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The articles in the list below appear on other websites and have either been submitted, or we found the link through our own travels! If you know of a link to an article that should appear here, please send it by e-mail.

Please be aware that Something Fishy is not responsible for articles that appear on other websites and the content may include information that some find triggering.

Hand-Picked Articles/News

June 14, 2006
T-shirts put eating disorders out in the open
CLICK HERE for the T-Shirt Makers Website

January 24, 2006
Lauren Greenfield's documentary film "THIN" is premiering at the Sundance Film Festival

December 15, 2005
Parents Encourage Thin Daughters and Substantial Sons at Age Three

December 5, 2005
Fighting Anorexia: No One to Blame

November 9, 2005
Abuse 'triggers eating disorders'

October 26, 2005
Vegetarian teens may be masking eating disorders

October 26, 2005
Break the anorexic stereotypes

October 20, 2005
Self-Harm Rising in Teens and Young Women with Eating Disorders

October 17, 2005
In struggle with body image, some college students go extreme

October 15, 2005
Anorexia Also Strikes Middle-Aged Women - Midlife Events Can Trigger the Disorder

September 23, 2005
Experts Define Traits Driving Eating Disorders

September 19, 2005
Don't talk about weight in a negative way

September 6, 2005
Brain Serotonin Could Link Anxiety, Anorexia

June 26th, 2005
Teens Feel Pressure to Diet From Parents

June 26th, 2005
Preteen Dieting Can Signal Trouble Ahead

May 20th, 2005
Some Eating Disorder Web Sites Discourage Recovery: Study

April 7, 2005
Anorexia Linked to Brain Defect, Rather Than Social Pressures

February 28, 2005
National Eating Disorders Association Urges Parents and Teens to 'Get Real'

February 25, 2005
Scales Smashed To Deter Eating Disorders

January 2, 2005
Proposed Israeli law would prevent models from being underweight

January 1, 2005
Papers link Prozac, suicide

December 31, 2004
Report: Prozac Maker Knew of Problems in 1988

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Articles that appear below are from a newsfeed, and will be current up to the hour. We cannot control the content below, as it is automatically fed to our system from the Google and Yahoo! news sources. While we do our best to filter results so they are accurate, be aware that some articles may contain triggering content.

eating disorders - Google News 20 Jun 2016 at 3:37pm
Google News

Bizarre FDA-Approved Weight Loss System Encourages Eating Disorders - Big Thi...
Pascack Valley High School student raises awareness about eating disorders - ...
London hospital says eating disorders among boys are rising - Evening Standard
Ramadan poses difficult choice for Muslims with eating disorders - CNN
Women Are Documenting Their Eating Disorder Recovery Via Instagram - Motherboard
World Eating Disorders Action Day takes place - Pueblo Chieftain
Tom's challenge breaks taboo of eating disorders among men - East Anglian Dai...
Having an Eating Disorder During Ramadan - VICE
AMA Urges Equal Health Care Access for Eating Disorders - Marketwired (press ...
Family's loss inspires awareness, hope - Janesville Gazette
anorexia - Google News 20 Jun 2016 at 2:06pm
Google News

Woman who struggled with anorexia helps others at Chicago treatment facility ...
Why, as a recovering anorexic, I think banning 'beach body ready' ads is dang...
Ben Higgins Lauren Bushnell Split Over Lauren's Anorexia? - Morning Ledger
Sophia Jansson who struggled with anorexia overcame disease and moved to Aust...
Hadley Freeman: Don't blame the wellness fad for anorexia - The Guardian
Anorexia nervosa: Pleasure at getting thin more than fear of getting fat - Sc...
Pleasure of weight loss and not fear of getting fat drives anorexia - Hindust...
Anorexia isn't caused by wanting to look good in a bikini - SheKnows.com
Male anorexia often goes undiagnosed, untreated - Chicago Tribune
'Writing a recipe book saved me from anorexia' - Reveal
bulimia - Google News 20 Jun 2016 at 6:29am
Google News

Among shelter dogs, finding the strength to fight bulimia - CNN
This Woman Overcame Food Addiction and Bulimia and Lost 108 Pounds: Before an...
FDA-Approved 'Bulimia Machine' Product Of A Quick-Fix Society - Huffington Po...
FDA approves weight loss stomach pump, critics claim 'assisted bulimia' - CW39
Hollyoaks' Melissa Wells reveals secret battle with bulimia - Daily Mail
Battling His Body: Richard Simmons Struggled With Pills, Bulimia Years Before...
Candace Cameron Bure says her bulimia taught her to embrace what God has give...
I'm a man with bulimia. But too many like me are unable to address their ?hid...
Treating anorexia and bulimia with family (and technology) - ABC Online
Bryony Gordon on her struggles with drugs, bulimia and OCD: 'Cocaine shut up ...
"compulsive overeating" - Google News 20 Jun 2016 at 2:06pm
Google News

?I Have An Addiction And Eat Compulsively:? Cathleen Meredith On The Eating D...
The Emily Program 'gave me my life back' says local woman - Monitorsaintpaul
Linden Oaks in Naperville offers program for those with binge eating disorder...
depression - Google News 20 Jun 2016 at 7:17am
Google News

Teens, depression and mental health - The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News...
Local hikes raise awareness of postpartum depression and other perinatal mood...
The Link Between ADHD and Depression (and how to overcome them) - Bangor Dail...
Hundreds Walk Through Farmington Hills For Postpartum Depression Awareness - ...
'I Am Jazz' Star Jazz Jennings Opens Up About Bullying And Depression - The I...
Risk for depression increases after traumatic brain injury - Waterbury Republ...
Severity of mom's depression depends on when it starts - Futurity: Research News
Postpartum depression least severe form of depression in mothers - Science Daily
Transgender teen growing up in spotlight talks about bullying, depression - C...

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