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Below you will find the list of available chat transcripts. Some of the older chats have not been included yet, but will appear here in the future.

Fishing for Support Chat -- NOVEMBER, 2000

[SFishy] this month because of the time of year we're going to talk a lot about the holidays
[SFishy] We want to remind everyone that all the same rules apply here as with all the other chats
[SFishy] and this chat is primarily for people in recovery or striving to get there
[SFishy] if questions are hard for you to answer...
[SFishy] do your BEST
[SFishy] you cannot do badly if you try
[SFishy] and if you can't answer at all
[SFishy] that is okay too... just wait for the next question

[MrFishy] trying is what counts here!
[MrFishy] so...
[MrFishy] the holidays....
[MrFishy] holiday times....
[MrFishy] they can be oh so very special....
[MrFishy] and at times...
[MrFishy] oh so very stressful.....
[MrFishy] for our first question...
[MrFishy] and just to kinda get things rolling....
[MrFishy] answer this question...

[SFishy] (remember, no answers having anything to do with sinking further into your ED)

[MrFishy] HIT ME!

[ARTgrrl] family
[ARTgrrl] friends
[KShine] time with kids
[Cala] feelings of love
[Justice] snow
[Eilis] being with the people I love
[Louisa] I get to see my family
[ARTgrrl] smells
[Andi] giving
[Sasha] Lots of parties with friends
[ARTgrrl] seeing my dog
[dreamcatcher-alexa] family
[KShine] music
[Cala] songs
[Teqkyla] family and friends
[Delchev] traditions
[ARTgrrl] old memories
[Kamie] rest and time with friends and giving to those who need it
[Louisa] time off work
[Cala] winter break
[Stephy] .....family
[ARTgrrl] Traditions
[Jack] spending time with family and friends
[Justice] old movies
[Andi] memories
[ARTgrrl] Judiasm
[Louisa] just relaxing
[Serenity] the spirit
[Stephy] time off school
[Teqkyla] My brother
[Cala] talking to my dad
[Louisa] memories
[Delchev] break from school
[Cala] seeing my mom
[KShine] giving
[dreamcatcher-alexa] seeing my grandparents
[ARTgrrl] being Lazy in sweat pants
[Serenity] kicking back and relaxing
[Jack] my kids faces on christmas morning

[MrFishy] good answers...keep um comming...im feeling all warm and fuzzy here!

[ARTgrrl] sharing memories
[Stephy] hehe presents
[Delchev] napping at home in the sun
[Kamie] i hate to be selfish, but getting cool presents
[Justice] Holiday cartoons
[Cala] seeing people's faces as they open presents
[Louisa] taking it easy!
[ARTgrrl] lighting the menorah
[Stephy] giving them of course
[ARTgrrl] each night
[Jack] the grinch
[Eilis] taking time for what truly matters
[ARTgrrl] making Latkes
[Justice] Lighting the fireplace
[Delchev] rooms only lite by christmas lights
[Teqkyla] Decorating the tree
[Cala] Rudolph, hehe
[ARTgrrl] breaking off icicles
[Kamie] snow
[dreamcatcher-alexa] filling my dogs stocking
[Sasha] decorating the tree
[ARTgrrl] making snowmen
[Cala] old movies
[Louisa] lots of love
[Serenity] warming up w/ hot chocolate by the fire after being in the snow
[ARTgrrl] catching snowflakes on tongues
[Justice] snow ball fights
[Delchev] fireplaces

[SFishy] AWESOME answers everyone

[MrFishy] good answers everyone....
[MrFishy] as i read each one on the screen...
[MrFishy] i got this sense of happines....security...
[MrFishy] a warm fuzzy feeling that the holidays can bring to each person in its own way...

[SFishy] all of us can search our minds and think of something special in relation to the holidays
[SFishy] and all of us can also MAKE new special memories based on the things that are important to us
[SFishy] thinking of that...
[SFishy] what are some of the things that are special to you specifically THIS YEAR with the approach of the holidays

[MrFishy] hit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Jik] grandson
[ARTgrrl] my grandparents
[bobbie] my sons first birthday
[Jik] 1st Christmas
[Cala] going home from college
[Sasha] this will be the first year i will celebrate Xmas & Yule with my boyfriend
[KShine] being home with my kids
[Serenity] my baby brother
[Teqkyla] my grandma
[ARTgrrl] visiting my brother
[Stephy] first christmas with my brothers girlfriend
[Jack] christmas eve at my house for the first time with my whole family
[Eilis] that my daughter is ld enough to understand and share in the fun and love
[Cala] my Nana
[China] wow
[ARTgrrl] taking time off from school
[Kamie] the fact that this may be my grandma's last christmas
[KShine] hubby has a job
[Teqkyla] my best friend Ash
[ARTgrrl] seeing my old therapist
[Serenity] a 2nd year to spend w/ boyfriend
[Cala] see my cousins
[Justice] I am renting a hotel room for 4 days and having a really long party just before Xmas
[Louisa] spending it somewhere else
[Jik] we are better off this year than the last 3
[Delchev] winter camping with my boyfriend
[Kamie] relief from the hardest semester ever in school
[Jack] my neice's first christmas
[Eilis] teaching her how to sled and bomb dad with snowballs
[Serenity] Break time from stress of school and work
[China] learning how to read real fast on a puter screen
[KShine] being thankful even in financial stress
[Teqkyla] Climbing the mountian I lived on at home
[ARTgrrl] I'm going to get my mom a puppy this year
[Cala] painting pics for people as gifts
[Jik] No work Christmas party to plan - yee haaa
[Janie] memories of my grnasparents but the thought just make sme cry
[Louisa] taking a break after a lot of hard work this year
[Cala] awww! Ally! Thats so cute
[Cala] working
[Justice] Josiah is old enough to understand presents this year
[Jack] a christmas I thought I might not have with my husband
[KShine] remembering what christmas is really about and teaching my kids
[Janie] being with my boyfriend when I wake on on christmas morning for the first time
[ARTgrrl] putting together my sanity agan
[Cala] seeing friends I made this summer
[Cala] :0)
[Teqkyla] Meeting my brother new girlfriend
[Serenity] getting to really be w/ family again

[SFishy] GREAT answers

[MrFishy] good answers all!

[SFishy] sounds like everyone has a lot of good things to cherish this holiday season

[MrFishy] definately!

[SFishy] when we have something special that lives in our memory it can help us in the future to draw on...
[SFishy] draw on the strength we feel from those good memories...

[MrFishy] savor them

[SFishy] now, of course, I realize everyone here is different in their religious beliefs...
[SFishy] but I'd like to see suggest that we all make a special holiday "decoration" that can be hung from a tree... from door... on a shelf...
[SFishy] what is something that YOU can make... something that will represent your special memory this year... and something you can use in years to come to remember and draw strength from?

[MrFishy] HIT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Cala] a FISH!
[Louisa] FISHIES!!!!!!!
[Jack] a fishy
[Louisa] lol
[Eilis] a fairy - my daughter and I love them
[Stephy] lol
[KShine] i made fishies already for my tree
[Jack] a picture of my family
[Jik] lol - glue pictures
[Louisa] An angel
[Justice] a miniture scene in a snowglobe
[Jik] with my boys
[Janie] Light a candle to my grandad
[ARTgrrl] a painting palatte
[Kamie] fishy fishy fisy
[Janie] and to my grnadma
[Delchev] fairy godmothers
[Cala] a picture of my big sis
[ARTgrrl] something to symbolize strength
[Louisa] a dove
[Teqkyla] Angles
[Jik] construction paper Santa Clauses
[Andi] an angel
[Sasha] two swans in a heart shape
[KShine] my kids handprints
[ARTgrrl] a tootsie pop because I'm hard on the outside but mushy on the inside!
[Jik] snow flakes
[Cala] lol Ally
[ARTgrrl] Orange flavor of course
[ARTgrrl] An egg
[Kamie] a picture of me and my best friend
[Cala] ?

[SFishy] WHILE YOU'RE ALL AT IT -- tell me too, where are you going to put your special decoration?

[ARTgrrl] because I'd like to learn to strengthen my shell
[KShine] a family photo made into an ornament
[ARTgrrl] and keep it from cracking
[Jack] on my tree
[Eilis] the mantel
[KShine] on the tree
[Sasha] near the top of my tree
[dreamcatcher-alexa] a huge fish on the very top
[Kamie] in my room next to my computer
[Justice] between the aquariums (of course)
[Jik] cut out soda bottles and put them over Christmas lights - decorate with glitter.
[Cala] I am going to paint my fish with glow in the dark paint and put them all over my room
[ARTgrrl] by my bed
[Louisa] round my puter!
[Teqkyla] On my first fire place ever! I decorate it! I love it!
[ARTgrrl] computer
[Andi] my tree cuz it makes me happy and gives me strength when i look at it
[Jik] on the front porch so all know that all are welcome.
[Kamie] i like Cala's idea! i think i might borrow it!!!
[ARTgrrl] in my car, next to my fishy stickers!
[Jack] two fishies intertwined to show how we all help each other
[Jik] and that this is a family project for a family home.
[Cala] lol, go ahead Kamie
[ARTgrrl] on my thrift store armoir
[Louisa] a cut out of my family altogether
[Cala] A butterfly perhaps to hang on my bed post

[SFishy] REALLY cool answers everyone

[MrFishy] love the answers!
[MrFishy] Hopefully all these things have made each and everyone
[MrFishy] feel a little "safe" within themselves...
[MrFishy] a little "peace" may have been felt...
[MrFishy] just by thinkoing about them...
[MrFishy] now....
[MrFishy] the holidays can also be VERY stressful at times....
[MrFishy] BUT....
[MrFishy] there are little things like this that we can do to "ground" us so to speak.....

[SFishy] grounding can be very important during those DIFFICULT times...
[SFishy] to help us remember that we are the ones that CAN cope, even with the hardest of times...
[SFishy] working with our senses can help keep us grounded...

[MrFishy] i would like to know.....and it may take a sec to think....
[MrFishy] but....
[MrFishy] using the sense of smell first...
[MrFishy] hit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[squids] pine
[Justice] PLAYDOH
[Jik] Christmas tree
[China] Pine tree
[ARTgrrl] cinnamon
[Jack] my husband's cologne
[Eilis] Vanilla
[Stephy] christmas tree smell?
[dreamcatcher-alexa] pine trees
[Kamie] the smell off my bath and body works lotion
[KShine] cinnamon
[Cala] pine tree
[Stevie] VANILLA
[sanzo] Cranberry
[Cala] cinnamon
[KShine] vanilla
[ARTgrrl] Ocean spray
[Louisa] the smell of real christmas trees
[Teqkyla] Chrisrams Tree
[Jack] cinnamon
[ARTgrrl] baby power
[kc] The smell of the rain outside - knowing i'm actually warm and safe at home
[ARTgrrl] peppermint
[dreamcatcher-alexa] hot cocco
[emie] pine trees
[Kamie] blue berry
[Cala] lotion
[Andi] smell of a real tree
[Delchev] fire in the wood stove
[sanzo] CK1
[China] Hot toody
[Jack] my bath gel
[Stevie] any kind of inscence
[sanzo] lol
[Cala] wood stoves
[emie] fires
[ARTgrrl] fresh rain
[sedg] chrismas tree, sugar cookies, gingerbread men
[Stevie] smoke
[MERTZ] snow
[KShine] lol@stevie
[Broken_Wing] lol stevie!
[sedg] snow
[Jik] sample perfumes to try in drug stores
[sanzo] smoke from a fire place
[ARTgrrl] my grandmother
[bobbie] baby powder
[Cala] candles
[Delchev] fresh snow
[ARTgrrl] I like her smell
[Naomi] don't know
[Jack] my mom
[ARTgrrl] candles
[squids] almond
[Broken_Wing] me too
[kc] ;-) stevie!
[Kamie] incense
[sanzo] fabric softener on a cold crisp night
[Justice] Eucalyptus
[Teqkyla] Cliniqe Happy
[ARTgrrl] coffee
[KShine] cloves
[ARTgrrl] mmm...cider
[Cala] hot chocolate
[sanzo] coffee yes
[Teqkyla] Starbucks
[Jik] warm cider
[bobbie] hot tea
[Jik] apple
[China] oh ya coffee for sure
[Stephy] when you go outside and can smell your neighbours fireplace burning
[ARTgrrl] mmmm....tea
[Jack] good one stephy
[Stephy] but it makes you sad that you don't have one of your own...*frown*
[Louisa] homemade soup
[sanzo] thats a good one stephy
[Jik] like that one too
[MrFishy] great answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[ARTgrrl] Matzo ball soupo
[Teqkyla] Those things with cloves in organes
[ARTgrrl] oops
[Eilis] the smell of the outdoors - nature and life
[kc] lol Ally!
[KShine] eggnog

[SFishy] GOOD answers all

[MrFishy] awesome! I LUV the fireplace one!

[SFishy] smells can be VERY important to help us stay grounded --
[SFishy] whether you go out and buy perfume or wear your favorite lotion or carry a small satchell of pine needles in your pocket, there is ALWAYS a way to get the smell you like to be with you...
[SFishy] some years ago when I was having a rough time through the holidays...
[SFishy] I used to wear on of Tony's t-shirts under my sweaters or long-sleeve shirts... the smell of those t-shirts really helped me to stay grounded
[SFishy] and to get through the holidays more enjoyably for MYSELF

[MrFishy] now....
[MrFishy] lets see....
[MrFishy] something else we can use...
[MrFishy] another sense...
[MrFishy] touch...
[MrFishy] another very powerful sense....
[MrFishy] so....
[MrFishy] hit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Jik] my husband
[Cala] patting my cat
[Broken_Wing] my boyfriend!!
[dreamcatcher-alexa] softness of my dogs fur
[ARTgrrl] down pillows
[Naomi] my children
[China] snow, ice cold snow
[KShine] kids
[Stephy] the bracelet i bought that matches the one i sent to my boyfriend who lives far away from me...fiddling with it comforts me
[ARTgrrl] my puppy
[Jik] babies cheeks
[Naomi] my husband
[KShine] snow
[Jack] my husband
[bobbie] my baby
[KShine] velvet
[Kamie] velvet!!
[Andi] my stuffed panda bears
[Jik] wrapping paper
[Cala] putting lights on the tree
[Eilis] my husnad and daughters bodies - arms around me
[Jack] my little boys hair
[Sasha] the feel of my bf's face (especially when it's a little rough)
[kc] My ~soft~ cat *on mu lap right now!*
[Jik] snow
[Teqkyla] My dogs!
[sanzo] dont have one
[China] wowowowowowowowowowow
[Naomi] my pets
[Sasha] my dog
[KShine] flannel
[bobbie] my stuffed dog
[MERTZ] my cat reggie hug?...
[Jik] top of kids heads
[Cala] holdong a stuffed animal
[Justice] my panda bear
[dreamcatcher-alexa] wrapping paper off my awesome gift
[emie] my cat
[Jik] my own hand
[Naomi] my teddy bear
[ARTgrrl] wax
[Jack] my flannel pj's
[Naomi] my stuffed rabbit
[sedg] my horses winter coats
[China] oh my feather BED
[Teqkyla] Higgins and Sammy, my stuffede animals
[Stevie] my keyboard
[emie] my teddy bear & cabbage parch kid
[KShine] satin
[Naomi] my pillow
[emie] my down comforter
[Jack] my body pillow
[ARTgrrl] my fleece coats
[KShine] feather pillow
[Stephy] mr hamster who is nibbling on his cage right now
[Jik] my cats
[kc] Jack - ANYHTING flannel :P
[sanzo] still dont have one
[Cala] sleeping on the couch
[dreamcatcher-alexa] my hot chocolate cup
[Teqkyla] Bob, Ally's pony
[Naomi] my blanky!
[ARTgrrl] my teddy bear from a fishy friend
[KShine] keyboard on my puter lol
[Jack] amen kc
[ARTgrrl] LOL TEq
[Eilis] oh and hubby's wallet
[sedg] lol
[sanzo] living alone without my kids
[Kamie] my comforter
[Justice] oh yes,. flannel
[Naomi] my nieces and nephews
[Andi] my silk lotion stuff
[Cala] my pillow at home
[wedgie] sorry..I have never been to one..didn't mean to be late.
[dreamcatcher-alexa] mom credit card
[KShine] money
[ARTgrrl] LOL alexa
[kc] lmao Kshine :D that IS grounding!
[sedg] yes, my new comforter
[Naomi] lol@ alexa
[Jack] the babies that I keep
[Cala] the warmth of my electric blanket
[ARTgrrl] my sweat shirts
[Louisa] my duvet
[sanzo] yeah im sure
[wedgie] hello?
[dreamcatcher-alexa] got to love that credit card specially when its not yours=--lol
[wedgie] what are you talkin' about?
[Kamie] my birdie, but then she bites me and that hurts
[Justice] my silver ring
[Jack] my warm wool socks and my house slippers
[ARTgrrl] taking a warm bath to warm up after you are cold
[Jack] my fishy ring
[Kamie] i want a fishy ring!!!!
[ARTgrrl] my walmart slippers
[Stephy] me toooo
[ARTgrrl] lol

[MrFishy] Good answers........

[SFishy] great answers!

[MrFishy] i remember when i was younger....
[MrFishy] i used to carry a rock in my pockets...
[MrFishy] my special rock....
[MrFishy] and whenever i got kinda "wigged out"...
[MrFishy] i put my hand in my pocket....
[MrFishy] and rub my rock....
[MrFishy] made me feel a little safer...
[MrFishy] (and i just noticed it came out a little funny sounding on the screen)

[SFishy] as I'm sitting here giggling

MrFishy is red now!

[SFishy] touch can be very important
[SFishy] and of course... SIGHT
[SFishy] what we can look at
[SFishy] the things that we see
[SFishy] that can remind us of our strengths
[SFishy] photos, special colors, words on a paper... all kinds of things...
[SFishy] what could YOU carry around with you in your pocket that you could take out and look at when things are stressful during the holidays?

[MrFishy] HIT ME!

[Kamie] my cross
[Naomi] photo's of my kids
[KShine] my kids
[ARTgrrl] My photos of my art
[Eilis] pic of my family
[kc] My IM buddy-list :o)
[Justice] The pictures Tiffy colored for me
[sanzo] Mi kids pics
[Naomi] photo's of my husband
[Stephy] if i had a rock i could rub it....*wink wink*
[Jack] my fishy ring, but on my finger
[KShine] me when i was happy
[Teqkyla] pictures
[Eilis] Jus
[Kamie] a photo of my boyfriend
[dreamcatcher-alexa] tony's rocks--lol
[emie] photos of my cat
[Jik] kids with Santa
[bobbie] my favorite poem
[ARTgrrl] letters from fishy friends
[Kamie] a picture of sanzo
[wedgie] my cat Tooth..although he wouldn't fit real good..
[Eilis] that made me cry Jus
[Louisa] Words from christmas cards that friends have sent
[MrFishy] hehehehehehe
[Jack] pictures of my husband and boys
[bobbie] picture of my kids
[Andi] my little panda bear, Karma...actually not my pocket my book bag but i always have it
[sanzo] a picture of Kamie
[dreamcatcher-alexa] picture of my dog
[Cala] a picture of my family
[Jik] red velvet to remind me of their first outfits
[ARTgrrl] my jewish star necklace from my brother in 95
[Naomi] photos of the people I love
[MERTZ] # of days i fell good this year
[Teqkyla] my cross
[sanzo] Kamies heart
[Louisa] a cut out fishy!LOL
[ARTgrrl] big purse to fit dog in
[sanzo] not the one in her chest
[dreamcatcher-alexa] hummmm dads credit card--he has more money then mom--lol
[sanzo] but the one i feel
[China] my worry beads :O
[Jik] one of my snowflakes that we made out of construction paper
[ARTgrrl] lol Alexa!
[wedgie] my dad's expired license..really
[KShine] rainbow to know after the storm comes one
[Kamie] te he he that would be painful sanzo!!!
[Jack] the earrings my husband gave me for valentines day
[Stephy] i could line my pocket with plastic wrap and fill it with water and carry a fishy.....? maybe not
[Teqkyla] A pice of the mountain
[sanzo] sorry Kamie
[ARTgrrl] my hemp necklaces I make
[Justice] China's worry beads
[Louisa] lucky horseshoe from my grandma
[sanzo] my fishy friends
[ARTgrrl] lol stephy
[dreamcatcher-alexa] my fishy necklace
[Cala] my dads college id, hehe, its funny
[ARTgrrl] a tootsie pop!
[sedg] pudding stone- with crystal
[wedgie] a joint..can I say that?
[wedgie] oops...
[Naomi] a list of what I want to achieve
[wedgie] I did
[Cala] my cross
[Jack] i want a hemp necklace from ally
[KShine] me as a child smiling
[China] no those are mine Jus I need em
[ARTgrrl] because we all have our shells but everyone is a softie inside
[Kamie] the fishbowl
[ARTgrrl] okay jack!
[Teqkyla] My Mickey from my dad
[Naomi] my dreams
[kc] sparkling finger nails :P
[Louisa] keyring someone gave me
[wedgie] mood ring
[ARTgrrl] my therapists phone number
[ARTgrrl] lol

[MrFishy] GREAT answers!

[SFishy] good answers everyone!
[SFishy] of course one of the most cherished ones (at least to me and Tony) is SOUND...

[MrFishy] si!!!

[SFishy] of course... sounds can be a bit difficult to carry around, other than in a walkman or MP3 player...
[SFishy] but lets start with your favorites holiday sounds...
[SFishy] what are they?

[China] my Brasilian Music oh and of course my sfishy cd's
[Stephy] hearing the Grinch on TV!
[Eilis] Gloris Gaynors "I will survive"
[wedgie] smoochin' under mistletoe..
[ARTgrrl] family's voices
[dreamcatcher-alexa] mucic
[Jik] Christmas songs on the radio
[Naomi] laughter
[squids] bells
[Teqkyla] Christmas Carols
[wedgie] laughs..
[bobbie] my kids laughing
[Naomi] children playing
[ARTgrrl] my cantor's singing
[Eilis] Gloria even
[Jack] my children'a laughter
[dreamcatcher-alexa] but not me singing--lol
[Naomi] christmas songs
[Kamie] the sound of my orchestra playing Christmas music
[sedg] JEWEL christmas cd
[ARTgrrl] my dog whining
[Jik] singing jingle bells while on a road trip
[Andi] kids shaking presents
[Teqkyla] Santa's laugh
[sanzo] Kathy Troccoli
[wedgie] gassin'
[Jack] my husbands voice
[Cala] my mom singing
[ARTgrrl] running water
[emie] bells
[Jack] my mother's voice
[Stephy] santa's sleigh coming to drop a ton of stuff at my house
[wedgie] my mom and dad
[Naomi] family sharring old times
[Jik] laughing with my kids as we go sled riding.
[wedgie] my sister..
[ARTgrrl] the ice maker....lol
[Cala] Xmas carols
[dreamcatcher-alexa] family talking
[Teqkyla] The bell on the Salvation army thing
[Naomi] my kids as they open their presents
[wedgie] my dad's laugh
[Louisa] the little jingles they do at christmas
[Eilis] holiday though - um children laughing in the snow and opening presents
[MERTZ] just the no sound of a smile u have wated for all day
[bobbie] someone saying I love you
[wedgie] the best..
[Cala] Fran's voice
[Cala] a phone call
[ARTgrrl] hearing dad wash car on Xmas morning
[miss_krys] snow hitting the window
[Louisa] laughter
[sanzo] Kamie;s Voice
[wedgie] snowballs hittin your bod..
[Jik] the sound of Merry Christmas and I love you
[Naomi] hearing my husband say he loves me
[dreamcatcher-alexa] santa's on the roof
[Cala] hearing my little sister say "I love you Allison"
[ARTgrrl] doorbell
[Kamie] hearing my grandmother say something positive for once
[Louisa] children singing
[wedgie] chewin' snow sounds
[KShine] my kids saying thank you mommy
[sedg] bells i hang on the doors
[kc] Christmas songs on TV specials
[Naomi] hearing my kids say "merry christmas" mummy
[ARTgrrl] hearing AoL say "You've got Mail"
[Kamie] hearing sanzo laugh and relax
[KShine] ho ho ho
[Cala] sound of the wind
[wedgie] wrapping paper
[Justice] being able to hit all the notes in all the parts on the Hallelujia Chorus..(Quincey Jones version) the car is rockin
[sedg] lol
[Teqkyla] My brother saying "you too" when I say I love him
[Stephy] wo hoo ally
[Stephy] yes
[Naomi] joy
[ARTgrrl] watching my favorite shows
[Naomi] celebration
[Naomi] party sounds
[wedgie] giving my nephew a wedgie..
[kc] Amen Ally The IM when someone signs on as well
[KShine] crunching snow
[MERTZ] a kiss
[Eilis] Cindy lou Who
[sedg] singing alot of songs that i KNOW
[wedgie] heh heh
[ARTgrrl] yup!
[Cala] hearing the teapot whistle
[Naomi] the sound of togetherness
[emie] fire crackling
[Stephy] Who is no more than Two
[Louisa] big ben chiming at midnight
[KShine] crying happy tears
[wedgie] cat purrin' like mad because my mom keeps feeding him..
[KShine] laughter
[Stephy] hehe

[MrFishy] awesome answers....im feeling holiday-ee!

[SFishy] GREAT sounds !
[SFishy] when things get stressful it's important to focus in on these things... this sights, sounds, smells and touches

[MrFishy] VERY powerful stuff!

[SFishy] and to remind yourself "I NEED TO TAKE CARE OF ME RIGHT NOW"

[MrFishy] without a doubt!

[SFishy] We've done coping wheels before...
[SFishy] and we can make them again to hang in our rooms, put in our desks, carry in our pockets...
[SFishy] A coping wheel is to remind us that we NEED to take care of ourselves...
[SFishy] it is something to look at daily
[SFishy] as a way to draw strength to say "I will get through today"
[SFishy] cut out a piece of paper of cloth or cardboard...
[SFishy] into a circle of square...
[SFishy] and with a marker or yarn or crayons divide it into four quadrents...
[SFishy] in each quadrent you will put one of your grounding senses.... SMELL, SITE, TOUCH and SOUND...
[SFishy] and either write down your favorites or each, or make a collage out of magazine clippings, or sew in little patches that represent them... whatever you fancy!
[SFishy] thinking of this...
[SFishy] take your top 4 sense favorites... one from each of smell, site, touch and sound...
[SFishy] and tell me what you will put on your holiday coping wheel...

[MrFishy] HIT ME!

[Jack] dory in the recovery room
[Naomi] my kids
[Naomi] laughter
[ARTgrrl] d'oh...I can't remember them all!
[ARTgrrl] a tootsie pop
[Jack] my kids
[KShine] pine lights kids music
[dreamcatcher-alexa] my dog
[bobbie] hot tea
[ARTgrrl] my dog?
[Jack] my husband
[China] egg nog
[bobbie] my kids
[Eilis] vanilla, family, cindy lou who and family's arms
[ARTgrrl] pic of family
[Louisa] fishy symbols
[China] Fruit Cake
[ARTgrrl] cinnamon
[sanzo] all my friends here on fishy
[Jack] cool water cologne
[Teqkyla] Family
[bobbie] laughter
[Kamie] one of my bird feathers for touch
[wedgie] my dad, and deceased sister
[wedgie] flowers...
[ARTgrrl] a candle
[Louisa] photos
[Andi] silly putty
[Jack] freesia from bath and body works
[bobbie] friends
[wedgie] skies
[sanzo] CK1 and Kamies laughter
[sedg] im going to braid a circle of my horses hair from her tail- its flaxen colored to go all round the wheel
[Louisa] angel
[wedgie] animals
[Kamie] a picture of sanzo and thursday and bri
[Teqkyla] My best friend Ashley
[Louisa] symbol for peace
[Jik] pictures
[wedgie] oceans
[Teqkyla] Angels!
[Jack] a fishy symbol
[Jik] snowflake
[Cala] Xmas tree, my kitten, my couch, and wood stove
[ARTgrrl] a little fishbowl
[Teqkyla] Dave Matthews
[wedgie] and yeah, fling in some angels, too..
[Kamie] a fishy sticker
[Jack] a pine needle
[China] Candy Cane
[Jik] christmas pine
[dreamcatcher-alexa] my dog and pic's of my new fishy friends
[MERTZ] snow , kiss, steve reggie
[ARTgrrl] Yeah! Teq!
[Cala] some fish
[wedgie] Ooh, Dave Matthews..
[Jack] a cinnamon stick
[Jik] and a bell
[ARTgrrl] DMB rules
[Kamie] one of my oboe reeds
[ARTgrrl] lol
[squids] pine, snow covered trees, kitty, bells
[Justice] Euclyptus, tiffy's pics, my balance stone and my quincey cd
[wedgie] Russel Crowe...
[Cala] some stars, cause I love star gazing in the winter
[ARTgrrl] ooo, yes...stars
[Eilis] :])
[Jack] a picture of me and my husband
[wedgie] seasons
[Louisa] spray on my fav scent!
[wedgie] babies
[Cala] and one angel, my guardian angel
[wedgie] lots of babies
[Jack] baby magic lotion
[China] I big piece of pecan pie :O
[ARTgrrl] pic of Billy Campbell, future husband
[wedgie] prayers and more flowers..
[sanzo] Kamie's friendship
[wedgie] disco
[Jack] praying hands
[Louisa] favourite quote
[Cala] music notes
[Kamie] bath and body works glitter lotion! man! i am immature for liking glitter lotion! lol!
[wedgie] flashy red boas
[Cala] a paintbrush
[Jik] Ryan's baby cap
[bobbie] poems
[sanzo] Billy Campbell rules
[wedgie] tap dancin' shoes..
[Kamie] sanzo's friendship!
[Teqkyla] bird houses
[ARTgrrl] hell ya! sanzo
[China] Cookies
[ARTgrrl] mmm...cookies
[wedgie] bright pink fleeces..floatin' on some blue clouds..by Russel Crowe
[Jack] a piece of flannel
[wedgie] kittens..well, mine..heh heh
[Louisa] snowmen!
[Louisa] santa!
[China] I am determined to get the fifth sense in here : TASTE
[wedgie] tackling snowmen! Just foolin'
[Cala] mints
[wedgie] robes...
[sedg] candy cane
[ARTgrrl] mmm...mints
[Jack] a snowman because my oldest boy loves them
[Justice] tackling Santa

[MrFishy] Good answers!

[SFishy] GREAT answers! These are going to be wonderful coping wheels
[SFishy] We're going to be putting this up in the FISHING FOR SUPPORT forum on the bulletin boards too, to remind you all to make your coping wheels...
[SFishy] switching modes a bit...
[SFishy] The seasons are often surrounded by gift giving and receiving...

[MrFishy] for the next question
[MrFishy] and think VERY hard.....
[MrFishy] cause this one can be a tuffy....
[MrFishy] HIT ME!

[KShine] love
[Jack] a fishy ring for dory
[bobbie] love and acceptance
[Cala] a kitten, hehe
[sedg] money
[Eilis] Jack
[kc] A FISHY HUG!!!!!
[Jack] self esteem
[ARTgrrl] I want to give everyone everything
[Cala] a baby chicken
[Louisa] well just happiness I guess
[China] A tickey around the world
[Justice] A Collie
[KShine] time to my kids
[KShine] time to my hubby
[sanzo] a poem for Kamie
[cammie] acceptance
[China] ticket even
[Kamie] to be honest, i would like to give the fishies a life free from the ed monster
[Broken_Wing] permission
[Andi] a cure for the common cold or whatever i have
[ARTgrrl] I want to give everyone the gift to see their own self worth
[Jik] I would like to help someone who is not doing so well to find a bit of happiness this season.
[sanzo] like the one she wrote for me
[Stephy] give myself amnesia....
[bobbie] time to myself
[Jack] love to my husband and kids
[sedg] health, wealth and happiness
[MERTZ] happyness to steve & stop the madness for me
[Cala] I want to make people smile
[KShine] myself
[wedgie] I was thinkin' security for me, self-esteem, too
[Justice] unlimited credit
[emie] happiness
[Eilis] I would like to give my daughter a mother who is happy and healthy and I would like to give me continued strength
[Andi] and the ability not to pass this on to anyone
[Kamie] and i would like to give myself the confidence to audition for juilard
[ARTgrrl] I want to give each fishy in the bowl a friendship braclet
[emie] peace
[Louisa] health
[China] I trip to the Moon
[Stephy] give my boyfriend me on his doorstep which is hundreds of miles away
[Cala] I want my mom to get her stereo and new couch that she wants
[kc] China a trip to the us would do for me ;-)
[miss_krys] jik, i need that bit of happiness you're offering
[KShine] undivided attention to my family
[dreamcatcher-alexa] giving elders a sense of belonging/feeling loved and me A place to call home
[sedg] ty ally
[Andi] oh i wanna go to the moon too...maybe even mars
[Kamie] and the chance to meet sanzo and give her a big real time hug
[Cala] a trip to NY
[ARTgrrl] I want to give my mom a golden retriever puppy, because ours died in 1997
[wedgie] I'd love to give my family eternal happiness...for them to always know that they are wonderful..absolutelty the best
[Jik] For myself - the gift I have given is to experience Christmas present instead of being haunted by Christmas pasts.
[Cala] I want time
[sanzo] come on down Kamie
[dreamcatcher-alexa] yes another trip to NY--woo-hoo
[KShine] moving to new york lol
[Justice] A white Christmas
[Jack] i echo eilis, i want to give my kids and husband a healthy mommie and wife, one who can accept the compliment "You are Beautiful"
[ARTgrrl] I want to meet all the fishy's who have touchhed my life forever
[China] I want someone to write my 5 papers for me
[kc] lol ;o)
[Louisa] a trip to NY with unlimited spending money!!!
[Eilis] I ouwld like to give my mother-in-law a no return ticket to the moon
[Louisa] yay!
[bobbie] a green christmas
[Broken_Wing] lol
[ARTgrrl] y'all come to Colorado now, ya here?
[kc] Just the knowladge we are loved...
[KShine] my dad back for real
[Stephy] lol
[Justice] I want to give China those 5 papers
[Jack] i would like to give that gift to myself too
[Stephy] eilis!
[KShine] no walls
[ARTgrrl] I want someone to write my paper due tomorrow
[cammie] i'd like to give my mom mental health and peace
[emie] i want to figure out what im going to do with time off school
[China] Please do Jus
[KShine] communication
[Andi] hey i'm gonna be on the moon eilis don't do that to me :-P
[Cala] I want to finish Allys paper
[miss_krys] i want to make my parents proud of me
[ARTgrrl] I want to paint everyone a picture
[Louisa] ok ALLY!!!
[ARTgrrl] awww
[wedgie] Want strength
[wedgie] fo r me
[China] hehe andi
[Jack] ((ally))
[KShine] self esteem for me
[Jik] No overtime for anyoen who drives a snow truck
[ARTgrrl] I want to give everyone a copy of my prints
[wedgie] life
[dreamcatcher-alexa] I want to be able to live my life and not my moms
[KShine] acceptance of myself
[Louisa] strenght
[Cala] I want a painting
[ARTgrrl] I want to give people happiness
[sedg] peace
[ARTgrrl] and love
[KShine] patientce with my kids
[Teqkyla] I want a phone call from my freinds
[wedgie] power of self
[wedgie] control
[dreamcatcher-alexa] want to meet my fishy friends

[MrFishy] LOVE these answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SFishy thinks those were AWESOME answers
[SFishy] it is SO important to give to yourself!
SFishy thinks that so many of you LOVE giving to others first
[SFishy] BUT... while that is wonderful...

[MrFishy] Tonight...
[MrFishy] for everyone here who joined us...
[MrFishy] i would like to play santa for abit....
[MrFishy] and give EACH and EVERYONE of you a gift......
[MrFishy] my gift to all of you is.....
[MrFishy] PERMISSION to be good to yourselves thru this holiday.......

[SFishy] now that you have your official permission slip to do so...

[MrFishy] cause santafishy said so

[SFishy] I want to hear THREE WAYS you are going to try to take care of YOU through the holidays...

[MrFishy] HIT ME!

[Eilis] eat drink and be merry
[Jack] take long baths
[KShine] eat better
[wedgie] don't eat thirty-seven brownies in eighteen seconds..
[dreamcatcher-alexa] go home and be with family
[Andi] cold medicine and tea
[sanzo] be with Andy and meet Kamie
[Jik] remind myself that Christmas is not about becoming a Norman Rockwell picture.
[Jack] spend time with my kids
[China] I'd ratlol
[KShine] relax
[wedgie] long, LONG baths-till I git pruny..
[Teqkyla] Yep, listen to Dave.. Eat drink and Be maeery!
[Cala] sleep in, TRY not to purge so much, and take time for myself
[Jack] have dates with my husband
[KShine] hug my kids more
[Kamie] take time out for myself when my friends and family trigger me
[kc] Take care of my body so I can come see my fishy damily
[Louisa] take it easy -
[sedg] try to relax and live in the moment
[Jik] Tell myself that it is not my responsibility to make everyone happy for the holidays
[Louisa] relax
[kc] Let myself be around friends again
[sanzo] try to take care of me
[China] hang out with a 3 and a six yo
[Eilis] ok seriously - spend more time with myself, feel free, and enjoy what I want to enjoy
[Louisa] deep breaths!
[Cala] take a bath every day
[cammie] let this holiday be in the present and not a resurrection of the past
[wedgie] Relax?
[sedg] not try to decorate and do too much
[wedgie] I am relaxed..
[Jik] and just enjoy each moment as it unfolds and accept that life is life
[Kamie] come to the fishbowl when i need support and go to group therapy
[sanzo] be with my kids the way i should be
[Cala] be lazy, hehehe
[Teqkyla] Tell my family to stop when they say things that hurt me
[bobbie] try to eat something
[squids] not worry about whether my parents are OK, but what I want
[kc] and make myself burning-hot hotwater bottels!! :oP
[sanzo] file for divorce
[China] Not too many rose to stop and smell here at christmas time
[Eilis] oh and wave to MIL on the moon
[wedgie] enjoy time with family..bonding..
[sedg] laugh with my kids more
[Justice] I'm checking into a hotel for time AWAY from my family.... I am indulging my craft side.... and I am going to watch the Winnie the Pooh Xmas special
[Kamie] buy all the bath and body works stuff that i want to buy! te he he
[KShine] cherish the moments
[Jik] don't stress if the wrapping paper I cut is too short to fit anything I have to be wrapped.
[bobbie] spending more time with my kids
[KShine] live for today
[wedgie] loofah my feetskees..
[sedg] buy some extra small candles
[Kamie] and for a fourth, go to the mall and have a whole bunch of fun!!!!!!
[kc] Draw again :oD
[wedgie] dance
[China] A massage
[wedgie] naked..
[Louisa] not worry if its not all perfect
[wedgie] relieves stress you know..
[sedg] make my wheel thingy
[Kamie] and tickle sanzo till she pees her pants
[Jik] don't stress if I thought I had my shopping done and remember one more present to by.
[wedgie] think positive...don't worry
[sedg] lol
[sedg] cool wedgie
[kc] hehe
[wedgie] thank you
[China] start being healthy to me
[Jik] enjoy talking to my family - just talking.
[Louisa] not do anything destructive
[sedg] start running
[Louisa] to me
[Jik] instead of trying to make it right for them.
[Kamie] ignore my grandma when she talks negatively
[Jack] spend one day just me and my mom
[sedg] me too jik
[Jik] and judging myself harshly in the process.
[Teqkyla] not so much Tequilla
[dreamcatcher-alexa] live for me!!!!
[wedgie] keep gettin' cut off.
[wedgie] yikes...
[squids] exercise
[KShine] not have to be perfect
[Louisa] try and enjoy the moment
[Kamie] not get drunk
[wedgie] snowball fight
[Louisa] have fun

[MrFishy] remeber...theres an *I* in the middle of hol-I-day

[SFishy] Good answers... I like hearing about how you're going to take care of YOU
[SFishy] We are getting close to the end here folks...

[MrFishy] awwwwwwwww

[SFishy] and it's important to remember some of the TRADITIONAL ways of coping, even through the holidays... like journaling...
[SFishy] calling your therapists...
[SFishy] leaning on those that support you...
[SFishy] and not being afraid to ask for HELP when things are really tough
[SFishy] Our next chat won't be until AFTER x-mas and hanukkah (don't kill me for spelling)...
[SFishy] but we'll of course be putting all kinds of coping ideas on the site and the bulletin board
[SFishy] before we end for the night...
[SFishy] we have two more questions...
[SFishy] first...
[SFishy] I'd like to hear about the things you are thankful for this holiday season...

[MrFishy] HIT ME!

[KShine] life
[Cala] life
[Louisa] family
[Jik] my life
[Teqkyla] My family
[KShine] kids
[bobbie] my kids
[Justice] my friends
[dreamcatcher-alexa] family
[squids] my drs
[KShine] house
[Teqkyla] my roommates
[Louisa] friends
[Kamie] the end of the semester from hades
[dreamcatcher-alexa] my dog
[speedy] my new famliy
[cammie] my husband
[Eilis] I am thankful to be here - alive
[Cala] friends
[Jack] having my family intact, we almost weren't
[dreamcatcher-alexa] work
[Jik] the people who love me
[kc] Getting my life back :")
[squids] my bf
[Cala] family
[Louisa] somethingfishy
[bobbie] my fishy friends
[sanzo] Kamie
[KShine] friends
[KShine] this site
[Kamie] thursday and sanzo
[Jack] my life
[wedgie] dad, mom, Tooth, sister, life, coffee
[Cala] patrick
[Andi] i agree with Kamie
[KShine] therapist
[sanzo] Kshine
[Jack] something fishy
[Stephy] fishy friends
[dreamcatcher-alexa] my new fishy friends
[orange_star] i am thankful 4 my best friend who knows parts of me that i don't even know
[Eilis] and my family and my fishy friends
[KShine] air
[Teqkyla] my teammates
[Louisa] my therapist
[kc] something-fishy : " )
[Andi] my friends and family
[emie] fishy friends
[Jik] my family
[KShine] breathing
[sanzo] TONY AND AMY
[Jik] friends
[KShine] health
[La] my brother, my best friend
[Stephy] YOU
[KShine] sun
[sedg] my son coming home for the holidays this year
[Jik] having a home to be in
[KShine] stars
[mana] snow
[KShine] moon
[Cala] air
[dreamcatcher-alexa] finding something fishy website
[Kamie] the fishbowl!!!
[KShine] bed
[KShine] sleep
[Jack] a correct diagnosis and the right meds, finally
[sedg] something- fishy
[Cala] snow
[Louisa] people that truly care
[KShine] time
[KShine] hands
[Stephy] YOU and YOu and YOU and YOu and all of YOU
[Andi] all my online friends that keep me grounded
[KShine] sight
[wedgie] all the fabulous pairs of socks I have
[Teqkyla] My parents, brother, grandparents and close freinds
[squids] my fishy friends
[KShine] hearing
[wedgie] love socks..
[KShine] waling
[Justice] all the little kids who call me "Miss Judy"
[sedg] my computer
[KShine] walking
[wedgie] sight
[wedgie] oceans..animals
[KShine] car
[Teqkyla] My pre school class!
[wedgie] love
[KShine] voice
[mana] the end of th semester!
[wedgie] babies...
[Kamie] my rainbow striped toe socks
[La] my cat and my bear
[Louisa] music
[wedgie] good grades.
[Jack] new friends, eilis, kshine, kamie, justice, la artgrrl
[sedg] my dogs
[orange_star] long sleeved shirts
[sedg] my kitty
[kc] My little gymnast angels :oD
[Jack] etc, etc, etc
[Eilis] ((((((((((((((((Jack))))))))))
[Kamie] Jack
[dreamcatcher-alexa] all my senses
[sedg] my horses
[KShine] smiling
[wedgie] whenever that goes down..haven't been in class for a bit..but, you know..
[sedg] my special daughter
[KShine] laughing
[Kamie] ((((((((((((((Jack))))))))))))))))))
[squids] lightweight long underwear ;)
[KShine] hugs
[wedgie] my sisters
[Teqkyla] good memories from this year
[bobbie] blankets
[KShine] my puter even if its crap
[wedgie] fleece..pink ones
[Louisa] warmth
[sedg] my new comforter
[Justice] fishy socks
[mana] stuffed animals
[La] mittens
[Jack] my children's smiles
[wedgie] warm blankies
[Louisa] hot chocolate
[dreamcatcher-alexa] being able to see the beauty in life
[KShine] honest words from dory lol
[KShine] hee hee
[Kamie] i want fishy socks!!!!!
[dreamcatcher-alexa] laughing
[Eilis] lol Kristi
[wedgie] brown paper packages tied up with string..
[Jack] my fishy ring to remind me what i'm fighting for
[squids] my kitty
[Louisa] memories
[Kamie] and a fishy ring too!!!!
[wedgie] gummi worms
[KShine] aim
[wedgie] my dad laugh
[KShine] lol
[sanzo] i want a fishy ring
[Jack] try a christian bookstore kamie
[Louisa] laughter
[KShine] microphones
[sedg] friends made here
[wedgie] my dad's driving..although sleighs would probably be faster..
[KShine] photos

[SFishy] *smiling*

[MrFishy] okay....last question.....

[SFishy] push supergrin.gif _self

[MrFishy] Hit me with reasons that you like yourself this holiday season!
[MrFishy] HIT ME!

[Jack] i'm a good mother
[KShine] eyes
[wedgie] I'm still pretty cute..
[dreamcatcher-alexa] able to laugh
[KShine] im trying
[Jik] first year that I am not haunted by painful memories
[wedgie] my legs...
[Justice] I am amazingly creative with glitter glue
[squids] yes, trying
[Eilis] because I am making it, I am a good mother and wife and friend - and my own best friend for a change
[Jik] I feel as if this is my very first Christmas
[Louisa] cant:(
[wedgie] like my mom's..only longer. ha ha
[Stephy] trying to....
[sanzo] thats a hard one to answer
[sanzo] sorry
[Jack] i'm getting better
[KShine] using my voice more
[kc] I'm damn stubborn and slowly getting all I want :shy
[Stephy] i'm sorry
[wedgie] Louisa, you have a great laugh...
[Kamie] I have overcome dying three four times this year..............i must be kind of strong
[KShine] communicating better
[Jack] i'm not afraid to say what i feel
[Teqkyla] I told my T the truth
[sedg] im livig a quiet life now
[Louisa] lol! how do you know wedgie?
[speedy] that is hard
[orange_star] b/c I'm Ally's net when she's falling
[wedgie] having more esteem..not being afraid of things..
[mana] ?
[Jack] yeah teq!!!!!!
[KShine] not being so defensive
[blu-rain] i finally started seeing a t this year
[wedgie] just because I know you do!
[Louisa] LOL! AWWWW
[KShine] learning
[Kamie] i have cut down on the meds i was taking majorly
[cammie] staying in intense tretment, and being proud of what I've done
[KShine] life is a process and remembering that
[Jack] i'm proud of my recovery
[La] becuz i'm gotten to a very different place than last yr at this time

[SFishy] great answers... keep 'm coming!

[wedgie] what was the question
[Teqkyla] I hit my first homerun!
[wedgie] just foolin'..
[sanzo] im a great friend
[Louisa] i have more insight these days
[KShine] focusing on my positives
[dreamcatcher-alexa] I like the fact I can dream
[Kamie] i am a pretty darn good poet and musician
[sedg] im figuring out what i have
[KShine] my poems
[wedgie] poetry is great!!
[Louisa] i challenge myself more
[Kamie] i know how to make sanzo smile!
[Andi] i'm suborn and sarcastic...what more do i need???
[wedgie] I want to set more goals..
[kc] discovered I can do ANYHTING
[Jack] i have good friends, which must mean i am a pretty good friend
[wedgie] sarcasm is great..don't lose that..
[wedgie] !!
[Eilis] I feel good that I do the best I can with what I have - and I do not beat myself up if it isn;t enough anymore


[wedgie] trust more
[Jik] I got a hole in one at golf and got my name in the only section of the paper I don't read - the sports section
[Teqkyla] I will do anything for a friend
[sanzo] having Kamie make me smile
[wedgie] be more in tune with my bod..or at least try
[KShine] boundaries
[sedg] ive sent a son on to college
[Louisa] i try hard to keep fighting when i could just give up
[wedgie] hang out with my niece and nephew more..
[cammie] stopped exercizing
[Jack] i sleep better than i used to
[wedgie] call my mom even more than I do now-oh, she loves it, you know she does..
[La] so did the paper say "Grandma Fish hits Hole in One"?
[cammie] i sleep now too!
[wedgie] she says no, but, she loves it..
[dreamcatcher-alexa] I like the fact I'm single and still able to look at rocks--lol

[MrFishy] awesome!

[SFishy] AWESOME AWESOME answers!
[SFishy] well everyone...

MrFishy is smilin big!

[SFishy] that's wraps up another chat for the evening...

[MrFishy] THANK you all for sharing a bit of yourselves!

[SFishy] We have already put the follow-up game up on the bulletin board in the FISHING FOR SUPPORT forum
[SFishy] and the rest of the holiday coping strategies will be going up on the site in the next week...
[SFishy] We'll also be putting up the transcripts from tonight's chat in the next 48 hours...
[SFishy] We want to wish EVERYONE a happy holiday season...

[MrFishy] I wish you ALL a happy, healthy and SAFE holiday!

[SFishy] a MERRY FISHMAS if you will
[SFishy] and keep your eyes on the bulletin board because we WILL be having some holiday contests and give-aways!

[MrFishy] and a happy fishyear?

[SFishy] thanks SO much for coming and sharing tonight eveyrone!
[SFishy] you all did GREAT!
[SFishy] and don't forget...

[MrFishy] Nite all...and be good to YOU!!!

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