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Below you will find suggestions to help get you started in staying positive about yourself during the battle to recover.

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Affirmation Clock!
Affirmations can significantly assist you in the recovery process. This product was recommended by a member who found this great clock that helps reaffirm good feelings about YOU... we thought we'd pass along the info so you can buy one for yourself! Buy an Affirmation Station NOW! from now-zen.com.

Love is never outside myself, it is within me.

I am deeply fulfilled by all I do.

I am beginning to create a success pattern now.

Everything I touch is success.

My own belief in lack and limitation is the only thing limiting me.

I can only find out by trying.

Stress or Fun? It�s my choice

There is no limit to what I can accomplish if I know the direction I am going and am willing to make the effort.

Every positive action/constructive action I take in the direction of my dreams and goals will reinforce my belief in myself and in my ability to accomplish my ideals.

In order to enjoy high levels of self-confidence, I have to organize my life in such a way that I feel in control of what happens to me.

The more often I dare to go forward, even in the face of uncertainty, the more likely it is that this type of courageous behavior will become a habit for you.

I am free to choose. Everything I am and everything I become is under my own control.

Put your whole heart and soul into your success. Don't hold anything back and don't let anyone stop or discourage you.

I continually think in terms of solutions and how I can turn any situation to my best advantage

I will not settle for peace based on outward circumstances or a particular arrangement in my life.

I can find peace even when the turbulent waters of the river roar through my life.

I am free to take the journey of a lifetime.

The only limitations I have are the ones I place on myself

Its okay to feel sadness and loss when getting rid of my addiction.

I will take time to notice what�s right in myself, in others and in the world around me

In my mind I can visit magical places and take the magic with me to help get through the day.

Many of the aches and pains I experience are symptoms of a deep process, a process of healing and cleansing our heart and soul.

I will acknowledge the feeling, feel the energy, let it pass through me, then watch for the lesson to appear and the pain to dissipate.

I value what I have learned of my past

I do not get where I want to go in one leap. I get there one step at a time.

My faith will keep me going through those moments in between steps.

I can force myself to put one foot in front of the other and do what needs to be done.

One power we all have is the ability to redefine what we believe. I can learn to see things in a new way.

I am open to the new hopes and dreams of today.

Whenever I find myself drifting away, losing touch with myself, jumping from the present moment to some far off point in the future, I will remind myself to get back in my body.

I will do things that energize me and charge my soul.

I can change my beliefs and make new decisions.

I will let myself discover some new, better, sunnier beliefs about myself and my life.

I can forgive myself for what I have done wrong, what I have done badly and what I think I could have done better.

I am willing to go through any and all obstacles for recovery.

Today I am willing to focus, push forward, and go the distance.

I will begin taking better care of myself than I ever have before.

Punishing, criticizing, repressing, and denying wont bring the feelings, the growth or the results I want.

The harder I push the more relentlessly I demand perfection, the worse I feel.

I will take time throughout each day to tend to my needs just as I would tend to someone I loved dearly.

Taking better care of myself will add magic to my life.

I am not at a dead end. I am reaching a new beginning.

I will stop punishing and depriving myself.

The power to change and evolve lies within me.

I can go anywhere I want to go one step at a time.

I will face today with hope and courage.

I will be patient, even in the midst of troubles.

I look toward the future with confidence.

I am not asked to bear anything that could overcome or destroy me.

I have friends who long for me to conquer.

I have no fear because everything will work out in the end.

No matter what fears, worries and resentments I may have, I will think of constructive things, until the calm comes.

I will start a new life each day. I will put the old mistakes away and start anew each day.

If I wait patiently, preparing myself always, I will be someday at the place I want to be.

I will press on until the goal is reached. I will not give up in the final stretch.

I can keep calm no matter what.

I do not need to agree with people when I do not. I am an individual who deserves to have and express my own thoughts.

Acknowledge new ways of responding to feelings and situations can be scary. I can override that fear by practicing them on a regular basis.

I will not label myself as my problems. I am not my disease. I am a person who struggles with��But I can overcome.

It is senseless to compare myself to others physically, emotionally or intellectually. I have many gifts to offer which others do not.

I am made up of many different parts. Together these make me a whole person. I see myself as a whole person and not just pits and pieces.

My previous defeats do not prevent me from venturing out in the world.

I am not a terrible person. I will stop using negative thoughts and behaviors in order to convince myself otherwise.

I feel more accomplished when I finish one task at a time.

I can create a new life for myself, today and everyday.

I trust the wisdom inside me.

As I trust my feelings and act on them, I feel powerful and alive.

I can relax and let myself be.

I am open and willing to change.

By being myself and doing what I love, I make a significant contribution to my life.

It is okay to relax and let go.

I am now visualizing my life exactly the way I want it.

Within me is a special place of serenity and power.

I pay attention to the thoughts I think.

I have the ability to trust my intuition.

Today I am honest and true to myself.

In my own unique way, I am a genius.

I accept and experience all my feelings.

I listen to my gut feelings.

Today I love myself and accept myself exactly as I am.

I am unique and special.

I can allow myself to relax.

What I desire is possible.

I accept my resistance and move forward.

My desires and goals give me positive direction in my life.

I am creating positive results on all levels of my life.

In my own time and my own way, I am creating miracles in my life.

As I allow myself to feel my feelings, I heal them.

I am strong and open.

It is okay to allow my feelings to be expressed and released.

I accept all the feelings that come with change and growth.

As I allow myself to feel sadness, I open more joy.

I love and support all my feelings today.

I am capable of taking good care of myself.

I appreciate, love and respect my body. I will honor what it needs to grow emotionally and physically.

My body is a beautiful expression of my spirit.

I deserve the very best in my life.

I am becoming my own best friend.

I trust my own process.

I have a wise and loving friend within me.

I like myself.

I accept and experience all my feelings.

It is more healthy to express myself clearly and directly.

I am now creating safe ways and places to express my anger.

It is safe for me to be vulnerable.

I can reward myself for trying new things.

My dreams can come true.

I choose life.

My intuition knows what my body needs.

I now surrender to my body's needs.

I trust my body, I trust myself.

It is safe for me to be powerful without my Eating Disorder.

Through recognizing and acknowledging my blocks, I release and clear them.

I am now clearing my negative beliefs.

I have the freedom and power to create the life I desire.

Today I can listen and respond to my own needs.

I forgive myself completely.

It is safe for me to let go of old habits.

I deserve to relax and nurture myself.

Today I am willing to assert myself.

It�s okay and safe to assert my needs and feelings.

I deserve love, happiness, and prosperity.

I am falling in love with life.

The more I love and respect myself, the more others will love and respect me.

I am willing to reach out for help.

I am attractive, desirable, and loveable.

I am a wonderful person. I deserve love and appreciation.

I am beautiful, strong and energetic.

I am willing to believe in myself.

I deserve to be healthy.

As I become aware of my negative beliefs, I heal them.

I release old beliefs, and create new supportive ones.

I am now listening to what my body has to say.

The qualities I admire in others, I have in myself.

All of my feelings are valid.

I approach change with honesty and trust in myself.

I enjoy my food.

As I let go of my old way, a new way is shown to me.

I see many things I like about myself.

My body is my friend.

I have the power to heal.

I am in charge of my own journey.

I am facing my fears.

I am willing to trust the process of change.

I am worthy of positive changes today.

Today I am trusting the urge to move ahead�to grow�to risk new directions.

I am willing to release all my fears.

I am willing to release all my resistance and struggle so that I can find the good and truth inside me.

I celebrate myself today. I am growing; I am willing to do all I am able to do to be the best of who I am.

I am capable of making healthy and positive decisions today.

Today I will accept all of me, just as I am, without judgement.

As I go about my day, I will trust all my decisions.

Nothing from my past will block me or hold me back.

Today is mine to use for growth and recovery.

I love myself today.

Nothing can stop me from growing today.

Today I will treat myself to quiet time and be okay with it.

Today I will be gentle with myself as I let myself do nothing but be who I am.

Today I will value what I think.

I know that one step at a time I am making progress today. I am grateful for my growth even if it is not always very obvious.

I am no longer a victim of my past. I am free to move in a new direction today.

Today I dare look within to see what is keeping me stuck. I know I cannot change unless I know what there is to change. I feel energized and empowered to move forward.

Today I dare to walk a new path where comfort and security are not my goals.

I am slowly finding new strength within me.

I am willing to unlearn negative thoughts and unhealthy habits.

Today I am willing to let go of all the negative tapes that I hear that block me from recovery.

I have all the strength I need to do all that is good and right in my life.

Today I will accept what I am and what I see this moment.

Today I am letting go of all the energy that is resisting the truth about me. This energy is being replaced with positive and loving energy and accepting that I am okay just the way I am. I am now open to see the miracles of love in my life.

Where I am at this moment is perfect. My past is my friend today as I take the lessons that I can learn from it and say thank you.

Everything that has brought me to this moment is a gift and I am a stronger, wiser person because of it.

I no longer have to stay in situations that bring me unhappiness and pain.

I am learning to trust my instincts and move away from unpleasant and stressful people, places and things.

I make a difference not only in my own life but also in the lives of those around me.

Today I know that I am in charge of the quality of my life. I am growing in the ability to become aware of the thoughts that have been controlling me.

I am open and willing today to take a step forward in a new direction.

I will no longer allow myself to stay stuck by old thoughts and feelings.

Today I continue to let go of thoughts that have been pulling me out of the present and bringing me to the past and future.

I will value myself today both for my perfections and especially my imperfections.

I have outgrown the need to suffer.

Choosing positive thoughts and making positive choices fill me with new strength, confidence and excitement.

I can feel positive energy flow through me with every positive thought I choose.

Today I know I have the right to be alive, happy and full of joy.

Today, I trust that I am where I am suppose to be and am moving in the right direction.

Today I dare to openly express my needs and find healthy ways to get them met.

I like feeling good today. I like myself today.

I no longer need to struggle to find my answers alone. I welcome and am open to positive and healthy support wherever I find it.

I forgive all others and myself today.

I am good enough just the way I am.

I am at choice today. I can watch my negative thoughts go by and replace them with positive thoughts of love and compassion. I am not a victim of people, places and things.

Negative thoughts are no longer something I choose to live with.

I am turning around all my negative thinking so that my mind is positive.

I am open to positive changes in my life today.

Today I am hanging in no matter what. Even when my conscious mind wants to give up. I will reach for that healthy, loving part deep within me and with the help of prayer and meditation and the good people in my life, I will find a rainbow.

Today I am breaking out of old patterns and rewriting old tapes.

I am capable of letting go of all the negativity that is standing in the way of my feeling good about myself.

I will open myself up to all the possibilities around me today, leaving my fear of change behind.

If negative feelings are triggered in me today, I will not act on my first negative impulse or desire.

I can handle anything that comes up today.

It feels terrific letting go of perfection as my goal. As I let go of my judgements, all parts of me come together and I feel complete.

Today I will be aware not to judge myself when I act "less than perfect". I am beginning to love myself just as I am, and that feels nice.

Today I have the courage to face life as it is and make progress as part of my life.

I am responsible for my own life.

Today I can bring awareness to my self-talk, and replacing all the negative thoughts with positive thoughts as soon as they appear in my mind.

When I look within, I find I have all that I need. IT feels wonderful to discover that I already am the beautiful person that I would like to be.

Today I choose to feel happy and I will do all that I have to do to make that possible.

Today I choose to think positive and loving thoughts. I know that if I do this I will feel loving and positive and create a positive and loving world for myself and those around me.

I am letting go of all the self-criticism today and changing all my judging thoughts to thoughts of love.

I have all the power I need to say no to the negative thoughts.

I love the person I am becoming.

I have the power to not allow fear to run me or threaten my day.

I will no longer accept the unacceptable ways of living that do not work for me.

I am the only one who has the power to stop myself from feeling wonderful.

I am putting a large stop sign to all my negative self-talk today.

Today I am willing to experience all my feelings, without hiding or running away.

Today I have the courage to look with out fear at what needs to be changed in my life.

Today I choose to see myself well and wholesome. Today I put all my energy into positive thoughts, knowing that my body is healthy and strong.

I am learning new ways to deal with all that comes up in my life today. I am capable of letting go of all the negative ways of dealing with stress and anxiety that are harmful to my mind and body.

My past experiences no longer take up room and live in my mind and body. I am free to live in today.

I am not the best or the worst. I am just me and that is enough.

Today I can release my stress and anxiety in positive and healthy ways.

Today I will be gentle with myself. I can look in the mirror and smile and know that I am okay, just the way I am. I am capable to choose how I feel in the moment. Today, I choose to let go of the thoughts that are negative and destructive. Today I choose to feel good.

Today I will listen to the messages that go on in my head and decide for myself if they are healthy.

Today I will choose to follow positive messages. I tell myself or create new messages that are positive and healthy. I am not striving to be perfect today.

I am very grateful to be exactly where I am today. I do not need to be a victim of my past or controlled by circumstances. Today I choose to think positive. I will let my thoughts lead the way to success and happiness.

Today I am going to spend more time looking for all the positive things about myself.

I recognize and acknowledge myself as a terrific human being.

Today I will allow myself to just be without judgement, without criticism.

Today, the fear aside, I will release all my thoughts and feelings that cause me harm. The rewards are far greater than the negative results of my fear.

I can choose exactly what I want to do to change how I am feeling.

I am developing new and positive habits. I have the desire to put all my energy into moving forward and building a healthy life.

I am wasting my energy trying to change people, places and things.

Today I will take enough time to do something for myself only. I have enough time today and I deserve this time for myself.

Whatever happens outside of me will never replace that which I can find within me, whereever I am.

I am a unique and interdependent human being.

Today I trust what I feel and listen to my inner voice. It does not matter if it is logical or if others agree.

I decide for myself what I value and what rules I wish to live by today.

Today I know whatever is in my life, I have put there; therefore I can let it go as well.

I value myself today. I value everything about me.

I can give up all my struggling and self-defeating messages.

I no longer want to repeat the same mistakes over and over.

It is okay to feel good about myself �and I do!

I am worthy of being gentle with myself.

I am worthy of having success in my life.

I will put a stop to any self-talk that does not make me feel good about myself.

I am a terrific human being! I deserve wonderful things to happen to me�and they are!

It is okay to make mistakes.

I know I have all that I need to do exactly what must be done and go exactly where I need to go!

I am filled with a sense of my own power and I choose to not give it away to my eating disorder.

If something isn�t working for me today, I am willing to let go of the struggle.

Today, I am listening to the messages that I tell myself. Today I want to feel good. I will change all my negative messages into positive ones.

Today I choose to do things for me that make me feel good about myself.

I have all the courage I need to take the step forward in my life that I have been putting off.

I am willing to take positive and healthy actions today and my life is getting better.

I am grateful for the power I have over the future of my life.

I deserve to feel good about myself today-and I do!

Today I can take new risks.

My life is very important to me. I have the right to be happy.

I can accept whatever I am feeling today. Without resistance my feelings pass and I am open to experience whatever is next.

I have a quiet place within me where I can rest. It offers me peace and closeness. This place is mine whenever I want it.

I know I have done the best I can with my life. I am at choice and what I choose right now creates new memories. Today I choose to continue to do the very best.

It feels good to know that I am healing from my old wounds. As I bring love and acceptance to myself today, I can watch the pain disappear and I feel so much better about myself.

Today I am aware of all those who have helped in my life. My heart is filled with gratitude. I know that I am not alone. I know that I am in charge of my own life. I am growing in the ability to become aware of the thoughts that have been controlling me.

I no longer need to hold on to feelings and beliefs, which make me feel upset or unhappy.

I refuse to let the magnetic tape of self-pity to trap me.

I am capable of avoiding negative thinking and replacing it as soon as I notice it.

It feels good to like and accept myself.

I am willing to let go of all the old ways, which keep me from growing.

I am willing to feel pain so I can feel the joy.

I feel lighter and better about myself when I do not procrastinate.

Today I know that I can get through anything.

I have the right to have my needs met, I am expressing them to the people who can help me today.

Whatever I am thinking right now is how I am feeling. I turn to positive and loving thoughts because I choose to feel good.

I will live today as I want to remember my life.

I do not have to accomplish the whole world today.

Although I may feel lonely now. I will not feel lonely forever. This feeling will pass.

I am a nice person. I do not need to isolate myself. I deserve to spend time with others.

Although I feel bored now, I will not feel bored forever. This feeling will pass and I will do something now to help it pass.

I am able to use my time wisely now to work or have fun.

I am a responsible and trustworthy person.

I am a worthwhile person and deserve food to give me energy.

My size does NOT determine who I am.

My past shows me I can be free of my eating disorder.

I am a determined person. I want to and can change my unhealthy behaviors.

I have the strength and determination to accomplish my goals.

I am capable of dealing with any situation presented to me.

I deserve to live healthy and be happy now, and forever.

I deserve to be feed from my eating disorder.

I am an honest person.

I can make mistakes, learn from them and not feel guilty.

I deserve to be loved and to love

I am in charge of my life.

I am capable of making healthy decisions.

I forgive myself for having believed for so long that I was never good enough to have, get, or be what I wanted.

There are things I can force, I must adjust.

I can have urges. I can also choose not to act on them.

I am able because I think I am able.

I am stronger than I think.

I am responsible for my own well being, my own happiness. The choices and decisions I make regarding my life directly influence the quality of my days.

This too shall pass.

I have the courage to make positive changes in my life.

I follow my heart, for I can trust it.

Today I can resolve what I mishandled yesterday.

If I enviously compare myself to others, I am bound to come up short.

Addiction is progressive. So is recovery.

Today may seem to be the same as yesterday, but I have the opportunity to experience it in an entirely different way.

I am responsible for my own actions and consequences.

Now that I am on the right path, I welcome continuing change in my life.

Today is full of possibilities.

I need never go back again.

Many opportunities to make choices will arise today. I can be thoughtful and make choices that will lead to my greater wholeness.

Today I will do one small task that will contribute toward the achievement of a life goal.

I will accept an opportunity today to act, "as if" I can handle a situation I used to run from.

I will remember: I have the power to choose what my attitude will be toward this day's offerings.

I have chosen recovery. I have already said, " I can help it". I will celebrate that I am taking responsibility for my life today.

I will take a long look at where I am today and be grateful for my place. It is right for me, now and is preparing me for the adventure ahead.

I will see the good points in others today. And I will give praise.

I can step toward today with assurance, reaching out to others along the way, trusting that my accumulated steps add stability to my future.

Everyday is a training ground. And every experience trains me to recognize the value of succeeding experiences. With richness, I am developing, one moment at a time.

I have courage to go forward: to meet the new day, to handle whatever confronts me.

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