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Below you will find the list of available chat transcripts. Some of the older chats have not been included yet, but will appear here in the future.

Fishing for Support Chat -- MARCH, 2001

[MrFishy] **cough**

[SFishy] **sniffle**

[MrFishy] **sneeze**

[SFishy] **clearing throat**

[MrFishy] guess what WE are!

[SFishy] the word of today is F-L-U

* MrFishy promises not to sneeze on anyone!

* SFishy welcomes everyone!

[MrFishy] hello!

[SFishy] Lets get started...
[SFishy] first... I'm going to give everyone the rundown on the chat rules...
[SFishy] all the same rules apply to this chat...
[SFishy] we'll be asking questions and opening the room for responses...
[SFishy] just do the BEST you can!
[SFishy] none of your answers should have anything to do with weight or food...
[SFishy] and keep in mind that this chat is geared at recovery
[SFishy] ...
[SFishy] Tonight MrFishy and I both have the flu...
[SFishy] so the chat will probably be a little shorter than usual
[SFishy] Tonight we want to talk a bit about alternative coping skills
[SFishy] Finding other ways to cope with stress, anger, sadness, frustration, etc.. etc...
[SFishy] rather than falling back on the ED behaviors
[SFishy] We're going to present some situations to you all...
[SFishy] and we'd like to hear some of YOUR ideas on how better to cope...
[SFishy] ideas that would help you not to rely on the ED...

[MrFishy] okays......
[MrFishy] situation number one...
[MrFishy] You gave a get together schedules with family and friends.....
[MrFishy] and part of the night is a dinner....
[MrFishy] what positive coping skills can you use to "get you thru" the ruff situations?

[Stevie] talk to someone
[Charr] not sure
[justice] carry my balance rock
[juliaf] stay extreamly busy
[Charr] draw maybe
[sedg] throw the mashed potatoes stead of eating them?
[HopeMadison] talk to people
[PoetBallerina] count the things you are greatful for in your life
[Traceymn] Self talk and journal.
[ballerinagirl] arrange to meet someone i trust later or to talk to them on the phone
[peeper] leave the situation if it gets rough
[Larissa_rena] Stay with the little ones and hope nobody notices
[steeplechase] talk to people
[Charr] breathe
[PoetBallerina] call a friend
[juliaf] go for a walk
[Charr] Call a friend
[Shedoo] concentrate on your friends and family and the conversation they are having with you
[HopeMadison] write in a journal
[Flower_Lover] hug my daughter
[PoetBallerina] realize that it is just a dinner, not the end of the world
[Charr] and that it will END
[scam] that a good one
[sedg] comopliment the cook
[justice] debate politics
[Charr] bounce your leg
[sedg] lol
[ballerinagirl] ask in advance what weill be for dinner so you're not completely surprised and worried about it
[Charr] possibly bring your own?
[juliaf] good idea sarah
[Shedoo] reming yourself that your friends and family are just happy to have you in their company...
[Traceymn] Asking in advance is a good idea.
[Charr] take a break
[Charr] for a sec
[HATT] hopefully, i would have dealt with my family about this already..if not concentrate on enjoying yourself...dinner is just another difficult situation to face throughout life
[scam] i really like the..it's just a dinner not the end of the world!
[peeper] drink wine
[peeper] hehe
[Larissa_rena] Throw ice
[sedg] bring a scented candle so that the smell reminds to not get mad at them
[Stevie] i like that peeper :)
[MaJa] enjoy watching others enjoy food
[ballerinagirl] sit with people who you know won't be upset with you and bother you about it
[tanner] eat before you go
[Charr] Thank God that you have friends
[Charr] come to fishy chat
[Traceymn] Amen Charr
[ballerinagirl] bring a stuffed animal :)
[HATT] wine...does allow you to feel not so left out of the meal...isolated
[sedg] remember they might die in a car accident tomorrow so savor this time tgether
[juliaf] true hatt
[juliaf] :(
[Charr] Good Ballerina
[Larissa_rena] Ecuse yourself and go out for a smoke
[peeper] good one larrisa

[SFishy] great answers all!

[MrFishy] good answers!
[MrFishy] one that i particularly liked...
[MrFishy] was focusing OFF the food and refocusing on the people around you.

[SFishy] I also thought the idea to find someone you trust to talk with about it afterwards was great
[SFishy] unwinding from these kinds of social events can be VERY important to aftercare
[SFishy] and taking care of YOURSELF
[SFishy] Lets imagine that you've just come home from this event...
[SFishy] this imaginary dinner with friends and family...
[SFishy] what are some of the things you can ask yourself and/or write about in your journal to help you unwind... to feel less stressed or less guilty?

[justice] what were the good points and bad points
[Charr] How did I feel around them
[Charr] my friends and family
[Traceymn] What were th epositives
[Stevie] um....ask myself why i feel good or bad about it?
[Charr] What was good
[umi] write affirmations
[Charr] what was bad
[HopeMadison] What is something positive that happened
[juliaf] try to keep my mind off of what just happened so i am not sure i would journal
[Charr] Positives about how I survived!
[steeplechase] what parts of the evening did you enjoy the most
[justice] what was my victory
[Charr] Read a book
[Charr] take a bath
[peeper] do I really find these people positve influences in my life
[Larissa_rena] Take a shower then watch a movie
[ballerinagirl] remind myself that hey it's over and i'm still here aren't i
[Stevie] journal on what happened...little details...things that made me laugh.....things that struck me....retell the evening i guess
[peeper] and it is okay to breath and feel and not dissapper
[Charr] Hug a stuffie and maybe cry
[juliaf] i wold probably do school work cause that makes me happy :)
[PoetBallerina] write a song
[ballerinagirl] talk to someone on the phone
[PoetBallerina] write poetry
[maryW] i say to myself, well, i'm still alive..the togetherness didn't finish me off...so maybe it will be easier next time
[Charr] ooh...art!
[Charr] Draw my feelings
[Stevie] listen to music
[juliaf] i like that one mary W :)
[peeper] think if i need to see my T
[Shedoo] I would write about how good I felt that despite not wanting to go because of the food, that I MADE MYSELF GO to ENJOY MY FRIENDS and FAMILY... and you know what? I had a GREAT time! I would write about how I wish I would go to social events more often, because they do not turn out as badly as I anticipated. I would also write about how much I am missing out on life by avoiding social events... believe me, I struggle with this a lot. :-(
[Charr] Call my T
[Larissa_rena] Dance
[scam] call tanner
[justice] I can tell myself that WHATEVER happened,. I did good
[HATT] well..hopefully...knowing the situation you were putting yourself in....knowing how often these thoughts enter our mind...a plan to comfort, ease your mind, relax, and just have fun would have been decided soon after you agreed to the dinner
[maryW] play a game w/my kids....always makes me smile
[Traceymn] I guess Id journal about how my family is more important than my ED behaviors and I'm lucky to be able have them in my life and what my little victories were.

[SFishy] great answers all...

[MrFishy] great answers!

[SFishy] Lets imagine now...
[SFishy] that during this social event...
[SFishy] someone makes a comment to you that you don't like...
[SFishy] or you end up in an argument with someone...
[SFishy] the thing that is SO important for us during this kind of stressful times is to validate ourselves... and give voice to how we're feeling...
[SFishy] so...
[SFishy] when this type of confrontation has happened... how can you validate your feelings? And then give voice to them?

[juliaf] that actually happened to me today and i stood up for myself :)
[Charr] Only negative stuff flows through my head after your question
[peeper] that sounds scary to me
[Stevie] great julia
[SFishy] AWESOME JuliaF!
[Stevie] :)
[Charr] so I'll just listen
[Flower_Lover] good for you!
[kerrifran] good for u julia
[ballerinagirl] yay jules
[sedg] i just remember that they havent had any therapy and they are still really steeped in denial....
[juliaf] i told the lady it was not proper ettiquete to hassle me about it
[peeper] be assertive
[Stevie] i don't know the answer to this.....cuz quite honestly i would hold it in....
[juliaf] i felt a lil rude afterwards ...always seem to be a down side ugh
[maryW] i usually cry, and back away...i don't know
[peeper] me too
[ballerinagirl] i might just leave the argument cause i don't like arguing usually
[kerrifran] i agree mary w
[HopeMadison] be assertive like peeper said
[Traceymn] I'd ask myself why I felt that way and then say its a normal feeling and then if it was really bad walk away til I could think more clearly.
[sedg] i tend to play amateur therspaist and follow their line of thinkig thru till they see my point, then its like they can agree or not
[Flower_Lover] I don't know either - I haven't managed "social" events yet
[HopeMadison] i usually call a friend after someone makes a comment I don't like

* SFishy says: Even if you wouldn't feel comfortable confronting the PERSON that you faught with, or that said something mean -- how could you validate your OWN emotions... and how could you give voice to it, even if only in private?

[sedg] also i try to empasise the t TO **ME** I FEEL,,,blabla
[juliaf] i guess being honest is the most important thing and just shaking off feeling bad afterwards
[Larissa_rena] Just walk away what they think don't matter
[Shedoo] Tell the person that you respect their feelings, and you ask that they respect YOURS. If they persist in arguing with you, then excuse yourself from the event and tell him or her that you are too upset by their behavior to stay. (Yea... boy, do I wish I could actually do this!!! I am so acquiescent. But one of these days this will become a reality!)
[justice] I would tell my ther so we could work out what I am feeling,. not up to doing it on my own yet
[HATT] knowing my usually tendency to defend whatever i am feeling at the moment..I would first, overreact, then realize...I suffer enough daily...Don't put myself through intentional myseryy
[Stevie] i don't know
[steeplechase] This is a tough one. I guess a lot would depend on how comfortable I felt with this person. I would try to tell myself that these are my feelings and I have a right to them. Maybe I'd journal when I got home.
[sedg] i try to not talk about what they said, or what they did, but rather how i feel...
[maryW] well at work i clam up, but when i get home, sometimes i relive it in my head, and boy do i rant and rave
[peeper] I guess I would say to myself it was ok to have the feeling even if I confronted them or not to just be aware tomyself that I am mad or hurt and I have a right to stand up for me
[Shedoo] This is a tough one for me. I don't know how to validate my feelings, I guess. Hmmmm... something to think about.
[HopeMadison] realize that they probably have low self esteem themself or they probably wouldn't have made the comment in the first place
[juliaf] goodone hope madison
[sedg] lol
[juliaf] so true a lot of the time
[Larissa_rena] I can't think about what they said I have enough on my mind
[peeper] then talk to my husband and get his point of view
[ScarlettTearz] Smile at them and tell them "I hope YOU have a nice day too" and watch them squirm while they try and think of a comeback LOL
[Shedoo] It's so easy for me to tell others how to handle situations. I wonder why it's so tough for me to follow my own great advice! hee hee
[HATT] Most importantly...these days...I would love on my beautiful godbaby ...hoping she has enough love, self-respect,self-discipline to withstand any foolish remarks
[sedg] give em the stare
[Traceymn] I agree that we all have a right to our own feelings and even tho we disagree we don't always have to agree and remind myself its ok.

[MrFishy] Great answers!
[MrFishy] Self validation...
[MrFishy] with an ed or without...
[MrFishy] can sometimes be a very hard thing to do....
[MrFishy] and remember...it doesnt always have to be a verbal confrontation....
[MrFishy] for example....
[MrFishy] i have a boss who is a tad racist...
[MrFishy] and he sometimes makes comments that i could very easily be hurt by...
[MrFishy] but MY self validation is lookin him in the eye...
[MrFishy] smiling....
[MrFishy] and saying "poor you" to myself...
[MrFishy] because it is HIS problem if he sees life the way HE does...
[MrFishy] thats MY self validation and MY voice.

[SFishy] finding ways to validate our own emotions can be very difficult...
[SFishy] sometimes sticking to the most obvious way to do it is best -- keep it simple...
[SFishy] for example...
[SFishy] looking at yourself in the mirror and saying
[SFishy] "it's okay that this argument upset me'
[SFishy] or
[SFishy] "what they said was mean, and it hurt my feelings."

[MrFishy] its ok to feel.

[SFishy] and then exploring WHY the event made you feel that way...
[SFishy] Can I hear some simple examples of how you can validate an emotion you might have following an argument, a mean comment, or another stressful situation?

[Stevie] crying?
[Stevie] no forget that
[sedg] that the emotions i feel are mine and i have every right to them
[juliaf] that i am what matters to me and not what they say about me
[HopeMadison] allow myself to have the emotion
[Charr] not sure...i'm not good at this!
[ballerinagirl] sometimes i ask someone else if they think it was alright to feel that way...
[Flower_Lover] ditto Char
[peeper] still sounds very scary
[Shedoo] Gee Charr, I'm not good at this either!
[maryW] i am just as good as anyone else, and i don't deserve to be treated that way
[juliaf] that i am better than what they say and that all of this is little things in life when you have a goal in mind
[steeplechase] I would repeat to my self over and over again that I'm ok and I am entitled to my feelings.
[sedg] email a friend and bythe time ive got it all typed out, i am seeing it in a cleaerer less emotional tone
[justice] throwing ice and screaming
[peeper] I could smile at the time and then key the car as I walk by still smiling
[Stevie] maybe let myself feel it ...the feeling that is....and work through it rather than shoving it down?
[juliaf] refocus on a positive in life at the time
[Flower_Lover] peeper?!?
[peeper] sorry hehe
[ballerinagirl] i think that's a good idea stevie...only sometimes i get stuck on how to work through it
[maryW] i work in a bank, and sometimes give out the mutilated money to the jerks
[sedg] trot down to good will and buy some pld china plates and smash em against the wall....thats for asaying i m still fat.smash. thats for saying....
[juliaf] lol maryW
[sedg] lol
[juliaf] that is too funny
[Stevie] me too balerinagirl
[juliaf] that is such an awesome way to deal
[peeper] that is passive agressive behavior try assertive with yourself right and just know emotions and feeling don't kill
[sedg] just remember that they also had childhoods and they were scarred by them too
[Shedoo] I think I would have to write it out... just "ramble styly" whatever I was feeling, then... then... well, at least I would have gotten my feelings out somewhow. This is a good, thought-provoking question. Hmmmm
[ballerinagirl] sometimes i let me feel whatever it is and then do something else to slightly distract myself from concentrating on it, but not shove it right down
[HATT] Well, you take us to one issue...then ask for a way to deal with unsettling emotions....First of all, no one is a TAD RACIST! LIfe is full of moments of anger, frustration, doubt...within each situation you must find your own place of love..tolerance...We have enough problems..each of us...deal with one, before thinking of another
[Traceymn] Hm...I have a boss that sometimes says or expects to much from us and all and I have to remind myself that I can only do what I can do. and like the others say feel the emotions and say its ok.

[SFishy] good answers all!
[SFishy] Lets look at another imaginary situation...
[SFishy] lets say that at work or at school you make a HUGE mistake...
[SFishy] you don't do well on a test, or you lost important papers that you need to complete your assignment or job...
[SFishy] you boss or teacher is MAD
[SFishy] and expresses to you that they know you can do better
[SFishy] and this can't happen again
[SFishy] What can YOU tell yourself to remind YOU that this isn't the end of the world... that people make mistakes... that it is okay?

[Charr] tough questions
[peeper] another hard one!!!
[Charr] argh
[juliaf] i would work on it unitl i got it perfect
[sedg] whats appened is in the past...just go forward and do your mortal best
[peeper] for me it would be though
[Charr] me too
[Stevie] i don't know what i could tell myself....i'd shove it away and work extra hard the next time
[justice] OMG.. yeah,. I wrote a check for 175k in Canadian funds instead of USD and had to get the check back from the President....I had to say "I'm sorry." Later though, I told myself that at leat I caught it before it went out the door

* SFishy gives a hint: "I made a mistake... I'm human... I don't like that I made a mistake but it's OKAY!"

[HopeMadison] It is just a test or an assignment, its not the end of the world and move on
[Traceymn] I'm human and no one is perfect and do my best to not let it happen again.
[Stevie] yeah that sounds really good sfishy :)
[Charr] That just seems to hard SFishy
[juliaf] that actually happend to me where a proff put "reconsider graduae school"
[Charr] How do you not be so hard on yourself?
[Stevie] good question charr
[Shedoo] This is my worst nightmare!! I would have to talk to someone else and let them reassure me that it's okay that I made a mistake... I'm only human, and that I should forgive myself. NO WAIT!!! I just GOT IT! I can TELL MYSELF that without going to another person for validation... right?????

[SFishy] Charr... it DOES take practice -- we can learn these things and if we keep reassuring ourselves enough, it DOES get easier!

[sedg] i wouldl have to work really hard on the bad feeling i would be having.
[peeper] call my thereipist imediately
[Charr] I just wish I KNEW for sure it would
[juliaf] you have to learn from those mistakes and resalvage yourself
[peeper] talk it out with her and refocus on me not the mistake
[Charr] Good one Peeps!
[Charr] Definately call my T
[HopeMadison] I would tell myself that it is okay to make mistakes
[sedg] it is human t make mistakes
[juliaf] work double hard next time to prove not only to them but yourslef that you can do it
[sedg] it will happen...to everyone
[Charr] I would tell myself I didn't do it on purpose
[scam] we can say it's only a mistake but how can we make ourselves truly believe it?
[Charr] is that good?
* ginalisa give yourself credit for having a job that you do well, or having the initiative to go to school
[steeplechase] I guess I would look at the situation and see why I made the mistake...was I over tired, was I unorganized...then I would try to make a list of a few changes I could make so it doesn't happen again. Then I would tell myself that I am just human and we all make mistakes sometimes. I would try very hard to tell my self this often throughout the day. Maybe I'd have to post positive affirmations around my house so I could keep telling myself
[Shedoo] Me too, HopeMadison. I'm going to TELL MYSELF that I'm a good person, that I made a mistake, and I will learn from it.
[Stevie] i could say maybe...okay i blew it this time.....but next time i'll make it hapen
* ginalisa and try to make an effort to work harder or improve
[Charr] I would apologize
[peeper] hey gina I couldn't get any better!!!!
[juliaf] school is an area where i am mortified of failure in :(
[maryW] acnkowledge that yes, i made a miskate...but the world didn't end....unless of course you were working in one of those missile silos.....just kidding
* ginalisa it does'nt mean your always going to do it perfectly
[peeper] right
[sedg] lol
[Traceymn] No one is perfect
[peeper] lol mary
[HATT] MISTAKES ARE LIFE LESSONS...we depend on them to truly teach us..your boss or teacher has a job to do..just like yours...you made a mistake..if they didn't call you on it...want better performance from you..what kind of example is being set... Critisim is hurtful! But, without it...where do we learn the right way...Of course, keeping in mind that we are intelligent people..do what feels right in your heart of hearts..not your mind or fear or pain or sel

* SFishy asks everyone to pause for a minute...

[SFishy] Think of a small child that makes mistakes while learning to read -- would you repremend them the way you repremand yourself???

* ginalisa I hate falure in school and work however when i do make a mistate
[Shedoo] NEVER.
[Stevie] no
[Charr] no
[juliaf] no
[HopeMadison] nope
* ginalisa it makes me want to try harder not to!
[maryW] no, not ever
[Stevie] i would help them
[scam] no
[sedg] weeelll....
[Stevie] but that's different
[peeper] no never I would help the child and encourage in a postive manner
[juliaf] but i would expect them to work on improving

[MrFishy] oh oh

[sedg] maybe, sorta, yes, i think i would reprimand them as i do me

[MrFishy] the "different" phrase

[SFishy] it's okay to want to do better... but not at the cost of destroying your own self-esteem

[juliaf] but help them to improve and not expect it to happen on its own
[Stevie] well i just mean that i would expect better from myself..that i should know better
[Charr] yeah..cuz we're adults
[Charr] and their kids.
[peeper] well isn't this what the ed is all about helping other neglcting yourself
[sedg] but, then my kids would call me on it if i had a double standard
[juliaf] with kids it is a lil different no?

[SFishy] and your kids would have the right to sedg
[SFishy] Listen for one sec...
[SFishy] The ED behaviors we become so addicted to...
[SFishy] addicted to using to cope with things...
[SFishy] it's almost like recovery puts us back in childhood...
[SFishy] and we have to learn ALL OVER AGAIN how to assure ourselves... how to be brave to try new things... how to cope with life...
[SFishy] While we may all be adults...
[SFishy] we are STILL learning every single day...
[SFishy] so tell me why you DON'T deserve to be repremanded... tell me why it IS okay to make mistakes...

[Charr] cuz we're human?
[Stevie] because i can learn from it?
[sedg] because we AL do
[HopeMadison] everybody makes mistakes
[Shedoo] Because that's how we learn and grow
[juliaf] in general its because no one is perfect but in areas of my life there is no room for mistakes
[sedg] its part of te human condition
[maryW] because we are learning all over again how to be human.....
[Traceymn] Bec its how we learn to cope and handle things a little better.
[HopeMadison] making mistakes is how we learn
[Traceymn] Mistakes are learning experiences to grow from.
[justice] because if no one made mistakes, some of the greatest inventions wouldn't have been invented
[sedg] as i was told once in a training phase of my job...its ok to make every mistake in the book. but larn from them, don make them over and over.
[steeplechase] No I wouldn't do that to a child. But I don't think or at least I hope that a teacher wouldn't say that I'm MAD. and this can't happen again. In the real work world so much more is expected of you and you don't get too many chance before there are consequences. Iwould just try to tell myself to learn from the mistake and move on. To just try to do better. All I can do is my best.
[sedg] babe ruth struck ouit so much it wasnt funny- buut he still had a high percentage of home runs
[Charr] Be proud of who I am and that I survived
[justice] yeah,. and pennicilin was a mistake
[HATT] Say out loud, "repremand", how does it sound to you.. Love, and security are the answers to feeling wonderful about yourself...I am not nieve...been through it all..but I know different people require different forms of help or encouragement
[Charr] not sure if that is related...
[Charr] just popped in my head
[sedg] einstein almost flunked mth class....
[Stevie] really?
[sedg] yup
[justice] yup
[Stevie] wow
[Stevie] i guess through mistakes new and wonderful things can arise
[juliaf] it is hard when yu deserved the reprimand to say that you didn't deserve it
[sedg] so, we all have areas where we shine and areas where we struggle
* Charr nods to Julia
[sedg] but the pt is to just do the best you can, and go on
[Shedoo] I think I expect doing my best is a higher expectation than I would impose on others. So... I think I will tell myself that what I do is my best, despite feeling otherwise. At least, I think I do try my best most of the time.
[scam] if it wasn't for the wright brothers noone would be flying and they made plenty mistakes!
[sedg] practice makes perfect
[sedg] i think there 2 types of errors
[justice] from the ashes come the roses?
[ballerinagirl] practice increases one's repertoire of mistakes
[sedg] errors of the heart and errord of the mind
[ballerinagirl] provided you don't keep making the same ones ;)
[sedg] but they both should be dealt with compassionately

[SFishy] great answers everyone...

[MrFishy] awesome shares

[SFishy] of course, no one has to strive to be perfect at anything... it's okay to learn from mistakes to do better -- but remember "perfection" is a very subjective term ;)
[SFishy] and "perfect" recovery is learning that it's okay to not be perfect :P
[SFishy] MrFishy and I are getting tired (stupid Flu)...
[SFishy] we'd like to end tonight like we always do... with your kick-ass self-affirmations...
[SFishy] Tell us why you are GOOD people... what makes you unique and special!

[HopeMadison] I like myself
[Charr] I am many
[ScarlettTearz] um...don't think i AM
[Charr] and that is ok

[MrFishy] (and YELL if ya have to!)

[sedg] because i am very smart
[HopeMadison] I am loved
[scam] i am a wonderful wife and a great mom
[ballerinagirl] i can learn to take care of myself
[Traceymn] I'm unique and special bec GOD made me!
[HopeMadison] I am special
[justice] My rabbit luvs me
[juliaf] because i have a dream and goal in life now
[Larissa_rena] I'm the best lover there is
[HopeMadison] I AM LOVED
[sedg] because i raised 2 good kids, and they love me lots, and i love them
[ballerinagirl] my sisters love me :o)
[umi] i'm a great aunt
[maryW] i' a good mom, and they love me
[Charr] I am grateful to be alive
[HopeMadison] I am smart
[juliaf] and that i do sarah
[Charr] I survived and I am proud
[Shedoo] My loving, compassionate nature! Others love to share their feelings with me! I AM BEAUTIFUL INSIDE and OUT!!!!
[steeplechase] I'm a good mom. I'm patient with my children and they love me.
[HopeMadison] me too Sarah
[juliaf] i can acheieve what people have told me i couldn't!!!!!!!!!!
[HopeMadison] I am strong
[Shedoo] I am strong, too.
[sedg] because my dogs learn that i am the one that they can coun on, the kids? they are alot of fun, but mom is the one that is there for em
[Stevie] i think i am compassionate
[ballerinagirl] because i'm going to do awesome at my university audition and then i AM going away to school in september
[juliaf] that there is more to my life an ed and that the ed is not the dream of my life or my goal but rather became a substituce
[HopeMadison] yeah Sarah

* SFishy yells: and tell me why you all deserve recovery!

[Charr] Cuz I'm special?
[ballerinagirl] so i CAN go away to school - hehe
[HopeMadison] I AM ME
[sedg] because i deserve my life back
[juliaf] because i caan be more than this
[scam] i am betterthan my ed
[Stevie] because i'm needed more alive than dead
[Traceymn] Bec there is more to life, much to experience and do.
[steeplechase] Because I deserve to be truly happy
[sedg] cause my kids are almost grown, and this is gonna be my time, so i want a good time
[ballerinagirl] cause dying pretty much sucks
[Traceymn] and we all deserve happiness.
[Shedoo] BECAUSE I DESERVE to ENJOY all that this beautiful LIFE HAS TO OFFER! :-)
[maryW] i am me, and i'm a great person
[Stevie] cuz i deserve a better life than the one i'm leading
[scam] my ed doses not define who i am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[juliaf] because this is not a life but rather a hell and there is a better life awaiting me
[umi] i can enjoy life
* Charr beams
[sedg] i deserve rcovery because i am alive
[Charr] yes you do Sedg
[Charr] all of you do!
[ballerinagirl] i deserve it cause i just do
[juliaf] (((sarah)))
* Charr nods at ballerina
[maryW] i want it
[Stevie] because my spirit is yearning to uncover the lessons that i am supposed to learn so it can move on and fly
[Charr] you can get it mary
[juliaf] :) stevie
[Charr] (((Stevie)))))

[SFishy] yell those answers loud and clear!

[sedg] i like marys answer...i want it tooo
[Shedoo] And oh, when we fly we are going to fly big time! :-)
[juliaf] my throat is starting to hurt lol
[Stevie] lol
[sedg] lol
[Stevie] you bet shedoo!!!
[Charr] Yes you do HOPE!
[Stevie] i want to GROOVE TO A NEW TUNE
[HopeMadison] AND HAVE A LIFE
* Charr plays a tune for Stevie
* Traceymn yells bec there are people who depend on me and I deserve much more than this.
[Shedoo] :-) :-) :-)
[Stevie] rockin charr :)

[SFishy] AWESOME answers all...

[MrFishy] way 2 go!

[SFishy] We've already put a follow-up game up on the bulletin board...
[SFishy] in the FISHING FOR SUPPORT forum
[SFishy] so be sure to check it out and participate!
[SFishy] We'll also be putting the chat transcripts up in the next few days (after we get over this flu thing)
[SFishy] Make sure to be kind to yourselves...
[SFishy] and keep looking for positive ways to cope...
[SFishy] you ALL deserve recovery...
[SFishy] and you ALL will get there!

[MrFishy] Be Good To You All!
[MrFishy] and have a wonderful and safe nite!

[SFishy] Have a great night and we'll see you next month... last wednesday!

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