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Below you will find the list of available chat transcripts. Some of the older chats have not been included yet, but will appear here in the future.

Fishing for Support Chat -- FEBRUARY, 2001

* SFishy gets ready to get started

[SFishy] HEY Everyone!

[MrFishy] HOLAS ALL!!!

[SFishy] First I'm going to go over the rules for participating in this chat...
[SFishy] we'll be instructing you along the way how to participate
[SFishy] and when
[SFishy] We'll ask questions for you to answer periodically...

[SFishy] just do the best you can
[SFishy] TRYING is all you need to do in this chat
[SFishy] None of your answers can have anything to do with weight or food
[SFishy] and if you don't follow these rules you'll be moved out of chat

[MrFishy] the goal here is to learn just a little about YOU
[MrFishy] and little ways to make steps
[MrFishy] sometimes it is easy
[MrFishy] sometimes...we give hard ones
[MrFishy] buts its all good!

[SFishy] ok... lets get going...

[SFishy] I don't have the time
[SFishy] I don't have the money

[MrFishy] I forgot!

[SFishy] It doesn't matter

[MrFishy] It wont make a diffrence!

[SFishy] I'm different than everyone else
[SFishy] I don't have the strength

[MrFishy] Its not my FAult!
[MrFishy] Nobody cares anyway!

[SFishy] I don't know how

[SFishy] ... all of the lines above...
[SFishy] they are excuses

[MrFishy] When we were kids...
[MrFishy] we had tons of them at times...
[MrFishy] like...

[MrFishy] Wheres your homework?


[MrFishy] Did you brush your teeth?


[MrFishy] Did you tie your shoes?

[SFishy] *whine* I DON'T KNOW HOW

[SFishy] As we grow up though...
[SFishy] our excuses start to serve a different purpose
[SFishy] and most of the time
[SFishy] we make excuses because there is something we fear -- something we are afraid of

[MrFishy] Fear of the unknown
[MrFishy] fear of change

[SFishy] Fear of failure
[SFishy] Fear of possible outcomes

[MrFishy] First question to the room....

[SFishy] (remember, NONE of your answers can have anything to do with weight or food!)

[MrFishy] List some excuses youve made that have helped keep you in your ed?

[Cala] I don't want to
[juliaf] too busy to do aything
[PoetBallerina] If I quit, I won't be accepted
[Bluestarr] it's the only way to deal
[justice] you wouldn't understand
[MERTZ] i'm tired
[Bluestarr] it's habit
[juliaf] who cares
[carys] I can't do it right
[MERTZ] ot works.
[Cala] I'll only end up back here, why try?
[Bluestarr] i'm afraid
[PoetBallerina] I do not have a problem
[squids] it works
[Havenly] i am better than i used to be so i am ok, now
[Vickkie] I can stop this eating disorder anytime that I want
[MERTZ] it works
[Bluestarr] why quit--it's a cycle
[justice] I deserve this
[juliaf] nothing bad will happen
[Bluestarr] i'm fine
[Bluestarr] nothings wrong
[carys] I can't cope without it
[Kisiwa] I'll do better tomorrow
[squids] i'm fine
[juliaf] its my fault
[Bluestarr] i'm not like the others
[Cala] what's wrong with this?
[squids] i don't have a problem
[PoetBallerina] I am not sick enough
[Bluestarr] nothing else to concentrate on
[carys] what's the point?
[Bluestarr] control
[Bluestarr] i'm not that sick
[juliaf] why stop?
[Cala] I don't NEED help, I'm fine
[bri] i need it
[Bluestarr] i need it
[squids] it helps
[carys] scared of ... everything!
[Cala] nothing I do will change anything...
[Bluestarr] its comforting
[Ainsley] its hopeless
[Havenly] it is who i am
[Bluestarr] nobody cares
[juliaf] easier to do nothing than something
[PoetBallerina] I do not meet a certain criteron for help
[carys] its' me

[SFishy] thanks for sharing everyone!

[MrFishy] Good shares!

[SFishy] Now the second question has to do with the first...
[SFishy] How do you think that those same excuses have held you back from reaching for recovery???

[juliaf] not letting anyone try to help
[Cala] ummm....
[PoetBallerina] if I do not have a problem, why try to recover?
[Kisiwa] Healing can always wait
[Bluestarr] pushing people away
[carys] by not trying enough
[PoetBallerina] I do not want to let go
[Bluestarr] i can get better at anytime
[bri] i am not strong enough to recover
[Bluestarr] i'm not that bad off
[juliaf] its safer this way
[Vickkie] The fear of getting better;finding out what is underneath the eating disorder
[PoetBallerina] i will do it later
[MERTZ] made it easy for things to stay the same
[Bluestarr] being scared
[Havenly] i think that i do not know how to live without it
[PoetBallerina] i am too busy
[Bluestarr] too much effort to change
[Cala] I don't want to change
[juliaf] fear of not being good at something
[Bluestarr] no time
[Havenly] i don't know how to be without it
[Cala] I'm scared to change
[bri] fear of failing at recovery
[carys] me too havenly - don't think I can live without it
[Bluestarr] don't know if i want to change
[MERTZ] opening old wounds
[Vickkie] It is safer for me to stay in the denial mode than to admit that I have a problem
[Bluestarr] habit
[Cala] the unknown is too.....unknown, lol
[juliaf] if i let someone help that means i have to admit someone cares and i am not worthy of that
[PoetBallerina] this helps me
[carys] scared of failing and mucking it up
[Bluestarr] i don't want to admit i'm messed up enough for recover
[Vickkie] I do not to tell pepole what is going on with me
[Cala] I can't ask for help, I have to do it all by myself
[PoetBallerina] i do not need help
[carys] who am I without it?
[PoetBallerina] i am strong enough
[Bluestarr] loss of my "security blanket"
[PoetBallerina] i am trying though

[SFishy] Thanks for your honesty everyone!

[MrFishy] Very good shares!
[MrFishy] Honesty....
[MrFishy] honesty with ourselves...
[MrFishy] about excuses we make....
[MrFishy] is the only way...
[MrFishy] we can tell the difference
[MrFishy] between an EXCUSE ...
[MrFishy] and a real concrete REASON.

[SFishy] Being honest with ourselves isn't easy
[SFishy] and knowing it's an excuse is never a reason to beat yourself up...
[SFishy] but should be motivation to find your way AWAY from the excuse.
[SFishy] Thinking about honesty...
[SFishy] and thinking about your answers to the previous questions above...
[SFishy] here's the next question...
[SFishy] if someone you cared about made the same excuse for the same reasons, would you just accept it as true? or... would you challenge their thinking, tell them they ARE worth it, they CAN do it, they DO have a problem... etc.???

[Cala] I would challenge them
[juliaf] i would challenge them probably
[carys] ummm, challenge them, but this is different?!
[Bluestarr] i would challenge them because i would know that they are just making excuses
[ema] I know where this is going but... I would probably challenege them
[juliaf] depends on the circumstance and how well i knew them
[PoetBallerina] i would challenge them....eep
[Cala] BUT if they gave me the same justifications I give myself, I would let them live their lives
[squids] i would challenge them
[Vickkie] I would ask him or specific questions about what is going on
[Bluestarr] but it's diff when it comes to me
[justice] of course I would challenge them, its just harder to apply to myself becasue I get lulled into listening to the "old tapes" in my head
[Kisiwa] I always encourage others to be their best and believe in themselves
[Bluestarr] i would want them to help themselves
[Cala] it's so different when it is yourself
[Vickkie] Then I would encourage him/her to seek help
[caligirl] i know i would challenge, but i don't wamt them to challenge me!

* MrFishy challenges to answer the question without YOUR excuses in them

[ema] It's so much easier to talk about others and what they should do
[smr] me too, but somehow i find it easier to tell when someone else is making an excuse than to tell when i'm making an excuse
[Kisiwa] I am more critical of myself
[Cala] UGH! I would want them to be happy
[Bluestarr] i would challenge them so they could see through the excuses
[ema] I would definitely challenege them
[carys] But very necessary?!?!!!!!!
[lonelystar] it hurts to be challenged when suffering this
[Vickkie] I am extemely critical about myself & then realize that I am worth it & I deserve recovery
[carys] Difficult though!
[PoetBallerina] Yes. I have been challenged by someone who cares about me. And I know if I cared about someone, I would try the same thing.
[Kisiwa] I would tell them that they are caoable of whatever they put their mind toward
[juliaf] actually i would tell tehm i was there if they needed me and leave them to be
[carys] But need to be challenged....
[Cala] I would advise them that there ARE alternatives, and that there is help out there if they ever feel that they need it
[justice] challenge but definitely listen too
[Bluestarr] exactly challenge in a good way
[Vickkie] I would tell him/her that they are capable of recovery

[SFishy] I know that was difficult for you all... GOOD ANSWERS

[MrFishy] i DO want to point something out tho....
[MrFishy] this was a VERY hard question to answer....
[MrFishy] and im sure we all noticed..
[MrFishy] that we saw some excuses WITHIN the answers....
[MrFishy] which leads us to the next point....

[SFishy] think about the person who is virtually sitting next to you here...
[SFishy] all of us...
[SFishy] we seem to set different rules for different people... especially ourselves as compared to everyone else
[SFishy] For example, it's okay for others to make mistakes...
[SFishy] or to try and not succeed the first time out...
[SFishy] and if they were someone we cared about...
[SFishy] we'd encourage them, tell them it's no big deal, support them...
[SFishy] but we DO NOT offer the same luxury to ourselves!!!
[SFishy] Excuses help keep us trapped in this line of thinking...
[SFishy] such as "but I'm different"
[SFishy] or "I don't really have a problem"
[SFishy] Again, think about the person sitting next to you in our little chat world...

[MrFishy] We are going to ask a SET of questions now......
[MrFishy] you MUST answer with either a YES or a NO....
[MrFishy] do not elaborate...
[MrFishy] do not explain....
[MrFishy] do not add ANYTHING to the answer...
[MrFishy] just YES or NO
[MrFishy] Do you bleed red?

[carys] yes
[Cala] Yes
[Bluestarr] yes
[squids] yes
[fuzzy] yes
[Kisiwa] yes
[ema] yes
[bri] yes
[reallymessedup] yes
[juliaf] yes
[PoetBallerina] YES
[jehanna] yes
[Vickkie] Yes
[MERTZ] yes
[justice] yes
[Ainsley] yes
[reallymessedup] ohh yes i do
[Crayen] YES
[CinnamonAngel] yes

[MrFishy] Do you get wet when you stand out in the rain without an umbrella?

[Cala] yes
[carys] yes
[jehanna] yes
[reallymessedup] yes
[ema] yes
[Vickkie] Yes
[CinnamonAngel] yes
[Bluestarr] yes
[juliaf] yes
[MERTZ] yes
[squids] yes
[lonelystar] yes
[bri] yes
[Ainsley] yes
[Kisiwa] yes
[PoetBallerina] yes
[Crayen] YUP

[MrFishy] Can you leap tall buildings in a single bound?

[Bluestarr] no
[squids] no
[Cala] no
[reallymessedup] NO
[jehanna] no
[bri] no
[carys] no!
[CinnamonAngel] no
[lonelystar] no
[Ainsley] no
[Vickkie] NO
[Big12Tiger] no
[MERTZ] no
[Kisiwa] no
[Crayen] no
[fuzzy] no
[smr] uh, no

[MrFishy] Can you flap your wings and fly?

[Cala] no
[Bluestarr] no
[jehanna] no
[CinnamonAngel] no
[smr] no
[Ainsley] no
[bri] no
[juliaf] no
[Big12Tiger] no
[Vickkie] NO
[PoetBallerina] nope
[squids] yes
[reallymessedup] no
[MERTZ] no
[ema] no
[squids] ok no
[fuzzy] no
[PoetBallerina] no
[Stevie] sober ....no

[SFishy] Okay everyone... I know that seemed a bit silly...
[SFishy] but I think you know what the point is here...
[SFishy] even though we are all unique...
[SFishy] we really have very much the same basic needs.
[SFishy] Needs that we have to OURSELVES fulfill...
[SFishy] Needs that can only be met when we stop make excuses and reach out to ourselves and to others for help

[MrFishy] Think about wanting to recover....
[MrFishy] the you inside yourself that no longer wants to be sick...
[MrFishy] Im gonna ask another set of questions...
[MrFishy] and this time...
[MrFishy] your answers can be more elaborate...
[MrFishy] gonna give you a list of excuses...
[MrFishy] thinking about the part of you that wants to recover...
[MrFishy] what can you say to yourself to counter your excuses?

[SFishy] first excuse....
[SFishy] I have to be the "strong one"

[Cala] I deserve to be comforted too
[MERTZ] bull
[squids] nobody's always the strong one
[ARTgrrl] I can be weak too
[Cala] everyone needs help sometimes
[Bluestarr] you ARE strong, but you can show your weakness too
[Stevie] showing emotion shows alot of strength
[smr] sometimes i need someone to lean on just like everyone else
[ema] everyone deserves to be taken care of once in awhile
[Kisiwa] You can't always be the strong one, sometimes you need to be the one being comforted
[carys] You can't be strong all the time and there's nothing wrong with needing help
[bri] being strong means taking care of myself
[ARTgrrl] teddy bears are nicer to hug then brick walls
[Vickkie] I deserve to get hugs & support
[jehanna] I am not a robot
[Stevie] saying i need help...SHOWS strength
[juliaf] no one will notice if you are not strong
[Justice] even the strong need down time to keep being strong
[ARTgrrl] Its okay to cry
[ARTgrrl] I deserve to have my voice heard too
[Cala] everyone has bad days
[Bluestarr] strength is getting help
[Justice] bridges are strong and they still need support
[Bluestarr] you deserve a break
[squids] it takes more strength to show your weakness
[ARTgrrl] its not a commandment that I have to be strong
[Vickkie] It is ok to express my feelings & ask for help
[carys] strength is allowing yourself to be weak too, knowing your limits
[Stevie] i love that justice
[ARTgrrl] good one carys!
[CinnamonAngel] We need to accept our humaness... that means strengths and weaknesses
[squids] sometimes it helps others more to see that you are vulnerable too
[ARTgrrl] strength is knowing when to reach out for help and admit defeat
[Bluestarr] everyone loses their strength at times and support is always there!
[LVRissa] Hiya everyone

[MrFishy] AWESOME answers!

[SFishy] okay....
[SFishy] next excuse to counter...
[SFishy] I don't have a "real" problem -- or -- this isn't that big a deal

[carys] You are just as important as everyone else!
[jehanna] but it's a big deal to me... I matter too.
[Bluestarr] it IS a problem
[CinnamonAngel] If it is affecting your life it is a BIG deal
[ARTgrrl] I'm not happy...thats a problem
[Cala] you are playing with you LIFE
[carys] Your feelings are important
[Cala] you could DIE
[Kisiwa] If it's not that big a deal, then why is it bothering you every minute of every day?
[Bluestarr] it is hurting you and others
[juliaf] it is a big deal when your at the drs everyweek so you need to view this differently
[carys] You are a valid person.... your life is important
[ARTgrrl] dienial is a problem in itself
[squids] this one is harder
[Stevie] am i living? no....i'm dying and that IS a problem
[LVRissa] It hurts others around you
[Bluestarr] it's a big deal when you live in fear!
[Justice] every problem is a real problem
[carys] There is so much more to life than this... you aren't living, just surviving.....
[ema] if it's not a big deal, why are you so afraid of it
[Bluestarr] everyone else sees it as a problem, as should you
[squids] it's affecting others around you
[MERTZ] what i do not face will hurt me
[Vickkie] Fear that I would not be taken seriously & being told that I do not have a problem
[Bluestarr] if it's not a problem, why do you thing about it 24/7
[reallymessedup] what was the ??
[carys] are you being really honest when you say that?
[Bluestarr] why does it affect every aspect of your life if it's no big deal?
[DaisyDew] Not everything that is faced can be changed.. but nothing can be chnaged until it's faced

[MrFishy] WOW.....AWESOME answers!!!!!!!!!!!

[SFishy] great answers everyone!!!
[SFishy] Okay...
[SFishy] the next excuse to battle!!!
[SFishy] I don't have the time and/or the money for recovery

[Bluestarr] you can always find time
[ARTgrrl] being happy is priceless
[Stevie] another LIE
[smr] these are hard
[carys] But have the money for this eating disorder...
[ARTgrrl] it doesn't cost anything to take care of yourself
[reallymessedup] yes they are.....
[squids] you don't have the time to do anything else until you recover
[Bluestarr] there is help no matter what your situation
[jehanna] it takes time NOT to recover. you must make the effort to take the time TO recover
[Cala] will you have the time to live if you die from this?
[CinnamonAngel] You only have ONE life... you will only be this age... have this one day for the rest of your life... why live your life in such pain and misery??
[Kisiwa] TAKE the time for something this important
[DaisyDew] You never have time unles you MAKE time.
[MERTZ] their is allways help keep looking
[reallymessedup] i have all the time and the stress to keep this going on forever
[Bluestarr] look at what you're wasting your time/money on
[CinnamonAngel] It is easier NOT to recover than to do it... it is so worth it... and so are we
[squids] how much time is wasted on the ed
[ARTgrrl] you'd have time and the money for another loved one, why not give yourself the same gift?
[carys] Try and use the time you are using to keep the ed going, to challenge the ed and get better
[juliaf] will not finding the time do any good if it is too late
[MERTZ] ask or beg just get it
[Vickkie] Admitting that I need help is hard to do: it is not easy battling this ed on your own
[Stevie] you have time to kill yourself.....but no time to live?
[reallymessedup] ive done that
[Bluestarr] look at what you spend your money on wiht your ED!
[Crayen] good luck y'all
[Stevie] it's a bullshit lie
[Justice] being sick takes more time and money than recovery
[ARTgrrl] spend your binge money on therapy instead
[Bluestarr] it's worth it!
[CinnamonAngel] why exist when u could be living?
[juliaf] time is a big thing though no?
[ARTgrrl] good one stevie!
[DaisyDew] Being sick's alot of doctor's bills..
[Bluestarr] you'll save in the long run
[reallymessedup] ok...but the stress isnt going away
[CinnamonAngel] can we stay positive please?
[Bluestarr] when you are livieng

[MrFishy] MAN OH MAN!!!! Your Blowing me away!!!!!!

[SFishy] you guys are all doing great!
[SFishy] and here's the next ole' excuse to beat down...
[SFishy] I just can't do it... I can't live without my ED...

[Bluestarr] there are more positive ways to deal
[CinnamonAngel] You ARE NOT ur eating disorder!!!
[Stevie] you won't be LIVING with your ed either!!
[ema] I am stuck on this one
[Cala] but you aren't really living with it
[squids] won't live with it
[jehanna] YES YOU CAN!
[carys] me too ema
[DaisyDew] How would you know, You aren't living WITH it.
[Justice] living with it isn't living
[juliaf] i can live with out it and people do everyday so why can't i
[Bluestarr] eat to live, don't live to eat!
[squids] there are other ways of coping that you CAN learn
[carys] I can't do this one!!!!!!
[Cala] there is more to life then misery, and without your ed you will be able to find it
[LVRissa] Without it who am I
[reallymessedup] ive got so much stress and pain
[Vickkie] I can stop this ed anytime I want.
[CinnamonAngel] You are a person... an individual with talents, beauty, uniqueness beyond all measure... you are so much more than this ED...
[Kisiwa] Having the ed isn't living. you were happy before, try to get it back
[LVRissa] It's been so long that's all I've known
[Kisiwa] Try Carry
[Bluestarr] there is so much else out there than just shutting yourself up in the eating disorder
[lonelystar] why dont i love myself enough to stop
[carys] have to believe that it can change....
[Stevie] CAN'T is Won't........what are you so afraid of
[Bluestarr] with an eating disorder, you are dying, not living!
[carys] have to believe that there is life without it...
[caligirl] i don't remeber what it was like before the ed
[ARTgrrl] there is a difference between want and need
[ARTgrrl] you don't need your ed
[CinnamonAngel] we all have CHOICES
[carys] BUT IT'S SO HARD!
[CinnamonAngel] CHOOSE life
[ARTgrrl] you know that you want to be happy....take the steps
[Bluestarr] your ED is NOT a necessity!
[Bluestarr] your life is
[Cala] you are seperate from your ed
[DaisyDew] Grab ahold of another float to keep your head above water.. it's there.. and so are other people..
[ARTgrrl] good one bluestarr!
[Kisiwa] Good Carry
[Stevie] suck it in...and just do it!
[juliaf] what does this do for me...i can be me with out it perhaps i just have to try and trust people
[Bluestarr] think of the life you are mising out on!
[carys] There are other ways to cope with life....
[reallymessedup] i dont remember laughing
[smr] what's the question
[Vickkie] I am learning that I now have choices & it is ok
[carys] ones that are helpful and not damaging
[reallymessedup] i dont remember much since the disorder
[Bluestarr] be free!
[carys] it's just learning them and using them which is the hard thing....
[reallymessedup] it robed me of it
[carys] urgghhh!
[Stevie] screw fear!
[DaisyDew] Open your eyes.

[MrFishy] AWESOME!!!!!!!!

[SFishy] good answers!
[SFishy] yet another excuse... how will you fight it???
[SFishy] I just won't have the strength to recover... to get through it

[Bluestarr] with time and support from those who care!
[carys] arrgghhh!
[jehanna] with every ounce of my being, because I AM WORTH IT.
[reallymessedup] im scared to let it go
[Stevie] another lie to hide behind
[Cala] people will help you
[smr] lol, that might hurt
[squids] you don't have to do it alone
[Kisiwa] On hard days, look to a trusted friend for help, if you have one
[ema] let upr loved ones help you
[Bluestarr] you have the strength!
[carys] you don't have to do it by yourself...
[ARTgrrl] you have the strength to kill yourself, but not live?
[Vickkie] By admitting to myself that I have an eating disorder & that denial of the eating disorder would eventually kill me
[DaisyDew] You are not alone.
[Bluestarr] support is all around you
[ARTgrrl] you have the power to control your life
[carys] there are other fishes to help!!!
[smr] look to the people who have gone through it and won the battle
[caligirl] i don't want to give it up
[reallymessedup] I dont have the power to do anything
[DaisyDew] There is ALWAYS a way to win... even if it's not clear.
[Bluestarr] look at what you are missing out on by not getting hlep!
[ARTgrrl] look at Ellen Hart Pena!!!
[ARTgrrl] woo hoo!
[Vickkie] I am not alone in the battle against eating disorders & I will win!
[Justice] You don't know how strong you are until you try
[ARTgrrl] there is always another choice in a situation
[carys] good one art
[LVRissa] Everybody's a winner everyone comes on top
[juliaf] i have to be honest with people and open up and not hide so much so i can get support
[ARTgrrl] ty :)
[Bluestarr] the world is there for you


[MrFishy] GREAT!

[SFishy] we've got two more...
[SFishy] here's the first you'll need to argue with...

[Cala] that;s what professionals are for, to help you
[carys] oh my goodness!
[DaisyDew] Then ASK!
[Stevie] that's when you ASK
[CinnamonAngel] THEN ASK FOR HELP!!!
[Justice] That's what you pay professionals to teach you
[Bluestarr] see a therapist for help!
[jehanna] ASK
[ARTgrrl] uh, hasn't seeing two doctors, a nutritionist, three therapist and group provided you with anything Ms. Allison?
[juliaf] well you don't learn by sitting around you have to be proactive
[Vickkie] Learning that I am capable of asking & receiving help
[Cala] LOL Ally
[smr] like my mama always said...look it up
[Kisiwa] Look deep into yourself, and it will eventually come. Be patient!
[Bluestarr] you have to ask for help!
[carys] Be honest with others....
[ARTgrrl] use your voice...make noise
[carys] Tell it like it is....
[squids] and you have to listen after you ask
[Justice] go throw some ice and then think about it reasonably
[Stevie] talk it out......
[juliaf] the harder part is once you learn actually getting yourself to do the "it"
[carys] and let them be honest with you too....
[LVRissa] Learning that there is someone out there that can actually help if you want it
[Kisiwa] Change comes slowly. But the slower it comes, the longer it will last
[ARTgrrl] talking is the way to find peace
[Stevie] let myself be challenged
[CinnamonAngel] kisiwa good one
[smr] you can't figure out how to recover if you're screaming on the inside instead of on the outside
[LVRissa] Finding someone who understand
[carys] oh wow kisiwa.... thank you..... remind me of that before we go please, cos that helped so much and I didn't have a chance to get it down.
[Bluestarr] seek and you shall learn
[ARTgrrl] you aren't given a dream without the power to make a dream come true
[Stevie] you can give up......or give it up
[Vickkie] Challenging yourself to give & receive support for others
[Kisiwa] Good one smr
[humptydumpty] start by writing it down
[juliaf] you have to try which brings us back to fear of failure ugh vicous cycle
[carys] yes....
[ARTgrrl] stop the bullshit Ally...denail sux
[DaisyDew] Take a deep breath and then scream.

[SFishy] okay fishys...


[SFishy] here's the last excuse I need you to fight...
[SFishy] I DON'T DESERVE IT -- It's not worth it for me to recover

[Bluestarr] you deserve to live!
[CinnamonAngel] Why don't you deserve it??
[Bluestarr] you deserve happiness!
[Cala] everyone deserves to live
[squids] you didn't deserve to be sick in the first place
[Justice] nobody deserves an ed
[LVRissa] We all do
[carys] You are just as important as everyone.....
[smr] you don't deserve to die either
[Vickkie] I do derseve treatment & I have a right to recover
[DaisyDew] Everyone deserves life!
[Stevie] why not take the risk
[Bluestarr] it's worth it for you to be healthy and happy
[CinnamonAngel] You are a human being born on this planet... you deserve to breathe, live, think, walk... eating is a necessity
[jehanna] everyone deserves to be happy, and you won't be fully happy until you've recovered
[Kisiwa] Why should everyone else have it and not you?
[juliaf] it is worth it once you figure out hte important things in life the something that gives you the push and makes things click
[ARTgrrl] you deserve more then hurting yourself
[reallymessedup] i dont deserve anything...and i dont deserve to be happy
[CinnamonAngel] b\c there is no one else like u in the entire world
[Stevie] take the chance that your not as bad as you think you are
[Bluestarr] your health is so important
[ARTgrrl] good one stevie! :)
[CinnamonAngel] reallymessedup- please stay positive... you deserve so much!!!
[Bluestarr] show your strength
[CinnamonAngel] It is ur ED talking!
[DaisyDew] "Three unalienable rights... pursuit of happiness.."
[LVRissa] Why give the ones who hurt you the satisfaction of not getting well
[reallymessedup] i used to think that
[smr] the Big Kahuna don't make no junk. you're here for a reason. why not stick around long enough to figure out that reason.
[squids] you don't deserve the things that happened that led you here
[ARTgrrl] serve your soul....make a goal...then follow through with it
[juliaf] you have to look beyond the past and to the future to find the will
[ARTgrrl] be happy
[carys] urrgghh, this ed isn't the real YOU!
[reallymessedup] cant be happy
[Bluestarr] everyone has a purpose in life an how will you find it if you can't live?
[Vickkie] This an illness on three levels-physical, emoitional, & spritiual. Recovery is a God-given right
[juliaf] don't concentrate on the negatives
[reallymessedup] dont deserve to be happy
[Bluestarr] show your true self!
[ARTgrrl] eat, drink and be merry...for tomorrow we die.....
[Stevie] ally! serve your soul love it!
[juliaf] good one ally
[ARTgrrl] ty
[Bluestarr] you never know when it could be your last day
[DaisyDew] If you don't live now, you'll regret it when your dead
[Bluestarr] life your life to the fullest!
[Bluestarr] everyday is new
[ARTgrrl] take a chance
[ARTgrrl] be bold
[DaisyDew] The grass is green.. Sky is blue..
[ARTgrrl] paint a picture of health
[carys] you are special
[Bluestarr] be yourself
[Bluestarr] be happy
[ARTgrrl] give yourself a new canvas
[Stevie] if all else fails...fake it till ya make it man
[carys] you are worth it.
[ARTgrrl] believe in the power that is you
[LVRissa] Ever hear of "Swish"
[Bluestarr] you can do it

[MrFishy] i just want to say
[MrFishy] i am sooooooo
[MrFishy] proud
[MrFishy] of each and every one of you!

* MrFishy tips his hat to EVERYONE!

[SFishy] You've all done SO great!!
[SFishy] we have homework for you (grin)
[SFishy] and of course, you don't have to bring it to the next chat, but you HAVE TO do it FOR YOURSELF!
[SFishy] We'll be putting the chat transcript up in the next few days...
[SFishy] once it goes up online... you should all go back and read it...
[SFishy] and WRITE DOWN some of your answers... or answers other people gave...
[SFishy] Start a new journal...
[SFishy] think of it as a reason to buy a nice new one for yourself
[SFishy] and make it the NO EXCUSES journal!
[SFishy] You CAN all recover!
[SFishy] and you all DESERVE it!


[SFishy] Now...
[SFishy] tell me WHY you deserve it!!!

[MrFishy] YELL IT!!!!!!!

[CinnamonAngel] B\c we are beautiful!
[Bluestarr] i am bigger than my ED!
[CinnamonAngel] We deserve life and all it has to offer
[squids] because I am special
[ARTgrrl] cuz I'm just cool like dat!
[Bluestarr] because we are special!
[CinnamonAngel] BECAUSE I DESERVE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[carys] Because my life matters.
[Justice] just cuz

[MrFishy] I CANT HEAR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[MrFishy] YES!!!!!

[humptydumpty] b/c i have courage
[juliaf] because i can become someone someday
[Stevie] and lots of other stuf
[Vickkie] I deservd to be loved & I am worth it

[MrFishy] YELL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

[carys] BECAUSE I AM IMPORTANT.....arrgh! This is hard!
[CinnamonAngel] B\C GOD HAS A PLAN FOR ME
[reallymessedup] cuz i want to be happy
[squids] because other people need me
[carys] yes cinnamon
[carys] yes kisi
[reallymessedup] my kids need me
[smr] because i am a human being, not God, and don't deserve to beat myself if i'm not


[Stevie] Because I KICK ASS!!! whooooHOOOOOOO
[juliaf] because i am a good person
[squids] because I have too much to do to mess around with this
[CinnamonAngel] NOT SUFFERING
[juliaf] because i have a funny looking ash cross on my forhead today hehe
[squids] because i don't deserve any more pain
[CinnamonAngel] ME 2 JULIAF
[carys] oh my goodness!!
[Kisiwa] yEA CINN!
[ARTgrrl] "Celebrate we will, for life is short but sweet for certain"
[CinnamonAngel] BECAUSE WE WANT TO LIVE!!!
[CinnamonAngel] YEA MELISS!
[CinnamonAngel] UR HERE!
[smr] i deserve to be loved no matter what i weigh, no matter how many zits i have, no matter what kind of monkey labor job i have, etc.
[CinnamonAngel] We're saying reasons why we deserve to live!!1
[smr] including being loved by myself
[carys] because other people who are suffering need our help.
[smr] me to stevie
[carys] yes stevie
[Bluestarr] JUST BECAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Stevie] I'm curious about different views and the potentioal i have
[ARTgrrl] be a star and you'll go far....think you won't and you'll blow smoke?
[Bluestarr] *TY
[ARTgrrl] lol
[smr] lol
[CinnamonAngel] lol art girl!
[CinnamonAngel] that was so cute!

[SFishy] AWESOME answers...
[SFishy] and AWESOME chat everyone!


[SFishy] There is ALREADY a follow-up game up on the bulletin board...

[MrFishy] A HARD one! hehehehehehe

[SFishy] Make sure to go and play it... and don't forget your new NO EXCUSES journal
[SFishy] We'll be putting up the chat transcript in the next day or too... when it's available, we'll post it in the Fishing For Support forum on the bulletin board...
[SFishy] be good to yourselves everyone...
[SFishy] we'll see you next month... March 28th...
[SFishy] remember to TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!

[MrFishy] Be good to you all! And remember...I AM proud of you!

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