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If you have a special bulletin you would like to appear here please send the detailed information by e-mail or by using our contact form

posted: October 10, 2001

West Milford, New Jersey, November 12-18, 2001

Never before has it been more important to release the feminine power unnecessarily trapped in emotional eating patterns. If you learn to honor and fulfill your sacred needs, these "problems" will fall away. In this new era of uncertainty and emotional turmoil, we actually have a profound opportunity to rewrite the script of our lives and to co-create a different storyline for the human drama. We are joining together to embody our own unique magnificence . . . regardless.

BONUS: Free "Awakening Thru Crisis" Workshop (Montclair, NJ, Nov. 9-10) and 12-week Sacred Hunger Online Course.

Facilitated by: Jane E. Latimer, MA, author of Beyond the Food Game and Living Binge-Free, Aliveness Coach and former psychotherapist.

For more information on the Sacred Hunger retreat, please visit http://www.sacredhunger.com/retreats.htm or e-mail jane@aliveness.net

posted: October 9, 2001
Stress Management Resources for Your Clients

I wanted to let you know that After the Diet has expanded its titles to include a number of stress-related diagnoses that can affect food intake. In addition, our PCOS and FMS titles have been revised to more completely connect mind and body and the influence of stress on health.

All 8 titles are available in a stress management sampler package, which can be found in the After the Diet Bookstore's "Stress Management Central" Category.

Three titles are available for immediate shipping:
PCOS--Balancing Food and Feelings,
Fibromyalgia (FMS)--It's a REAL Pain, and
Is Your Server Jammed? A New Look at Depression.

Negotiating the Bloats and Bellyaches of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (see cover below) will be going to the printer this week. Author--Sarah Gleason, RD. Once a month after that, until February 2002, you will receive a new title as follows:

NOVEMBER: Healthy Mom + Healthy Baby = Healthy Future: Understanding Prenatal and Postpartum Depression. Author--Jennie Wade, RD. This booklet is being produced in response to the recent attention given to the devastating effects of this underrecognized and undertreated phenomenon.

DECEMBER: The Panicked Parent's Guide to Helping Your Child Lose Weight. Author--Jaime Ruud, RD. It is designed to help the anxious parent understand what is--and isn't--needed in a healthy weight management program for children, and what to expect from your child physically and emotionally if the program is succeeding.

JANUARY: "The Panicked Parent's Guide to Helping Your Child With an Eating Disorder". Authors--Janet Lepke Harris, RD, and Holly Finlay, MSW. This booklet will be a consumer's guide to choosing qualified health care providers to work with, how to work with them, how to tell if treatment is--and isn't--working.

FEBRUARY: To celebrate Healthy Heart Month, "Feeding Your Heart Without Starving Your Head" Author--To be announced. This booklet, will connect mind and body for a cholesterol program that is healthy without being overly rigid. Research shows that diets too low in fat can produce mood changes such as depression and aggression. This booklet will focus on balancing nutrition with other lifestyle strategies.

Also, if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader and you would like an electronic preview copy of After the Diet Newsletter, please let me know. I would be happy to send you our issue discussing polycystic ovary syndrome.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact me directly at monika@afterthediet.com.


Monika M. Woolsey, MS, RD

posted: October 5, 2001

I am looking to write a book on the inside of eatings disorders. Enough of behavior-oriented books... let's talk about the real issues behind the symptoms. Forget your weight, your behaviors, what makes you a person who is eating disordered? What issues lead you to your ED, how are you dealing with it emotionally, what holds you back from recovery, and what are you going to do or doing to recover?

If you would like to submit something, from a brief comment or observation to a whole chapter on your story, please contact me. I want views from people with all EDs, all ages, and both genders. You can remain anonymous, just be sure to tell me so.

This book will be submitted to publishers.

contact info:

Please send your idea before submitting a long story

posted: October 2, 2001

Are you a teen struggling with an eating disorder? If so, I'd like to hear your story. I am writing an educational book on body image for teens. Any stories used in the book will be kept strictly confidential and anonymous.

Why share your story? By sharing your experiences, struggles and wisdom, you can help others who might be going through the same thing.

If you are interested, please contact Maurene at Articulateit@aol.com

posted: October 2, 2001

I'm a reporter for People Magazine. I'm one of several reporters working on a piece about people who have "survived" anorexia. I'm specifically looking for males who have gone through this and would be willing to talk with me. I cover the western United States and Hawaii so I'd like to find some candidates in those states and Canada, but am happy to have any other leads as well.

Maureen Harrington

posted: October 2, 2001
We are asking for you to share your voice concerning the closing of MODE Magazine.

As of September 24th, our dear magazine, MODE/Style Democracy, closed it's doors after 5 years. This magazine threw a "curve ball into the world of fashion" and changed the course of magazines for style and fashion for women around the world. The founders of the magazine have always said that MODE was "created for the curvy readers."

The magazine opened doors for the curvy community and started a trend where fashion companies as well as Hollywood stood up and took notice. Stores had more merchandise for us, we saw more actresses take the front seat no matter their size and great web sites were created all because of this trend. This magazine changed the way we felt about ourselves.

And all of YOU are the reason the magazine became such a huge success. With 3.5 million readers, Mode created "style beyond size" and the founders made it so very possible and special. (As the former Fashion and Style Director for the magazine, I know how special it was for the readers as well as the the incredible team that I worked with at both Mode and then the Modestyle.com web site.)

So where does that leave us?
What happens from here?
This is the very question that most of you have been e-mailing us since the announcement was made. In order to help answer these questions, we would like to take the next few weeks to get feedback from the curvy community concerning the closing of MODE - we would like to include both industry professionals and the community in this informal and confidential feedback session. Please feel free to e-mail us your thoughts, questions, comments and concerns and please forward this request to as many curvy Divas as you can. If you house a mailing list or group, please feel free to forward it to them.

Some of you may have lots to say and others might need a little help getting started. If so, feel free to answer any/all of the following:

  1. What do you see next for our movement of "style democracy" as the founders of Mode coined it?
  2. What about MODE will you miss the most?
  3. What would you like to have seen done differently in MODE?
  4. Has reading MODE changed your life in any way?
  5. Why and what do you see in the future for women's fashion and style magazines?
  6. If you are an industry professional, has MODE helped your business?

To offer your feedback, please e-mail us at divas@venusimaging.com. We would really appreciate it!

Diva Michele Weston -- The Venus Divas
Curvy - Confident - Stylish - BeautiFULL

posted: October 2, 2001

Reuters has reported that Mode Magazine folded on Monday, September 24, and that their October 2001 issue, which had already been printed, would be the magazine's final issue.

As the only remaining publication for plus-size women, the owners and staff of BBW Magazine offer their condolences and wishes for future success to the Mode staff. We were competitors, but pursued the same goals.

Mode's demise is a serious reminder that the publishing industry is reeling, and the effects of this year's economic downturn have been keenly felt at BBW. We continue to ask for the support of our readers and our advertising partners in order to ensure that we can continue to fulfill our mission to inspire women to celebrate their beauty and enrich their lives regardless of the size of their bodies.

We steadfastly maintain our vision that plus-size women deserve a hip, cool, high quality magazine that provides not only entertainment, but also encouragement and information about topics that touch their lives. The voice of many millions of plus-size women is too important to ignore. We at BBW are committed to ensuring that our plus-size community has a magazine that is a reflection of and a celebration of our inner and outer beauty.

For more information:
BBW Magazine

posted: October 2, 2001

The show will be opening at the Sweeney Art Gallery at the University of California Riverside located at the Watkins House, on campus. The website is sweeney.ucr.edu (there is a map and directions to the gallery). The gallery's phone number is 909-787-3755. The show runs from September 26th through December 9th, 2001. The gallery is open Wed.- Fri., 11am-4pm and Sat.+ Sun, 12pm-4pm. The artist's reception is on October 17th from 4pm-6pm. The show's three components are an interactive museum, public art such as billboards and banners and a website www.eating.ucdavis.edu.

posted: October 1, 2001

Something Fishy is now humbly asking that it's members and visitors please consider sending financial gifts. Please read our URGENT Press Release explaining why.

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