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All poems that appear have been submitted and reprinted with the permission of the authors. Copyrights are retained by the original authors and you must contact them for permission to reprint. If you have a poem you'd like to submit yourself please send it to POETRY@something-fishy.com

Black Rivers
by: Candie

Trapped In suffocating quarters
Knots tie up my neck
Headaches make me
It's hot
Humid sapphire
Eyes look on
Sitting in my underwear
I cry

She's so pretty, that ugly girl
Not a care in the world (She's so pretty)
Just look at her cry -- just look at her sob

Bathtub full salty tears
Smiling for the camera
Black rivers run down her
It's lonely
Mirror's lye
From a distance Soap opera star
What a pretty picture
She paints

She's so pretty, that ugly girl
Not a care in the world
Just look at her cry -- just look at her

Are you stupid can't you tell
The walls are closing in
Bitten nails claw angry black crows
Biting at her swollen neck
As she sits and stares
The black Square holds her
Deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper, deep

She's so ugly, that pretty girl
Cares for no one...
Just look at her cry
Just look at her

©2001 Candie. Reprinted with Permission.

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