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We are currently not seeking volunteers, but may be doing so in the future. Please read below about helping out.

You can actively participate in Remember It Hurts. This area was designed not only to create a link between people suffering from Eating Disorders, but also as an area where those recovering can share their stories, coping ideas, and give motivation towards recovery. Our forum moderators always come from within the membership community as they are invited to become leaders based on their level of participation and recovery status.

If you are along in your recovery and want to offer words of encouragement to others in their battle against the monster, visit and share your story on The Other Side. Everyone's journey through recovery is unique and the more stories that appear, the more opportunity there is for other sufferers of Eating Disorders to see how people have made it through the battle.

If you are a writer and have had articles on Eating Disorders appear in newspapers or magazines (national, local, college or high school), and wish to share it for use on the site you can visit the Articles of Interest section and submit it through the bulletin board system. Doctor and other treatment professionals are welcome to submit articles as well. Please contact us to make arrangements to submit your article.

If you wish to volunteer your support in the fight to raise awareness and reach out to others, visit the Links and Resources Page and contact some of the national organizations there on how you can help. Often they have local chapters in your area that are always looking for volunteers to work in offices, provide support via hotlines or face to face, run support groups, etc. The one thing that is important and you should keep in mind... you should be somewhat along in your own recovery before volunteering. Helping others is a wonderful thing to do, but unless you have made some of your own progress your help will be less effective, and you risk running into many problems yourself.

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