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July 16, 2003 (updated December 30, 2004)

Diet Pill Ads / Diet Scam Pop-Ups

First and foremost, it is important to understand that Something Fishy as an organization to support Eating Disorders Awareness has NEVER, and will never, endorse, support or participate in any banner program that displays diet advertising. There are NO pop-ups on this site, programmed by this site, supplied by this site or displayed on your computer as a direct result of any of the Something Fishy Websites.

If you are experiencing pop-up ads when you visit the Something Fishy Website there are several things that may be causing this, and several ways to stop it.

  1. You may have a program installed that causes your browser to display "topic sensitive" pop-up ads (or ANY random pop-ups ads). These programs include, but are not limited to:

    • Kazaa
    • WeatherCast
    • Hotbar
    • FunWebProducts
    • A Search Engine Desktop Utility
    • A News Desktop Utility
    • A Weather Desktop Utility
    • A "Browser Helper"

  2. Through the use of some of the software above (or others) you may unintentionally be installing "spyware" or "adware" on your computer. Spyware/adware collects information about your internet habits and continuously sends that information to a collection center (think about a marketing company that collects information about you so they can then send you advertising related to products you purchase or stores your shop in). You can read more about spyware and adware here and Pest Patrol can help you get rid of it.

  3. You may be entering the Something Fishy Website through a link that traps you inside someone elses frames (the way About.com does). To get yourself untrapped out of another site's frames -- CLICK HERE NOW.

  4. If you are entering the site through AOL, it is possible that AOL is causing you to receive random or "topic sensitive" pop-up ads. You can stop this from happening by using the latest version of AOL and clicking on the button on the top to block pop-up ads. You will not miss anything on the Something Fishy site as we do not utilize pop-up windows nor deliver pop-up ads.

  5. Refrain from using free desktop programs (like Search Engine, News, Weather utilities and other "Browser Helpers") that boast about making browsing easier or that deliver live constant content. A lot of these types of programs will constantly run in the background on your computer and will deliver "topic sensitive" or random pop-up ads. When you need news, stock quotes, weather or a search engine, it is best to just go directly to those sites when you need to.

  6. POP-UP BLOCKERS -- There are several that you can download.

Remember, we do not display or supply pop-ads through any of the Something Fishy Websites. If you are getting diet ad pop-ups (or any pop-up ads), they are not coming from us. The only advertising banners you will ever find on the Something Fishy site are those for recovery programs and ED organizations (like the small one displayed at the top of this page), and they are NEVER displayed in pop-up windows. We do not allow or believe in any advertising for diet scams, diet pills, diet or exercise products, or spam related to diet or exercise products.

Take care of YOU

Amy Medina
Something Fishy Website on Eating Disorders

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