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posted: October 27, 1999
Menninger: Continuing Medical Education
Eating Disorders: A Multi-disciplinary Approach

There is an annual Eating Disorders Conference at The Menninger Clinic on December 3rd & 4th this year. Drs Kathryn Zerbe, John Sargent, and Mae Sokol will be among the speakers.

For more information:
Visit the Menninger Website

posted: October 18, 1999

Goal: To encourage sufferers, healthcare providers, and others not to "bury their hands in the sand" but rather to recognize the devastating consquences of eating disorders.

To launch this effort, I would like to put together a quilt of jean pockets that those affected by eating disorders are literally dying to get into (in other words, pants that are too small). I have asked that people that are interested send a pocket with their first name, age, and city/state. People can decorate their pockets if they want to. Pockets should be send to:

    Project Ostrich
    1048 SW Ashworth Place
    Topeka, KS 66604

For more information:
Shannon -- SLashell@aol.com

October 18, 1999

Hungers & Compulsions: contemporary Perspectives in the Psychoanalytic Treatment of Eating Disorders and Addictions: October 30, 1999

For full information and registration:

posted: October 18, 1999

I am a documentary film-maker currently doing research on a film about teen-agers and eating disorders. Specifically, I am looking to speak to girls ages 10-17 from different ethnic backgrounds including African American, Middle Eastern, Caucasian, Asian and Hispanic. The idea is to see whether they all have similar standards of "beauty" (i.e. body type, preoccupation with thinness) or if some cultures have broader definitions than others.I'd also, at this stage, be happy to speak to adult women from these groups who are willing to share their struggles with eating disorders and/or problems accepting their bodies.

For more information:
Andrea -- lifecontinues@email.msn.com

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