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When it comes to getting support for an eating disorder, we know how much you have relied on Something Fishy for guidance. We also recognize that we have plenty of room to grow on our end, which is why we are excited to take over the site and make some exciting and beneficial changes!

Not only will we be doing a complete overhaul of the site, but we are also set to install improvements that will make navigating the site itself much simpler. In addition, message boards will be up and running as soon as possible so you can share and connect with others.

We are excited to announce this welcomed breath of fresh air to a site that has served as a significant resource for many in the past. We promise to remain committed to bringing you only the best so you and/or your loved ones can continue to get the help needed to live a healthy life free of eating disorders.

Our Mission: We are dedicated to raising awareness… emphasizing always that Eating Disorders are NOT about food and weight; They are just the symptoms of something deeper going on, inside. We are determined to remind each and every sufferer that they are not alone, and that complete recovery is possible. If you are the loved-one of someone that suffers, use this website to educate yourself. The more you know about Eating Disorders, the more you are equipped to provide the support your loved-one needs. If you have an Eating Disorder, you can find help. You can recover. And you deserve to do both.

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