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Self Affirmations

Below you will find suggestions to help get you started in staying positive about yourself during the battle to recover.

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Affirmation Clock!
Affirmations can significantly assist you in the recovery process. This product was recommended by a member who found this great clock that helps reaffirm good feelings about YOU... we thought we'd pass along the info so you can buy one for yourself! Buy an Affirmation Station NOW! from now-zen.com.

Today I will be open to growing by trying something new.

I am not afraid of growth enhancing commitments, which will advance my recovery.

I pray for courage and wisdom to make and maintain positive commitments.

Fears and doubts get smaller when I talk about them.

As I work on cultivating qualities such as honesty, courage, faith, love and responsibility, I will become less preoccupied with my external appearance.

I DO make a difference.

When I fill my body with good things I need-rest, proper nutrition, satisfying work, loving and caring, my effectiveness grows.

Recovery may seem hard, but isn�t the alternative worse.

Today, I will make an effort to take one small step toward reaching one of my goals.

I can cope with change to day without turning to or away from food.

I can accept my difficulties as challenges, using them to spur on to continued growth.

Although I am working hard on recovering, I can also have fun.

Today I will take every chance to participate in life, not control it.

Each person I encounter today can show me a piece of myself.

Recovering means accepting myself today just as I am today so I can get on with the business of my life.

Today I will take a long good look at the good things in my life.

I can live creatively if I can accept my anxiety and am willing to experience butterflies in my stomach from time to time.

Today I will dare to follow a creative inner prompting even if I feel some anxiety.

I will simplify my life today by concentrating on my priorities.

Doing my best is success.

I look back and see that my failures are showing me the way to success. I will accept the best I am able to do right now as success for today.

Courage grows as we use it.

I may not be in a very good mood. I may not make visible progress today. But, at the very least, I can avoid self-destructive behavior around food. I can follow my meal plan for today, whether I feel like it or not.

If I don't fuel a bad mood by B/P or restricting, I have a better chance of getting over it quickly.

My opinions are worthwhile and deserve to be heard.

I am responsible for my own attitude.

There is a purpose and meaning to my life.

I realized how many positive choices are available to me.

I can be kind and patient with myself in my progress toward recovery.

I can be good to myself today and let my meal plan take care of my weight.

I can decide on a reasonable meal plan and let go of the obsessions with food, and weight.

I can trust myself to deal with whatever comes along whether good or not so good. No event requires me to binge or restrict.

I am strong enough to face my anxieties and function in spite of them.

I can accept and nurture my body and spirit.

Recovery requires action. I can actively change my behavior.

I can learn how to be alone comfortably and creatively.

I do not have to continue responding to life in the same old way. I can grow and change

Today I will use what I have with gratitude

Slips and slides should not be excuses for giving up.

I give myself permission to begin again with whatever I am trying to learn.

May I courageously continue the adventure of self-discovery.

My Ed behaviors take me out of circulation and away form meaningful contacts. Recovery gives me back to those I love.

There is a plan for my life that coordinates with the strengths and abilities I possess.

I can decide to be cheerful and optimistic, just for today.

I love and accept myself where I am now. I am wonderful.

I can speak up for myself.

I am free to take charge of my life.

I let go of everything, which I no longer need.

I release all pressure and burdens. I live in the joyous present.

Forgiveness, tolerance, compassion, I move forward without hesitation.

I am courageous and independent.

I am a decisive person. I follow through. I welcome new ideas and concepts.

I release anger in harmless ways.

I seek only good everywhere.

I bless my body with love. All parts of my body are beautiful.

I can handle all my experiences with wisdom love and ease.

I accept only thoughts that support me and make me feel good.

I am willing to change I love and approve of myself.

I am at peace. I am at calm. All is well.

I lovingly release the past and turn my attention to this new day. All is well.

As I love and approve of myself. I create a joyful, peaceful world to live in.

I move beyond old limitations..

I trust in the process of life. I am always in the right place, doing the right things, at the right time. I love and approve of myself.

I release all fears by trusting the process of my life.

I choose to create peace in my mind, my body and my world. All is well.

I release all that is unlike love and joy in my mind. I move from the past into the new.

I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of joy and peace. The past is forgiven and forgotten.

I am relaxed and peaceful.

I am the living, joyous expression of life. I am my own person.

I deserve and accept the very best in life.

I now take charge of my mind and my life. I am powerful, dynamite woman! Every part of my body functions perfectly. I LOVE me! It is my birthright to have my needs met. I now ask for what I want with love and ease.

I create my own experiences. As I love and approve of myself and others, my experiences get better and better.

No person, place, thing, or thought has power over me.

I allow myself to enjoy every moment of everyday�TOTALLY!

I am totally adequate for all situations that arise.

I control my thoughts.

I move forward with confidence and ease. I trust the flow and process of my life.

I create my good and my freedom with loving thoughts.

I now choose to enjoy my life.

I recognize my own true worth.

I release the pattern of delay within me, and I now allow success to be mine

It is with flexibility and ease that I see all sides of an issue. There are endless ways of doing and seeing things.

It is safe for me to grow up. I can now handle my own life with joy and ease.

It is safe for me to be alive. IT is safe to be me. I am good enough as I am. I trust myself.

I have the capacity to take in the fullest of life

I am 100% responsible for everything in my life, the best and the worst.

Every thought I think is creating my future.

I create my experiences by my thoughts and feelings.

I have unlimited choices in what I can think.

Love is everywhere and I am loving and loveable.

My point of power is in the present moment and is forming the experiences of tomorrow.

All the experiences I have had in my lifetime have been created by my thoughts and beliefs I have held in the past. That is my past. It is over and done with. What is important is what I am choosing to think, believe and say RIGHT NOW!

The only thing I am ever dealing with is thought, and thought can be changed.

The past has NO power over me!

I can change my attitudes toward the past.

I can refuse to think certain thoughts. Look how often I have refused to think a positive thought about myself. I can also refuse to think a negative thought about myself.

The past is over and done. I cannot change that now. Yet I can change my thoughts about it.

How silly for me to punish myself in the present moment because someone hurt me in the long ago past.

I choose to release the past and forgive everyone, myself included.

That person I find hardest to forgive is the one I need to let go of the most.

Criticism locks me into the very pattern I am trying to change.

I have been criticizing myself for years and it hasn't worked. I will try approving of myself and see what happens.

I have great respect for myself and gratitude for the miracle of my body and my mind.

I feel love for the joy of being alive!

I feel love for my body and the way it works.

I feel love for me.

I no longer need to procrastinate on things that would benefit me.

I am doing the best I can with the understanding, awareness and knowledge I have. As I gain more of this, I will do things differently. If a thought or belief does not serve me, I will let it go. There is no written law that says because once I believed something I have to continue to believe it forever

There are literally billions of thoughts I can choose to think.

I am never STUCK. Change is always taking place.

I am the only person who thinks in my mind. I am the power and authority in my world.

What I now choose to believe, think, and say up to this moment will create the next moment.

I am the power in my world. I get to have whatever I choose to think.

I will surrender, giving up the resistance, and allow myself to learn what I need to learn. This will make the next step easier.

I am gentle and patient with myself as I untangle my own mental knots.

Procrastination is one way to keep me from getting where I want to go.

I will keep going.

My mind is a tool I can choose to use any way I wish.

I am in control of my mind. I use my mind. I can stop thinking self-defeating thoughts.

There is so much love in my heart I could heal the planet. I will use a portion of this love to heal myself.

The more I dwell on what I don't want, the more of it I create.

I love and approve of all of me, even those qualities I thought were not good enough.

Thoughts have no power over me unless I give in to them. I give them meaning and I choose to think thought that nourish and support me.

My first thoughts on awakening before I open my eyes are thankful for everything I can think of.

I love who and what I am and what I do.

Love is never outside myself, it is within me.

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