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Below you will find the list of available chat transcripts. Not ALL chat events are transcribed, but the majority of them are made available here. If you have a suggestion for a chat topic, send us e-mail.

Fishing for Support Chat -- OCTOBER, 2001

[SFishy] okay fishys... we're gonna get started!

[MrFishy] Welcome all!

[SFishy] Lets just run over the format and rules quick...
[SFishy] This is the FISHING FOR SUPPORT chat hosted by MrFishy and me
[SFishy] we'll let you know when to participate -- and prompt you when to join in...
[SFishy] all the same rules apply to this chat as with the others... no numbers... no tips...
[SFishy] and specifically...
[SFishy] no answers to any questions that only give your ED more power!
[SFishy] so... lets get started!
[SFishy] Tonight we're going to be talking about RECLAIMING YOUR LIFE

[MrFishy] TRYING is the key!

[SFishy] We tend to give the ED so much power... so much power to take things away from us...
[SFishy] what are some things you can think of that the ED has taken away from YOU?

[purple_tao] self esteem
[purple_tao] happiness
[slj] life
[peapers] confidence
[purple_tao] peace
[varmaflower] my chance to go to college this fall
[berrymoore] my friends
[lisamom] my life
[harshreality] health
[purple_tao] humor
[kittie] self worth
[buggie] hope
[grey_squirrel] happiness
[purple_tao] sense of self worth
[penny] my inner beauty
[harshreality] outgoingness
[purple_tao] laughter
[peapers] communication
[berrymoore] peace
[kailyn] family
[pooh_bear_fan] confidence
[varmaflower] my independence
[purple_tao] friendliness
[penny] peace!
[harshreality] desire to go on.
[purple_tao] inner peace
[primadonna] defiately confidence
[purple_tao] looking forward to a new day
[kittie] beauty
[socks] love for life
[pooh_bear_fan] confidence
[harshreality] personality
[varmaflower] my family & friends's trust toward me
[grey_squirrel] free will
[purple_tao] acceptance of self
[buggie] peace of mind
[harshreality] lots of time
[varmaflower] almost my dream
[peapers] being understood by others
[socks] willingness to care for others
[kittie] friends
[socks] money
[purple_tao] smiles
[harshreality] memories
[pooklg] friendships
[KShine] life
[purple_tao] MONEY
[KShine] time
[purple_tao] TIME
[varmaflower] my time
[harshreality] trust
[kittie] love
[kailyn] all my teenage years grrr
[socks] my health
[kittie] time
[penny] my life
[lisamom] normalcy
[primadonna] self trust
[socks] grades
[harshreality] yes, kailyn..
[peapers] trust
[purple_tao] joy
[grey_squirrel] all my life
[kittie] ummm.....my breats

[MrFishy] WOW.....im heading to each persons house tonight to kik some ED butt!!!!!!!!!!!!

[SFishy] thanks all for sharing!
[SFishy] great answers

[MrFishy] Good shares!

[SFishy] now lets look at the ED as a tangible thing...
[SFishy] what if the ED were a person...
[SFishy] a person who actually took these things away from you...
[SFishy] or...
[SFishy] if this person was trying to take these same things away from a loved-one?
[SFishy] what would your reaction be?

[socks] anger
[purple_tao] PUNCH THEM IN THE FREAKIN FACE!!!!!!!!!!
[buggie] mad
[pooh_bear_fan] i'd bash them!
[kittie] i'd be mad
[harshreality] dsigust
[KShine] sadness
[purple_tao] KICK 'EM IN THE NUMNUTS
[buggie] hurt
[purple_tao] hehehe
[lisamom] tears
[peapers] I would have to hate them
[slj] no way
[KShine] resentment
[kailyn] grr
[KShine] fear
[kittie] i wouldn't talk to them
[purple_tao] anger/hate
[buggie] frustration
[KShine] hatred
[socks] fear
[kittie] grrrrrrr
[harshreality] I'd want to take it away
[socks] sadness
[purple_tao] ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[varmaflower] I would be in teh mood to fight that person and stick up to that person and not let that person get to me
[KShine] confusion
[pooklg] from someone else, i would beat it to a pulp, esp my son
[socks] I'd feel sorry for them
[purple_tao] slap slap slap slap
[socks] and I'd be right pissed off
[varmaflower] I would be upset..
[slj] anger
[KShine] defensive
[kittie] mad mad mad
[KShine] bitter
[socks] I would tell that person to GET HIM OUT OF YOUR LIFE
[purple_tao] run them over with my car
[peapers] I'd ignore them
[purple_tao] tell them to f*ck off
[buggie] scared
[KShine] annoyed
[kittie] good one purple
[penny] get rid of him
[KShine] livid
[socks] resentment
[kailyn] kick em up the butt
[purple_tao] hit their toe with a hammer
[varmaflower] get rid of him/her
[kailyn] a slegde hammer
[kailyn] sledge*
[harshreality] want to hurt it
[socks] pray for them
[purple_tao] shove toothpicks under their fingernails......oouch
[kittie] tell them to go away
[lisamom] ask them why they are so needy
[pooklg] or another part of the anotomy with the hammer/sledgehammer!
[kailyn] oooh yea!
[purple_tao] nut-busters!!
[purple_tao] pour acid over their head
[socks] I think i'd be really cold
[socks] ignore them
[peapers] I wouldn't speak to them
[penny] bury him alive
[purple_tao] sock: sock them!!
[varmaflower] I would accept that person to leave me alone from now on..and tell them that
[socks] I'd be throwing things (but not at them directly)
[pooklg] i spelled anatomy wrong, sorry guys
[socks] I'd think they were pathetic

[MrFishy] Im with ALL of you!!!

[SFishy] me too!

[MrFishy] Well....
[MrFishy] i think it is pretty unanimous...
[MrFishy] EVERYONE one here would be...
[MrFishy] how do i say this....
[MrFishy] a tad PISSED OFF!
[MrFishy] And RIGHTLY so......
[MrFishy] Think about the anger you would feel....

[purple_tao] stealing from me
[harshreality] they don't deserve it
[kittie] it not fair
[purple_tao] taking what's MINE
[purple_tao] health........LIFE
[pooklg] its hurting them
[kittie] not nice
[socks] It's just plain WRONG
[primadonna] the absolute cruelty of it
[KShine] manipulation
[socks] EVIL
[peapers] no one should try to change who you are
[recoverygirl] wish i understood
[purple_tao] life is precious and it's MINE
[varmaflower] it is not fair
[kittie] mean
[harshreality] it's lying
[buggie] controling me
[harshreality] deceitful
[recoverygirl] wish i could stop it
[buggie] using me
[harshreality] overly controlling and powerful.
[kittie] not being a good person
[primadonna] deception
[socks] no one has the right to treat someone that way
[varmaflower] it my life and my body..no fair
[pooh_bear_fan] they don't have the right to
[socks] to not see their worth
[primadonna] malliciousnes
[socks] it's WRONG
[purple_tao] shouldn't take what's not yours, THIEF
[kittie] taking away my control
[purple_tao] not nice to take what's not yours
[socks] quite malicious, I'd say
[KShine] powerless
[slj] No person has the right to dtermine my self-worth
[harshreality] it makes me feel helpless.
[recoverygirl] i am so lost
[lisamom] brb need meds
[harshreality] it's not FAIR
[harshreality] it's not not not FAIR....we deserve more than this
[purple_tao] this is MY life to do what I want
[purple_tao] we deserve LIFE!!!!!
[harshreality] YEAH!
[recoverygirl] wish i understood
[peapers] what's wrong with the way I want to be
[purple_tao] WANT TO BE HAPPY

[MrFishy] GREAT SHARE!!!

[SFishy] again... great answers everyone
[SFishy] so lets review...
[SFishy] We've named the things we feel the ED has taken away from us...
[SFishy] and we've made it tangible...
[SFishy] as if a person was trying to take these things away from us...
[SFishy] or from a loved-one of ours...
[SFishy] overwhelmingly... most of us would feel anger about that...

[MrFishy] im angry just rereading it!

[SFishy] because this person would be taking something that isn't theres...
[SFishy] would be stealing from you...
[SFishy] they don't have a right to do that!
[SFishy] it's deceptive...
[SFishy] it makes you feel helpless...
[SFishy] and so on...
[SFishy] now...
[SFishy] thinking about all that... and your answers...
[SFishy] how is it making you feel to know that having an ED is taking things away from your life?

[kittie] mad
[socks] sad
[FF] cheesed
[kittie] sad
[berrymoore] lost
[noemi] annoyed
[harshreality] like I've wasted so much of my life
[grey_squirrel] screwed over
[varmaflower] hurt..helpless..lonely
[purple_tao] IT SUCKS
[socks] disappointed
[buggie] loser
[recoverygirl] PISSED OFF
[socks] angry
[primadonna] lost
[kittie] hate it
[harshreality] bitter
[socks] regret
[recoverygirl] SO FRICKIN PISSED OFF
[noemi] caught up
[purple_tao] F*CKING MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[kittie] damn pisser
[varmaflower] disapointed..hopeless
[socks] like I have to give this up once and for all
[primadonna] spiraling
[pooh_bear_fan] i've chosen this way
[recoverygirl] wanna scream
[primadonna] free falling
[harshreality] vengeful
[lisamom] helpless
[purple_tao] disappointed in myself for allowing it
[peapers] SFishy, isn't it a culmination of what people and society have said and how they've treated us that causes the ED?
[varmaflower] the feelign that my life is already over
[FF] its time to kick this ed butt bug time
[recoverygirl] wanna lash out
[recoverygirl] wanna fight back
[socks] like it wassuch a worthless goal
[berrymoore] amen
[purple_tao] take back what's mine (happiness)
[harshreality] a waste of time..
[socks] what an f--n waste of my time
[socks] and my life
[kailyn] regret
[recoverygirl] so tired of this shit
[appletapper] its my enemy...but in me..so hate myself
[purple_tao] really.......what's this getting us, anyway??
[buggie] i'm missing out on life
[kailyn] sadness
[purple_tao] I WANT TO BE HAPPY BEING ME!!!!!
[recoverygirl] so true buggie
[kailyn] me too
[socks] this stupid thing is also costing me a lot of money
[primadonna] bitter, because what was supposed to be "the answer" is so decietful and hurtful
[recoverygirl] missing out on life
[harshreality] stupid.
[kittie] mad
[varmaflower] peapers..it is also issues in us
[recoverygirl] i want to love me
[kittie] mad
[socks] and my health
[kittie] mad
[recoverygirl] so mad
[socks] and my happiness
[socks] AHHHHH
[kittie] very mad
[slj] i want to enjoy life
[recoverygirl] so frickin mad
[purple_tao] PISSED OFF............grr
[socks] i feel like such a fool
[kittie] grrrrrr
[purple_tao] STEAMING MAD.......FUMIND MAD
[kittie] fool
[purple_tao] doi

[SFishy] awesome answers!


[SFishy] and quite a lot of them ;)
[SFishy] no matter what the cause...
[SFishy] no matter how you got to this place...
[SFishy] those are things that need to be dealt with of course...
[SFishy] but we also have to work on channeling some of these angry, sad, helpless, hurt (etc.) emotions into WHAT WE CAN DO NOW...
[SFishy] to reclaim the life we deserve

[MrFishy] be mad at the ed....
[MrFishy] be sad that it has taken things from you...
[MrFishy] but being mad at yourself...
[MrFishy] ultimately is adding to the cycle of taking things away from you....

[SFishy] when we do "destructive" or "hurtful" things to ourselves...
[SFishy] beating ourselves up for the past...

[buggie] more depressed
[purple_tao] NO FREAKIN WHERE
[kailyn] nowhere
[purple_tao] ACK!!!!!!!
[varmaflower] nowwhere
[socks] nowhere
[recoverygirl] feel hopeless
[harshreality] more hopeless.
[kailyn] lost and alone
[berrymoore] back in the past
[primadonna] it keeps me in the cycle
[FF] between a rock and a harder place
[purple_tao] going backwards
[recoverygirl] feel so afraid
[harshreality] back down
[kailyn] vicious cycles
[purple_tao] cycle, yes
[socks] definitely backwards
[slj] powerless
[pooh_bear_fan] back to the beginning
[recoverygirl] down in a big hole
[purple_tao] up......down.....up.....down
[socks] and it keeps me in the stupid cycle
[varmaflower] it is only keeping me in the past
[pooh_bear_fan] all over the show
[purple_tao] hating myself more
[kailyn] isolated
[slj] emotional rollercoaster
[recoverygirl] hating me
[harshreality] hatred.
[soccermom] in a hamster wheel, running but never really getting anywhere
[socks] and it makes me less motivated to get out
[harshreality] frustration
[recoverygirl] out of control
[socks] which is totally stupid
[kailyn] reduced to running
[purple_tao] disappointing myself
[socks] and then I get frustrated
[primadonna] feeling less and less confident in me and my abilities for life
[socks] and then I start all over again
[purple_tao] hiding from the mirror and friends
[harshreality] makes me feel like nothing will even get better
[socks] I start believing in the lies
[socks] ACK!
[slj] hopeless and helpless
[pooklg] disappointed in me, i feel all the failure
[recoverygirl] get caught in the behaviors
[buggie] messing me up more
[purple_tao] more growls: ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrr
[Jes] lying to parents...
[socks] yes feeling like a self centred spoiled brat
[purple_tao] lying to MYSELF
[recoverygirl] loose sense of what really matters
[harshreality] frustrateion
[FF] more screwed up?!
[socks] fear
[primadonna] feeling like a failure big time
[recoverygirl] loose focus
[recoverygirl] loose motivation
[purple_tao] PISSED OFF AT MYSELF !!!!
[socks] selfish
[recoverygirl] loose ME
[socks] loss of self
[purple_tao] FEELING LIKE I SUCK
[socks] self destruction

[SFishy] it's a tough cycle to break... I know

[MrFishy] GOOD answers!

[SFishy] what we feel contributes to feeling more of what we feel...

MrFishy says...if you see the cycle...raise your hand at the puter

[SFishy] and we react
[SFishy] part of reclaiming your life is learning to recognize those feelings!
[SFishy] and then doing something about them...
[SFishy] you've often heard me say...
[SFishy] "turn negatives to positives"

[MrFishy] identify and react

[SFishy] so...
[SFishy] think of your answers to the last question (where is my feelings of anger/sadness/etc. towards my ED getting me if I just turn it back in on myself)...
[SFishy] think of those answers...
[SFishy] and this will be hard...
[SFishy] but how can you turn channel that into something positive?

[purple_tao] learning to love myself, no matter what I look like. I'M ME !!
[harshreality] yeah kieran!!!
[purple_tao] like what I see in the mirror
[socks] choosing to stay on a path of recovery
[lisamom] talk about it
[purple_tao] YA HOO
[kailyn] trust people
[harshreality] remind myself I don't have to be perfect
[buggie] learn to accept me
[socks] refuse to get into a conversation about dieting
[soccermom] chosing to walk forward, not backwards
[varmaflower] learning from my mistake and moving on with my life
[socks] and weigh
[socks] and weight
[purple_tao] accept when my husband says I'm beautiful and sexy: believe HIM!!!!
[harshreality] learning from my slips
[socks] and calories
[buggie] deal with anger healthily
[socks] NO MORE
[kailyn] being assertive
[soccermom] accepting imperfection
[primadonna] by getting "out of my box" and just doing the things "i know i could do if i just weighed this much less...."
[recoverygirl] know that i am sick and can get better
[primadonna] instead of waiting for that weight
[kailyn] accepting limitations
[harshreality] reminding myself of the lies
[purple_tao] I'm a person: not a number
[slj] expressive and assertive
[recoverygirl] know that i am the one who can save me
[socks] choosing to embrace the truth about the ed
[appletapper] i have to not eat to get better
[harshreality] seeing the big picture
[socks] no longer believing the lie that being thin is going to make me happy
[berrymoore] i am ok
[recoverygirl] know that hating myself only makes me die a little more
[buggie] don't constantly compare myself with othres
[socks] seeing my worth beyond the weight, and accepting that
[primadonna] by not being so judgemental toward me
[slj] demand to be respected
[varmaflower] accept me for me..and not caring about what other say about deaf peope..I guess
[purple_tao] we're more than ok.......we're super-great!!
[soccermom] love myself as much as i love my kids
[recoverygirl] and makes all that shit from past be in present
[FF] knowing I dont "feel" is someway towards learning. Learning means pissing the ed off as it becomes weaker and I get more adept at not giving in to it
[purple_tao] don't listen to the ED lies
[kailyn] accepting that others like me
[recoverygirl] dragging it out
[berrymoore] ok,,we are supergreat
[harshreality] do something special for yourself
[kailyn] and want to help
[socks] reaching out to others so that I am not so narrowly focused on just me and my weight
[purple_tao] love myself as much as I love others
[varmaflower] respect my self more and in a way I can prove I will protec t my self..I dummo
[slj] listen to your wise mind
[recoverygirl] knowing that this is know way to live
[purple_tao] accept myself like I accept others
[kailyn] accepting taht i deserve help
[harshreality] remind yourself how much you want this recovery
[harshreality] over and over and over again..
[soccermom] i have worth
[purple_tao] WE RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[varmaflower] look in the mirror and smile
[primadonna] put me first once in a while
[slj] say i love myself
[socks] being truthful to mself
[purple_tao] **kiss**

[SFishy] great answer all...
[SFishy] lets get really specific now...
[SFishy] but we have to apply this to reality in order to get through it...
[SFishy] I'm angry... angry that I've had to fall back on behaviors that are taking things away from my life...
[SFishy] but I'm NOT angry at me!
[SFishy] I'm angry that the ED has taken things away from me
[SFishy] so I'm going to channel that anger into doing something good for ME so I can keep working towards getting RID OF THE DAMN THING!
[SFishy] I'm sad... sad that I've let the ED take things away from my life...
[SFishy] but I'm not going to "self-pity" myself to death cause that isn't getting me anywhere...
[SFishy] I'm going to identify the sadness and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT... say a positive self affirmation...
[SFishy] tell someone I'm sad and ask for help... so I can keep working on GETTING RID OF THE DAMN THING!
[SFishy] think about a time when you were feeling angry at yourself or sad about your life with an ED...
[SFishy] how could you and CAN YOU specifically turn it around...
[SFishy] make it into your own life lesson...
[SFishy] and create something positive to keep moving forward...

[purple_tao] had a body massage..........learning to love my body
[purple_tao] buy new clothes and think I look good
[recoverygirl] help someone else who has ed
[kailyn] the ed has taken so much of my life...but im not letting it take any more
[Annabelle_Rose] wrote in a journal and get the feelings out on paper and not on me
[kailyn] go back home :(
[lisamom] follow my meal plan
[purple_tao] talk to friends
[harshreality] go on a walk
[varmaflower] go to therapy
[purple_tao] talk to therapist
[recoverygirl] go to therapy and be HONEST
[berrymoore] go for a run
[kailyn] let myself be real


[kailyn] real katy
[Annabelle_Rose] use my voice-especially with my t.
[recoverygirl] stop ling to myself

MrFishy likes the honesty one :)

[pooh_bear_fan] eat an apple instead of binging??
[harshreality] remind myself that it is a slip....and that I WILL conquer
[varmaflower] take back my life by hanging out with my friends and goign to places and being the outgoing girl I always was
[FF] I have the right to say no, mean it and have my views honoured .... even if they are wrong or misguided 'cos I am worth it
[harshreality] YEs....HONESTY
[recoverygirl] stop letting this ed keep me in chains
[purple_tao] think about WHY I'm eating what I'm eating
[Annabelle_Rose] go for a nice walk, not a hard run
[purple_tao] decide that I don't need to eat crap
[varmaflower] today I should go out side and run..not hide in teh house for days/weeks
[kailyn] let myself be
[slj] trust!!!!!!!!!!!
[purple_tao] need good fuel for body
[FF] eeeeek ..... oh ok ..... be honest. Really honest!
[primadonna] realizing i am talented, and going for it without worrying about what others are thinking because of my size
[kailyn] listen to what my body wats
[soccermom] give myself permission, to speak how i feel without others dictating what i should feel
[recoverygirl] think of myself as a PERSON not a BODY
[kailyn] and let it have it
[lisamom] except food as part of my recovery
[Annabelle_Rose] yeah, trust and honesty, but it's so hard! but i'm willing to do it that's for sure
[berrymoore] yes,,,,gas for your gas tank
[purple_tao] surround myself with affirmations
[kailyn] trust my inner self to others
[recoverygirl] open up and FRICKIN FEEL
[FF] no such word as cant ....... because ultimately .I CAN ..... and I WILL
[kailyn] stop running
[Annabelle_Rose] believe that who i am is okay
[purple_tao] no can't........just won't's
[recoverygirl] stop being numbed out
[purple_tao] :)
[kailyn] and look myslef in the eyes
[lisamom] be willing to change 15 yr of habit
[Annabelle_Rose] actually FEEL my feelings

[MrFishy] hold on ONE COTTON PICKING MINUTE HERE.........
[MrFishy] WAIT A SEC

[SFishy] those were incredible answers everyone! GOOD JOB!!!

[MrFishy] HOLD IT......
[MrFishy] ALL OF YOU
[MrFishy] NOW
[MrFishy] those were KILLER answers!

[SFishy] this is STEP ONE in reclaiming your life!
[SFishy] and it definitely takes practice to recognize what you're feeling... and then to channel into something positive...
[SFishy] but you can ALL DO IT

[MrFishy] one step at a time
[MrFishy] second by second

[SFishy] from the smallest step to the largest leap, it all counts!
[SFishy] soooooooo
[SFishy] what can be step two?
[SFishy] we've recognized what we're feeling...
[SFishy] and we're conscious of having to turn it around...
[SFishy] now we have to make a committment to it...
[SFishy] I'm not talking about "promises" to be "better"
[SFishy] because that only leads to more self-defeat...
[SFishy] I'm talking about a mindset in where you can keep telling yourself to move forward, and that every movement is a step
[SFishy] recovery isn't linear with forward and back (yes, you've heard me say it)
[SFishy] so "setbacks" are part of the process to...
[SFishy] what will you do next time you have a setback?
[SFishy] What will you say to yourself?
[SFishy] What action will you take?

[recoverygirl] oh no not this time
[berrymoore] pick my self up and start again
[Annabelle_Rose] that its a slip and not the end of the world
[purple_tao] ACKNOWLEDGE IT.......BUT MOVE ON
[soccermom] instead of saying..like i always say i will eat, but actually doing..taking the leap of faith, and jumping and telling my therapist..im in a pit
[recoverygirl] i am not going to fall into that again
[kailyn] if everyone who had a set back went back to square one, noone would ever recover!
[buggie] "don't give up"
[Annabelle_Rose] that i can get back on track and that it's okay to have a setback
[kailyn] learn from my mistakes
[purple_tao] let it go by...........get on with my life
[primadonna] i'll remember it's a slip and not give in to it as in "all is ruined"
[recoverygirl] not hate myself for it though
[Annabelle_Rose] talk to someone
[purple_tao] harsh?
[recoverygirl] hate the ED NOT ME
[varmaflower] I will tell myself..I am human..human make mistake..I can learn from it and try not to make the mistake again
[purple_tao] MOVE ALONG!!!!!!!!
[buggie] know i'm not perfect and will never be
[bri] it doesnt have to be "all or nothing, black or white"
[purple_tao] don't dwell on it
[recoverygirl] pick up and carry on
[purple_tao] that's right.....recovery is a PROCESS
[FF] a slip is a slip nothing more nothing less. Its not the falling down thats the problem ........ just the staying down and heck .... I may be down sometimes but im not out!
[primadonna] exactly bri
[Annabelle_Rose] that it doesn't mean i am a bad person
[harshreality] DON'T DWELL
[soccermom] look up not back
[purple_tao] as long as we don't keep going backwards.......keep moving forward
[FF] yet!
[recoverygirl] remind myself this is normal for recovery process
[varmaflower] try again..because I will get nowhere unless I keep on trying
[soccermom] reach out instead of in
[purple_tao] recovery IS A PROCESS, not a DESTINATION
[recoverygirl] tell myself I AM NOT A FAILURE
[buggie] be proud of my recovery accomplishments so far
[purple_tao] WE ARE NOT FAILURES!!
[purple_tao] you either, recovery!
[recoverygirl] WE ARE NOT FAILURES
[Annabelle_Rose] yeah, don't forget to look at the positives
[recoverygirl] I AM NOT A FAILURE
[varmaflower] remind myself why I want recovery and what I can do to get there
[Annabelle_Rose] no black and white thinking
[purple_tao] We are all recovery........work in progress!!!!
[soccermom] i've hit a speed bump
[FF] sometimes if your not going forward it dont mean your going back ....... sometimes you just need to sit and admire the scenery
[Annabelle_Rose] keep working hard towards recovery
[purple_tao] keep moving forward, mom!

[MrFishy] AWESOME ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!

[SFishy] again, AWESOME answers!
[SFishy] one that particular stands out is...
[SFishy] "if we all had to start over every time we slipped up, no one would ever recover"
[SFishy] "slip ups" are not mistakes... they are part of the process...

[MrFishy] VERY important point!

[SFishy] no one expect you to get recovery PERFECT, so you shouldn't expect to get it perfect either! It's imperfection is what makes it unique... and RIGHT for you...
[SFishy] we pick up... and start again... but not at the beginning...
[SFishy] we start again at where we left off...

[MrFishy] you NEVER unlearn what you learned thru the process.

[SFishy] we have to identify what caused us to want to resort back to the ED behaviors...
[SFishy] how will you do that the next time you're feeling the impulse, or after you have?

[purple_tao] realize that I'm not a number
[FF] um???
[varmaflower] keep a record of what happen and cause me to slip???
[lisamom] dont know

[SFishy] example: call someone I trust

[recoverygirl] remember the pain
[Annabelle_Rose] journal my thoughts
[penny] lol
[mary] hum what's the full question just got into the room?

[SFishy] journaling is good :)

[penny] lol
[harshreality] recognize it, and stop myself
[buggie] LOL
[FF] be honest
[Jes] write in my journal! :)
[recoverygirl] do something nice for myself
[harshreality] take walk down to the creek
[purple_tao] stop and think about what I'm doing
[penny] I dont know
[kailyn] call my friend
[purple_tao] is this really healthy?????
[lisamom] I usually give in to the impluses
[harshreality] deep breathe
[recoverygirl] treat myself to a nice bubble bathe
[purple_tao] am I really in control here?
[harshreality] cold shower
[harshreality] leave the scene
[Annabelle_Rose] really look at what i'm feeling or what happened
[FF] dare to do things differently
[purple_tao] think about the triggering
[harshreality] listen to music!
[bri] the about the events that have gone on the past couple of days, and figure out how you were feeling
[Annabelle_Rose] instead of covering it up with my ed
[harshreality] think about it.
[harshreality] do something about it
[buggie] take a long nice walk/jog
[Annabelle_Rose] talk to someone
[harshreality] change it.
[purple_tao] resort to a better coping mechanism??
[harshreality] change your prespective
[recoverygirl] identify what feeling i am running from
[purple_tao] a more healthy one
[kailyn] writing
[varmaflower] sorry..I miss understood the question.. I would probably call my friend and ask her if I could come over her house to hang out
[recoverygirl] or feelings
[harshreality] accept your feelings
[kailyn] stream of consciousness
[harshreality] type!
[mary] ummmm try to identify the cause..then stop it
[recoverygirl] pray more
[purple_tao] dancing and laughing and watching cartoons.......hehehe
[Jes] write poetry
[harshreality] watch a TV show
[kailyn] just write everything thats in there
[purple_tao] play with my daughter
[buggie] read a book!!
[harshreality] play with kids!
[purple_tao] GO PLAY OUT IN THE MUD
[primadonna] realize that whatever is "killing" me right now, won't be so bad tomorrow
[kailyn] painting :)
[Annabelle_Rose] have fun!
[soccermom] redirect, to figure out what it is .. because, i don't know , if its my body or my mind...
[varmaflower] humming...run
[FF] distract but dont avoid
[kailyn] paint my anger and fear
[purple_tao] dance.....dance.....dance
[Jes] Body pain
[lisamom] good night all
[Jes] *paint LOL
[harshreality] football!!! (but don't fracture your hand)
[recoverygirl] know the pain of what ever will pass
[purple_tao] oh, c'mon Jes.....you LOVE to dance girl!!
[harshreality] bounce around.
[recoverygirl] know that feeling won't kill me
[varmaflower] play sega genies.. (I am not joking)

SFishy[AWAY] innocently asks: who's going to mention to their therapist???

[recoverygirl] know that i won't loose my mind by feeling
[varmaflower] me
[purple_tao] me!
[Annabelle_Rose] oh yeah, that too!
[lisamom] too tired
[kailyn] oops!
[harshreality] next time, I will.
[Jes] DANCE!!!!!! :D hehe , turn the music up loud and just let it all free!!!!!!
[varmaflower] I will call my therapy or e-mail my nutrition
[soccermom] i'm ready..tired of fighting
[purple_tao] "love" talking to my T
[mary] mmmm....:o) maybe me
[FF] oh . ok then ..... guess that might help ;0)
[kailyn] frogstomping ;)
[Annabelle_Rose] i'll try at least
[Jes] Dont have a therepist yet -_-
[purple_tao] YEAH........DANCE TO CRANKIN MUSIC.......LA DE DA
[primadonna] sorry, bad joke
[recoverygirl] puddle jumping
[harshreality] be honest to therapist...
[Jes] Got my first doc appt this friday :D
[purple_tao] yeah, jes!
[harshreality] don't be afraid to reach out
[kailyn] nearly got a t

[SFishy] if you have a hard time "telling" your therapist... WRITE IT DOWN and give it to her/him

[recoverygirl] go to see my t tomorrow
[purple_tao] play with play doh
[varmaflower] me too..I see my therapy tomorrow too and the nutrition
[purple_tao] paint with paint-by-number and purposely goof up all the colors.....haha
[Annabelle_Rose] thats hard too though...i feel stupid-but i will!
[recoverygirl] draw a picture of the ED
[harshreality] amy--now there's an idea...
[recoverygirl] MONSTER
[kailyn] im going IP tomorrow
[Jes] paint your friend :D
[purple_tao] dress up goofy for one day
[varmaflower] hope you get better Kailyn
[Jes] LOL
[buggie] punch a pillow
[soccermom] I will tell my T, but i have done so well...to everyone else but me
[FF] on paper jes or just paint your friend :0)
[varmaflower] go outside and dance on the street
[varmaflower] lol
[recoverygirl] be honest with my t
[purple_tao] like what I see when I look in the mirror
[Annabelle_Rose] play in the leaves!

[MrFishy] AWESOMEUNDO!!!!!!

[SFishy] Terrific answers!
[SFishy] step three merges with the others...
[SFishy] and that is HONESTY
[SFishy] we have to be honest with ourselves...
[SFishy] and with those around us who support us and can offer us help...
[SFishy] having a mindset committed to recovery is hard...
[SFishy] but we are only ADDING obstacles to OURSELVES if we're not being honest

[MrFishy] and there are enuff of those already!

[SFishy] think of one or two or three people in your life... people who have been supportive but you have not been completely honest with...
[SFishy] how will you try your best to be honest with them?

[purple_tao] husband
[faerie] i finally went to the doctors today
[recoverygirl] boyfriend
[Jes] My parents.... I'm just not ready..
[kailyn] ill write to them
[faerie] ..because of my heart
[purple_tao] hard to tell him about my ed
[purple_tao] friends
[recoverygirl] my therapist
[purple_tao] EVERYONE
[Annabelle_Rose] write it out at the moment i'm feeling it
[varmaflower] my mom, my family, my friends
[bri] its hard to be honest because i dont want to hurt them
[recoverygirl] my friends at church
[kailyn] myself
[bri] or have them on my case
[faerie] ...my dad, my mom
[mary] my family i just can't be am too busy protecting them
[faerie] myself, of course.
[Annabelle_Rose] let my t in...
[bri] being honest with feelings is different then being honest about behaviors
[purple_tao] that's it: EVERYONE
[faerie] my boyfriend knows everything.


[faerie] i trust him.
[Jes] be honest to MYSELF.... :((
[purple_tao] too embarrassed
[purple_tao] too ashamed
[recoverygirl] i will take the risk
[Annabelle_Rose] yeah, i gotta be honest to myself too
[FF] trust them, dont expect them to reject me because I reject myself
[recoverygirl] i will trust they care about me
[varmaflower] talk to them..open up to them. (I have already been doing that..honestly)
[buggie] ummmmm
[bri] i can be honest with friends who understand
[faerie] ....my doctor doesn't really belive there is anything wrong with me.
[primadonna] tell hubby the truth, as in when i'm angry or upset instead of "brushing it off
[soccermom] my husband, my therapist, my doctors...i don't want to hurt them...I know they will be disappointed, I know tonight, i will tell my husband, adn then togetherwe can tell the therapist...
[kailyn] trust my sadness to them
[recoverygirl] and are not tring to make me fat
[kailyn] dont say IM OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[FF] just blurt stuff out with editing it to sound nice

[SFishy] good plan soccermom

[purple_tao] I humbly bow to all of you who have been able to tell your loved ones. Kudos to you!!
[kailyn] or fine, we all know what that stands for
[faerie] she says everything is psychosomatic

SFishy[AWAY] thinks purple needs a plan :)

[purple_tao] YES!!!
[varmaflower] when you don't want to hurt someone..and after talking to them you realized how much they want to help U and how glad they are that you came out and talk to them..that work for me
[FF] honesty purple .. i promise you it wont kill you
[recoverygirl] i tell my boyfriend some things, but am not telling him all

[MrFishy] purple...how bout starting with a simple..."im not okay and sometimes i need help?"

[soccermom] honesty and fear tend to stop...me in my tracks, but i will follow through...feeling empowered..
[purple_tao] I really do (really!!!) want to tell others..... just too ..... ashamed......
[Annabelle_Rose] remember that being honest will only help me
[Jes] I need to be honest to my parents...but im so scared
[Annabelle_Rose] hard to admit i need help though

[MrFishy] recoverygirl.....one step at a time :)

[recoverygirl] i am not perfect even though i wish i was
[Annabelle_Rose] that' s my problem
[purple_tao] they all know "something's" wrong.......just don't know "what'

[SFishy] ideas: write it in a letter... turn off the lights and tell them in the dark... make a cassette or video tape... tell your therapist and ask her/him to help you tell your loved-one
[SFishy] what else?

[FF] purple .... you are just fine .... you dont need to pretend to be anything other than what you are
[kailyn] realise that asking for help isnt an admitance of weakness
[purple_tao] feel I'll be judged
[Annabelle_Rose] i like the dark thing
[faerie] i wish my doctor would believe i'm "not okay"...just because i'm not underweight doesn't mean i'm healthy
[Annabelle_Rose] then i feel like they couldn't see me
[Jes] my parents said im killing them...how am i suppose to open up now.. :(
[purple_tao] thought of telling hubby at nighttime in bed
[primadonna] admitt to needing to be taken care of once in a while instead of always doing the "taking care of"

[SFishy] Jes... then think of someone else more supportive in your life to tell right now

[Jes] i HAVE no one else.. in real life
[varmaflower] in my case...I would rather have my therapy tell my family the entire thing without me taking part in helping to tell them
[buggie] amen varmaflower
[recoverygirl] my family got fired
[faerie] ........aren't sharp chest pains some sort of indicator that things aren't ok?
[varmaflower] nope..no one is goign to let you die, faerie
[recoverygirl] i fired them

[MrFishy] jes...EVERYONE has someone....sometimes...we just dodnt wanna SEE them.

[Annabelle_Rose] true.

[SFishy] varma... you take part by asking the therapist to do it
[SFishy] and that's okay too

[purple_tao] all my friends are far away, Jes, so I hear ya
[Annabelle_Rose] i gotta remember that my therapist is there to help me
[Jes] my best friend just moved away, dont have any other friends to confide in
[purple_tao] why all the shame associated with ed's??
[Annabelle_Rose] and to be honest with her so she can
[faerie] .....and so here i've been telling myself that i should listen to my body, and udnerstand how serious this could be..with my heart, but my doctor says: you're making it up

[SFishy] far away: phone works... e-mail works :)

[recoverygirl] true annabelle
[recoverygirl] so true
[bri] its hard when you do confide in ppl that you are struggling, and they seem to leave when they know that. and stay if you are doing good
[purple_tao] why is it so hard to tell our loved ones???
[kailyn] writing is good
[faerie] i mean...what am i supposed to believe?

MrFishy says....walk up to the cashier at the nearest store and say..."you know what...sometimes...im just NOT ok"

[kailyn] its easier to write
[varmaflower] because we fear hurting them..purple
[recoverygirl] theropist wants to help me
[kailyn] tell a lampost
[recoverygirl] not make me fat
[Jes] She left before i can do can get anything.. just disappeared
[FF] how about starting by being honest with yourself. Being a friend to yourself. Then you can look outside yourself for real friends who do accept you for you

MrFishy say...and ya know what...theyll probably say..."yea...me too sometimes"

[Annabelle_Rose] lol
[recoverygirl] lol
varmaflower scream no..way..Mr. Fishy..I could never do something like that.
[Annabelle_Rose] or they will roll their eyes like in that commercial

[SFishy] we aren't comfortable with ourselves... that means we're not going to be comfortable REVEALING THAT to our loved-ones... it makes us feel vulnerable

[primadonna] i need to quit making excuses when i'm not okay.....
[purple_tao] I'm very vulnerable
[purple_tao] scared..........
[faerie] ........i haven't even told my mom, and i know she'd take it better than my dad.
[kailyn] im scard
[faerie] but it's so scary....
[recoverygirl] i am so scared to disappoint people
[Annabelle_Rose] i hate being vulnerable:(
[faerie] since she doesn't know of my activities of the past 3 years

[MrFishy] purple....its OK to be scared...its what we DO with that feeling that is important

[Annabelle_Rose] it's scary
[purple_tao] I AM a disappointment :(
[kailyn] cut the words ok, fine and alright out of my vocab
[recoverygirl] i am afraid to tell them

[SFishy] faerie... so go out and buy a nice card and write it in that... hold onto it for a few days and then give it to her

[recoverygirl] as if they will give up on me


[faerie] ......and it's scary trying toopen up now and tell her everything
[recoverygirl] as if they will see in me what is see
[faerie] my mom lives in a different country.
[Jes] i wish i had a T.. lol
[recoverygirl] HOPELESSNESS
[purple_tao] what? I'm POSITIVE I'm a disappointment??
[primadonna] (((((purple))))))) you're anything but a disappointment
[faerie] .......is sending it too impersonal?
[Butterflyoflife] I am real depressed tonight
[purple_tao] okay......not a total disappointment.......how about failure?

[MrFishy] recovery....dont forget...and ED NEVER allows you to see yourself.

[buggie] lol...purple
[varmaflower] nope..you are not a failure either
[recoverygirl] true mrfishy

[SFishy] nope... into a positive... not a less severe negative

[faerie] ...i've been thinking about writing her a letter...but i just can't make myself do it.
[Annabelle_Rose] yeah, very true
[kailyn] write as if noones ever going to see it
[kailyn] then send it

[MrFishy] fairie....thinkin about it is the first step....just gotta work on the second :)

[faerie] So at least i'm getting an EKG and other tests done to be sure.
[purple_tao] I'm so incompitant (sp) I'm not even a disappointment....... I'm worse
[purple_tao] ugh.........that's bad
[purple_tao] scratch that

[SFishy] do it faerie... and hold onto it for a few days or a few weeks... and then give it to her... even just writing it is a step!

[Jes] My doc will know bout the ED friday... going for tests...scared to death
[varmaflower] think about your furture...think about you ..and think about how much youwant help and do it for you..faerie
[purple_tao] I really want to tell hubby........ need some other hints
[kailyn] i feel so bad for scaring everyone today
[recoverygirl] good for you jes,
[buggie] i going for tests too
[faerie] i didn't let my doctor off the hook easy, she almost didn't let me insist on it. she almost said: well, you seem fine, so i'll see you next time

[SFishy] leave the homepage of Something Fishy open on the computer before he's ready to browse the net for a while
[SFishy] OR better yet... tell him "I want to show you something" and bring him to the site

[soccermom] i'm going to trust that my husbands love is stronger, than my fears
[purple_tao] don't think hubby would get the association
[faerie] ....BUT, i said...i'm not okay..

[MrFishy] purple.....leave a sticky note on his alarm clock with this sites web address.

[primadonna] purple, telling is so hard, but i honestly bet hubby already suspects something and really wishes you would share so he can help
[faerie] so, she agreed....
[recoverygirl] tell my boyfreind look at site
[primadonna] lol amy!
[Jes] My mom found SF!!!! :-O... she got most of her info here... I'm happy but uneasy now
[varmaflower] blink eyes
[faerie] ........but what if i die before the tests are done.
[Annabelle_Rose] yeah, i'm really gonna try to bring some of my writings to my t next time
[faerie] ?
[purple_tao] yeah, easy for all you guys.....you've already done this.
[Butterflyoflife] I am new here. I forgot how fast chat rooms can be.
[faerie] before i have an appointment?
[faerie] ..what if i have a heart attack tomorrow?

[MrFishy] purple...EVERYONE had to start somewhere....wassnt easy at the time ya know :)

[faerie] i'm so scared
[Annabelle_Rose] eh?

[SFishy] not easy at all purple... but not as hard as you are playing it up in your mind either

[kailyn] i wish i was home :(
[purple_tao] afraid hubby will think less of me :(
[recoverygirl] faarie being scared is good
[primadonna] actually, i was quite lucky, hubby is the one who told me i had an ed way back when we were dating lol
[purple_tao] "how disgusting!!"
[faerie] damn i'm starting to cry
[recoverygirl] means you are being real
[faerie] .....
[recoverygirl] and not in denial
[purple_tao] (((faerie)))

[SFishy] he will have mixed reaactions purple... and you will deal with them together.

[FF] the fear of doing is often greater than the actual doing purple . you can do it. Its OK to be scared
[purple_tao] S H A M E
[Jes] ARG guys G2G!!!! (((((((((((((((( Fishies )))))))))))))) Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) TC of U!!
[faerie] yes, i can't exactly ignore the messages of my body anymore.

[SFishy] SHAME only has the power you give it

[Annabelle_Rose] so it's really okay to be scared right
[Annabelle_Rose] cuz i definitely am
[kailyn] its ok to cry
[primadonna] ((((((((purple)))))))))))))
[recoverygirl] fear is a motivator
[varmaflower] you have to start somewhere..in order to get somewhere else
[Annabelle_Rose] thanks

[soccermom] purple..in my experience..i often make things out to be much worse than they actually are, and i fear, many of the same things.. too, but i'm leaping tonight...maybe in your time you can leap to and trust

[MrFishy] varma...well put!

[SFishy] and that isn't easy
[SFishy] and it's definitely scary
[SFishy] but we can come up with constructive ways to do it!
[SFishy] so...

[MrFishy] TRYING is the important part...cant do it if ya dont try!

[SFishy] think of ONE positive thing you can do to reclaim your life this week... with the three things in mind...
[SFishy] Recognize/Identify... react/action... honesty

[FF] be honest with myself, my T, the friends who know and really care
[kailyn] Get on a train back home tomorrow
[FF] love me?
[recoverygirl] be honest with my therapist tomarrow
[recoverygirl] tell her everything
[faerie] i don't want to die
[Annabelle_Rose] yeah, smash my scale!!
[purple_tao] I DON'T WANT TO DIE, EITHER
[Annabelle_Rose] that could be fun
[faerie] but the heart stuff is so scary
[primadonna] i can start putting all the energy i use into worrying about how i look to other people into my "performance" and get out of my box!
[varmaflower] call my friend up and tell her I will go skating with her and her friend on friday
[faerie] the sharp pains are too frequent.
[Annabelle_Rose] take a break from exercising and realize that it is okay
[kailyn] eat properly in hospital instead of taking advantage of not being watched!
[FF] see, feel and choose to do something that will kick the ED
[purple_tao] not get on the scale
[FF] instead of kicking myself
[purple_tao] eat and not worry about it
[Annabelle_Rose] remember that food is fuel
[purple_tao] LOVE ME
[faerie] .......my dr told me not to exercise
[kailyn] give all of my blades to my dr
[purple_tao] remember that I am me, not a number
[kailyn] instead of half
[purple_tao] yeah, kailyn
[varmaflower] well, my mom think I need to learn to eat food that I does NOT like to be prepare incase I go to a place where it doesn't have one food I like
[Annabelle_Rose] realize that si will not help and call someone or journal instead
[varmaflower] get use to new things..ok..shoot me
[FF] just ... BE
[purple_tao] wear clothes that I like and not worry about what others are thinking
[varmaflower] go shopping
[Annabelle_Rose] be honest with someone of how i'm feeling
[purple_tao] think about tonight's chat!!!
[purple_tao] PSYCHED US UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[faerie] ..left?
[Annabelle_Rose] yeah!!
[FF] go to bed . its 4am
[purple_tao] psyched me up, at least
[Annabelle_Rose] me too purple
[purple_tao] 10
[kailyn] me too
[kailyn] bed at 4am!!
[purple_tao] rockin!!
[purple_tao] love myself

[MrFishy] AWESOME SHARES!!!!!!!!!!!!

[SFishy] OKAY ALL...
[SFishy] as we end each chat...
[SFishy] I want to hear your affirmations...

[MrFishy] YELL UM TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[purple_tao] I AM NOT A F*CKING NUMBER
[faerie] ...take care of yourselves
[recoverygirl] I WILL NOT DIE
[Annabelle_Rose] who i am is OKAY!!
[recoverygirl] I DESERVE TO LIVE
[purple_tao] I AM FANTASTIC
[Butterflyoflife] Take one day at a time
[purple_tao] I LIKE WHAT I SEE
[Annabelle_Rose] i deserve to eat
[varmaflower] I am a special person!!!
[recoverygirl] I AM NOT A NUMBER
[buggie] I WILL MAKE IT
[Annabelle_Rose] i deserve happiness
[FF] helllllOooooooooooooooo world ........... this is MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
[faerie] you guys are awesome
[recoverygirl] I AM NOT A BODY
[purple_tao] I AM MYSELF
[varmaflower] I am Beautiful
[varmaflower] I can do it
[Annabelle_Rose] numbers do not define ME!!
[recoverygirl] I AM NOT A FAILURE
[kailyn] I AM ME
[purple_tao] WE RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[faerie] i will win
[recoverygirl] I DESERVE SUCESS
[varmaflower] I am worthy
[Annabelle_Rose] i will fight
[faerie] one day


[kailyn] YAY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Annabelle_Rose] and i will win!!
[Butterflyoflife] I am alive
[buggie] it is okay to mess up sometimes
[recoverygirl] I DESERVE TO EAT
[FF] i can
[faerie] i deserve love.
[recoverygirl] I AM A GOOD PERSON
[varmaflower] I deserve the BEST!!!!!!!!1
[FF] i will
[primadonna] people judge me, not my weight
[recoverygirl] I WILL
[Annabelle_Rose] setbacks are OK!
[kailyn] I DESERVE a chocolate cookie, brb
[kailyn] lol
[recoverygirl] SETBACK ARE OK
[faerie] you all deserve LOVE and HUGS
[purple_tao] need sushi * faerie hugs everyone
[recoverygirl] I DESERVE TO LIVE


varmaflower say I love all of you
[recoverygirl] I LOVE YOU ALL
[purple_tao] WE RULE
[Annabelle_Rose] ((((((((((room)))))))))))00
[purple_tao] WE ROCK
[purple_tao] WHOOYA
[Annabelle_Rose] i can beat this!!
[kailyn] you are more than a number on a silly plastic box!
[kailyn] me tooooooooo
[purple_tao] YEAH KAILYN
[faerie] you guys are amazing!!!
[Annabelle_Rose] yeah, scales can go to h*ll!!
[faerie] wow!
[recoverygirl] I WILL NOT DIE


[recoverygirl] I WILL LIVE
[faerie] i wish i had your energy
[varmaflower] I am going to GET RECoveRY

[MrFishy] DAME MAS

[recoverygirl] I WILL KICK ED ASS
[Annabelle_Rose] i am not the ed
[Annabelle_Rose] i have an ed and i will beat it
[Butterflyoflife] ED IS DEAD!!!!
[purple_tao] LIFE IS WONDERFUL
[Annabelle_Rose] recovery all the way
[recoverygirl] I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY
[faerie] love
[Annabelle_Rose] find the happiness i want
[kailyn] BASH BASH BASH ED!!!!!!!!!!!
[recoverygirl] I AM IN CHARGE
[faerie] :)
[Annabelle_Rose] and live my life! actually LIVE!!
[purple_tao] EH
[FF] who wants to be an ED when we can be OURSELVES ..... one and only... unique.... BEAUTIFUL
[purple_tao] spanish..........whoa
[Annabelle_Rose] yeah!!
[purple_tao] :)
[varmaflower] ME ME ME..MINE..MINE.. MY LIFE
[recoverygirl] I AM GOOD PERSON
[recoverygirl] I LOVE ME
[purple_tao] WE RULE, GIRLS
[primadonna] i will use the talent GOD has given me, without worrying about how i look to others
[Annabelle_Rose] he he...spanish, i remember like two words of that!
[recoverygirl] I AM WORTH IT
[purple_tao] WE ARE NOT A NUMBER
[recoverygirl] I WILL NOT DIE
[recoverygirl] I WILL LIVE
[faerie] vous etez superbes
[varmaflower] ((((FISHIES)))



[SFishy] Thanks so much for coming tonight... we'll be here next month... last Wednesday (Nov 28th)...
[SFishy] and we'll have a follow-up game on the bulletin board
[SFishy] within the next 1/2 hour


[SFishy] please all... remember...


[SFishy] and never forget to keep working on...
[SFishy] taking care of YOU!

[MrFishy] Have a WONDERFUL night/day.....

[SFishy] nighty nite!

[MrFishy] BE GOOD TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!

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