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Stats and Polls

The poll results below are not an exact science. We do the best we can to ensure the visitors only vote once, but to a certain extent that is impossible to control. Our polling area is to just help give our visitors a general idea of real-time statistics from the sufferers who are visiting The Something Fishy Website on Eating Disorders

Archived Polls

Helpful Medications

Were You Sexually Abused or Raped?
  • Poll date: March 1, 2005 - April 5, 2005
    A delicate subject, many who suffer with an Eating Disorders are also sexual abuse or rape survivors.
    We ask: Were you ever sexually abused or raped? If so, by who?
Stressful/Triggering Holidays
Prevalance of Depression in Eating Disorders
2004 Presidential Elections
Political Leanings
Insurance Coverage
Why Are You Here?
Racial Background
Getting Accurate Info About EDs
Addictions & Compulsions
Home Dynamics
Which Holiday?
Supportive People
How Long Does Recovery Take
Contributing Traits
Family History Part II
Suspecting an Eating Disorder
Impact on Relationship(s)
Body Image Influences
Childhood Illness
  • Poll Date: March 5, 2003 to May 2, 2003
    For those with Eating Disorders it's important to explore all possible connections to childhood illness and the role it played, both physically and emotionally, in the onset of their Eating Disorder.
Activities as a Kid
Expanding Therapy Options/Additional Therapy Methods
Asking for Holiday Support
Media Impact on Body Image
Peer Acceptance as a Child
9-11: One Year Later
Age When It Started
Sharing The Secret
  • Poll Date: July 1, 2002 to July 31, 2002
    We asked people who are suffering with an Eating Disorder to tell us who the first two people were that they told about their Eating Disorder -- Who were the two most common people that each sufferer trusted enough to tell.
Coexisting Addictions
  • Poll Date: May 1, 2002 to June 30, 2002
    For those who have suffered with an Eating Disorders, we asked them to identify all other addictions they have struggled with: alcoholism, drug abuse, self-injury, compulsive gambling or shopping, internet addiction, and or sex addiction. (we redid this one due to a glitch in the system)
Thoughts on Recovery
Spiritual Identity
  • Poll Date: February 3, 2002 to March 3, 2002
    Part of being at peace with who you are is determining what you feel about your own spirituality and religious beliefs. In this poll we ask our visitors to pick a religion or spiritual practice they most strongly identify with.
Important Recovery Components
  • Poll Date: January 5, 2002 to February 3, 2002
    This poll is to help get each sufferer thinking about the important things to explore along the recovery path. Each person is different, but there are certain things we must address.
Fun Holiday Wish List
Coexisting Mental Illness
Family History Part I
  • Poll Date: October 2 to November 1, 2001
    Family history and environment can play a big role in the onset of an Eating Disorder. In this poll we ask that people please select if any of the named factors were present in their parents.
Beneficial Types of Treatment
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)
  • Poll Date: June 11 to August 31, 2001
    There are a vast number of sufferers who have been diagnosed, either as a child or an adult, with ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder without or with hyperactivity). In this poll we ask to identify whether you have and have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.
Survivors of Abuse
  • Poll Date: June 1 to July 11, 2001
    A delicate subject, many who suffer with an Eating Disorders are also survivors of abuse. We ask in this poll to identify what type of abuse you have suffered: Sexual (including rape), physical and/or spousal/domestic abuse. (We will address emotional abuse in a future poll.)
Sexual Identity of Sufferer
  • Poll Date: April 10 to April 30, 2001
    In this poll we asked our visitors to identify their own sexual identity: female heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, male heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, or other/GID (Gender Identity Disorder).
Average Age of Eating Disorders Sufferers

Each month we will be conducting a new poll. Polls will always be related to the topic of Eating Disorders and/or recovery from them. The current poll will always be available through the main page of the site, and previous polls will be archived here so that their results can be easily accessed.

We are always interested in hearing suggesting from our visitors. Have an idea for a future survey? Is there a question you would like to see asked? Be sure to send us feedback using our contact form.

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