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If you have a special bulletin you would like to appear here please send the detailed information by e-mail or by using our contact form

posted: November 30, 2001

My name is Stacie Stukin and I'm a Los Angeles based magazine writer who's looking for women aged 23-39 to participate in a major feature for a prestigious, high circulation women's magazine. The theme of the article is that you don't have to look like you have an eating disorder to struggle with such a disease.

The article is designed to not only to dispel myths about how women with eating disorders look, but to also help our readers seek the help they may need. That said, I'd like to cover four categories: 1) bulimia 2) binge eating 3) exercise bulimia and 4) anorexia. Of course, those with anorexia look anorexic so we were thinking perhaps an anorexic who is struggling with her disease during pregnancy would be an interesting way to handle that discrepancy.

Participants must be willing to use their names, be photographed and have an interview with me. Our intent is to be compassionate, responsible and let our subjects speak for themselves using a first person format.

Anyone who fits the above descriptions, please contact me at your earliest convenience. I can be reached by phone: no longer available -- see below (I will certainly call you back so the magazine pays for the call) or via e-mail at no longer available -- see below

Thanks in advance for your help.


posted: November 21, 2001

The Mental Health Parity Bill will be voted on by Congress in early December. Right now is the best time to contact your state legislators to urge their support.

Insurance Reform Letters

posted: November 10, 2001

Researchers at the Eating Disorders Research Clinic at Harvard University are currently conducting studies on patterns of binge-eating and purging. If you are a normal-weight female between the ages of 18 and 45 and regularly engage in episodes of binge-eating and/or purging, then you may be eligible for one of our studies. All of our studies require at least one visit to our research center in Cambridge, Massachusetts; therefore, you must live in or around the Boston area in order to participate.

For more information, please call 617-496-3136 or email nlester@wjh.harvard.edu.

posted: November 10, 2001
WARNING - AD CAMPAIGN (new updated information)
Berry Trim Diet Scam

Please be aware of the an unbelievably irresponsible direct mail campaign by Health Laboratories of North America. They manufacture a "miracle" diet product called Berry Trim Plus. The company is sending a full page ad on a product for weight loss. It is a newspaper ad and at the top, they are handwriting your name with a message that says,

    [Name], Try it. It Works!
The envelope is typed and there is no return address. With the current horrific events of September 11th, this is CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. If you get any envelope with no return address, call your local police immediately.

The campaign is sent to you as anonymous mail with a personal note. Clearly the intention is to have you believe that someone you know is sending it to you.

This is also now being sent out through e-mail, as SPAM or unsolicited mail. It comes as a message that states something like:

    What do you think of my new scanner?

It is typed and signed, and stated in such a way that the intention is for you to believe it comes from someone you know. The e-mail contains a scan, either directly in the e-mail message or as an attachment, that is a newspaper ad/article about the Berry Trim diet product.

To the normal public, this letter might be brushed off. To anyone who struggles with an eating disorder, this can be an absolutely devastating "personal" message to receive by mail or e-mail.

At the advice of e-mail we've received from numerous people, we want to make as many people know about this as we can so that they do not take the personal message to heart. We also encourage you to report the company to the Better Business Bureau in Carson, Nevada, where their headquarters are located.

If you receive a copy of this "ad" in the mail or e-mail, please send it to the Better Business Bureau, along with a complaint, or contact them by telephone. You can also go to their website to file a complaint...
The Better Business Bureau - www.bbb.org

If you receive any piece of mail with no return address, DO NOT OPEN IT -- use good judgements and contact the proper authorities.

Several people have requested the company's direct address and there's even been mention of filing a class action mail fraud lawsuit. Here is the most current information we have:

Health Laboratories of North America, Inc.
Dept. 1293, 194 Katonah Ave., Katonah, NY 10536

posted: November 1, 2001

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is in the later stages of developing a committee to help students with disordered eating and exercise. The name of the committee is UCODE (University Committee on Disordered Eating). We are in need of help from other universities that have developed a protocol to help students with these various disorders. It is an intregal step in our planning progress.

If there is a professional in the university setting that can offer advice and assistance in this matter, please contact:
Kristi Hanson at kristih@hornets.com
or by phone: 704-424-4852

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