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Other Websites

Listed below are other Websites related to or about Eating Disorders. If you know of a link you'd like to see here please send e-mail.

Special Feature Websites

The websites below address specific issues or promote special projects, books, and documentaries (etc.) about Eating Disorders

We Dare to Hope
A young woman promoting recovery and awareness through her own hand-painted t-shirts!

Sad Angel -- Taking the power of prayer to those with Eating Disorders.

Voice Not Bodies -- Candlelight Vigil and Rally for Eating Disorders Awareness

Music for ED Awareness -- professional singer who combines her education, personal experience, soulful voice and powerful music in a unique inspirational show concerning eating disorders

Self-Love: The Crown Jewel -- A book on learning to love yourself

Eating Disorders in a Disordered Culture -- An exploration of of Eating Disorders by two university professors

Dying to be Thin -- The companion website to the PBS Nova special bearing the same name. The site makes available many valuable resources as well as the ability to view the film online

Pale Reflections -- The Trees of Life have each been planted by someone who has recovered or is recovering from an eating disorder

Eating Disorders and The Media -- A project exploring the media's influence in causing eating disorders among women

Wrinkles On The Heart -- A book about A Mother's Journal of One Family's Struggle with anorexia nervosa

Beat Bulimia -- Judith Asner's official website -- When Food Is An Enemy, Reach Out for a Friend

Breaking Free with Geneen Roth -- Workshops, books and cassettes, and much more to inspire recovery and live diet-free

Hand to Mouth -- A story of one woman's struggle with & recovery from bulimia... Written & Performed by Lisa K. Barnett

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