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posted: June 9, 2000
From Jane Latimer @ The Aliveness Experience

    for women who struggle with food and weight issues
    for women who wish to embrace, expand and deepen their healing and joy.
    facilitated by Jane E. Latimer, author Beyond the Food Game, Living Binge-Free

These individualized retreats begin where you are and take you light years beyond.

In a location of your choice--your home, or at a private cabin or a hotel away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life--we heal, relax, and play in a deep, transformative way. These retreats give us flexible time with individual attention, so we work more deeply, spend more time integrating new feelings and behaviors, and can work with subtle observances and feelings to unravel old knots.

I bring my professional experience and recovery combined with my innate ability to listen and intuit what is needed for transforming your wounds into spiritual growth and greater aliveness and joy.

You bring your challenges, your innate wisdom, commitment, hope, inspiration and enthusiasm.

The potential: to integrate, to blast through blocks, and to experience yourself with more love than you've ever before dreamed.

My experience: over 10 years of professional psychological study, including visualization, expressive arts, cognitive, behavioral, body-centered, energetic, food and trauma related modalities. Over 25 years of spiritual growth through meditation, prayer, yoga, and use of breath. Over 30 years of recovery growth through 12-step, non-12-step, and other spiritual modalities. Complete freedom from all former addictions and food/weight issues.

e-mail jane@aliveness.net
or call 1-800-765-1319

posted: June 9, 2000

I am a college cross country and track runner, and after being in recovery from my own eating disorder for about a year, I have decided to do my senior thesis next year about EDs in female runners. I am currently composing a questionnaire and will need female runners who have experienced disordered eating and would be willing to complete the questionnaire (it could be anonymous.) Please e-mail me if you can help and pass my e-mail address along to anyone else who might be willing to help. There are too many runners suffering out there, and I want to find out what the connection is.

My prayers are with you... thanks for your time.

Laura -- Fignewtn97@aol.com

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