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All poems that appear have been submitted and reprinted with the permission of the authors. Copyrights are retained by the original authors and you must contact them for permission to reprint. If you have a poem you'd like to submit yourself please send it to POETRY@something-fishy.com

The Porcelain Doll
by: Courtney

A perfect little girl, the picture of grace
Everyone is fooled when they look at her face
They think she's content and worry free
Not caring at all about who she should be.
She hides inside of herself, protected by a shell
Pretending she's fine so that other's can't tell.
"If they knew the truth, that i am really unsure,
Then they would take care of me, trying desperatly to find a cure.
I can't be a burden, so i'll just lie,
Laughing it off when i really want to die."
Her bright shiny eyes only sparkle with glass
And her painted red lips never let true feeling pass.
Is this really the girl that she wants to be?
Why can't she say, i just want to be me.
Because she is scared of what others will do
Will she be accepted or considered taboo?
Her sweet china mask will keep her safe
But she has forgotten how easily china can break.
So they fix her up with a dab of glue
Not really caring if that's what is true.
It never really matters if she's truly herself
As long as she looks perfect when placed on the shelf.

©2001 Courtney. Reprinted with Permission.

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