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Below you will find the list of available chat transcripts. Some of the older chats have not been included yet, but will appear here in the future.

Fishing for Support Chat -- SEPTEMBER, 2003

[SFishy] Let's get started everyone...


[SFishy] General reminder: lets stay positive and focused on recovery.... remember, try your best, that's all we ask!

[SFishy] Tonight we're going to take a trip...

[MrFishy] Ok.....today we are ALL going to be Time Travelers.....

[MrFishy] Im handing you all a magic fish....

[MrFishy] that you can sit in...

[MrFishy] and Im buckling ya in for the ride....

[MrFishy] PLEASE...

[MrFishy] keep all hands...

[MrFishy] and heads...

[MrFishy] isnide the fish!!!!

[MrFishy] inside it even!

[MrFishy] :)

[MrFishy] and hold on!

[SFishy] As MrFishy said... our fish is magic...

[MrFishy] ohhh.....give me your tickests too!

[SFishy] it's got the ability to let us travel safely through time

[SFishy] the first place we're going to go...

[SFishy] is five years ago...

[SFishy] Think about something in your life from five years ago... what you were going through or experiencing...

[SFishy] and answer this question...

[SFishy] as you view this time from today, what is one positive thing you learned? What do you think you know now that you didn't know then?
* MrFishy hits the switch

[Learning_ta_live] if you put your worth in others you will always feel lesas ten what you are truly worth
[jennifer_dawn] that i can respect my self in more ways than just one
[ribbon] I learned that I don't need to stay in a bad situation and if I don't like where I live to MOVE
[melissafdh] everything is a growing experience in some way...
[merry] ed isnt just about weight
[camellia] hmmm.... that I was overextended in my life.... since then, I have learned not to let myself be pulled in so many directions.....
[rockstargirl] that it's okay to take a break and be less hard on myself
[jennifer_dawn] i learned that i can't make everyone happy
[seekinghelp] I learned that I need to speak up for myself more because letting someone bring you down is not helpful
[xioku] i cant be everyones hero
[skngjoy] that it is up to me to change things for future generations in my family
[camellia] that it isn't all about wt
[jennifer_dawn] that i have friends
[Picasso] that i can have an objective opinion and on't have to have it validated by someone else. that i need to approve myself and not let someone else tell me what i like/dislike.
[Anonymous_Member004] that i can't control everything and to accept that
[melissafdh] its ok to feel sad
[claradancer] I learned that the people who care about you, and the people you care about should never be underappreciated
[iwillrecover] i learned that my feelings are neither good nor bad. they just are. and i can accept them.
* yaya thinks: room for another since Dawn left?
[Learning_ta_live] no matter what happens by grace I have the power to make it even if no one is beside me
[Picasso] that when i let someone else rule me, i'm not letting myself develop. i lose me.
[yaya] Punishing myself for setbacks is going to backfire everytime

[MrFishy] good shares!

[SFishy] Great answers everyone...

[MrFishy] Nice smooth ride everyone!

[SFishy] Lets get this ride moving a bit...

[SFishy] now we'll go back just 1 year...

[SFishy] with present day experience, what lessons do you think you needed to be learning a year ago -- and how does that compare to today? Have your learned them? Are you still learning? Has something held you back?

[MrFishy] * MrFishy hits the switch

[jennifer_dawn] how to let go
[jennifer_dawn] still learning
[masonnj] last year i didnt realize that I didnt control food instead food controlled me
[melissafdh] I have to want to help myself in order to get better
[yaya] The challenging lesson I'm dealing with today is learning that recovery isn't always linear. It's often three steps forward, two steps back, like my counselor tells me
[jennifer_dawn] that i am not an awful person because of my mistakes
[ribbon] that body image is tied up in self esteem and if I love myself what I look like doesn't matter. I hate to say I've ever learned something,b ecause I always find new ways to know things on a deeper level
[rockstargirl] to walk out of a bad relationship when you realize it's unhealthy
[skngjoy] that my weight does not determine my worth or value as a person- have learned some what- a teensy bit- still alot of learning to be done with this
[pooh_bear_fan] i learnt that its ok to ask for help and that i could have asked sonner than i did
[mcangel] learning to forgive myself- I'm still working on it
[Anonymous_Member004] i learned that i don't control it but it controls me. i am still trying to work on how to fix it
[camellia] hmmm.... I was much more grounded a year ago; much happier; much more stable emotionally..... perhaps I can take from that experience.... that I can get there agian
[merry] that i deserve help, and others can be supportive if i let them in
[Picasso] a year ago, i needed to learn that i have to push myself....forward momentum doesn't happen in neutral.
[xioku] its ok to let people be close to me
[masonnj] that I have been hurt enough....I dont need to hurt myself more
[seekinghelp] I needed to learn that I can not obsess about food and still be ok, that i can't keep missing out on life, and that an eating disorder is a huge WASTE
[jennifer_dawn] that food is good
[pounto] this question is assuming we are in recovery
[seekinghelp] no its not

[SFishy] well hopefully pounto, but not necessarily... it can also help you see the things you still need to learn

[SFishy] great answers all...

[MrFishy] Good shares!!!!

[MrFishy] Now lets bring this ride up a notch!!!!!!

[MrFishy] Hold on tighter....

[MrFishy] and remeber....

[SFishy] We're now traveling back to our present day...

[MrFishy] keep your hands in the carfish!

[SFishy] think about where you are right this minute...

[SFishy] we won't be here for long...

[SFishy] because we're going to take a leap into the future...

[SFishy] For now, we're going to travel a year forward...

[SFishy] Late September, 2004...

[SFishy] look around you... where are you? What are you doing? Where do you want to be in a year? What lesson do you think it most important for you in the next year?
* MrFishy hits the turbo switch!!

[MrFishy] ish...it means you can answer the question now!

[jennifer_dawn] on my INTERNSHIP!!!!! :-) :-)
[ribbon] LOL
[Anonymous_Member004] i want to be free
[masonnj] I am surrounded by friends and family who love me for who I am and for what I have become
[Ishana] thanks
[melissafdh] i need to get out of my own head and realize that there is SO much out there for me
[pooh_bear_fan] to stick with therapy and keep working on my issues to ensure i get there
[masonnj] challenging myself with new things rather than hiding behind my disease
[jennifer_dawn] positive control with food
[merry] participating in life...not just observing..enjoying the people around me as well as myself
[masonnj] having a job wouldnt hurt
[masonnj] not being afraid of food would be a bonus
[jennifer_dawn] BALANCE
[Ishana] i am able to choose to eat what my body needs to refuel
[seekinghelp] I'm in my junior yr of college. Cured. No more ED
[fallingdownn] i'm doing what i WANT to do, and i actually know what that is.
[fallingdownn] i'm not afraid of life.
[Ishana] fallingdown...it seems that is the benefit of this journey...learning about yourself
[masonnj] most impt...hmmm....to accept myself with faults and with all of the good things I have to offer
[ribbon] I hope do be physically healthy, emotionally stronger and feel more comfortable with the family I've just met. I think family is the most important thing I will learn. Healthy family that is LOL. I know the other type ;)
[claradancer] I'll be doing my internship for college, and no ed present would be nice
[camellia] That I can be OK being more vulnerable with those around me..... that I will have practiced that a little between now and then
[yaya] Honestly, I'm afraid to go "there" right now
[mcangel] seekinghelp: I'm in my junior yr of college too, not cured though
[Picasso] a year from now...i want...hard question.
[seekinghelp] oh. well thats where I want to be mcangel next year.
[camellia] That, hopefully ;), I will be in another school program that I am happier in!
[iwillrecover] i'm going back to college and off of disabilty. i'm loving life and loving myself 100%.
[seekinghelp] hopefully
[jennifer_dawn] i am a junior in college, i will be a senior next year
[Ishana] so i like what fallingdown said....I know what I want
[skngjoy] I want to be free of this "trapped" or "boxed-in" life I feel like I'm in. I want to actually be living my life, not jsut trying to get by day to day surviving
[masonnj] comfortable in my new and healthy skin I hope
[mcangel] in one year i'll be a senior, hopefully know what I want to do w/ my life.... mostly I want to be content w/ wherever I am in life
[masonnj] yes living rather than surviving ...thats a good thing to look fwd to

[MrFishy] Awesome all!!!!!

[MrFishy] You guys are giving this a great "ride"

[MrFishy] Take a deep breath for the nest loop-d-loop!

[MrFishy] :)

[SFishy] So our time machine is hovering... we are hovering one year in the future...

[SFishy] as we coast along slowly for a while we can do a "year in review" -- in fast forward! -- not only can we see where we are one year from now...

[SFishy] but we can review how we got there...

[SFishy] Thinking about the lessons you feel your still need to learn... and thinking about where you see yourself in one year...

[SFishy] what are some of the steps you need to take to get there? What fears do you have to overcome? What risks do you have to be willing to take?

[SFishy] What are you doing in your "year in review" to get where you're going?

[Anonymous_Member004] learn how to trust doctors):
[masonnj] to stop comparing myself to others...there will always be bigger and smaller ppl out there.
[seekinghelp] so many questions....
[camellia] I need to let myself open up to others so that I can connect with them ~ and not push them away when I am hurting or scared of being rejected by them
[masonnj] to stop judgingmyself by how i look
[ribbon] I need to be more assertive with my new found family about being invited to things. I'll have to overcome fear of abandonment and rejection. I am going to ask for what I need, in moderation LOL ;)
[camellia] the fear of being vulnerable
[jennifer_dawn] ummm...to stop talking and start DOING
[Anonymous_Member004] accept what i cannot change, and work to change what i can
[merry] putting yourself first; learning about YOU and what you enjoy; not worryinga bout if others will 'accept' you
[pooh_bear_fan] the fear that i'm not worthy
[fallingdownn] i need to stop drinking
[masonnj] to accept help and give in to it and follow the right advice
[masonnj] me too falling
[mcangel] I need to stop being so self-absorbed and start reaching out to others
[seekinghelp] I'll have to be honest with people who care instead of being all sneaky and pretending Im okay when im not
[camellia] I need to let others help me..... I don't have to do this all on my own.....
[claradancer] I need to stop hiding from the real issues, and start figuring out what they are and working on them
[fallingdownn] ((masonnj))
[iwillrecover] i need to be honest in my 12 step program. i need to find a sponor.
[claradancer] I'll have to do that too heather
[Ishana] i want to learn how to become more self-confident...but I don't know how to do that
[mcangel] I need to get rid of all the walls I've put up and let ppl in, let myself be vulnerable again
[masonnj] i need to stop being afraid of food
[camellia] I need to improve my self-esteem
[seekinghelp] I'll have to overcome my fear of asking for help, and asking for what I need
[masonnj] i am afriad if I stop hurting myself that I will allow someone else to do it again
[fallingdownn] i need to stop acting like a victim so i can take control of my life
[mcangel] {{masonnj}} ditto
[Ishana] learn how to live in the state of acceptance...of self, others, situations
[masonnj] risks.....take responsibility for the consequences of my actions and how they hurt me as well as those who love me
[Anonymous_Member004] to stop hurting myself by wishing for what i cannot have
[Ishana] learn graceful acceptance
[camellia] I have to learn its ok to be me

[MrFishy] Awesome "ride" :)

[MrFishy] wow.....!!!!!

[SFishy] we're going to go a little further into the future...

[SFishy] two years now...

[SFishy] we're kicking in the hyperdrive ;)
* MrFishy makes sure all the nuts and bolts on the ride are tightened!

[SFishy] except this time, we can simulatenously fly over two parellel universes...

[SFishy] we are in late September, 2005...

[SFishy] and we can see two realities...

[SFishy] the one where nothing has changed from right this moment...

[SFishy] and the one where a LOT has changed...

[SFishy] how do you see yourself in 2005 if have worked on recovery? how do you see yourself in 2005 if you haven't learned the lessons you need to?

[SFishy] what is life like when the ED is fading into the past -- and what is it like if you are in exactly the same spot as you are today?

[SFishy] (no answers about food or weight please)

[Ishana] there are too many variables here, sfishy
[masonnj] if I work on it.....being able to eat with impunity, have the occasional treat, not base my day on the mirror, healthy, happy. If I dont learn the lessons......dead

[SFishy] simplified: where are you in 2 years without an ED -- where are you in 2 years with an ED

[Ishana] better, thanks sfishy
[yaya] This is a serious essay and journal challenge
[mcangel] I'll be out of school, hopefully in a job... I think it would be realistic to be fully recovered in 2 years
[claradancer] well if the ED is fading into the past, then I bet I'm enjoying life a lot more
[kristybeth] i see myself either free or trapped

[SFishy] yaya; feel free to take it to your own personal journal if you like :)

[seekinghelp] If I work on recovery I could be going to vet school and I could feel happy, and be more confident.
[masonnj] i like that...free or trapped
[jennifer_dawn] either bound or free, sad or happy
[iwillrecover] i think i will sfishy.
[masonnj] simple but true
[claradancer] whereas if it's not, then I'll just be going through the motions and not really living......which is not exactly fun
[yaya] two years later with ed-dead end...two years later w/o ed/I've got a chance
[Ishana] what i love about this question is that its based on reality...not that fantasy woman i wish i could be...but the real me in the future...interesting how i don't usually want to think about her
[seekinghelp] If i dont learn any lessons, I'll feel like shit all the time, not look good, not be fun to be around, basically be a walking nobody who feels really really sad with low self esteem
[masonnj] I think I have lost focus on who she is ishana
[fallingdownn] i dont mean to be critical of the answers here, but it sounds like we're all giving black and white answers...
[kristybeth] good point lshana
[seekinghelp] its to see the good and the bad falling
[fallingdownn] i think i'd be a 'wounded' person, not perfect but ok
[jennifer_dawn] good point falling
[Ishana] mason...lost focus on fantasy person or future person?
[mcangel] I think in 2 yrs when (not if) I'm recovered, I will be able to do something that matters and make a difference to other people
[masonnj] i think i may still be struggling in two yrs..recovery will never be easy, but I do know a few ppl who have been recovered for several years and dont even thinkn abt food or wt any more and that gives me hope it can be me...maybe in two years...maybe less....longer...but it is POSSIBLE
[Ishana] i know if i don't get into recovery i will be extremely depressed
[jennifer_dawn] i know that if i discontinue recovery i will be a whole lot worse, if i do...i am having difficulty with that i don't know what will be
[yaya] If I'm in recovery, I won't be constantly worrying over numbers on clothing sizes, scales, etc... Instead, I'll find more interesting things to think and talk about
[fallingdownn] if i dont get into recovery, i'll prob be so sick i'll have to move back in with my parents and pretty much do nothing... or to the hospital hopping thing
[Ishana] it is cool you know ppl mason...i have no idea what recovery for me really looks like
[mcangel] if I still had my Ed in 2 yrs I can't even imagine where I would be- all the things I want to do in life, just don't seem possible w/ an ed

[SFishy] Ishana... that is why visualization is so important... what positive things do you want recovery to be?

[merry] With OUt ED: happier, learning and discovering...WITH ED: watching life through the window
[jennifer_dawn] hmmm recovery is learning
[masonnj] actually my ex bf's friend's who wife helped me get here and she is one of them....it was her hubby that "tagged me out"
[Ishana] what this brings up for me is how scared I am to be in recovery...and how scared i am that i might not either
[jennifer_dawn] yes i want to be learning
[jennifer_dawn] and changing
[yaya] If I seriously relapse, I'm sure to bore everybody around me with my obsessing about everything and push them away
[masonnj] i know ishana i am scared too
[ribbon] w/o ED is like putting on your glasses or contacts, everything is clearer
[jennifer_dawn] lol yeah ribbon
[masonnj] letting go of what is familiar is scary
* jennifer_dawn puts in her contacts
[iwillrecover] i want to be strong and independent.
[masonnj] me too
[Ishana] right, mason
[iwillrecover] my screen is blank...

[MrFishy] good point mason....but no one in the room is still crawling...make sense?

[MrFishy] :)

[kristybeth] it's scary, but worth it in the end
[Ishana] but how do you do something you have no path for...no precedence(sp?)
[yaya] sometimes, I don't know, to tell you the truth
[masonnj] i think what scares me the most abt recovery is that i feel like i dont have a choice abt it...i was told my organs are failing...so it is like I have to do it..and that makes me resent it so I am afraid

[SFishy] Ishana: at one time you didn't know how to walk... but you learned, even if you were scared of falling

[SFishy] you figure it out as you go

[SFishy] and let others help you

[seekinghelp] right :)
[ribbon] there's no one right way.... whatever works for you ishana
[kristybeth] let people who've done it lead you
[masonnj] u guys on this site have been a huge help to me btw
[fallingdownn] masonnj: sometimes the biggest motivator to recover (at least for me) is knowing that i HAVE to... that it's not an OPTION to NOT recover... make sense?

[MrFishy] mason....thing is....you do have a choice!

[Ishana] sfishy...i learned to walk with the love and support of my mother who died when i was six years old....i have never found that love and support...that unconditional love since that time
[merry] does it help knowing your not alone, mas?

[SFishy] we may inspire mason... but you help yourself :)

[yaya] Like I posted earlier tonight, sometimes I'm seriously into recovery, and other times I want to run away far away from it and protest it

[MrFishy] ishana....the best unconditonal love one has is their OWN love.

[iwillrecover] makes sense falling.
[kristybeth] me too yaya
[Ishana] you know, mr fishy, i think that is a platitude
[masonnj] well it is the inspiration and the fact that i can come here when i am struggling and make it thru another day in recovery rather than giving in to the disease
[ribbon] it's not like everyone else has a recovery manual, we all feel our our way around recovery. there's no secret that you don't know... ;)
[Ishana] you learn unconditional love by being loved that way
[kristybeth] or by loving someone unconditionally
[ribbon] not necessarily ishana, you can learn it from therapy
[kristybeth] like yourself
[Ishana] a child's self esteem is a reflection from his/her caregivers

[SFishy] while we're still 2 years in the future -- how do you all imagine yourselves FEELING? Adjusted? Happy? Content? Sad? Angry? Confused? All of the above but coping better with it? IF you stay on the path to recovery, what does that mean for you in terms of how you FEEL?

[masonnj] we seem to love each other on this site unconditionally tho...success and failures
[yaya] I'm so grateful for this website. My casemanager told me about it in 1998. It took me years to join up
[kristybeth] just joined last night ; )

[MrFishy] ishana....will it has an effect...it CAN be learned...if you WANT to learn it!

[jennifer_dawn] the euphoria that happens naturally
[iwillrecover] i would feel ALIVE.
[Ishana] from a therapist who by definition you will only be in relationship with for a time...someone you are PAYING to listen to you?
[yaya] glad you're here kristybeth
[mcangel] if I stay on my path to recovery I will feel CONFIDENT and no longer afraid

[MrFishy] lets get BACK to the topic all!

[kristybeth] thanks yaya...i found therapist on here too and made an appointment today

[MrFishy] The rides still going oN! :)

[SFishy] while we're still 2 years in the future -- how do you all imagine yourselves FEELING? Adjusted? Happy? Content? Sad? Angry? Confused? All of the above but coping better with it? IF you stay on the path to recovery, what does that mean for you in terms of how you FEEL?

[fallingdownn] i will feel worthwhile...
[masonnj] I want to think I will be adjusted and happy and I will likely still be confused and struggle but i think i will feel success at having worked through the struggle and keeping on keeping on

[SFishy] falling: you will KNOW you are worthwhile, but how will you FEEL about that?

[Ishana] well, unconditional love is a pathway
[jennifer_dawn] content hopefully i wish for it
[Ishana] i am grateful for this moment for I have found a missing link for myself....unconditional love...hmmm
[kristybeth] i would feel acceptance
[merry] i feel less consumed by this..and now there is room to enjoy other things...and learn about me(instead of the ed identifying me)/ I want to accept myself for my good points and my faults and to find atleast one thing that makes each day special
[masonnj] it will be nice to think I can feel again rather than just think because right now I just feel dead inside and consumed by the ed
[yaya] I bet I'll be feeling more feelings than I knew existed. However, if I'm in recovery, I'll be coping a lot better and not turning to the e.d. to deal with them
[iwillrecover] good one kristy. ;)
[ribbon] i think content is a very realistic way to look at it jennifer-dawn :D
[kristybeth] for myself, by others
[Ishana] i will love myself unconditionally....I will find a way to love myself in recovery
[mcangel] I think I'll still feel sad and afraid and all those bad feelings a lot but they won't overhwlem me like they do now
[mcangel] and the good feelings will outweight the bad
[masonnj] rite...like we will have developed alternate coping mechanisms
[kristybeth] i think that's a good point, mcangel
[seekinghelp] I would feel confident in myself. That's what I want the most
[kristybeth] a good way to overcome the bad...replace them with good
[masonnj] turn to ourselves rather than turn on ourselves for solutions
[fallingdownn] umm... i would hope to feel good about it. not afraid to be worth something

[SFishy] for me: recovery = trusting myself enough to know I can handle WHATEVER I feel

[kristybeth] all those toughts we tell ourselves everyday...all the negativity...would be replaced with affirmations and love for self
[mcangel] ditto to that SFishy
[masonnj] hard thing for recovery is regaining the trust of others tho fishy
[yaya] WOW! :) That's powerful!
[Ishana] i love what you said, Merry.
[pounto] i hope i'm proud of myself for once
[ribbon] i found when I learned to trust myself it was easier to trust others, mason

[SFishy] mason: Dr. Phil often says it... you don't distrust other people -- you distrust yourself in handling your reactions to other people

[merry] thanks ishana :) that means alot
[kristybeth] me too pounto
[Ishana] merry...may i copy what you wrote and put in my journal?
[masonnj] no i am talkking abt trust to basic things like going to the bathroom and did you or didnt you
[merry] that would be wonderful :)
[masonnj] i guess i have lived this lie for so long it is hard to trust myself let alone expect others to trust me
[ni] I can't even imagine how I would feel
[Ishana] merry thank you
[fallingdownn] feeling secure-- not being so terrified of people leaving or abandoning me
[masonnj] merry i am scrolling for ur post...i cant find it

[MrFishy] Good tuff shares!

[SFishy] Great sharing all... I'm glad we talked about it a bit as well...

[SFishy] it's important to visualize where you want to go... where you see yourself...

[SFishy] to ask yourself "is this where I want to be 1 year from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now"...

[SFishy] bring the question into therapy...

[SFishy] bring it to yoru own journal...

[SFishy] visualize what you want recovery to be for you... what positive things it will bring to your life...

[SFishy] of course... we'll have a follow-up game on the bulletin baord within the next day or so...
* SFishy brings our time machine fishy back to present day...

[SFishy] now that we are back in the present...

[SFishy] I want to end tonight with affirmations...

[SFishy] tell me the good things about yourself TODAY, right this minute...

[SFishy] why are you a good person?

[SFishy] why will you make it to recoverED?


[ribbon] I am courageous and strong
[fallingangel] i survived the organic chemistry test :-p lol
[jennifer_dawn] because I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[masonnj] because if I was strong enuf to get here then I can be even stronger and beat this
[yaya] I'm caring and insightful!
[ribbon] I can do anything I set my mind to
[jennifer_dawn] nice one falling!
[angeldance] because it's my only choice
[Ishana] ok
[kristybeth] i am giving and a good friend
[masonnj] because i was kind to people today
[fallingangel] haha hey organic is important ;)


[jennifer_dawn] I AM A GOOD PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[masonnj] I DESERVE LOVE
[jennifer_dawn] I CAN DO THIS

[MrFishy] THATS IT!!!!

[kristybeth] I AM FUN TO BE WITH!!!!
[jennifer_dawn] I AM BOUND TO DO WELL!!!!
[jennifer_dawn] I AM ENOUGH
[fallingangel] ooo i liek that one jennifer dawn :)


[kristybeth] me too!!

[MrFishy] KEEP UM COMMING!!!!!

[fallingangel] to quote from treatment "I AM WHERE I NEED TO BE RIGHT NOW!"
[fallingdownn] BECAUSE I AM AMAZING!!!
[fallingangel] i love that one
[yaya] I'M A YAYA!!!!!!!! :)
[angeldance] good quote
[kristybeth] hahah
[jennifer_dawn] I CAN DO MORE THAN I THINK!!!!
[iwillrecover] I AM ME. NOT THE ED.
[ribbon] CARPE DIEM
[kristybeth] BECAUSE I SEE A WAY OUT


[jennifer_dawn] CAUSE I KNOW I AM NOT ALONE
[masonnj] I AM A GOOD FRIEND
[iwillrecover] I AM A FIGHTER.
[masonnj] ME TOO
[jennifer_dawn] I WILL WIN
[kristybeth] ME TOO!
[jennifer_dawn] WILL
[fallingdownn] I"M A FIGHTER TOO
[Ishana] I AM STRONG
[fallingangel] I AM WINNING :)
[jennifer_dawn] COURAGEOUS
[jennifer_dawn] STRONG
[jennifer_dawn] I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF
[jennifer_dawn] RARRRRRRRRRRRRR
[fallingangel] LMAO!!! i want to growl
[claradancer] I am not perfect, and I'm going to be okay with that
[masonnj] lolol

[MrFishy] You all did AWESOME!!!!!

[jennifer_dawn] THANKS ;)
[masonnj] thanks
[jennifer_dawn] man i needed a good laugh

[MrFishy] Pat yourselves on the back....cause I cant reach all of you! :)

[masonnj] this was my first time....i am crying but it feels good
[kristybeth] that felt great guys
[jennifer_dawn] yes
[kristybeth] !
[masonnj] I feel released...and stronger
[iwillrecover] *HUGS*
[jennifer_dawn] the yelling part did it for me

[MrFishy] Remember... visualize where you want to be in recovery...and you CAN get there!

[masonnj] HUGS TO ALL
[fallingangel] i still want to growl :)
[jennifer_dawn] :)
[jennifer_dawn] LOL
[merry] me too first time..thanks so much :)
[masonnj] lolol....i liked the growl too
[fallingangel] anyone good with organic chem?
[masonnj] maybe we all need to growl in the morning
[Ishana] me too
[kristybeth] me too merry ; ) wow
[fallingangel] GRRAAWWWRRRRR
[fallingangel] can we growl at organic chem
[Ishana] ok falling
[merry] this was empowering..was that the point??hehe
[kristybeth] grawr! rowl! hiss!
[jennifer_dawn] yes!!!
[masonnj] that growling really makes u feel strong
[ribbon] primal scream therapy hehe
[jennifer_dawn] we are TIger fishies!!!
[masonnj] empowered
[fallingangel] i enjoy screaming :)

[MrFishy] Hold on to that empowerement as long as ya can! :)

[fallingangel] my roomate doesnt enjoy it though hehe
[merry] well then my heart felt "THANKS" i needed that

[MrFishy] bottle it if ya need to!

[Ishana] lionness fishies
[merry] how much??
[jennifer_dawn] bottles of empowerment i want 10 bottles please
[yaya] Let's all howl at the moon. Where's hippy_fishy? SHe's supposed to join me tonight in howling. lol :)

[MrFishy] we will give ya a refill next month!

[kristybeth] i feel so not alone now and confident that i can beat this thing!
[fallingdownn] *no tigers or lions... i'm allergic to cat-type things* i'm a PLASTIC FISHY!
[masonnj] me too kristy
[jennifer_dawn] oh ok
[iwillrecover] ::::plans to share bottles:::::
[kristybeth] it's like a high
[masonnj] really empowered again...relapse is over...NOW
[jennifer_dawn] LOL
[jennifer_dawn] YAYyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
[fallingangel] haha...yay for growling
[Ishana] what about shark fishies falling?
[yaya] tigers, lions, and bears..oh my! lol
[fallingangel] screw therapy
[fallingangel] just growl :-p
[jennifer_dawn] LOL
[kristybeth] haha
* SFishy asks everyone for ONE positive word that you can write on a post-it note and hang on your wall for the next week -- what one word will keep you inspired?

[fallingangel] melissa (my T) thinks she has all the answers, but the secret is growling ;)
[masonnj] growling wud be cheaper than therapy
[merry] is this a special chat? or does it occur at this time?
[fallingangel] love

[MrFishy] Falling....they called it scream therapy in the 70's i think?

[jennifer_dawn] Grrrrrrrrrr
[fallingdownn] hmmm... sharks... no feathers, firr... yeah, sharks will work

[MrFishy] or primal therapy...dont remeber!

[ribbon] Strength
[fallingangel] haha, wow i wonder if meliss has heard of that
* MrFishy shows his age :)
[kristybeth] ACCEPTANCE
[ribbon] Persistancer
[jennifer_dawn] ENOUGH
[kristybeth] will that fit on a post it?
[jennifer_dawn] lol
[iwillrecover] GRATITUDE
[seekinghelp] My word is PEACEFUL
[jennifer_dawn] you can make it
[yaya] courage
[masonnj] heres to all of you....my new found fishy friends....thanks for sharing your strength with me
[kristybeth] thankful
[kristybeth] new
[Ishana] you are all WONDERFUL
[fallingdownn] PERSERVERENCE!
[Ishana] I learned so much tonight
[kristybeth] future
[jennifer_dawn] me 2
[kristybeth] does it have to end?
[fallingangel] eww homework pales in comparison to chatting lol
[jennifer_dawn] oh yes
[fallingangel] this is a nice distraction ;)
[seekinghelp] i know the feeling fallen
[jennifer_dawn] i just got done mine
[fallingangel] if only it got the work done
[seekinghelp] have to do chem after this too
[fallingangel] haha, man im jealous, ive been putting it off
* SFishy thanks everyone so much for coming tonight!
[Ishana] i need to pick up my daughter from cheerleading practice
[masonnj] sori fallen...econ, finance or calc i cud help...chem..yikes

[SFishy] You all did great!

[fallingangel] does anyone know the structure of ethyl acetate lol

[SFishy] Don't ever give up!
[jennifer_dawn] thank you sfishy
[fallingangel] this is killing me
[merry] thank YOU

[MrFishy] everyone have a GREAT night/day! :)

[Ishana] love and acceptance to you all :)
[fallingangel] thank you sfishy :)
[Ishana] good night
[fallingangel] best wishes everyone
[fallingdownn] goodnight... *HUGS*
[jennifer_dawn] u too mrfishy
[masonnj] thanks fish
[kristybeth] thank you everyone

[SFishy] We WILL have a chat next month -- and just in time for Halloweeny

[ribbon] thanks for the chat
[yaya] thanks sfishy and mrfishy
[seekinghelp] Bye :)
[iwillrecover] thanks!!!!

[SFishy] so we'll look foward to seeing you all then!
[masonnj] and all of you other fishes swimming out in this pool

[SFishy] Have a great night!

[MrFishy] and were wearing costumes for THAT one!

[SFishy] and remember: TAKE CARE OF YOU!
[iwillrecover] when do we follow up?

[SFishy] follow-up game will be in the bulletin board tonight!

[masonnj] yes..what was that about a post on the bulletin bd
[masonnj] which bd pls
[fallingangel] we can go to the other chats though which is good

[SFishy] FISHING FOR SUPPORT Chat Forum -- it's it's own forum
[fallingangel] so if you want to keep chatting its all good :)
[masonnj] thks

[MrFishy] Adios all!

[SFishy] have a great night all!

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