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All poems that appear have been submitted and reprinted with the permission of the authors. Copyrights are retained by the original authors and you must contact them for permission to reprint. If you have a poem you'd like to submit yourself please send it to POETRY@something-fishy.com

by: Leslie

Inside me brews a storm.
Twisting, turning how was this born.
My mind feeds it while my stomach contains
why must it choose to call out my name.

Control it has as it tears me down.
Leaving me with a voice that has no sound.
Spinning emotion up in the air
Causing this damage afraid I can't repair.

As quick as it came it is gone for now.
Leaving me in ruins with the question how.
Holding my head down so no one could see
This disaster that took place inside of me.

Going through my day denying it came
Again my body is paralized
When it faintly hears
The calling of my name.

©2000 Leslie. Reprinted with Permission.

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