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Below you will find the list of available chat transcripts. Some of the older chats have not been included yet, but will appear here in the future.

Fishing for Support Chat -- FEBRUARY, 2002

* SFishy[AWAY] reminds everyone that this chat is recovery oriented.... we'll be promting you with questions to answer periodically and will tell you when to answer...

[SFishy[AWAY]] please stay focused on the topic, and remember, all we expect is that you try :)
[MrFishy] thats it!
[SFishy] okay...
[SFishy] tonight we're going to talk a bit about the images we hold onto... the image of ourselves, the image of others, our expectation of certain things...

[MrFishy] I am about to hand each of you a camera
* MrFishy passes them out...
[MrFishy] you are ALL photographers tonight....
[MrFishy] and your pictures will answer the questions posted to you all... * MrFishy says...use flash only when necessary :)

[SFishy] now, with our imaginary cameras, we're going to take a series of pictures...
[SFishy] you can be as descriptive as you want when answering the questions...
[SFishy] just remember, none of your answers can have anything to do with sinking further into your ED...

[SFishy] the first picture...
[SFishy] let's imagine you want to take a picture of a place that feels safe for you...
[SFishy] describe what your picture looks like... what does your safe place look and feel like?

[Genesis] cool breeze, comfy couch, sun on my face
[shooleylynn] It is in my bed with my head under the covers!
[Genesis] sound of water in the background
[candylion] in my bed, under the covers with a huge heap of teddy bears
[luvstoleap] my best friend sarahs housereal big place very pretty like a mansion cool breeze sitting with sarah watching tv cuddling.....
[gruvygirl] Mine is not exactly a safe PLACE...it's more of what I am doing. I have found photography to be something that I love and makes me feel good about myself and safe.
[ksd] barnyard with my horses' heads sticking out of their stalls, summer, hot quiet
[candylion] lol shholeylynn:)
[poetrygal] in my bed in the dark with my puppy cudling up to me
[sekngpeace] sitting in the mountains outside of Boulder, Colorado
[GIRLFRIEND] sunny, warm and secluded
[Genesis] yes ... secluded, but relaxing
[Genesis] no worries
[ksd] yes, secluded, no other peopl
[happyfish] wrapped in my hubby's arms, on the sofa, Classical music, soft lighting
[happyfish] candles, maybe
[hummingbirdy] my rock in Ute wilderness, no one knows about
[lilcoon] ok, i'm with poetrygal: my bed, under my comforter, with my pup, phone off,cup of tea on the bedstand
[luvstoleap] playing pinks dont let me get me with sarah on our guitars singing our heads off having fun just being together at hr house makes me feel super safe all my problems and worries just go away
[poetrygal] in the company of animals because they don't judge
[ksd] sitting at my computer, reading the SF boards
[ksd] Yes, animals are safe for me too
[Genesis] i agree poetry
[candylion] i agree too :)
[shooleylynn] I'm still in bed but dreaming this time!
[luvstoleap] yes with my puppy and kitty is good too
[GIRLFRIEND] Where I don't know anyone else
[Genesis] my kitty cat would be on my lap on my couch

[MrFishy] Good answers.

[SFishy] great answers everyone!
* MrFishy is putting the pictures up on the wall
[SFishy] I realize that your safe place, to many of you, is a very private place
[SFishy] but lets assume for a moment that you want to share it with someone in your life... someone you trust
[SFishy] imagine that you are there, in your safe place...
[SFishy] and you invite someone special, someone you trust, into your safe place...
[SFishy] From where you are sitting, you take a picture of this person
[SFishy] who are they? what is there expression in the picture? how do you feel having invited them in?

[schtuf] my close friend peggy who is like a mother to me,,,i love her to death!!
[shooleylynn] i can only imagine one of my kids and I don't think that is what you have in mind!
[Genesis] his name is Nima .. he has the most caring and relaxed expression i've ever seen. I feel a little exposed having him in my safe place
[lilcoon] oh, this is an easy one. marty (bf) leans down to hug my pup and makes his typical goofy picture face with a crooked grin
[GIRLFRIEND] My 2 1/2 yr old son. Playing and looking for my smile.
[poetrygal] my dog... cuddled in my arms... I don't know if I can truly trust people
[sekngpeace] the person is Michael, my boyfriend...he looks content...smiling...and I feel at peace
[luvstoleap] i would invite sarah in i feel happy and not alone her expression is a happy one a smile on her face like shes laughing
[candylion] i don't think I trust anyone enough, my safe place is only 'safe' because noone can go there
[poetrygal] people are by our very nature untrustable
[ksd] My therapist, but it feels a little odd having her at my barn
[shooleylynn] I know someone I'd like to have here but am too afraid
[Genesis] lol ksd
[gruvygirl] my friend Jamye...she's the only one that has taken the time to really understand

[SFishy] it's safe here shooleylynn... so take the risk :)

[cherokee] god
[poetrygal] God
[harshreality] my best friend Sarah....she would be smiling her bubbly smile and just making those Sarah jokes
[shooleylynn] okay... my choir director!
[lilcoon] lol ksd!!
[shooleylynn] red face!

[MrFishy] good job shoo

[shooleylynn] yeah
[shooleylynn] you asked
[candylion] if anyone it would be one of my old teachers, they would look serious but not angry
[ksd] does it have to be a person
[primadonna] my husband, his expression would be contentment, and i'd feel like i no longer have "my" safe place
[happyfish] My husband, giving me his full attention, with love & understanding shining from his eyes
[schtuf] my friend would just listen and not judge me or yell at me,,,but just listen to me...
[ksd] I guess my husband, but then I have to change the place, b/c he's not as happy at the barn as I am
[bri] i would like all my friends there. i feel safe around others
[schtuf] i dont even have a place,,,so who knows where my person is with me
[happyfish] unfortunately, that scenario doesn't happen often
[ksd] So, maybe sitting on the sofa in the early morning summer sun, drinking coffee
[luvstoleap] just sarah..... i feel very close to her i feel very safe with her
[candylion] they would come to hold my hand so I could feel safe outsiede of my 'safe' place
[hummingbirdy] therapist, kindness, acceptance, i would feel a little embarrased

[MrFishy] GOOD answers

[SFishy] thank you for sharing everyone... awesome answers!
* MrFishy is posting more pix to the wall

[SFishy] So far we have some beautiful pcitures here... pictures of safe places and trusting people....
[SFishy] now lets assume that you and your safe person are going to leave your safe place... you are going to go out and persue something new... something that is a risk for you...
[SFishy] something even a bit scary!
[SFishy] you get to this new place, one that feels not so safe...
[SFishy] and you take a picture...
[SFishy] where are you? what do you see? how does it feel being here?

[happyfish] yuk
[Genesis] ugh
[ksd] oh dear
[primadonna] isolated
[sekngpeace] i'm on a job interview at a school and I feel completely incompetent and freaked out!
[poetrygal] the beach..... too much flesh... ugly
[primadonna] desolate
[candylion] the high street in town, there are lots of people, I feel scared and want to run back home
[Genesis] i have no idea where I am or why I ever decided to go
[GIRLFRIEND] Anywhere around people that are close to me...ironically.
[luvstoleap] a old abadonded baseball field tons of gangs fighting very scary
[schtuf] scared, sad,
[Genesis] i am very anxious. i feel violated
[luvstoleap] sad and scared
[primadonna] the "scape goat"
[shooleylynn] we are singing a duet together I'm scared out of my mind
[Genesis] i want to run back to my safe place ... fast
[luvstoleap] ditto
[schtuf] vulnerable, open, bare, exposed
[candylion] i think everyone must be looking at me and I wish I could just disspear
[ksd] picnic with my parents and siblings - scary and angry and want to leave. but I can't leave with out making a scene
[Genesis] ditto schtuf
[poetrygal] like I'm a carrot in a room full of meat lovers
[GIRLFRIEND] candylion you hit it.
[ksd] Glad y husband is with me
[schtuf] my parents house sometimes,,or my own house when my housemates are home
[CaiteeAnne] I'm stuck on an island with my parents... unable to run to my safe place
[shooleylynn] I'm embarassed
[gruvygirl] i would be with all my friends at a sleepover...there's always lots of triggors and uncomfortable situations there.I would have lots of anxiety and might withdraw
[ksd] oh, my god, Caitee - nightmare
[poetrygal] like I'm no one
[Meg] i carry my safe place with me so i am not afraid
[lilcoon] ok, my b/f and i are in my hometown seeing old friends and aquaintences from high school. i haven't seen them since i entered treament (to put it nicely)
[primadonna] like i'm a child all over again, i can't do or say anything "right"
[poetrygal] like everything has been taken away from me and I can't control anything
[harshreality] I'm getting a chill down my back...
[candylion] i don't think I csan carry on standing there much longer, I am going to go home and put my head back under the covers
[poetrygal] on display
[Genesis] great meg!
[shooleylynn] I'm starting to doubt my trusted person
[CaiteeAnne] I'm searching to find a plane back to the mainland.... alone
[poetrygal] I want to run away and cry
[ksd] I agree candy
[schtuf] feel like i want to cry....or scream...anything to escape
[shooleylynn] ditto cabylion!
[harshreality] I think...walking into a resturant, eating dinner with ryan and sinan...those boys wwho made mean comments about eds..
[happyfish] alienated. I don't know how to get my husband to give me the support I need...
[harshreality] watching girls at the clinic suffer....watching people so unhappy.
[luvstoleap] we start dancing to myras miracles happen and suddenly it turns into a great warm loving happy place not so scary and sad anymore
[gruvygirl] sorry...gtg now! Thanks everyone!
[hummingbirdy] restaurant, food and people,extremely challenged glad for support
[GIRLFRIEND] same. I avoid what most people see as entertaining. I'd rather be alone. It's more comforting.
[poetrygal] on display
[shooleylynn] fantasy is so much safter than leaving the safe place
[CaiteeAnne] sitting at lunch with my boyfriend's friends, uncomfortable and shy
[lilcoon] ugh, this looks ugly. i'm putting on an act... pretending to be comfortable around them
[ksd] I think bedtime is a lousy time to think about this
[primadonna] exactly poetry
[poetrygal] agrees with shooleynn
[ksd] good night
[lilcoon] pretending to be comfortable around ME
[poetrygal] putting on a mask
[happyfish] I agree with ksd
[poetrygal] trying to be what everyone else wants
[luvstoleap] hugging sarah kissing and walking home after a good night
[bri] if my friends left me alone. scared. lonely. anxious
[GIRLFRIEND] feel fake.
[schtuf] yes the mask
[shooleylynn] quit looking at me!

[MrFishy] Awesome answers...i know it was tuff!

[SFishy] I know that was hard! You all did great!
[SFishy] now...
[SFishy] as photographers....
[SFishy] when we decide to take a picture of something we make a choice... where we will stand, what angel the picture is shot at... how we want the picture to be scene...
[SFishy] we have an image in our mind of how scary this different and/or new situation might be...
[SFishy] and we are seeing it one way...
[SFishy] now this will be hard...
[SFishy] but how could you change your picture? How could you give it a different perspective. How COULD the picture look that wouldn't be so scary? (you can include a safe person, safe things, more courage in your heart, etc.)

[Annabelle_Rose] yikes this is hard...
[hummingbirdy] laughing,ordering food,talking,socializing and eating. Enjoying the
[Genesis] i could realize that all my feelings aren't rational and that people aren't staring at me and laughing
[hummingbirdy] restaurant
[shooleylynn] I would need to change the person to one who is available
[schtuf] i am trying to think about it without putting myself down,,ughhh
[harshreality] smiling..
[Annabelle_Rose] friends who i feel safe with instead of random people at the house party...
[Genesis] I could relax and try to enjoy it
[harshreality] saying things and not being scrutinized
[harshreality] saying things and meaning them
[harshreality] and not doubting myself so much
[schtuf] i could be real and be myself and stop trying to be someone i'm really not
[poetrygal] I would need to erase everything in my brain so I couldn't think and over rationalize things
[luvstoleap] put on some good dancing music id be with sarah wed be hugging ang cuddling by the fire in her living room watching our friends dance at a huge sleep over for the end of the year 8th grade sleepover dancing and having fun
[primadonna] remember that i'm an adult with low esteem, not the kid with no esteem
[Meg] i am the one that changes the picture just by my presence
[Annabelle_Rose] i would eliminate the alcohol from the picture
[shooleylynn] I would have to go alone
[candylion] i'm standing in the high strret in the middle of town... there are lots of people, it is sunny , nobody is looking at me, I feel happy to be there, I am smiling at people
[GIRLFRIEND] this one is hard. I don't see myself in the picture.

[SFishy] would you stand somewhere different? would you vocalize your feelings more? would you stick up for yourself? would you have something in your pocket that makes you feel more empowered? (etc.)

[Genesis] my picture would look less threatening, just because I perceive it differently. the picture could actually be the exact same one
[schtuf] i would defiantly stick up for myself more,,,,,

[MrFishy] good point genesis

[schtuf] i'
[Annabelle_Rose] my voice would be HEARD damnit
[poetrygal] my back wouldn't be to the camera and my arms wouldn't be around myself trying to hide
[harshreality] yes...my VOICE.
[harshreality] and also I would be MYSELF, and not let what those boys think about me matter at all
[schtuf] i'd look to God more,,,,
[luvstoleap] id have sarah holding my hand as we danc all night with our friends taking away all my fears and worriesat that moment we kiss and the whole world dissapears and i feel very safe again
[schtuf] yes i'd be myself
[poetrygal] amen schtuf
[lilcoon] can i have a "magic camera?"
[schtuf] and not be afraid of who that person is
[GIRLFRIEND] I am always the one behind the camera.
[Annabelle_Rose] i would never go anywhere alone
[poetrygal] a magic wand
[Genesis] i would look at my picture and focus on what i could enjoy and not what everyone must be thinking about me
[Genesis] move the focus from THEM to ME
[luvstoleap] ditto genisis
[schtuf] i would not be afraid to feel good,,,i would not be afraid to feel in general
[poetrygal] the picture would be in color not in black and white and there would be a sun instead of dark clouds
[Genesis] who really cares about THEM anyway ... right, if only i could believe that
[eey] I wouldn't analyze everything and I would take things for face value
[shooleylynn] I would feel better about myself
[hummingbirdy] i would talk and be confident of my choices and myself. i would not hide who i am. It would be ok to be me. i would have 1000stitch bear in my pocket for security
[lilcoon] well, my picture taken with this "other" camera would capture each person's true thoughts, not the picture they put on the outside. so...
[schtuf] i wouild speak my mind instead of letting people walk all over me and control me
[poetrygal] I would see everyones flaws instead of just my own or no ones flaws whatever would be better not quite sure
[lilcoon] instead of me being the only insecure, ashamed person in the pic, it would show everyone and either own insecuries
[lilcoon] god, that doesn't make sense
[candylion] i'm not scared, I don't feel naked, I feel safe and happy
[shooleylynn] I would feel loved and accepted like warm sunshine
[candylion] it does lilcoon:)
[Genesis] as my good "psychiatrist to be" friend says ... EVERYONE is f***ed up in one way or another
[shooleylynn] a solo
[GIRLFRIEND] I think I'm understanding this differently now...
[poetrygal] I would be standing in the ocean with little colorfish swimming around me in a daring 2 piece instead of a parka
[Genesis] i'd recognize that and RELAX
[primadonna] poetry, if you're done with it, i'll take that parka!
[schtuf] i'd wear what i want to wear instead of only wearing certain 'safe
[schtuf] clothes
[GIRLFRIEND] I would show my real self. I wouldn't hide behind what I think everyone else sees as successful
[poetrygal] lol... not quite... I'll keep in for a while thanks

[MrFishy] Awesome answers!!!!!!!!!!!!

[SFishy] EXCELLENT EVERYONE! you all did great!
[SFishy] taking risks can be really tough... letting yourself feel vulnerable, especially if you aren't used to doing that, certainly doesn't always feel safe...
[SFishy] so we have to practice practice practice to realize that the benefits outweigh the downsides...
[SFishy] now...
[SFishy] looking at your last picture...
[SFishy] where you are feeling better about this uncomfortable situation...
[SFishy] your safe friends snatches the camera away from you...
[SFishy] and snaps a picture of YOU!
[SFishy] what is the look on your face? what does it say about how you are feeling about your new perspective on this situation?

[Genesis] ACK!!!! I feel sooo betrayed.
[GIRLFRIEND] I have to go. Thank you...
[Genesis] i have the "deer in the headlights" look
[schtuf] scared, angry
[primadonna] it's always a smile, till i see the actual picture
[poetrygal] you wouldn't see my face I'd be too busy running after my friend trying to get it back
[eey] out of control
[Genesis] and ... gees, i thought i was so together
[candylion] i look really schoked because I never let people take photos of me!
[eey] me neither candy
[shooleylynn] proud and happy but I had to get rid of the safe friend
[candylion] shocked*
[poetrygal] yuck... that's me... why didn't you tell me I look like that?
[luvstoleap] yay! a smile and a laugh i pose as a tough chick getting ready for a fight with some evil dudebut i dont fight the guy i just pose and smile with a luagh
[happyfish] YIKES, I never did find a way to get comfortable, now its worse!
[poetrygal] senior picture pose
[Genesis] ditto poetry
[harshreality] OMG!
[lilcoon] candy, me too
[harshreality] horror...
[schtuf] i have to go,,thank you,,goodnight
[harshreality] and....honesty at the same time
[poetrygal] is that picture digitally messed with?
[harshreality] a true honest picture of me..
[harshreality] which has happened alsmost never. it's almost a relief to really be likethis
[harshreality] free
[shooleylynn] I would like to someone in this picture
[hummingbirdy] it makes me laugh, and i like the impulsiveness of it
[Genesis] ugh ... the horror in my eyes .. the fear ... the exposure of ME
[poetrygal] lol... a pasty white goddess............NOT
[Meg] Thinking I am glad to have a friend who is willing to take a risk
[luvstoleap] im dancing on stage right as im doing the highest lea ive ever done sarah takes a picture of me ive got a huge smile on my face and im laughing
[poetrygal] my friend better be in the pic with me too then
[Meg] And that I can be gracious enough to see what she sees
[poetrygal] okay so I probably don't look as bad as I think
[Genesis] i grab the camera and destroy it
[harshreality] I take it, and put it with me..
[Genesis] i need a new camera
[Meg] And she sees me as being enough just as I am
[poetrygal] Meg... can we change brains I'd love to think the way you do
[harshreality] as a reminder to myself of what I look like when I'm honest
[Genesis] ditto poetry
[shooleylynn] I still would like the choir director
[candylion] ug this is just too hard...

* SFishy reminds everyone we were able to change perspective before -- if you don't like your friend grabbing the camera, can you change your perspective at all?

[Meg] You will find yourself poetry and it will be your brain and that will be so much better
[Genesis] great point meg
[poetrygal] oh... I have a brain? j/k
[candylion] Amy, I don't understand
[Genesis] i guess i could realize that I'm not such a horrible person after all
[Genesis] and that I, too, have good qualities
[poetrygal] do I have to see the pic?
[Genesis] though, i'd never believe it, i could try real hard to convince myself

[SFishy] and what good qualities show up in that picture your friend is taking Genesis (and everyone)?

[lilcoon] all i've got is honesty.
[luvstoleap] honesty and happiness and love caring etc.
[eey] I have a friend who loves me the way I am
[Genesis] um ... that a smile and the happiness on my face makes me more beautiful any day than some stupid goal weight or poor self image
[harshreality] yes.....lots and lots of honestly
[harshreality] hopefully some element of relaxation
[poetrygal] all I've got is pasty white skin, red hair, and humor
[harshreality] and spontenaity
[Meg] Accountability to myself and others

[SFishy] poetry... change your pespective... to me it looks like porcelan white skin, unique red hair and a good sense of humor :)

[Genesis] i agree sfishy ... there are two ways to look at every trait
[primadonna] "comfort"
[poetrygal] you'd think differantly if you were me and ever tried to get a tan....lol oops there goes that humor again urgh
[shooleylynn] what if there is no one?

[MrFishy] ALWAYS 2 sides.....depends on which "picture" we are willing to look at :)

[eey] still upset they took my camera
[Genesis] sooo true
[poetrygal] okay I have fun mood eyes... they change color when I change moods
[MrFishy] :)
[hummingbirdy] kindness,courage thru adversity, caring
[poetrygal] but my camera is still bw
[Genesis] lol eey

[MrFishy] AWESOME shares!

[SFishy] okay all... your friend gives you your camera back... it was fun to watch your answers sort of gel, after getting over the initial shock
[SFishy] your safe person did something unexpected...
[SFishy] and unexpected things in life come up all the time...
[SFishy] but we always have a choice on how we will choose to see the situation, and how we will handle it
[SFishy] now...
[SFishy] we have to continue with out pictures...
[SFishy] and this camera has a very special quality that my daughter invented...
[SFishy] this camera can see a person's inner beauty
[SFishy] so you are going to do a self portrait...
[SFishy] first, where are you when you do the self portrait... and second, what does your picture show about you?

[poetrygal] huh... you mean like drawing or do we still have the camera?
[harshreality] *sighs* this is harder...
[primadonna] i'm on stage
[harshreality] someone who is smart.
[shooleylynn] I am in the clouds

[MrFishy] camera

[luvstoleap] im at my dace class dancing my reel it shows my love for dancing and how much i love my friends
[harshreality] thinks for herself and has her own opinions....
[harshreality] and strongly holds to her morals
[poetrygal] in New York on Broadway playing Christine from Phantom of the Opera
[Genesis] My self portrait ... I am at Nima's and I choose to draw metaphorically. It is like a field with pretty flowers that make others feel good and there is a big pile of horse s**t in the middle that needs to be removed
[shooleylynn] wow poetry gal! Is Michel Crawford there!
[primadonna] it shows a soft heart full of love and caring, genuine in those things
[poetrygal] oh yeah... loves Michel Crawford
[candylion] i'm on a mountain ridge, its spring and there are crocuses, its sunny and the sky is a beautiful blue... I deceide to take a picture of the view instead of me:)
[Meg] It doesn't matter where I am because I want my picture to always refect where I am at in the moment
[harshreality] I am...I'm telling a story and hanging out with middle school girls.
[Genesis] My picture shows that I am beautiful on the inside despite the flaws
[Genesis] and that the flaws aren't my fault
[lilcoon] genesis, love the metaphor
[eey] my picture is blank :(
[harshreality] who think I'm so cool b/c I'm in HS, and who look up to me for guidance and think I"m awesome....despite the flaws and bursts of superficiality
[Meg] So right now I am confident, focused and a tad sad
[Genesis] and I can choose to deal with it or just be annoyed by it and feel that it ruins the whole picture
[shooleylynn] I am with angels...I see a geautiful heart a beautiful mind, caring, genuine, still lonely though

[SFishy] eey... can't be blank... name at least one inner beauty quality about yourself :)

[eey] still thinking
[hummingbirdy] i am singing quietly to a small girl, accepting with love and compassion for the all that she is. Showing her that she brings a lot of joy to my life
[RainbowGirl] i'm compassionate. but not sure where my picutre is taking place. maybe working at an animal shelter
[lilcoon] i think my safe friend broke my camera accidentally b/c it's not working
[poetrygal] or in a field of wildflowers with butterflies all over with baby bunnies and dear... you can't see my face but you can tell is actually relaxed... my shoulders aren't hunched but really not attached with reality... dreams are so much easier
[cherokee] i have a good heart
[poetrygal] lol...lil
[candylion] lol lilcoon
[primadonna] i have one for eey, she seems really humble and genuine and not "assuming" about herself
[eey] thats what must have happen to mine lil

[SFishy] camera is indestructable... I have kids remember, so it must all be break-proof ;)

[eey] thanks primadonna
[primadonna] :-)
[lilcoon] ugh, i'm sorry, i just can't go there
[poetrygal] I look kinda out of it... like I drank too much caffine and have a buzz
[lilcoon] (can it run out of film?)
[candylion] i try and take a picture of my inner beauty, but where I was sitting is just a big blotch of nothing
[neely] you havnt met my kids
[eey] nice neely
[harshreality] hehe
[eey] well I now have no nails in my picture because I have bit them all off thinking about this one
[luvstoleap] lol
[neely] I am standing in front of a classroom of children doing what I love to do; teach
[shooleylynn] I love my spiritual side, I'm blown away when someone actually sees it!
[eey] I teach too neely

[MrFishy] Good answers all!

[SFishy] Excellent everyone!
[SFishy] I want you all to keep your cameras... keep them close to your heart... and remember...
[SFishy] when things get hard, or when you are feeling particularly negative...
[SFishy] we have the choice on how we are going to handle it, how we are going to see ourselves in a situation, and how we are going to cope with it
[SFishy] It's okay for us to see ourselves afraid, or crying, or angry... but what do we do with those emotions is what is importnat
[SFishy] because that is what makes for more content images of ourselves... to love what we see about US
[SFishy] As we do every month... we end with affirmations...
[SFishy] so let me hear them loud and clear... the things you love about being you, why you are a good person, etc.!

[poetrygal] haha...feeling negative... film... cameras... good joke
[Meg] I am centered in my own recovery
[luvstoleap] i can dane im cool im hip im very athletic i have good grades i can succeed i can sing i have many talents im good at almost everything i do
[hummingbirdy] Thank you for the camera. This is a tough week and i will use it often i think. i love me cause i never give up and i am stubborn enough to win
[Genesis] I am smart, funny, attractive, and not ruined by the "pile of crap in my field of flowers"
[luvstoleap] peace out guys im gonna go rest cuz im sick byes
[candylion] Know thatI realise I stand in a beautiful place, where each step that you take is a choice that you make
[lilcoon] thanks amy and toni
[Genesis] the camera made me realize that I am not ruined .. thanks SOOOO MUCH
[primadonna] that i'm my nephews' "monster", trust me...it's good:-)
[poetrygal] it is good to be needed
[Meg] I am right where I am meant to be
[neely] thank you; this is my first forum; see you again soon
[Genesis] haha prima
[lilcoon] meg, you're so sweet!! i love it
[Meg] ty
[poetrygal] Life is not over

* SFishy says SHOUT those affirmations all!

[primadonna] gen, i call him "monster" instead of pumpkin or whatever and today, he told me that i'm his "monster":-) hee hee, i almost cried lol
[shooleylynn] that there is more to me than physical appearance.
[Genesis] amen, shoo
[harshreality] I cna be loved
[Meg] I will move at my own pace and accepts what challenges come my way
[shooleylynn] perhaps people do not judge as harshly as I think they do.
[primadonna] i'm finally starting to let go of "me" when i'm on stage and not worrying about how "i" look so much
[Meg] I am a good mommy to my 7 cats!!
[poetrygal] meg... yeah

[MrFishy] YELL UM!

[poetrygal] UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM........ look I yelled it..
[harshreality] I LOVE THE REAL GIRL!
[Genesis] one day, mr.fishy ... not that confident yet
[shooleylynn] you don't have to like me I dont give a SH...!!!
[Genesis] but thanks for challenging me. maybe next month i'll be ready
[harshreality] I WILL BE HEARD!!!


[harshreality] (yes, you will genesis....I remember coming here last year and not being able to say one postive thing)
[Genesis] errr ... NEXT MONTH I'LL BE READY!!!
[harshreality] (and now you cna't shut me up)
[crayola_kid] I deserve to become the best I can be
[shooleylynn] I know what I am doing!
[poetrygal] thanks Amy and Toni... you rock..
[Genesis] :) ... thanks harshreality
[poetrygal] maybe one day I'll stop being able to joke around everything and figure out what I'm really feeling
[lilcoon] thanks group! you were great
[primadonna] for sure, thank amy and tony....man..if only you guys could know half of what you've helped me through...

[MrFishy] You ALL were awesome.....
[MrFishy] pat yourselves on the back tonight!

[harshreality] it's true...:)
[shooleylynn] joking is coping too!
[neely] we all need a sense of humor during tough times
[Genesis] awesome session .. thanks a lot everyone and MrFishy and SFishy
[poetrygal] find the real me... maybe I'm out there somewhere

* SFishy reminds everyone that we will be here next month, last Wednesday, at 10pm Eastern Time -- 7pm Pacific Time (March 27th)

[MrFishy] thank you ALL for comming and trying!

[Meg] I know you are poetry

[SFishy] there is ALREADY a follow-up game on the bulletin board...
[SFishy] in the FISHING FOR SUPPORT forum

[neely] look inside she is not far
[shooleylynn] thanks for sharing all...
[Genesis] heading there now sfishy
[Genesis] bye bye

[SFishy] thank you so much everyone for coming and for sharing yourself tonight!

[poetrygal] God bless you all...
[lilcoon] thanks everyone. see ya around the bowl

[SFishy] and always...

[MrFishy] Eveyone have a GREAT night...

[SFishy] TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!!!

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