stones knew of ProSolution Pills. Bad joke, I know…

ProSolution Pills Formula

So you know what it does. But that’s what every other male enhancement sex pill does, right? Well yes. The key difference here is how well ProSolution Pills does what it claims. Many, dare I say, most, male enhancement pills have the wrong ingredients and/or are dosed too weak to see real results.

That’s not a problem with ProSolution Pills™ thanks to a perfect combination of ingredients that pop with dosage that gets stuff done.

I’ve said before that most male enhancement supplements don’t last. Only the best survive. ProSoluton Pills, having been around for over a decade, is one of the survivors for that reason exactly.

The ProSoluton Pills™ Formula includes:

Korean Ginseng

Butea Superba





And what does that mean exactly?

Korean Ginseng – This helps erection quality, thickness and ability to get a hard on for men with erectile problems.

Butea Superba – Boosts sexual function, libido and sexual satisfaction.

Solidilin – Helps sex drive and increases feelings of pleasure.

Drilizen – This helps increase testosterone along with nitric oxide, which improves erection hardness and control.

Cordyceps – Dramatically increases sex drive.

Curculigo – This is an aphrodisiac that helps erection quality, boosts sex drive and helps with faster recovery between ‘sessions’.

Remember, it’s not just what’s in the product, it’s how it’s dosed too. ProSolution Pills hits the mark here, with dosage that helps you show up and go longer – something I can personally vouch for. They’ve got an excellent name in the male enhancement community, and they’ve clearly used their expertise to craft a formula that delivers maximum results for sexual vitality.

Safety & Side Effects

ProSolution Pills has a reputation for quality. It’s made in the United States (that’s good) at a cGMP-compliant facility (that’s even better). I had no issues with ProSolution Pills and haven’t heard of guys experiencing side effects while they use it.

Speak with your doctor before trying ProSolution Pills, if you have any specific health concerns or you’re on medication (which you should be doing before trying any new supplement). But from my experience, you’re probably gonna be fine.

ProSolution Pills: Before & After

I’m a fairly healthy guy, and don’t usually have erection problems. I tried ProSolution Pills simply to test it for efficacy. I was looking for a boost to sex drive, stamina, and better happiness with the state of things sex-related.

I first noticed a difference with ProSolution Pills at about two weeks. In fact, I found it boosted my interest in sex a little faster than VigRX Plus did, although when VigRX Plus kicked it, it did in a bigger way.

Still, I definitely had more stamina with ProSolution Pills within the first three months. At 6 months my erection was noticeably bigger, and longer lasting. I was a bit of a horn-dog, if I can be honest, and had problems reaching for the ‘Off’ switch. That’s a nice problem to have, and it’s all because of the ProSolution Pills formula. I ain’t complaining.

ProSolution Pills helped my sex drive and stamina better than any other product save VigRX Plus.


ProSolution Pills is an excellent value. At $60 for a one month supply, it’s actually a little cheaper than VigRX Plus. Granted, it’s not quite as good. But, it’s not far from it either.

A 3 Month Supply of ProSolution Pills is $155. Six Months will set you back $290 and comes with some nice extras, like a Free tube of ProSolution Gel (which you can use while you wait for ProSolution Pills to kick in – nice!) and Free Shipping in the continental United States.

Yet the Grandaddy of value with ProSolution Pills is its 12 Month Package. That gets you 12 boxes of unbelievable sex, the Free Shipping, Free ProSolution Gel AND a box of Volume Pills climax enhancer, so your climaxes will be even more intense.

12 Months of ProSolution Pills is just $400 – putting a cool $439.45 saved and back in your pocket, along with all those other bonus items. And, of course, a year of the best sex of your life.

That may be the best $400 you’ll ever spend.

The Verdict:

The Verdict is in and with ProSolution Pills it’s highly favorable. This is the second best male enhancement virility pill thanks to that great formula, excellent value, a generous money-back guarantee (67 days) and some of the best sex you’ll ever have. I am very happy to recommend you buy ProSolution Pills. Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it. Try ProSolution Pills yourself!

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