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ExtenZe Review – Does ExtenZe actually work? I Put it to the Test!

You’ve heard of ExtenZe. It’s one of the biggest names in male enhancement across mainstream media. But does it actually boost your sex drive and stamina? Here’s what I found…


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Rated: #3


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ExtenZe works. That’s what you want to know. Well, there’s your answer.

It’s a good product and it delivers results. It’s not quite up there with VigRX Plus or ProSolution Pills, but I’ve used and tested ExtenZe extensively. My libido thanked me – that’s because of a good formula that’s dosed for results.

With over a billion ExtenZe pills sold, there’s a reason for that.

Having said that, ExtenZe is #3 – not #1 for several reasons that I’ll address in this review.

Where to Buy ExtenZe

Counterfeiting can be an issue with ExtenZe. I recommend you buy it from one of its official stores. I buy all my ExtenZe here for that reason.

ExtenZe – Under the Microscope

Now, to the important stuff. This is what you really need to know about ExtenZe. So without further ado, in this ExtenZe review we’ll look at the following:

How it Works

ExtenZe Ingredients

Before & After

Safety & Side Effects

Best Value

So let’s get at it!

How ExtenZe Works

Like the other male virility supplements we’ve talked about, ExtenZe is designed to boost your sexual vitality, erection quality, sex drive and generally put a little vroom in your bedroom. It’s made with sexual nutrients, herbals, vitamins, minerals that accumulate in your body over 3-6 months and gradually boost your sexual ability.

Among other functions, ExtenZe helps optimize your sex hormones to youthful levels and increases blood flow capacity to your penis.

ExtenZe needs about 3-6 months to really kick in and deliver its benefits. That’s standard for most male enhancement products, although you might want to use a male enhancement gel like VigRX Oil while you wait for ExtenZe to bring the love.

ExtenZe Formula

ExtenZe has a good formula. That’s one of the reasons it’s still here after 15+ years. It’s made with the usual suspects – Damiana, Muira Puama, Tribulus Terrestris, they’re all here.

There’s a bit of a caveat with ExtenZe’s formula, with its inclusion of Yohimbe. That’s not a deal-breaker, provided you don’t have heart problems or high blood pressure. But it’s something to notice and think about with a little more scrutiny.

The ExtenZe formula includes:

Folate – This helps boost fertility

Zinc – Boosts testosterone and is essential to sperm health

Ginger – An aphrodisiac believed to boost blood flow to the genitals

Tribulus Terrestris – This boosts testosterone and DHEA and appear to help male sexual function

Korean Ginseng – Linked to bigger and thicker erections

Horny Goat Weed – A well-known aphrodisiac

Damiana – Helps boost sexual stamina

Muira Puama – A natural libido booster

Boron – Helps restore sexual function lost with age

Not a bad formula, right?

Indeed,  the ExtenZe ingredients more than pass muster. They can get you randy and ready to go the distance. But that Yobimbe…well, let’s talk about that.

Safety & Side Effects

I’m a relatively healthy guy and had no problems using ExtenZe. And yes, I recommend the product for most guys. But that Yohimbe can be an issue for some men. Among other things, Yohimbe, which is the bark of a African tree, is linked to a variety of side effects, from fainting and nausea to high blood pressure and heart problems.

While rare, Yohimbe can be fatal.

I’m not saying this to discourage you from buying ExtenZe. This is a good product. For most guys, they’ll likely use it with no problems at all, and have a better sex life for it.

But I do recommend you speak with your doctor before using ExtenZe for that reason. Mention the Yohimbe. You’re on slightly higher alter if you have high blood pressure or you’ve had heart problems in the part.


ExtenZe worked for me. I found it was a little slower than VigRX Plus and ProSoluton Pills, but I was definitely feelin’ randy after using ExtenZe for two months. Sexual stamina was better after about two months after that.

By 7 months, my bed was rocking.

I noticed other things with ExtenZe too. Not to play the enlargement card, as many products do, but I did notice my erection looked bigger while I was using ExtenZe. I recovered faster, and my climaxes – while not in Semenax territory – were definitely more enjoyable.

ExtenZe works. I will not argue with that.


ExtenZe is a good value. At $60 a box, it’s not going to break your bank account. Of course, you’ll get more value on a bigger package – a 3 Month Supply of ExtenZe is $160 (a $30 savings.

6 boxes of ExtenZe will cost you $310, and put $50 back in your pocket in the process. You’ll also get free global shipping with a 6 Month Supply.

Considering the cost of shipping in this day and age, that alone is good reason to go for the 6 Month Supply. That and the fact that you’ll probably need 6+ months to get your best results with ExtenZe. So if you’re up for this product, the 6 Month Supply is definitely the way to go.

Granted, ExtenZe is a good value – it’s not great. This prices are comparable to ProSolution Pills. ExtenZe is a good male enhancement product. But if you’re going to pay this kind of money, my recommendation would be to go for ProSoluton Pills, or pay a little bit more for VigRX Plus, which takes results and value to a completely new level.

The Verdict

ExtenZe is a good product. It’s a ‘Yes’. The results are here, the value is good, it’s a respectable name, and with a 67 day money-back guarantee, that’s more than enough reason to bite the bullet and buy ExtenZe.

Remember to speak with your doctor about the product first, if you have heart problems or high blood pressure, or other specific health considerations (or medication), but if your doctor gives you the go-ahead, ExtenZe delivers, and can give you more sex and better stamina. Granted, it’s not ProSolution Pills, and it’s definitely not VigRX Plus. It’s ExtenZe – and that’s a good thing.

A parting thought to leave you with. As I’ve mentioned, counterfeit ExtenZe can be an issue. Buy your ExtenZe here, from one of its official stores. I’ve never had a problem with this website, and recommend it as your go-to place to buy this popular product.

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