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All poems that appear have been submitted and reprinted with the permission of the authors. Copyrights are retained by the original authors and you must contact them for permission to reprint. If you have a poem you'd like to submit yourself please send it to POETRY@something-fishy.com

You and Me
by: Anonymous

I look into your faceand cry
You wipe the tears from my eye
You whisper secrets of your love
Saying welcome to this world my love.

I learn to sit, stumble and crawl,
You lift me up, your little girl
I look into your face and smile
You hug me like I am your child.

I�m happy now, my age is three
You sit me up upon your knee
A sister, you say is on the way
She�ll be here most any day.

Then one day when I am four
You pack our bags, we close the door
You take us far away to be
With your parents, you, Mel and me.

I take this as a special sign
That everything now will be just fine
And I understand when you can not come
To take me to school on day one

When walking up a hill one day
You meet a friend along the way
You tell her that you aren�t so fine
It�s cancer, you say, as you tell a lie

I look into your face and see
A simple glare peer down at me
I try to think this is a game
That you�ll end it soon, just the same

But every day the lies they grow,
I look into your happy glow
It�s like your eyes will only shine
After you have told a lie

I watch you play the game each day
Praying you�ll tell no tales today
You�re working late and so we go
To our Aunt�s for a week or so.

A new arrangement has been made
We go to our Aunt�s after school each day
I look into your face quite late
I wonder if it�s me you hate.

I hear you one night tell a friend
You�ve had enough it�s time to spend
Some time alone away from us
You say you�ve simply had enough.

I think you�re at your game again
I even smile as I lay in bed
But then, when I am eight years old
I realise the truth you told.

You fail to pick us up one night
I pray this once you�ve told a lie
But after weeks it comes to be
I may never see you smile at me.

I saw you again some five years on
You beam at how much we have grown
But I can not look into your face
I no longer wish to join your race.

You see me every now and then
We talk and chat, but far from friends
Occassionally you start to cry
And apologise with another lie

I�m older now, at twenty-five
You come and visit and things are fine
It seems as though we will always be
Separate in worlds, you and me.

Perhaps one day when I am old
And as your mind begins to fold
Then maybe you will end the game
And things will go back just the same.

But no matter what happens from now to then
My memory shall forever contain
The way in which you smiled at me
That day long ago upon your knee.

©2002 Anonymous. Reprinted with Permission.

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