Nutravit Diet Drops Review: 12 Vital Things to Know

Before you buy the Nutravit Diet Drops, or any other weight loss drops, it is vital to know everything about them.

The most important thing to know about these diet drops is … You are supposed to take these diet drops with a low calorie diet of 500 calories, 800 calories or 1200 calories. The diet you choose depends on how much weight you want to lose.

If you take them with the meal plan that Nutravit provides with your delivery, you can lose between 6 and 14 pounds in a week!

However, this is not really news anyway because when you reduce your caloric intake to 500, you will still lose weight, drops or no drops!

This is why many people ask whether there are any additional benefits to using the Nutravit weight loss drops.

Indeed there is! That’s why we compiled this list of all the vital things you should know about these diet drops.

Nutravit weight loss drops

Nutravit Diet Drops Features

In this section, you will see the outstanding features that make this weight loss drops a must-have if you have weight issues.

1. Nutravit Diet Drops Overview: What is it?

Nutravit Diet Drops

Nutravit Diet Drops are also what we refer to as under the tongue weight loss drops. Some people also refer to these as sublingual drops.

This product is from a blend of natural ingredients (herbal, amino acids and minerals). Together, the ingredients make a superb fat burner that has helped thousands of users in the world burn stubborn fat.

Nutravit manufactures this product in the USA, in GMP and FDA-approved labs. You can be sure that it meets the highest food safety and handling standards.

This liquid weight loss drops comes in a 2 Fl oz bottle or 60ml. Everyday, place 10 to 15 drops of this liquid under your tongue for absorption.

When you order these drops, you get a meal plan, although you can use it with Ketogenic, Atkins, Diabetic, Intermittent Fasting, or Vegetarian diets. We recommend you use the provided meal plan.

2. Lose weight without working out

That is the whole point behind using these diet drops – you can lose weight without doing aerobics, training, weight lifting or any other exercise.

To lose weight effectively, you will have to embark on the low calorie diet of your choice. Most people want to do the 500-calorie diet so that they can lose weight fast.

This creates a big calorie deficit. Therefore, your body will have to harvest its fat stocks to burn them for energy. That’s how you lose weight.

Not only do you get to lose weight without lifting, but you can also use the supplement in the office or at school.

3. This supplement addresses the core causes of fat

This supplement will address the root causes of fat gain in your body. Getting fat is a symptom that something in your system is not working right.

Here are various ways in which this supplement addresses the issue of weight:

  • It increases the metabolic rate naturally
  • It changes the way the body processes fat
  • Prevents the absorption of fat in the stomach so there is less depositing of the same
  • Has ingredients that enhance the transport of fatty acids to the cells for metabolism
  • Induces fullness so you get satisfied very fast (take drops before breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • It eliminates hunger pangs completely, so you do not eat as much
  • Some ingredients curb sugar and starch cravings
  • Can activate the hypothalamus gland to control metabolism better
  • Helps the body to remove toxins and stress hormones that cause puffiness and inflammation

4. It does not contain artificial stimulants

This product does not contain stimulants or preservatives. It is going to get your body to start burning fat naturally.

For Nutravit diet drops to work, you must clean up your eating act, using the provided meal plan or a low calorie diet of your choice. If you don’t cut your calorie intake, you will not see results despite taking the drops.

5. It is good for mental health

Weight gain is not just a physical attribute. It starts in the mind. That’s why this supplement contains herbal extracts and amino acids that boost brainpower, immune power, and happiness.

When you use it consistently, the levels of the stress hormones reduce while that of the feel-good hormones rises.

6. It release energy and strength despite eating minimally

The secret to this is in the way it guides the body to increase its metabolic rate naturally. Metabolism is a chemical process of converting food material into energy.

Your body does not use food material to perform its functions. Rather, it uses energy. When food material is broken down in the cells, you get more energy. That’s why you feel more energetic, rejuvenated and happy after using the Nutravit Diet Drops.

7. It will improve your sleep

L-Tryptophan and L-Ornithine amino acids are some of the ingredients used to make this fat burn formula. They improve your sleep. When you are asleep, the body’s BMR (basal metabolic rate) remains high.

This means your body continues to burn fat even when you are resting. When you are sleeping, your body regenerates itself, replacing worn out cells with new ones, repairing the skin and so on.

8. Nutravit Diet Drops can delay aging

The main causes of fast aging are well known. These are inflammation, cell damage from oxidation, stress and anxiety.

These diet drops burn all types of body fat and visceral fat (that surrounds internal organs).

Some ingredients also help the body to flush out toxins (including free radicals). You will also enjoy more immune power, mental wellness and general physical wellness.

9. It can help to keep certain conditions away

This is another indisputable fact! Obesity has serious repercussions on your health. It can cause stroke, hypertension and organ failure.

Using the Nutravit weight loss drops can help to prevent this. Ingredients such as the African Mango Extract (AME) lower the level of LDL (cholesterol) in your blood.

Your blood vessels can carry more blood, are healthier and they can transport oxygen and nutrients faster to all parts of the body.

L-Glutamine increases insulin sensitivity, which in return changes the way your body regulates glucose levels. This lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes considerably.

10. These drops are easy to take

Taking Nutravit Diet Drops should be easy. Each package comes with a dropper, so you just need to place these drops under your tongue.

When you wake up in the morning, take your weight and note it down. You can then take 10 to 15 drops, hold them under the tongue for about 30 seconds and then swallow.

Take these drops three times a day. Each time you take them; don’t take any food for at least 15 minutes before and after taking them.

Remember, you’re to start taking these drops on the first day of the second phase (when you embark on 21 days of taking a very low calorie diet).

It is best to set your alarm so that you don’t forget to take your drops. However, in case you forget one dose, don’t chase it.

11. It is easy to buy Nutravit Diet Drops

Buying these diet drops for weight loss is very simple. Just go to the official website and order the package that you want.

It is recommended to order at least two bottles to enjoy the accompanying discount perks. For instance, when you order two bottles, you get one free. When you order three bottles, you get two free!

One bottle costs $59.99. This is a supply for one month. Your order comes with a money back guarantee of 90 days.

12. The disadvantages are minimal

Every good product has its flipside and this one is not any different. Here are some notable things that might make you not like it …

  • It requires strict discipline and adherence to the low calorie diet
  • You might experience mild bloating, nauseousness and weakness in the first days of using the low calorie diet.


The Nutravit weight loss drops were released to the market after many years of clinical research. You can order them without fear because they have no serious side effects.

You can tell a good product from the way it works. This weight loss drops works by kick-starting natural processes of your body. It’ll activate your metabolism so that you burn fat even when you are resting.

If you gained weight from the COVID-19 lockdowns and social isolation, try these natural drops for burning fat. They will help you get your pre-lockdown body.  

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