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Other Websites

Listed below are other Websites related to or about Eating Disorders. If you know of a link you'd like to see here please send e-mail.

Eating Disorders Directory of Links

Online Support Sites -- where you can find support online through bulletin boards, chat, e-mail lists, etc.

ED Organizations -- non-profit Eating Disorders organizations working to raise awareness and provide support

Treatment Finder -- contact information and links to treatment centers all over the United States and in many other countries

Info & Support Sites -- These sites contain information about Eating Disorders and/or referral services and are run by either individuals, small grass-roots organizations or larger non-profit ones

Personal Sites -- websites created by individuals who suffers and wish to share their story

Promotional or Special Feature Sites -- websites created to address a specific issue or promote a special project, book, documentary (etc.) about Eating Disorders

Non-English Sites -- websites providing information on Eating Disorders in other languages

Size Acceptance Sites -- websites promoting size acceptance

For Kids! Positive Body-Image & Self-Esteem -- websites promoting positive self-esteem and body image for kids

Related Topics -- websites on related topics such as depression, sexual abuse or other mental health issues

Mental Health and Medical Sites -- websites not designated solely to Eating Disorder, but contain information about them.

Site providing collections of links -- websites that provide large collections of links to other Eating Disorders sites

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:: Hotlines :: Written Material :: Research ::

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