Semenax – Does it Really Make Your Climax Better? I Tested it and Here’s What Happened…

Semenax is a popular male enhancement pill that guys use for a longer climax. There’s a good reason for that – the Semenax climax is the stuff of legends. You really, really need to try it…

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Semenax is that male enhancement pill you use to increase your sexual pleasure.

Wait, um, sex is already pretty awesome. How the heck can you make a climax better? Well, you could increase how long it continues, for one. You can also make it more intense – both things that Semenax does with crazy efficiency.

Semenax is a semen volume enhancer, which you can also also call a ‘climax enhancer’. It’s a niche of male enhancement products that boost semen volume, so you have more cum to ejaculate when you release your load.

Trust me when I tell you Semenax was a pleasure to test. That’s because it’s masterful at what it does, with an excellent formula, perfect dosage, and sexual pleasure that makes Semenax an essential for your bedroom.

Let’s talk about Semenax.

Where to Buy Semenax

Buy Semenax from its official stores only. This eliminates the chance you’ll end up with a counterfeit product. While not a huge issue with Semenax, it’s still something to think about.

Semenax’s Official Stores

Semenax – Under the Microscope

With that clarified, let’s just right in and talk about what works and what doesn’t for Semenax, and whether it’s worth whipping out your credit card and hitting the Order button for this popular climax enhancer.

In this review we’ll cover:

  • How it Works
  • Semenax Ingredients
  • Clinical Study
  • Before & After
  • Safety & Side Effects
  • Best Value

How Semenax Works:

Semenax is arguably the best-known semen volume pill. The formula is made with herbals, vitamins, minerals and sexual nutrients that accumulate in the male reproductive system and gradually increase your ability to make more semen.

When you have more semen to expel, you force your orgasmic muscles to climax longer, faster and with greater intensity.

By about the third month, you’re ready for the Semenax climax. More on that later.

You can use Semenax by itself or with a male virility pill like VigRX Plus, so you have longer climaxes AND a bigger erection and stronger libido to go with it.

Either way, it’s hard to go wrong with Semenax thanks to that excellent formula and the longer climaxes it puts in your bedroom.

Semenax Formula:

The Semenax formula is made for climaxes. The best semen-boosting ingredients all show up here, with a formula that will have you loving life in about three months. Semenax’s formula includes:

  • Swedish Flower Pollen – This is linked to better virility and provides the precursors and biofactors to male sex hormones and regulation of the male reproductive system,
  • L- Arginine – Studies suggest this amino acid can double semen production, sperm health and motility.
  • L-Lysine – When combined with Zinc, L-Lysine can help your body make more sperm, boost semen quality and testosterone levels.
  • Epimedium Sagittatum – This is shown to boost libido and testosterone. That’s linked to higher sperm production.
  • Butea Superba – This is a Thai herb used as an aphrodisiac and to boost sexual performance.
  • L-Carnitine – L-Carnitine is an amino acid found in healthy sperm. It helps with sperm motility.

Clinical Study:

Here’s another reason to buy Semenax; it’s one of the few male enhancement products with clinical studies done on its formula.

The Semenax study consisted of 63 men between 30 and 60. They were split in two groups: the first took four Semenax pills twice daily for two months.

The second group took a placebo at the same dosage,

When the study finished, the Semenax group generally finished with a 20% or higher increase in ejaculate volume. Climax intensity went up too. Meaning? Science shows that Semenax works.

Before & After:

For 8 glorious months, I supplemented with Semenax. The ‘Before’ explanation of that is I already had a decent sex life. My climaxes were, well, climaxes. I didn’t think they could get better until I gave Semenax the old college try.

The first thing I noticed about Semenax was that I thought about sex a lot more. Odd, considering this is a volume enhancer and not a libido pill, but I was definitely feeling randy with Semenax after a fairly short time.

My climaxes started getting longer by the end of the first month. At the third month, I felt the difference in orgasm intensity.

By Month 6 I was loving life.

Believe me when I tell you, Semenax really does make your climax twice as long. This is pleasure that just keeps on going. Hot Dang, I sure loved testing Semenax!

Safety & Side Effects:

I had no side effects with Semenax other than an extraordinarily hedonistic sex life and haven’t heard of adverse Semenax side effects in other guys.

That said, speak with your doctor before trying Semenax if you have any health concerns or you’re taking existing medication.

Best Value:

Semenax is an excellent value, with a primary benefit (a crazy longer climax) you literally can’t price.

Of course, you need to know how much you’re paying for Semenax. It’s $60 for a 1 Month Supply.

You’re better off with a higher package when you buy Semenax – both for value and because you’ll get best results with the product after 3-6 months.

3 Months of Semenax costs $155 (you save $85), 6 Months is $290 (Save $191) and a Year of Semenax is $400 – saving you almost $560 and put back in your pocket.

Personally, I’d pay twice that much for a year of longer climaxes. The good news is, you don’t have to – and you’ll also get free global shipping if you buy Semenax in a package of 6 or 12 Months.

The Verdict:

The Verdict is in, and it’s highly favorable. Semenax is the best semen volume pill on the market thanks to that great formula, expert dosage, clinical proof and a climax that quickly gets addictive.

Enough said. Want a climax that’s twice as enjoyable? Stop waiting and try Semenax now.



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