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Below you will find the list of available chat transcripts. Some of the older chats have not been included yet, but will appear here in the future.

Fishing for Support Chat -- MAY, 2003

[SFishy] hi everyone!
[sweet_sangria] hey
[tidalmood] hey
[shellbelle] hi
[melisa] hi
[Tif_the_basset] hi
[camellia] hi
[khodem] hi

[SFishy] it's just about 10pm so we're going to get started

[SFishy] tonight we're going to talk about personal power

[SFishy] the power to change...

[SFishy] the power to take risks...

[SFishy] the power to stay motivated

[SFishy] But first...

[SFishy] I would like everyone to pick a color... a color that you feel represents YOUR personal power is some way (for example: blue, because blue makes me feel calm)

[SFishy] pick a color...
[Kensington] purple!
[camellia] green = life
[BrknDollOnZoloft] silver
[sweet_sangria] Maroon
[Tif_the_basset] red
[tidalmood] green
[scattersunshine] purple
[khodem] blue
[shellbelle] blue
[lima] yellow
[minimo] blue
[melisa] indigo
[afallenangel] Blue

[SFishy] ok!....

[SFishy] so your color...

[SFishy] is now the color of...

[SFishy] your SUPER HERO cape! This represents the power your have... the power each one of us has to change!

[SFishy] now...

[SFishy] when you think of power, what animals comes to mind for you? What animal would do you think represents the power you have to change? And why?

[SFishy] (example: Eagle because she is very spiritual and can see the bigger picture)
[khodem] tiger
[camellia] eagle ~ represents soaring and freedom
[Kensington] wolf
[minimo] tiger-strong and powerful
[afallenangel] definitly a wolf becuase of their strength
[sweet_sangria] Cameleon- can adapt to different situations
[tidalmood] panther - very courageous
[BrknDollOnZoloft] Snake ... it can be beautiful and magestic and it also sheds its skin as it needs to in order to grow
[shellbelle] mosquito, never gives up on its goal
[fetskoli] Lion--brave.
[Kensington] cat - 9 lives
[Tif_the_basset] tiger,because it is dominant over other animals
[lima] lion
[starskipper] bear
[Kensington] deer - beauty but much strength, too
[sweet_sangria] also, a giraffe- it holds its head up high
[shellbelle] dolphin freedom
[fetskoli] Elephant--big enough to squash out the little problems that bug them.

[SFishy] great answers everyone!

[SFishy] Remember your color and your animal...

[SFishy] these are your symbols for personal power...

[SFishy] after the chat you can go and seek out some pictures and make yourself a collage that represents this for yourself... and put it somewhere that you can look at it as a reminder...

[SFishy] Now in order to draw on our own power...

[SFishy] we have to get ourselves motivated each day

[SFishy] this can sound really corny, but we have to PRACTICE at learning to think positive...
[fetskoli] No kidding. Not corny at all.

[SFishy] to overcome the negative self-talk

[SFishy] Affirmations are great of course...

[SFishy] but I'd like to get specific...

[SFishy] So answer these questions... I will go one at a time...

[SFishy] 1. I can do anything I set my mind to. I believe in my own power because ______
[afallenangel] I am strong
[Kensington] if I don't, who will?
[camellia] I persevere
[fetskoli] Um, I've already overcome so much already???
[BrknDollOnZoloft] I am still alive at this point/after everything
[scattersunshine] only i can
[nicka] I'm smart
[sweet_sangria] Only I can determine my true happiness
[lima] I own it and I claim it
[shellbelle] i ultimately am in control of my life
[Tif_the_basset] I am a survivor
[khodem] most things we do are basiced on our beliefs
[fetskoli] I'm stubborn. :)
[CrystalGlass] I have survived.
[fetskoli] I can sometimes pretend until I really believe it.
[minimo] only I know what is in my heart

[SFishy] For those who've just joined: Current question: 1. I can do anything I set my mind to. I believe in my own power because ______
[shellbelle] i'm the only one that can do it
[Kensington] i am fishy, hear me roar
[lima] I face my fears
[sweet_sangria] No one else is gonna do it for me.
[fetskoli] Glub, Kensy.
[pooh_bear_fan] because i am strong and believe in myself
[pmtz] I'am strong
[starskipper] I need to
[tidalmood] I persist
[lima] I want it.
[camellia] I have no other choice
[lima] IT IS MINE
[khodem] God grants me the power to change the things I can
[fetskoli] I can usually persevere until I get the job done.
[scattersunshine] it is important
[CrystalGlass] it is all I have.
[CareA] I have made it this far

[SFishy] Here comes the next question...

[SFishy] 2. I am a lovable and wonderful person. I can command love and respect from others by ________
[Tif_the_basset] giving love
[nicka] being myself
[pooh_bear_fan] by showing the same
[pooh_bear_fan] by asking for it
[fetskoli] Respecting myself.
[sweet_sangria] respecting myself
[CareA] being true to myself
[afallenangel] using my voice and loving myself
[nicka] taking care of myself
[angellic] respecting myself
[lima] loving and respecting myself
[starskipper] using my voice and living with integrity
[Kensington] giving them what I want for myself
[fetskoli] Admitting mistakes.
[scattersunshine] respecting myself
[shellbelle] allowing myself to be open and honest
[nicka] perservering
[camellia] letting myself blossom and bloom :)
[minimo] standing up for myself
[khodem] showing love and setting a good examples
[justice] being myself
[sweet_sangria] not taking on their problems as my own
[lima] asking for it
[nicka] using my talents to help others
[tidalmood] walking away from destruction
[shellbelle] letting my guard down
[CareA] not being afraid of geting hurt
[justice] being honest even when it hurts
[camellia] believing that I deserve it
[justice] not selling out
[angellic] knowing my own boundaries
[afallenangel] allowing myself to trust others
[fetskoli] Being independent
[scattersunshine] walking, not being walked upon
[camellia] acknowledging i need it and its ok
[fetskoli] Good one, scatter!

[SFishy] Next question...

[SFishy] 3. I can always be demanding of my own self-respect. I will try to do this by ______ (can be the smallest of things)
[lima] setting boundaries
[camellia] not sacrificing myself for others
[justice] saying "no" and not feeling guilty
[Kensington] trying to stop e.d. behaviors
[lima] learning to say NO
[nicka] listening to my body
[sweet_sangria] Silencing the Self-Blame
[melisa] trying to believe it
[afallenangel] say NO!!!!
[shellbelle] being honest
[fetskoli] Um, working hard towards recovery?
[scattersunshine] not feeling guilty that i can't please everyone
[Tif_the_basset] loving my children and teaching them to love themselves
[CareA] trusting my instincts
[camellia] turning the volume up on the positive voices
[angellic] not self blaming
[Kensington] setting up boundaries with others
[afallenangel] realize my needs are important and not sacrafice them just to please others
[lima] taking care of me
[nicka] breathing
[sweet_sangria] thinking positive
[fetskoli] Trying to find and identify the good that's in me.
[lima] following a healthy and nourishing meal plan
[justice] celebrating both my strengths and weaknesses
[camellia] meeting my own needs
[afallenangel] continue workign towards recovery
[CrystalGlass] forgiving myself for my mistakes
[camellia] asserting myself to others
[fetskoli] Making good choices.
[shellbelle] doing positive things for myself
[nicka] exploring interests and talents
[khodem] trying to make good choices
[afallenangel] being able to accept me for who I am including my faults and loving every bit of me
[camellia] belieiving in myself and my power
[scattersunshine] not being afraid to tell someone that something isn't right
[sweet_sangria] letting myself feel my feelings
[Tif_the_basset] realizing my voice deserves to be heard
[missymacaw] not being so hard on myself
[afallenangel] stop trying to achieve everyone's approval
[camellia] being true to myself
* fetskoli thinks: "saying all this is one thing. Doing it is really hard."
[camellia] finding myself
[afallenangel] fet you are so right about that
[khodem] practice
[scattersunshine] making my dicisions based on me, not my family
[camellia] acknowleding my pain
[jennifer_dawn] doing what I want to do
[jennifer_dawn] not others
[Runn] being happy w/ what i am
[afallenangel] allowing myself to feel

[SFishy] Great answers everyone!

[SFishy] It's important to start the day with simple steps to get yourself motivated...

[SFishy] it's not easy to try to get motivated 1/2 way through the day when stress has already started to hit you...

[SFishy] so if you can start first thing in the morning, 20-30 minutes each day, it can help make the day feel easier to conquer

[SFishy] There are several things that are an important part of motivating yourself...

[SFishy] I am going to state each one... and then ask you to list a few reasons why it's important for YOU personally...

[SFishy] 1. Every day you must believe that your happiness matters. What are some reasons why YOUR happiness matters?
[fetskoli] Nobody else can make me be happy but me.
[Kensington] I deserve it
[camellia] because if I am not happy, then I cannot give back to others
[afallenangel] becuase I am a good person who deserves good things
[Tif_the_basset] because I WANT TO LIVE
[Kensington] by virtue of being born, i deserve happiness
[nicka] because life is beautiful
[justice] because I have a right to be happy just like everyone else.. The Constitution says so
[jennifer_dawn] because i am the one that lives with me for my whole life and i wanna make it a happy one
[tidalmood] I bring good things to the world when I am happy
[afallenangel] Because there is so much to be thankful for
[melisa] because if it did matter to me then i would not just fold to make everyone else happy?
[scattersunshine] there are so many things to be happy about
[sweet_sangria] I'm really great at making other people happy, so I deserve that for myself
[nicka] There is only one me
[khodem] If you are not happy then you might act out your sadness in an ed
[fetskoli] Happiness chases away ed behaviors.
[camellia] because I don't want the life I have had ~ I want to LIVE
[minimo] I am important and deserve to be happy
[fetskoli] If I'm not happy (and can't pretend to be), then my students aren't going to be happy, either, digging myself a hole for the day.
[sweet_sangria] God gave me life, and I don't want to waste or take it forgranted by being miserable
[shellbelle] i deserve happiness the same as everyone else, why not?
[lima] b/c happiness is contagious
[lima] and part of living
[lima] not existing
[CareA] internal happiness is the only way to generate that in others
[Kensington] happiness is liberty
[afallenangel] you are only on this Erath for a short period of time so every day I am on it I want to make the most of it
[justice] happiness makes the rest of life not seem so hard
[camellia] because living well is the best revenge
[shellbelle] i'vr been sad long enough
[sweet_sangria] the things that make me happy are the things that make me ME
[jennifer_dawn] if we are all equal, then i deserve be just as happy as others
[fetskoli] I can't let anybody destroy my happy days.
[lima] happness will kill the ed
[jennifer_dawn] i dictate my future
[camellia] I only have me
[ChristinaMarieR] good one Meli
[fetskoli] We all deserve to be happy

[SFishy] Next one...

[SFishy] 2. Each day you have a choice to practice motivating yourself. How will you/can you do this/start to do this? How will you build it into a new ruitine?
[Kensington] stop negative voices when they come & replace them with positive ones
[lima] by thanking your higher power for another day of health and knowlege
[fetskoli] Step 1: Get out of this current icky routine I'm in...
[afallenangel] every day when I get up I stand in front of the mirror and say 5 things I like about myself
[camellia] listen to what my body is telling me... and respond to its messages by giving it what it needs
[Kensington] baby steps

[SFishy] Kens... will you start your day each day saying that? "today I will combat negative thinking!"
[minimo] write in a journal
[tidalmood] focus on the things that I have to work with rather than what I don't have
[lima] read affirmation cards each day
[Kensington] yes ma'am!
[minimo] appreciate every day
[jennifer_dawn] take the negative thoughts, write them down and come up with positive counteracting thoughts to say to yourself and to convince yourself in those times
[sweet_sangria] realizing that self-blame won't do me any good, and finding other ways of looking at situations
[shellbelle] be willing to take some risks and break some rules
[lima] eating breakfaast!!!!
[justice] I can think of one simple thing like..I need to go to work to have money to pay for my rabbit's hay. Each day I can add something else
[sweet_sangria] and eating chocolat
[afallenangel] come here and do the motivational games
[lima] listening to a 5 min relaxation tape and doing some BREATHING and relaxation exercises
[jennifer_dawn] have a picture in my mind (a healthy one) of where i wanna be
[CareA] choosing the energy bar with higher calories
[khodem] daily pray-mediation-writing affirmations feeding your postive thoughts
[Kensington] start the day with yoga or meditation, something meant to calm the mind
[sweet_sangria] As part of my routine, I will be more "aware" of the thoughts that pass through my mind and challenge the negative ones
[fetskoli] Realize that every day is a brand new fresh start, and yesterday doesn't matter anymore.
[camellia] smile at the first person I see
[jennifer_dawn] listen to uplifting music
[shellbelle] reminding myself of the good things I want from life
[melisa] making a small fish to put on comupter at work to remind me that other people have succeeded at what i'm trying to do
[camellia] and say good morning!
[jennifer_dawn] do something that makes me feel good or accomplished
[sweet_sangria] taking time out to do something I enjoy
* CrystalGlass thinks: I hope the first person you see is you!
[jennifer_dawn] smile at people and laugh really loud
[shellbelle] reminding myself that i want things to change and don't like them how they are
[scattersunshine] not rushing
[fetskoli] Replace the old with the new.
[jennifer_dawn] take a picture that makes you laugh and smile and replay it in your head throughout the day
[afallenangel] remind myself why i will be so much happier without my ED
[camellia] remind myself each morning that today is a new day
[shellbelle] doing something spontaneous
[sweet_sangria] remembering to laugh
[fetskoli] Remember past victories, however small...
[camellia] clean slate to make the best of it that I can
[afallenangel] calling up my best friend to chat
[camellia] remind myself I am not stuck
[Runn] remember to stand up for myself
[camellia] I have choices. I am not trapped here forever
[afallenangel] remember I have choices
[lima] the choice is up to you
[lima] it fcan either be "good morning, god" or "good God-morning!"

[SFishy] Next one...

[SFishy] (btw, you're all doing awesome!)

[SFishy] 3. It's important to focus on the benefits of doing this... for YOU personally!... What benefits will you gain from being consistent in motivating yourself? What benefit will this have for YOU when the days seem tough or stressful?
[afallenangel] I will be able to fight the ED
[scattersunshine] i will have more of a positive outlook on what is going on
[Tif_the_basset] healing power
[jennifer_dawn] you will be more happier and healthier
[lima] I am responsible for my own life. I can now claim back my power
[fetskoli] Keep in mind the end goal of recovery.
[afallenangel] I will be able to cope with stress and not fall back on ED behaviors
[minimo] be stronger and more able to fight my ED
[jennifer_dawn] it gives you ideas to know how to get yourself outa the ruts that you fall into
[camellia] I will have more emotional energy to start with each day when I give it away to others... so that I am not so depleted by the end of my day and have a little left over for me
[sweet_sangria] I'll be able to handle it without self-blame and low self-esteem
[lima] It's free medicine! :)
[shellbelle] I will be a bit stronger than anorexia and make the right choices
[sweet_sangria] I'll feel more confident and empowered
[CrystalGlass] I will learn how to depend and trust myself, instead of others.
[sweet_sangria] I'll feel more in control of my life and my happiness
[Tif_the_basset] healing power that is mine and realize I am worthy of having such power
[afallenangel] I will finally be able to stand up for myself and stop being walked all over
[jennifer_dawn] i will make me overflow with happiness i can give to others
[gnat] I would have self respect for doing that
[scattersunshine] g2g, thanks for uplifting me, i will review the chat tomorrow
[jennifer_dawn] strength and a light at the end of my tunnel
[justice] If I am doing it for myself it will be something that I want and I am more likely to give 110%
[jennifer_dawn] make me feel full and energixed
[jennifer_dawn] energized*
[shellbelle] i will not let negative thoughts take control
[afallenangel] Make me feel whole again
[sweet_sangria] I'll feel better about myself
[camellia] it will help me to keep perservering
[fetskoli] If I can get myself up out of a stress pickle, I'll be calmer.
[jennifer_dawn] i will feel like I am enough
[lima] i am deserving of a stress free life
[sweet_sangria] Won't fall into depression
[minimo] If I feel better about myself I will be better able to fight the ED thoughts
[fetskoli] Ditto (((SS)))
[afallenangel] when I can learn to love myself I will be able to full heartedly love others
[jennifer_dawn] i will be truly ALIVE!!!!! :)
[sweet_sangria] I'll be more relaxed and able to enjoy stuff more
[gnat] if i motivate myself, i'll be in a better mood and when i'm in a better mood i have fewer ED behaviors
[camellia] It will help to accept that I cannot control or change everything, and will help me truly accept that I am doing the best that I can and be satisfied with it
[lima] life is worth living it not fighting it
[afallenangel] I will be easier to be around no more mood swings =-)
[jennifer_dawn] i find that my body takes care of itself
[fetskoli] I'll be able to see the beauty in things I'd otherwise miss when I'm wrapped up with my own stuff.
[sweet_sangria] no more dark clouds setting over my state of mind
[CrystalGlass] I will have a purpose in life-taking care of myself
[afallenangel] I will be able to see myself as beautiful inside and out andn ot base that on numbers
[jennifer_dawn] i won't let a number dictate my day
[sweet_sangria] numbers suck

[SFishy] next one...

[SFishy] 4. You must evaluate you successes... if at first you don't succeed, try to detemine why so you know what you will need to do next time (no beating yourself up allowed!)... How will you help yourself determine the better choices for "next time"?
[lolaboyd] any step, no matter how little is a step towards success
[Kensington] learn from mistakes
[sweet_sangria] Logic! Instead of emotional chaos
[afallenangel] Next time I will take better care of myself and not allow myself to be self destructive
[jennifer_dawn] i will better plan out my day AND get my affirmations/visualization/cognitive thinking tools out
[Kensington] remember that bad choices lead to experience, which leads to good choices
[fetskoli] Remember how badly previous bad decisions hurt. Perhaps that could steer me into making better choices.
[lima] clean up the dust when you fall and get back up agian!
[camellia] sometimes when I don't succeed (like at work) I have to remind myself that its not me.... that I am sometimes powerless working for an imperfect system... that even though I didn't succeed, I made the best choice I could
[jennifer_dawn] have a plan!
[sweet_sangria] Allow myself to reflect on the situation, how I handled it, what alternative ways I could have handled it, and apply those alternatives to the next time.
[justice] by talking a deep breath and writing out the situation logically. Then I can take it to my ther office and talk it out
[fetskoli] "It's not a mistake if you learn from it." Words of wisdom from my t.
[afallenangel] I have to remember that sometimes things don't work out and sometimes we will fail at something but we will learn from it and grow
[jennifer_dawn] reach out to others
[camellia] that i have to keep trying, keep perservering.....
[afallenangel] it's ok to make mistakes but don't spend all your time dwelling on it move on
[sweet_sangria] Ask myself why I handled something the way I did. And then what did it get me?
[camellia] that my failure wasn't a failure... that it was just the first step in reaching success
[khodem] remember the lessons which I easyly forget aim to practice the lesson of making good choices choices that are not going to hurt you in the long run
[fetskoli] Resolve to do better/try harder the next time.
[jennifer_dawn] remember to live my own dreams....not someone else's
[camellia] what is that saying.... that there are only two ways to fail: quit or don't start
[Tif_the_basset] I will no longer expect myself to be perfect(they should take that word out of the dictionary because there is no such thing)
[minimo] try to remember I'm not perfect and decide how I can change next time
* fetskoli High fives Tif
[camellia] isn't that the truth Tif...
[sweet_sangria] learn more about myself and my needs by looking at how I handled something

[SFishy] here it is...

[SFishy] 5. You must build on your successes... and enjoy what you are accomplishing! You MUST pat yourself on the back for a job well done to stay motivated in staying motivated! How will you commend yourself when you've done a good job?
[Tif_the_basset] SHOPPING
[afallenangel] do something for me
[lima] by getting a manicure and pedicure!
[Kensington] treat myself gently, do something fun
[lima] celbebrate me!
[sweet_sangria] First of all, recognize that I "took care of me" even if it involved taking a risk, or not pleasing someone else
[jennifer_dawn] allow myself to just be!
[afallenangel] make plans with my friends
[Kensington] call a friend & brag
[Haven] Acknowledge it . . .
[justice] sleeping in on Sat, going to a movie with friends, spending more time with my bunnies
[minimo] let myself feel proud if I've done something good
[sweet_sangria] Often times, a success doesn't feel like a success. Because I'm used to viewing a success as pleasing someone else. I have to re-define success as making myself happy.
[Kensington] post about my triumph on the boards
[lima] yeah good one!@@@ indulging in chocolate!
[afallenangel] accepting that I was sucessful and not doubting myself saying I didn't deserve that
[sweet_sangria] A pat on the back--- just smiling at myself and congratulating myself for something only I know is a big step
[minimo] do something good for me and let myself enjoy it
[lima] sharing it w/ others! :)
[lima] cooking a nice meal/ something a bit fancy and chillaxing!
[afallenangel] Take my baby sister to a movie and out to dinner
[Kensington] chillaxing - lol
[afallenangel] have a romantic night with hubby

[SFishy] so everyone... you've now got yourself a motivational game to play each morning... (and we'll post the chat log in a few days so you can refer back to it...)

[SFishy] we usually end with affirmations... but since our whole chat was geared at getting motivated, I'd like to go back to our super hero...

[SFishy] Remember your color, and your animal...

[SFishy] think of what they mean to you...
* CrystalGlass thinks: How do I find my color and animal?
* ChristinaMarieR must have missed this part earlier

[SFishy] what superhero name do you think you'd like to give yourself (it doesn't HAVE to have anything to do with the animal, but remember the meanings)

[SFishy] (for those who missed the beginning: pick a color that represents your power (like blue makes you feel calm as an example) and an animal that means something imporatnt to you)
[khodem] tigger always bouncing back
[Kensington] Super Me
[Tif_the_basset] NO LONGER BROKEN
[Kensington] SuperDork!
[afallenangel] super ED kicker
[jennifer_dawn] Promise power
[sweet_sangria] Shera Princess of Power.
[sweet_sangria] hehe
* SFishy sorry, but SFishy gets "WonderFishy" LOL
[Kensington] she's Super Flounder
[afallenangel] LOL

[SFishy] Lima is chillaxing something
[Kensington] lol
[Kensington] Wonder Chilax
[lima] yeah !
[lima] thanks girls!
[jennifer_dawn] lol

[SFishy] Chilaxin' Lion
[jennifer_dawn] glowing girl

[SFishy] I also want to hear your superhero motto...

[SFishy] Like...

[SFishy] can you handle stress with a single bound?
[lima] yeah thats me alright! chillaxing lion!
[Tif_the_basset] I am recovering hear me roar
[jennifer_dawn] lol
[Kensington] SuperDork: faster than a speeding train at setting boundaries!
[sweet_sangria] I can tolerate ANYTHING!
[lima] chill, relax, and THINK clearly.
[sweet_sangria] I rock the recovery world!
[jennifer_dawn] life-recovery in a hand basket
[sweet_sangria] In TOUCH with REALITY
[lima] boosting myself up!!! if you all know what that means!
[khodem] tiggers can fall but they always bounce forward or up high reaching for the sky
* CrystalGlass thinks: lima-lol!!!!
* SFishy applauds!
[fetskoli] Uses x-ray vision to see ed recovery at the end of the tunnel.
[Kensington] lol fetskoli - love it
[fetskoli] ty
[jennifer_dawn] nice fetskoli
* lima is doing staberry shake atm! by chillaxing!
[fetskoli] Can't see it, sorry, but if I put on these night vision goggles, maybe I can...
[sweet_sangria] Can selectively erase knowledge about the caloric content in foods!
[Kensington] lol
[jjgirl] hi everyone!
[Tif_the_basset] hi

[SFishy] Thank you so much for coming tonight everyone... Remember your super hero, and if you had a hard time coming up with one tonight, try to come up with one later or tomorrow -- but don't procrastinate too long! Stay motivated :)
[jennifer_dawn] be afraid ed, be VEeeerrrryyy afraid

[SFishy] We'll be putting the chat log up in the next few days... and a follow-up game on the bulletin board...
[fetskoli] lol, jen.

[SFishy] so keep your eye out!
[sweet_sangria] ty
[afallenangel] Thank you Amy
[jennifer_dawn] thanks amy!
[khodem] thank you have a great night!
[ChristinaMarieR] Thanks Amy
[jennifer_dawn] this was just what i needed!

[SFishy] Don't thank me! Thanks yourselves for coming tonight and for taking care of YOU!
[Tif_the_basset] thank you all for the motivation
* SFishy wants to hear you all thank YOURSELVES
[lima] night bowl!
[afallenangel] thank you me
* lima thank you meli!
[minimo] thank you, me
[fetskoli] With x ray vision, I'll be able to see the game even when the boards are down, huh?
[Kensington] thank you! you've been a great audience!
[jennifer_dawn] thanks me
[lima] hahaha
[jennifer_dawn] lol
[Tif_the_basset] thank you me i rock
[lima] now i shall go chillax
[fetskoli] Thanks, me!
[lima] later everyone!
[jennifer_dawn] LOL @ lima
[minimo] bye!!
[afallenangel] night everyone
[khodem] thanks God for me and where you lead me
[CrystalGlass] Andiosas!

[SFishy] Have a great night everyone!
[fetskoli] You too, Amy.

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