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Below you will find the list of available chat transcripts. Some of the older chats have not been included yet, but will appear here in the future.

Fishing for Support Chat -- JULY, 2000

[SFishy] okay everyone
[SFishy] as you know...
[SFishy] this is a moderated chat...
[SFishy] we'll be sticking to a topic and asking lots of questions for all of you to answer
[SFishy] when you see...
[SFishy] HIT ME
[SFishy] you know you can answer the questions
[SFishy] tonight
[SFishy] we're going to be doing something fun... and you will all need something to write with

[MrFishy] aww good...i thouhgt it meant beat up on mrfishy

[SFishy] and some kind of paper to write on

[MrFishy] reccomends colory crayons

[SFishy] markers are good too
[SFishy] but a pen or pencil works just as fine
[SFishy] as we ask certain questions tonight we'll be asking you to answer them here...
[SFishy] but we'll also want you to write your answers down on your paper
[SFishy] we'll let you know which questions apply
[SFishy] as we go along

[MrFishy] remeber...the goal is to have fun...and learn a little about you!

[SFishy] tonight we're going to be talking about....

[MrFishy] drum roll


[MrFishy] ACK!

[MrFishy] thats a tuff one!

SFishy wacks MrFishy

[MrFishy] ouch.

[SFishy] most of us know how hard it can be to find our identities down underneith the Eating disorder
[SFishy] and it can be a scary process figuring out who we are
[SFishy] but the one thing we are NOT
[SFishy] is our Eating Disorder


[SFishy] we are not anorexics... bulimics... bingers... compulsive eaters...
[SFishy] we are people WITH anorexia, bulimia, BED and/or COE
[SFishy] and that's an important distinction
[SFishy] so...
[SFishy] lets move on with the questions...
[SFishy] this one is one that you will write your answer down in chat first... then on your piece of paper
[SFishy] name five personality traits (not based on your physical appearance) that you are proud of

[MrFishy] HIT ME!!!!!!!!!!!

[Mara] caring
[Kris] eyes???
[Louisa] caring
[Kassie] kindness
[Jus] sense of humor
[monarch] I'm kind
[indy] helper
[julia] intellligence, sweet
[sarah] hmmmmm.....caring.....
[Mara] love for others
[ruby] Humor
[cagney] sense of humor
[indy] kid magnet
[teej] kind
[mpty] fun
[mpty] caring
[ruby] caring way
[Kassie] helpful
[julia] nice
[teej] loving
[sarah] sense of humour
[indy] funny
[rach] positivity
[marlene] creative, hard word worker, smart, loyal, goofy
[goldie] my determination to achieve my goals
[Jus] artistic
[Lillian] strength
[cagney] thoughtful
[ticklefeffers] i think im an artist
[ruby] loving
[Kassie] loving
[mpty] supportive
[LP] compassion, intelligence, humor
[cookie] good listener
[sarah] silly :)
[ruby] positive
[Mara] i ran out
[indy] creative
[cagney] loyal friend
[Skye] friendliness
[Louisa] listener
[Kris] oh... not ... ummm... nothing?
[goldie] persistance
[teej] fun
[Kassie] good listener
[ruby] smart
[LP] strong, good friend
[dreya] good musician
[Deb] caring
[Athena] loving, loyal, self respect, intelligent,talented and a great nurturer
[Jus] spontaneous
[goldie] intelligence
[mpty] tenacity
[Louisa] loyal
[indy] silly
[cookie] empathy towards others
[melissa] organized, compassionate, converstationist, loyal and good friend
[Lillian] creative
[sarah] good teacher
[indy] young at heart
[dreya] kind
[mpty] idiot
[mpty] lol
[dreya] smart
[goldie] strength
[monarch] great mom
[teej] hard worker
[Deb] sense of humor
[teej] kind
[blue] thoughtful
[julia] diligent
[indy] animal lover
[teej] easy going
[Lillian] curious
[Skye] patience
[Juliane] I am caring
[trace] umm
[monarch] intelligent
[cookie] fun
[Juliane] I am smart
[Mara] shoot
[indy] devoted
[Deb] determined
[Lillian] full of life
[geographia] caring
[Kris] helpful?????
[Me] nice
[indy] intelligent
[sarah] patient with little kids
[Becky] Glad I'm not a twin!!
[monarch] organized
[amy] loyalty
[Athena] if we can go beyone five - humorous, understanding and empathetic
[geographia] thoughtful
[Ender] smart i guess
[Juliane] Animal nut
[trace] fun i think

[SFishy] go for it athena!

[stacer] caring
[cookie] love kids
[Juliane] compasionate
[Jus] musical
[Deb] sensitive
[marlene] lover of wee beasties
[sarah] smart(people tell me anyway)
[indy] artistic
[teej] good listener
[Skye] crazy laugh
[trace] good sense of humor
[cookie] outgoing
[momentito] most of the above
[Deb] intelligent
[sarah] musical
[indy] hard worker
[Louisa] thoughtful
[Kassie] good sense of humour
[monarch] supportive
[sarah] determined
[Kris] silent
[indy] careful
[Jus] good with kids

[MrFishy] GOOD ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SFishy reminds everyone to write their answers down on your peice of paper... will give you a few minutes to do so

[MrFishy] way go all!
[MrFishy] we tried to steer away from the physical because of the fact of the distorted perception thats the ed tends to have.

[SFishy] okay all... we'll continue
[SFishy] draw a line under your answers
[SFishy] so that you know that is the answer to one question
[SFishy] the next question... you will be writing your answers in chat first... then on your paper

[MrFishy] if you could be a flower, what flower would you be?

[SFishy] HIT ME!!

[julia] daisy
[Kris] DAISY
[indy] hydrangea
[dreya] violet
[ruby] dandeelyon
[Lillian] sunflower
[Athena] a sunflower
[Kassie] rose
[ticklefeffers] honey suckle
[abbie] rose
[teej] sunflower
[Deb] sunflower
[rach] sunflower
[Becky] Sunflower
[trace] rose
[conchita] daisy
[alexa] sunflower
[sarah] lilac
[Kris] DAISY
[Kris] DAISY
[stacer] yellow rose
[Jus] Startgazer Lily
[Diane] rose
[monarch] Magnolia
[Ender] honeysuckle if that counts
[indy] hydrangea
[cookie] lily
[car-away] dandylion!!!!!!!
[anonymous] daphodil
[mpty] soft pretty one.. dont know flowers
[mpty] tiger lilly!
[julia] daisy...i have one on my foot tattooed :)
[kc] not fair! i dont know english names for flowers :)

[MrFishy] keep um commin

[Skye] lily
[Lillian] nice one monarch
[marlene] aspidistra
[LP] iris
[blue] wildflower
[momentito] poppy flower
[Kassie] daisy
[Kris] Daffildo
[crimson] violet
[mpty] can we have more than one?
[indy] gerbera daisy
[Ender] (((((kc)))))))
[Kassie] buttercup
[julia] just one flower?
[teej] how did i guess you would pick daisey
[indy] star jasmine
[Mara] a yellow rose
[cookie] sterling rose
[amy] morning glory
[crimson] forget me not
[ticklefeffers] honeysuckle
[julia] k
[mpty] tiger lilly then
[Louisa] daisy
[Ender] me too ticklefeffers!
[Juliane] sunflower
[bat] rose

[MrFishy] good answers!

[SFishy] okay everyone... write down your answer on your peice of paper...
[SFishy] we'll give ya a moment to do that
[SFishy] ok...
[SFishy] the next question is a comin...
[SFishy] and you'll be writing this one down too... in chat first, then on your peice of paper
[SFishy] here is come...
[SFishy] if you be any animal in the world, one that you really adore or that means something special to you, what would it be

[MrFishy] HIT ME!!!!!

[blue] dolphin
[marlene] Cat
[Athena] horse
[Skye] dolphin
[goldie] monkey
[Kensington] deer
[rach] bird
[LP] cheetah
[indy] bald eagle
[abbie] horse
[Ender] kitten
[dreya] hummingbird
[KAM] angelfish
[Kris] Dolphins
[Kassie] hamster
[wilma] whale
[alexa] tiger
[julia] manatee
[sarah] kitten
[trace] no clue
[ruby] penguin
[conchita] dolphin
[ticklefeffers] panda
[monarch] black labrador
[stacer] beluga whale
[Becky] Dolphin
[bat] horse
[Diane] horse
[mpty] bout damn time kensy! get a pen and paper hon
[crimson] mole
[Mara] a baby ferrit
[Kris] Kittnes
[cookie] koala
[Juliane] a tiger
[Athena] horse,horse,horse,horse
[trace] cat
[Jus] a dolphin or a Panda
[Louisa] DOLPHIN
[melissa] human
[Isis] what are we talking about?
[teej] kangaroo
[Ender] or a wondergoat named bubbles...)
[gibby] kangaroo
[indy] bald eagle!
[teej] dolphine
[Kris] A Dolphin or a Kitten
[Juliane] tiger tiger tiger!
[melissa] thanks lil.
[Lo] cat
[laurstar] hey
[Kensington] deer
[mpty] an orcha whale or any large acquatic animal! Dolphin
[conchita] (((ender)))
[amy] cat
[laurstar] there are so many people here
[teej] is this one answer
[momentito] dolphine

[SFishy] please stick with the question folks

[MrFishy] one answer

[Isis] I would be a parrot
[Jus] wait.. a black panther
[Ender] thanx conchita
[crimson] badger
[jess] a tiger
[Kellicious] Hello everyone.
[Kris] but i love animals.. I would want to be almost all!
[crimson] lady bug
[Juliane] me too!
[anonymous] puppy
[JenPen] what's wrong w/ this computer?!!

[MrFishy] good share!

[SFishy] okay everyone... great answers!
[SFishy] write your answer down on your peice of paper
[SFishy] the next question will be one to write down on your paper too... in chat first of course ;)
[SFishy] one answer to this one...


[SFishy] HIT ME!

[trace] couch
[ruby] a couch
[indy] lamp
[Lo] sofa
[rach] hammock
[stacer] a bed
[Ender] bed....p
[Lillian] paisan chair
[crimson] whoa
[gibby] bed
[sarah] rocking chair
[Isis] Yard swing!
[alexa] desk
[KAM] a bed
[amy] a comfy chair
[Mara] a antique cabinet
[conchita] a brass daybed with a pretty floral comforter
[ticklefeffers] a featherbed
[monarch] rocking chair
[Kensington] recliner
[Becky] Sofa
[jess] a tv
[laurstar] water bed
[Juliane] hmmmmmmmmmmm
[Kellicious] hamock
[teej] whats the q?
[mpty] hammock
[Juliane] ................?
[Kassie] a bed
[Mara] oh swing i like that
[cookie] a loveseat
[momentito] a dining room table
[LP] bean bag chair
[Diane] end table
[goldie] hammock
[abbie] a bed
[cve] chaise lounge
[marla] computer
[melissa] chaise lounge...soft and comfortable....peaceful.
[blue] mirror?
[teej] a love seat, lol
[abbie] feather bed
[Jus] fishtank?
[Skye] bed
[dreya] lamp
[Ender] lol teej
[Athena] a curio
[Lo] a fainting couch!
[Juliane] I guess a couch!
[Kris] a futon
[marlene] desk
[goldie] lol Lo
[Juliane] a huge leather couch, really expensive!
[crimson] telephone?
[bat] grandfather clock
[Jus] a crib
[indy] lamp
[cve] Can I identify myself? crevee here...
[momentito] lol
[melissa] the chaise....elegant.
[Juliane] great answers!
[julia] china cabinet?
[Kris] wb kc
[ticklefeffers] a lladro collection
[kc] what did i miss ? :(
[momentito] a tooth brush????


[SFishy] awesome answers everyone!!!
[SFishy] write your answer down on your piece of paper
[SFishy] ok... next question...
[SFishy] another one for chat first... then your piece of paper...
[SFishy] and with this one, none of your answers can contain anything about calories or fat content
[SFishy] one answer...
[SFishy] if you could be any kind of food that you consider a treat, what would it be???

[MrFishy] HIT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ruby] pizza
[trace] icecream
[alexa] pizza
[Kensington] cheesecake
[kc] marshmello, definatly!!
[Mara] m&ms
[goldie] ice cream
[ticklefeffers] a godiva chocolate
[cve] peanut butter
[scout] rice crispy treat
[dreya] cherry cheesecake
[indy] sugar cereal
[momentito] pasta
[sarah] chocolate cheescake
[Kassie] chocolate
[Ender] chocolate...
[rach] a smoothie
[blue] wine
[Louisa] chocolate fudge cake!
[trace] cookiedough icecream
[Kellicious] cold sesame noodles
[KAM] peanut butter
[jess] a ding dong
[cookie] chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
[abbie] french silk pie
[Becky] Diet Coke
[indy] lucky charms
[laurstar] whip cream
[Skye] frozen yoghurt
[monarch] manicotti
[Ender] no scratch that...french bread...YUM
[crimson] fresh peach
[marlene] Chocolate and peanut butter anything!
[Diane] peanut butter
[conchita] banana split
[indy] cocoa puffs
[Lo] brownie
[julia] dole whip
[marla] butterfinger
[mpty] a specialty cake that is not too sweet from my favorite bakery
[teej] cookie dough
[gibby] ice cream
[stacer] fresh baked bread
[indy] fruit loops
[LP] rocy road ice cream
[Juliane] hmmm......flan!
[Juliane] delicious bubly flan!
[bat] anything but salad
[scout] milk shake
[trace] teej im with u
[crimson] fresh blueberries
[scout] chicken fried rice
[Purple_Eye] milkshake
[goldie] mionkey bread!
[crimson] ooo...cherries
[Kris] resses peanut butter cups
[Becky] Strawberries
[Athena] lobster
[goldie] monkey
[indy] Cap'n Crunch
[anonymous] nibs
[cve] monkey?
[indy] Boo Berries
[marla] good one athena
[melissa] baklava
[blue] kiwi
[cookie] monkey?
[laurstar] yeah vanilla ice cream with reeses pieces
[goldie] monkey bread
[Kensington] ooh baklava
[marlene] yum...y'all look good enough to eat
[LP] changed my mind: strawberries
[ticklefeffers] every baskin robbins flavors
[melissa] thanks ken.
[cve] what is monkey bread?
[marla] typical woman LP
[Kris] Monkey bread rocks
[Juliane] HAHAHA
[Ender] lol tickle
[goldie] its yummy! hot bread you pull apart, all sugary
[Dysphoria] I think that was a trigger
[trace] i know
[Juliane] WHAT is monkey bread?
[cve] oh...mmm
[cookie] oooohhhhhh

[SFishy] ok... write your answers down on your piece of paper
[SFishy] AND
[SFishy] someone better send me e-mail and explain what the heck monkey bread is
[SFishy] LOL


[SFishy] great answers all -- I know that might have been a hard one
[SFishy] ok...
[SFishy] next question...
[SFishy] this one for the chat first, then your paper
[SFishy] if you could be any musical instrument, what would you be?

[MrFishy] HIT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

[stacer] piano
[Kensington] drums
[Becky] Piano
[Kellicious] sax
[marla] flute
[indy] piano
[Ender] saxophone
[Louisa] Piano
[trace] saxaphone
[crimson] viola
[marlene] harmonica
[Dysphoria] GUITAR!
[ticklefeffers] a chello
[Rosie] Mandolin
[Mara] flute
[Athena] sax
[abbie] piano
[Lo] saxophone
[Diane] guitar
[Skye] violin
[rach] triangle
[Lillian] violin
[goldie] violin
[ruby] bass clarinet
[cookie] piano
[kc] fluet
[jess] drums
[conchita] flute
[melissa] flute
[bat] trumpet
[mpty] violin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[cve] whoa missed the ?
[blue] harp
[teej] guitar
[Isis] cello
[gibby] harp
[ticklefeffers] a vocal cord
[laurstar] harpsicorde
[dreya] myself(singer)
[sarah] flute
[momentito] violin
[Kensington] DRUMS
[cve] trumpet
[monarch] violin
[kc] flute, ok, not floet :)
[Juliane] an electric guitar!
[LP] cello
[mpty] a Whole entire Symphony!!!!!!!!!
[Juliane] haha
[indy] violin
[julia] ?
[Kris] Xylophone
[anonymous] guitar
[marla] no fair mpty
[Juliane] that's great, Mpty
[Dysphoria] My mom is playing cello right now :)
[ticklefeffers] celine dions voice
[Purple_Eye] gong
[Ender] monkey bread...*grins* wrong question...hheeheheheheh...
[crimson] bugle

[MrFishy] LOL

[Athena] nilli vanilli?

[MrFishy] LOL

[teej] lol

[MrFishy] hahahahahaha

[Athena] haha
[Juliane] ohhh, that's great, tickle
[julia] marocco's
[marla] lol
[mpty] lol
[Skye] lol
[mpty] a Stereo!!!!!!!!
[indy] kazoo??
[cookie] lol
[Kellicious] I am trying!
[mpty] the Best Stereo!
[Skye] didgeridoooooo
[goldie] lol indy
[crimson] whistle
[Juliane] lol
[mpty] lol skye!
[indy] ding dong

[SFishy] great answers everyone

[MrFishy] hehehehehe...good answers!

[SFishy] write that down on your paper!
[SFishy] the next question...
[SFishy] we've asked this one before in one of our other chats...
[SFishy] but it's always a favorite...
[SFishy] here is comes...
[SFishy] TODAY, if you were a crayon and could be any color you want, what color would it be?

[MrFishy] HIT ME YOU CRAYOLAS YOU!!!!!!!!!

[scout] purple
[indy] burnt sienna
[Skye] aqua
[Athena] IVORY
[Becky] Blue
[ruby] PURPLE!!
[Ender] clear
[teej] purple
[dreya] purple
[Diane] blue
[Kassie] pink
[Kensington] purple
[cve] brick red
[momentito] ed
[indy] indian red
[Kellicious] lavender
[flipz] clear
[abbie] brown
[cookie] freesia
[goldie] cyan
[Louisa] purple
[rach] gold
[momentito] red
[Jus] emerald green
[sarah] burgundy
[bat] gray
[melissa] hot pink
[kc] pail pink
[Lillian] yellow
[Juliane] crimson red!
[Mara] sea green
[crimson] perriwinkle
[scout] pink
[LP] green
[ticklefeffers] black
[Lo] deep blue
[Purple_Eye] wow, there are a lot of purples... me too!
[indy] that not-so-PC skin color
[Dysphoria] PERIWINKLE!!!!
[scout] yellow
[conchita] periwinkle
[marla] tickle me pink
[kc] or wine-red
[cve] indy hehe
[monarch] fuscia
[Juliane] lol!
[Athena] told u guys we got to be crayons :])
[Kris] Burdundy
[jess] maggenta
[gibby] blue
[ticklefeffers] silver
[crimson] although...I'm rather patrtial to crimson
[Dysphoria] Silver
[trace] green
[cookie] can i change mine to periwinkle?
[Mara] lol@crimson
[blue] aqua
[julia] light green
[mpty] Ocean Blue
[LP] changed my mind: purple
[indy] burnt sienna is the best!
[Juliane] lol!!!!
[Mara] just on ecolor huh
[Mara] no fair
[Kris] sky blue pink
[flipz] or purple...
[blue] oooh, i like mtpy's :) ocean blue
[Dysphoria] brick red is nice too
[cve] sky blue pink?
[kc] lol mara :) you can be a whole rain bow
[cookie] sky blue pink?
[Skye] skyeee blue!
[indy] lol
[Mara] yeah a rainbow
[Kris] Yes... sky blue pink
[Juliane] lolª
[teej] lol sky
[mpty] =) ty blue
[Mara] sdo they habe that crayon
[cve] rainbows are nice
[cookie] lol
[Athena] IVORY again
[Mara] rainbow crayon
[Mara] i am gonna make that
[goldie] sunset orange
[Ender] still clear...
[Juliane] rainbows are great!
[indy] burnt sienna, burnt sienna!
[Mara] illmake millions
[teej] lol marla
[Kensington] purple
[blue] :) mpty
[sarah] my mum used to make me rainbow crayons mara
[mpty] cool goldie
[Dysphoria] Lettuce green! ( I made that up myself hehe)
[indy] lol
[cookie] ther is no clear!
[Juliane] cool sarag

[SFishy] great answers everyone!

[MrFishy] AWESOME COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!!

[SFishy] write it down on your paper
[SFishy] in the meantime, I'm going to repeat the very first question we asked... for those of you who got here a little late and might have missed it...
[SFishy] name five personality traits (not based on your physical appearance) that you are proud of
[SFishy] don't type your answer here now... write it down on your paper if you missed it at the beginning of the chat

[MrFishy] the next part will be a little harder...........

[SFishy] we udnerstand that some of you are like "how the HECK does this have to do with recovery or my ED" ...

[evil grin]

[SFishy] but it's important to realize how our chats work here...
[SFishy] we want you to focus on YOU... that is what recovery is about... who you are underneith the ED, without the ED
[SFishy] and we like to make it all fun ;)
[SFishy] the next question will be a bit harder...
[SFishy] it's going to involve thinking about your previous answers a bit
[SFishy] look at your answers to the first question "name five personality traits (not based on your physical appearance) that you are proud of"
[SFishy] and now apply them to your "what would you be answers" -- pick on ONE right now
[SFishy] so for example....
[SFishy] if I said "i'm creative"
[SFishy] as one of my traits
[SFishy] and one of my what would I be answers was "a recliner"
[SFishy] then my answers is
[SFishy] a totally creative comfy recliner
[SFishy] looks at your answers now...
[SFishy] and...

[MrFishy] HIT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Ender] a smart kitten
[Jus] a spontaneous Stargazer Lily
[trace] a fun couch
[rach] a strong smoothie
[Kris] A Helpful Daisy
[ruby] spirited couch
[Skye] a friendly Dolphin
[indy] silly cereal
[Lo] a patient deep blue
[Kassie] a loving bed
[Becky] I'm glad I'm not a twin sofa!
[goldie] a persistant hammock
[monarch] a kind magnolia
[Kellicious] a really intelligent bowl of cold sesame noodles
[Louisa] a thoughtful dolphin
[conchita] a compasionate daisy
[sarah] a musical purple lilac
[Rainbow_Crayon] a rainbow flower that has sweet music
[ruby] a funny weed
[Ender] lol rach...maybe a little vodka added...)
[marlene] I'm a goofy asipidistra
[Juliane] a totally decisive tiger!!!!
[cve] a patient chaise lounge
[ticklefeffers] an artistic thoughtful and creative featherbed
[cookie] an outgoing lily
[LP] compassionate cheetah
[momentito] a caring dining room
[Lo] a humorous brownie!
[marla] a compassionate butterfinger
[indy] kid magnet piano
[gibby] a funny kangaroo
[cve] hehe no pun intended
[Juliane] lol!
[Ender] lol ruby!
[conchita] an honest flute
[dreya] gentle singing hummingbird
[Juliane] or a smart flan!
[ruby] a smart pizza
[Lo] a hard-working fainting couch
[cookie] lol
[kc] a pinkish marshmello who coaches gymnastics
[conchita] a silly banana split
[Athena] a dependable curio
[ticklefeffers] an artistic lladro collection
[Dysphoria] lol. compassionate cheescake....Ithat'sjust hilarious
[momentito] a hard working dolphin
[teej] kangaroos love cookie dough
[goldie] intelligent monkey bread : )
[kc] hehe.. love this!
[Juliane] a creative couch!
[goldie] lol Lo
[indy] animal lover burn sienna??
[crimson] a hopeful forget me not
[KAM] giving angelfish
[Purple_Eye] an independent vanilla milkshake
[marlene] A loyal harmonica
[cookie] LOL
[Lo] a humorous cat
[Juliane] lol lol lol lol !
[Rainbow_Crayon] oh i like that purple
[indy] lol purple
[gibby] a dependable rocking chair
[SLY] a mommy lioness
[momentito] lol
[bat] kind horse
[Kassie] a thoughtful hamster
[julia] intelligent manatee :)
[cve] an empathetic peanut butter
[conchita] a caring brass daybed with a pretty floral comforter
[ruby] A SMART penguin
[indy] careful lamp
[ruby] :penguin

[MrFishy] keep um comming...try many combos!

[momentito] a caring pasta
[crimson] a determined mole
[Athena] is this about the furniture or the animals?
[ticklefeffers] a considerate godiva chocolate
[mpty] a resourceful tiger lilly who is allowed to hang out in a hammock and also swim free in a large body of water who can hear the beautiful sound of a violin and gets to look at the color of the Ocean
[Kassie] hamster with a good sense of humour
[scout] a stubborn nurturer
[ruby] a caring bass clarinet
[indy] dedicated cereal
[Lo] a caring saxophone
[LP] strong strawberries
[Louisa] lol
[Juliane] a positive guitar!
[sarah] a caring burgundy crayon
[cve] an intelligent trumpet
[marlene] smart chocolate peanut butter
[rach] a thoughtful bird
[JenPen] hi
[Dysphoria] A creative periwinkle lily
[Lo] a kind brownie
[conchita] honest sky blue
[Rainbow_Crayon] a sea green loving M&M
[kc] an inteligent ...flute??
[cookie] a focused and funny ;loveseat
[indy] young at heart sugar sweet cereal
[Kellicious] a loyal saxaphone
[Louisa] caring chocolate fudge cake
[Kris] lol kc

SFishy smiles

[SFishy] those were AWESOME!


[SFishy] if you scroll back and read... and notice...
[SFishy] no ones answers were the same
[SFishy] all completely unique

[MrFishy] unique!

[SFishy] which is what we are trying to stress here about your identities!!!
[SFishy] each one is unique and special and wonderful...

[MrFishy] WOW...thats like sooooooooooooo cool!

[SFishy] I'd like everyone to think for a minute...
[SFishy] and name something that came to mind when you were writing your answer... and reading the other answers...

[MrFishy] HIT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[For_a_Minute] this is hard
[Louisa] LMAO
[indy] laughing like crazy
[Athena] I was wondering if this was limited to furniture or all other answers
[sarah] i like laughing
[ruby] silly is good
[stevie] this kicked ass
[Skye] fishies are creative
[cve] Am I whispering or writing this?!
[indy] silly isi VERY good
[LP] life is great
[julia] this is neat
[Ender] i kept think a smart bed would be one that plays jazz and turns down the lights automatically...hehehehe
[Dysphoria] I felt warm inside lol
[cve] hehe
[Lo] this is fun
[goldie] everyone else is so creative! and i havent laughed that hard for a LONG time!
[Kassie] good fun
[Juliane] my mind when blank!
[KAM] we have some creative fishies here!
[Jus] the word Cathedral kept coming to mind..hmmmmmmm
[For_a_Minute] i nevr dare to dream this stuff
[Athena] b/c I'd rather be a dependable horse than a dependable curio
[teej] that we r carefree, we can say whatever we want here
[cookie] everyone is funny
[rach] some were very sweet
[Kassie] lauhed out loud
[cve] cathedral?
[marla] this is too fun
[Lillian] "that's imaginative
[marlene] Wishing there were more options. but I liked the goofy aspidistra. :o)
[Lillian] "
[Kellicious] we can all still have a sense of humor
[ticklefeffers] this reminds me of summer camp just hangin out playing silly games kinda fun
[momentito] unique
[Juliane] that some people's answers where really funny!
[For_a_Minute] oh is this minute not an ed minute..yaya
[dreya] lamps are not thoughtful
[scout] uninhibited
[Jus] cve.. song is stuck in my head
[marla] it's nice to be here
[Dysphoria] didn't think I could be so sweet
[conchita] how nice everyones answers were and brought nice images to mind
[alexa] laughing too hard to type mine
[mpty] how different I see myself than what i had put together in a paragraph of all the things written
[mpty] scary
[cve] oh
[teej] we r open
[Kris] daisies are helpful
[indy] creative fishies here
[trace] no idea
[Purple_Eye] that we're all being silly
[Louisa] glad no one knows me!!!!!LOL
[Kris] arent helpful i mean
[Jus] I was also thinking.. this is gonna fit together??????????????????//
[Juliane] that this is really fun!
[Skye] lol
[crimson] imagi nations are rather spiffy
[Juliane] lol!
[julia] me to jus
[mpty] how much i really enjoy peaceful things and beauty in the world
[cookie] I do have good qualities
[trace] i was thinking how this isnt doing anythign for me
[cve] I was wondering where it was going
[rach] I was making a combo I hadn't thought of making before
[LP] I love this--this is so cool!
[goldie] that we should have these chats more often!
[indy] me too swim
[Juliane] great, mbty

[SFishy] Did you all feel like you were trying something new?????

[MrFishy] HIT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[julia] yea
[mpty] yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[trace] no
[sarah] kinda
[Kassie] yes
[alexa] yes
[cve] oh yeha
[stevie] yes i did
[conchita] yes
[Kellicious] yes
[Louisa] yes!!!!!!
[indy] yuppers
[Mara] um yes!!!!!!!!!!!!
[momentito] yep
[marla] yes
[Becky] No
[Ender] umm...not sure
[KAM] yep!
[Lo] sure
[cookie] definitely it was fun
[goldie] yeah
[Juliane] yes
[Skye] not sure
[mpty] without a doub, yes!!!!!!!!!!!
[SLY] yeah
[rach] yes
[kc] yes!! could choose whatever i liked
[Ender] fun tho
[LP] yes
[Mara] a good break
[gibby] yes!!!
[Dysphoria] I think I'll write a poem with this!!!
[JenPen] let's go for it!!
[julia] using my brain positively
[jess] i guess
[Juliane] really silly fun!
[Ender] this is like mad libs....
[goldie] uh oh dysphoria that might be scary
[Mara] i dint even know what i liked..it makes me wonder
[Athena] at first yes then confusion - guess I was reading too much into it
[Kris] yes... but for what I dont understand
[ticklefeffers] reminds me of childhood with nothing to worry about
[teej] the pointyuppers
[Jus] no, but something I haven't done for awhile
[Juliane] in a good way
[marlene] not really, but i had fun....yes, like mad libs!
[trace] where is this going
[sarah] i think i should play this game with the kids at camp
[trace] with these questions
[Juliane] like mad libs, right!
[Kris] sarah - yes!
[kc] dreaming... imagining
[cve] neat idea
[goldie] yeah sarah!
[stevie] wb kensy!
[sarah] they would laugh too
[mpty] wb kensy
[bat] still think of the negative but this is heping refocus
[sarah] and i love hearing them laugh
[Ender] we should all laugh more...)
[marlene] ditto that!
[indy] i haven't thought ANYTHING negative

[MrFishy] first off....i want to say that everyone here was SU{PPOSED to react diffrently....as long as you tried and got a little something out of it...then you did AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[MrFishy] and i applaud you all!

[SFishy] amen MrFishy
[SFishy] thanks for sharing everyone.... that was great and you all did AWESOME
[SFishy] the next thing to talk about and ask you questions on...
[SFishy] related to this all of course...
[SFishy] so... lets look at your answers now again...
[SFishy] look at the ones that were answers to the "what would you be" questions...
[SFishy] and pick one
[SFishy] the first one that catches your eye
[SFishy] or the one that is your favorite
[SFishy] and explain in one brief sentence (something positive of course) why you chose what you did...

[MrFishy] HIT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Ender] cuz I luv french bread!!!!
[conchita] daisy, because it is beatuiful
[Juliane] I love this, I've never tried anything like this before!
[goldie] i chose monkey bread because it is so soft ad gooey and warm
[trace] it reminded me of people together..
[alexa] golden lab--very loyal--and free loving
[cve] Chaise lounge - very comfy and relaxing
[Skye] Dolphins-are happy, swimming, gentle, ocean
[trace] warm loving
[Mara] because it was aged with wisdom...and it held things (antique cabinet)
[Kris] Daisies - cause although you may THIN they look the same.. if you look close they are all VERY DIFFEREENT, Like US
[trace] couch
[sarah] i chose to be a little kitten because i love my cat and a little girl at camp named her stuffed cat after me :)
[Kensington] deer becuz they are graceful & independent
[LP] cheetahs are strong and smart and fast and smooth
[Kellicious] Sesame noodles are my passion. Is it too late for take out?
[rach] gold is beautiful, like sparkly crayons are fun
[Lo] deep blue is so calm, peaceful, relaxing-like the deep blue of a sunset or the ocean
[Louisa] daisy - because it reminds me of carefree happy days when i was younger and of making daisy chains!
[Juliane] Cuz Sunflowers look up the sun, like me!
[Athena] horse- noble and proud - but independant and olnly concerned wit th what matters to him/her speifically - truly living life
[bat] trumpet--because it is loud and can be heard yet beautifully sounded ---unlike how i am quiet and don't let things out
[kc] pink cause its so delicate
[Kensington] purple is unique
[Dysphoria] Cheescake..because it reminds me of happy times
[ruby] dandeelyons cuz they make peoples wishes come true
[gibby] a rocking chair is very relaxing
[princess] i chose a delicate daisy, cuz they're so pretty
[cookie] I miss eating cookie dough ice cream
[KAM] angelfish because they are graceful
[ticklefeffers] featherbed soft and cozy you can just melt down into it it surrounds yoour body with soft comfort
[julia] because dole whip used to be my favorite food as a child and i was happy then
[Purple_Eye] because tigers are smart and independent... which are two of the qualities i wrote down in response to the first question!
[Kensington] recliner - meant for reclining!
[momentito] red cause it's strong
[Jus] A Crib.. cuz they are trusted with something very precious
[Juliane] great answers!
[Kassie] i choose a bed, so warm, cozy and comforting
[Skye] aw
[mpty] large acqadic animals...gives me the sense of inner peace and strength that I so much want and am striving for

[MrFishy] luv these answers!

[Ender] sax because its so...sensual....
[Kris] Daisy - cause they are all differnt, even if they all look the same from far away, they arent
[Juliane] I love sunflowers, cause they always look up!
[Lo] cats let nothing bother them
[Kensington] creative - cuz it means change
[cve] Lo - yes
[goldie] juliane i like that!
[teej] sunflower-reminds me of sunny summer days
[Ender] kittens cuz they are FULL of energy!
[Kris] ok that looked better then the typo try
[Kassie] a rose, because my dad grew them, and they remind me what a great dad he was
[cookie] periwinkle makes me think of the ocean
[crimson] moles are blind but they somehow still figure out where to go
[marlene] Aspidistra: from the novel Keep the Aspidistra flying by George Orwell...Aspidistra is a common plant that grows in abundance like weeds, and cannot be killed...the aspidistra is everywhere! Symbolize perserverance and acceptance to some degree.
[Mara] maybe because you have to search for the antique things?
[momentito] elephants cause they are awsome
[Juliane] thanks, goldie!
[conchita] daisy reminds me of being a kid "he loves me, he loves me not"
[Skye] cute crimson!
[Juliane] great, Marlene!
[kc] cause i want to be a small cute child :)
[teej] wow marlene, you just wrote a book
[indy] hydrangea flowers, cuz it has multiple blooms on one bud and such huge wonderful leaves and the color changes depending on its mood, but its beautiful no matter what color it is
[teej] lol
[marlene] lol
[Juliane] nice answer, conchita!
[Ender] clear cuz Im in a wanna be invisible mood
[teej] indy too
[mpty] cool indy
[marlene] harmonica cause I play it

[MrFishy] pats EVERYOINE on the back!

[SFishy] FANTASTIC answers everyone

[MrFishy] awesome share!

[SFishy] I'd like you to take a few minutes to write your answers down on your paper

[MrFishy] PLEASE DO!!! hold on to those feelings as long as possible!

[SFishy] because this one was an important one for you to remember in the future

[MrFishy] little exercises like these tend to give us some of the strenght we need to face anyhting with a little more power.

[SFishy] okay folks... onto the next...
[SFishy] indentity is SO important for us to find...
[SFishy] thinking about your answers...
[SFishy] and the feelings you have thinking about your answers...
[SFishy] how do you think you can apply them to rough times, when you are not feeling so strong
[SFishy] HIT ME

[Ender] ummm...
[Skye] imagine i am a dolphin, remember how i fell right now
[indy] well, a bald eagle is protected and cannot be hurt....sometimes i wish i was like that
[LP] this too shall pass
[kc] Make me believe my dreams can still come true
[conchita] this one is hard??
[sarah] remembering that once i thought i was ok.....even if i don't now
[Athena] knowing what I am capable of - who I am reqally am - and loving me for that
[Kensington] oh dear
[Juliane] By feeling like the animal I wrote....how he is
[momentito] i guess daily reinforcement............
[Ender] claw the hell out of someone like a kitty does???
[Lo] makes me laugh
[cve] I am patient..I can make it one step at a time
[ruby] write them on fishys
[Mara] always take the time to dream and hope
[marlene] Just hang in there. Bad times pass. The nice thing is you don't have to 'deal' with pain. Just wait and it will pass.
[goldie] when i am afraid of something i can think of monkeybread???
[Mara] refocus
[cve] ender - heheh
[Juliane] or by remebering how fun it is to rediscover myself!
[ticklefeffers] pandas seem to be so full of peace
[princess] must save the little daisies... keep them perfect??
[Kensington] creativity helps to solve problems
[julia] reminding me of the better days and that one day i will get back to those days
[Juliane] lol!
[Kellicious] make noise like a saxaphone
[indy] LOL @ goldie
[teej] visualize sunny summer days
[Skye] Lilies are calm
[cookie] focus on the good qualitites that I have
[Mara] there are always things we can strive for
[goldie] laughing makes troubles melt away.
[Athena] dealing woith stress makes me stronger if I take the right approach - and I CAN and I WILL do that
[Kensington] be graceful like a deer
[Skye] gentle,
[sarah] know that i need to know who i am so i can know waht i want
[bat] the horse is carefree, unintimidated, a grandfather clock is strong, trumpet is loud and heard--all qualities i wish to pocess in order to get through the hard times
[ticklefeffers] i should try to feel like a peaceful panda
[marlene] You don't need to be 'strong' or 'wise.' \ Just patience. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger...(?)
[cve] brick red - makes a bold statement
[jess] i dont no
[Lillian] the power and hopefulness in the positive saying can be focused on and relied upon for guidance
[Juliane] crimson red is a really strong color, so that's how I should be
[indy] seeing the creativity and love of laughter in others here....its GREAT
[goldie] no matter what happens we are all special
[Juliane] good, lillian
[Dysphoria] I can meditate like a lilly in floating in a pond
[Kensington] if you're purple, life is good

[MrFishy] amen goldie!

[Kellicious] sesame noodles = ZEN
[cve] goldie - ditto
[goldie] friends can help you feel good about yourself, or feel good period
[Lo] lol kensy
[teej] yeah kensy, i agree

[SFishy] great answers everyone... keep going

[Juliane] great, goldie!
[Ender] next time someone bugs me, I'm gonna end up thinking about monkey bread just cuz of this chat, and I don't really even know what it is!
[Juliane] lol, kensy
[indy] lamps...my furniture answer...light up peoples lives
[KAM] i can be at peace like an angelfish, I guess
[Kensington] what in god's name is monkey bread?
[Kassie] lol Ender
[cookie] lol ender
[mpty] missed the ? the phone rang
[Ender] gee thanx guys...p
[goldie] lol ender...ill find a recipe somewher!
[cve] Ha - monkey bread again!
[Kris] Ken - i have the recipie
[sarah] i can be something special sometimes

[SFishy] how do you think you can apply them to rough times, when you are not feeling so strong

[Mara] sometimes i have to think of abstract to love me and think ia m specila but its ok
[Kensington] my monkeys are scared
[sarah] lol monkey bread :)
[marlene] Keep your head low and they'll never cut it off. The aspidistra takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'
[ticklefeffers] i should feel warm and fuzzy with my feelings like a featherbed
[bat] they can light up your life too indy
[Juliane] A tiger is so strong and elegant, yet misterious, it feels me with pasion
[Ender] lol kensington!
[Jus] imagine the qualities on a shield
[cve] I can think about monkey bread and laugh
[julia] think back to the happy times i had with each thing

[MrFishy] good deal jus!

[Kris] now WARM FUZZIES... those are what I use (not on my list though)
[mpty] type up my responses and put them near my bed and my computer so I can read them ... so they are always there to read.. so if i should forget..
[Juliane] great, cve!
[teej] remember u only live once, so dont hold back, be carefree!!!!!!!!!
[momentito] continue achieving
[indy] i actually came up with EIGHT qualities!
[Kensington] beating drums is therapeutic
[kc] there is a nother ME somewhere/!!!!!!!
[cve] indy - yo ugo!
[Ender] cool teej
[Kassie] think of monkey bread nd giggle
[marlene] Never give up!!!!
[indy] miss crayons
[indy] :)
[cve] you go, that is
[momentito] never give up!!!!!!!!!
[Skye] cute Kassie

[SFishy] GREAT answers everyone... for those of you who had a hard time with that one, look back at the other answers and come up with your own ideas for the future
[SFishy] it could be something as simple as...
[SFishy] finding the crayon of the color you picked
[SFishy] and holding it for the day in your pocket... to remind yourself how special you are...
[SFishy] or scribbling with it
[SFishy] to get frustrations out

[MrFishy] or sitting in that "recliner or couch" to spoend some YOU time

[SFishy] all of your answers mean something to you
[SFishy] because of you and WHO YOU ARE -- that special person

[MrFishy] here here!
[MrFishy] or hear hear!
[SFishy] LOL

[SFishy] so...
[SFishy] we're going to wrap up with one last question for the night...
[SFishy] and then a little "homework" thing you can do on your own if you want
[SFishy] we'll also be putting a transcript up of this chat
[SFishy] in the next few days, for those of you who might have missed some questions
[SFishy] so here's the question...
[SFishy] WHY are YOU special????

[MrFishy] hit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Kensington] cuz I'm Kensy damnit
[kc] wow!
[Skye] no one like me
[Kassie] because im ME
[marie] I am crazy
[Lo] lol kensy
[Juliane] because I am unique!
[Ender] go kensy!!!!
[LP] I just am
[Athena] b/c I am me
[Mara] WHY NOT?
[indy] cuz i compete in the special olympics? LOL
[mpty] lol kensy!
[Kris] cause people love when I give out daisies
[Kellicious] I am one of a kind and soooooo kellicious
[bat] i feel like trace
[Louisa] Be cause I am Loopy!!!!!
[Kris] laugh knowing I have the recipie to MONKEY BREAD
[Kensington] i write well
[Mara] no body else can be me..right?
[cve] I can trip up the stairs and laugh at myself
[indy] cuz i help special ppl
[Juliane] cause I am helpfull...
[Lo] because i'm ME
[momentito] not that sure yet
[sarah] because.........the little kids at camp give me a hug
[Kensington] i pick stuff up with my feet
[ticklefeffers] because i care about others
[trace] b/c i have an ed
[Athena] and I have a guinea pig trying to type for me - she has been here the whole time on my lap :])
[alexa] because I love to laugh
[Juliane] cause I can make the world a better place!
[indy] lol athena
[Skye] i can laugh at anything
[Kris] because my daughter love me no matter what
[mpty] lol athena
[Ender] because I have cool pjs
[Jus] cuz I am the only red-headed, spontaneous, stargazer lily who is also a chocolate emerald green black panther that I know
[kc] becuase ppl seem to like me....so i'll just trust them :)
[Juliane] how cute, athena!
[julia] b/c i am julia and i am tring to learn to love her for her
[teej] awwww athena
[Dysphoria] right
[Deb] i'm not i missed most of the chat and i don't know several of the question feel like a loser
[Kellicious] I have genuine intentions
[Athena] gbuvff
[Athena] yikes
[marlene] I just am. God said so.
[laura] i'm determined
[Kensington] i'm a fish
[cve] Kris - fork over that recipe LOL
[mpty] because i can sing well..
[gibby] not sure
[crimson] shoot
[Kensington] cuz i decided I am

[SFishy] that's certainly unique Athena! :)

[Kris] Email me then
[bat] good answer marlene
[Juliane] cause I love me!
[mpty] omg! cant believe i said that
[mpty] lol
[Athena] lol
[goldie] cve i was going to post one recipe later on
[cve] sounds good!
[teej] hey trace maybe you should be a little more positive, im sure you r special
[sarah] i can sing and dance
[lildarling] b/c people haven't given up on me!
[Kensington] cuz i am the deer whisperer
[kc] lol :) fishy bread
[mpty] because I am still alive?

[SFishy] come on folks... tell me why you are special... convince me!

[Kris] cause my stpe mom makes an awsome monkey bread
[goldie] lol kc yuck!
[Lillian] because I am myself
[Kensington] cuz i'm funny
[mpty] because I live not just survive!
[Juliane] that was great, athena
[Kensington] i'm in recovery

[MrFishy] I CANT HEAR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[cookie] because I am a survivor
[Kensington] I ROCK
[LP] I just am

[MrFishy] YELL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Kassie] i am a god mum
[Louisa] l
[sarah] because people love me i think
[Dysphoria] I write unique poetry
[trace] becasue until i get help nothing works
[Kensington] I RULE
[goldie] becasue there is no one else like me
[Kellicious] I AM!
[Juliane] cuz Ggod loves me, and he always will!
[Skye] cos i keep on keeping on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[alexa] because I'm a laughing colorful fish
[indy] i am special because i love helping others, and in helping others, i learn how to help myself and appreciate how lucky i am
[Mara] sorry sfishy i cant convince you wheni am trying to learn myself..but i have hope
[Athena] b/c I am me and I have unique poistitve QUALITIES HAT HELP ME AND OTHERS
[KAM] because I have a fish tattoo!
[laura] b/c i try hard
[Jus] hmmmm.. because I said so, and who are you to tell me otherwise????
[cve] I am the BEST
[Athena] OOPS
[Deb] im not
[ruby] because I am Ruby
[julia] BECAUSE I AM JULIA!!!!!!
[marlene] I AM...WHO I AM...!
[ticklefeffers] BECAUSE I HAVE BIG BOOBS
[kc] i fergot
[indy] because i'm a speed reader
[Skye] lol


[Juliane] because I have talents no one has!
[Kris] Cause cause.... I SAID SO???
[cookie] I'm a good person
[kc] lol tickle
[ticklefeffers] HEHE
[cookie] lol
[alexa] I'm a color fish who looks towards the sky
[Purple_Eye] because i have good friendships
[indy] cuz i try to be myself and hope that ppl love me for who i am
[kc] me not!
[goldie] becasue i will do something great with my life
[laura] b.c i like to make people happy
[Juliane] I'm a great listener!
[cve] someone said "boobs"hehehe
[Kensington] I AM special cuz i am me
[Juliane] lol
[Purple_Eye] because i am determined
[cookie] because I will get better
[laura] i'm a good listener too!
[Kellicious] I am worthy.
[kc] because i'm FIGHTING!! and then i'll help others fight!!!
[marlene] Becauze I am a goofy aspidistra bookworm writer
[Athena] lol indy
[Juliane] lol
[lildarling] b/c gina loves me
[teej] because im teej
[indy] cuz i am an occupatilan therapist
[Ally] whats the question??? ack
[ticklefeffers] BECAUSE I EAT CHOCO;ATE
[laura] b/c i walk my dog
[Juliane] great, kc!
[momentito] cause i'm looking forward to a positive future
[Deb] I wonderd what the questions were that I missed


[SFishy] very cool answers everyone

[MrFishy] you ALL convinced me!

[SFishy] now for the homework...

[MrFishy] even tho i KNEW it already!

[SFishy] which is fairly simple...
[SFishy] the only requirement is that you do it during YOU time... when you can be by yourself... and in a quiet place
[SFishy] which I know can be hard to find, but you can ALL find at least minutes in the next month that meets those requirements ;)
[SFishy] step . make the quiet YOU time
[SFishy] step . take your peice of paper with all your answers on it
[SFishy] (and like I said, we'll be posting a transcript in the next couple of days so you can refer back if you missed any questions)
[SFishy] and think about what each answer means to YOU
[SFishy] why you answered the way you did
[SFishy] and what you feel about answerng that way
[SFishy] and any emotions that come to mind in looking at the answers
[SFishy] after writing that... end with self-affirmations... positive self-loving statements
[SFishy] remember everyone...
[SFishy] you are ALL worth recovery
[SFishy] you CAN ALL MAKE IT to the other side
[SFishy] and you are ALL wonderful and special and unique!!

[MrFishy] and ill be collecting the homework next week (silly laugh)

[SFishy] keep your eye on the chat area of the site for the transcripts
[SFishy] we should have it up by Saturday at the latest
[SFishy] before you all leave... as we usually do...
[SFishy] HIT ME with some SELF AFFIRMATIONS!!!!

[Athena] I love me
[marlene] I am me.
[ruby] i am special because I am
[Kensington] I am compassionate
[cve] I think therfore I am???
[indy] i'm accepting of myself
[alexa] i'm a fighter
[Juliane] I am beautyful!
[Mara] i am worth the effort
[goldie] i will conquer my fears
[julia] you guys are great!
Jus has cool Fishy socks
[sarah] i can be an ok person sometimes
[Skye] I TRY
[Kensington] I am a fish
[Mara] i am strogn i have made it this far no?
[Juliane] this is fun!
[Ender] I am the kitten with large pointy teath and sharp claws...)
[laura] i am special and a fighter and will conquer my fears
[kel] yes mara
[Kassie] i keep trying
[Kris] taht Intake may NOT be as bad as I think
[conchita] i am trying
[Louisa] I wont give up until I win
[Kensington] lol tickle!
[marlene] God like me and thinks I'm funny.
[Juliane] yep, mara!
[goldie] lol tickle!
[indy] i am stubborn and that helps me get through life's hardships
[julia] i can recover if i am strong enough and what it bad enough
[gibby] I'm ok, the way I am
[KAM] i will survive!

[MrFishy] skye...thats an important one!

[Ender] lol tickle
[marlene] I have an imagination
[cve] I am going to make it
[alexa] I have wonderful fishy friends
[Athena] I am loving, positive, humorous, and nurturing - but d it all with self resoect and knowing what I need
[Mara] I will OCNQUER
[marlene] I am creative
[Juliane] that I always have someone to lean on!
[sarah] i'm a fishy
[Mara] conqer even
[Kensington] i get knocked down, but get up again
[goldie] i wont give up till i suceed
[marlene] Books love me. I love books.
[kc] my friends will help me through this, and i WANT HELP!!!!
[bat] nomatter how hard i never give up
[Juliane] when I am feeling blue!
[momentito] I'm gonna live forever. i'm gonna learn how to fly
[LP] I am worthy of love and recovery
[indy] LOL momentito
[marlene] Words are my friends!!!
[teej] i will enjoy life, ed free
[mpty] good Lp...
[Juliane] That I am persistant!
[sarah] i have lots of people who care about me
[Kris] That its not an end, but a beginning of LIFE
[mpty] what LP Said!

[MrFishy] bingo LP!

[Kensington] i haven't given up yet
[julia] i work hard at this daily and come chat for support and i can do it
[julia] you do sarah ! :)
[Mara] i am Learnign to live....what better search is that?
[Skye] we have it in there somewhere, all of us
[Juliane] that I will enjoy flavors of life!"
[indy] i am capable of loving others so i am capable of loving myself
[sarah] and my cat loves me too, lol :)
[marlene] I am creative.
[bat] I CHOSE LIFE!!!
[cve] I am flavors and then some
[mpty] yes bat!!!!!
[laura] i choose success
[julia] grea bat
[alexa] I love life and laughter

[MrFishy] YES CVE!!!!!!!!!!

[Juliane] I choose to get help!
[Ender] lol cve
[goldie] lol cve
[Skye] cuteeee
[sarah] i can still laugh sometimes
[mpty] I will make it in this world!!!!!!!!!!!!
[mpty] No matter what!
[Kensington] i recover, therefore I rock
[Kassie] cutee
[Skye] Kensy you GO girl
[indy] i'm worthy (unlike Mike Meyers)....LOL
[Ender] woohoo kensington!
[Lo] good one kensy!
[Kris] taht I hope i have friends enough to give me the HW i missed!
[Mara] i have the ability to create dream and become...i must just fidn me
[marlene] I won't follow the crowd just for the sake of fitting in or being acknowledged.
[Skye] lol Indy
[alexa] the fish will conquer the world
[mpty] i will be successful

[MrFishy] bingo marlene!

[indy] i AM successful
[Juliane] I will follow my dreams!
[Skye] hey guys we all thought of something!

[MrFishy] YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Mara] but the search will make me strong
[cve] I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and gosh darn it, people like me
[Juliane] great, Marlene!
[julia] i will try to be me and love me
[indy] LOL cve
[marlene] lol cve!
[mpty] lol cve!!!!!!!

[MrFishy] YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

[teej] because i could make a difference in someone elses life from what i learn
[indy] isnt' that special?
[Skye] lol


[Kensington] if I try, i am succeding
[bat] I keep coming to chat even when i feel hopeless
[sarah] i can still do most of the things i love to do
[mpty] I RULE!
[cve] We are all special
[Skye] yes!
[indy] i think i can, i think i can, i think i can
[Juliane] thanks fishies!
[Kris] that to love me is not a bad and I can make mistakes too

[MrFishy] you guys are ALL GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

[Athena] my pig just p eg en on me
[indy] toot toot
[mpty] dont make fun of me?
[Athena] peed
[Juliane] everyone rules!
[indy] what athena? lol
[julia] thanks for the great chat!!!! (((SFISHY AND MR FISHY))))
[kc] right kris!!
[Skye] lol
[Juliane] we are all so much fun!
[Kensington] we all get credit for trying
[marlene] life is rich and full,,,ups and downs are all part of it!
[Kris] ty KC
[Skye] thanks
[Athena] and now ran behind the pc in the shelf
[alexa] thankyou !!!!!!very much
[Athena] lmao

[MrFishy] yes...tryers ARE winners!

[Juliane] we can make it!

[SFishy] make sure to WATCH for the transcripts... and for FOLLOW-UP games on the bulletin board!!!

[bat] i really needed tis tonight thanks
[mpty] thank you SFishy and MRFishy! (( solid and safe hugs ))
[Louisa] Thank you Amy and Tony
[goldie] thanks mrfishy and sfishy!!!!!!!!
[indy] thanks guuys!
[mpty] This Rocked!!!!!!!!!

[MrFishy] and i WaNNA see the recipe for monkey bread!

[indy] lol
[Kensington] damn right
[sarah] thank you thank you thank you :)
[Kassie] thank you both
[Skye] me too!
[julia] LOL
Kris hugs Tony and Amy THANKS

[SFishy] remember everyone to TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!
[MrFishy] nite everyone!

SFishy smiles and waves -- this room will be closing in about minutes

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