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posted: July 25th, 2000
AFTER THE DIETx: Helping People Overcome Eating Problems

PHOENIX--June 15, 2000--After the Diet Network announces its latest offering, "Is Your Server Jammed? A New Look At Depression," by Monika M. Woolsey, MS, RD. This booklet is written as a user's manual for the most important personal computer of all--the human brain and nervous system. In an upbeat, nonthreatening way, the reader is introduced to the biological hardware and software that are programmed to perceive and respond to feelings, biochemical changes, and environmental events. The focus of the book is on recognizing impulses, compulsions, and cravings as important messages (or "e-mails") from the brain that, if listened to, can guide us away from behaviors we would like to change. Topics include: neurons and neurotransmitters, how the system works, how eating affects mood, how mood affects eating, pharmacological and nonpharmacological ways to restore balance, how to recognize when you need help, who is most qualified to help you, and why dieting might only exacerbate the problem in need of intervention.

This booklet is scheduled to go to press at the end of June. A special pre-publication price is available for those who would like to reserve a copy from the first print run. Ordering information is available at the After the Diet Online Store, http://www.afterthediet.com. For these orders, shipping will occur at the beginning of July.

After the Dietx Network is a Phoenix, Arizona based network consisting of health experts committed to promoting the benefits of physical and emotional health.

posted: July 25th, 2000

BY: Carolyn Costin, MFCC, author The Eating Disorder Source Book and owner of the Monte Nido Treatment Center and Francie White M.S., R.D., eating disorder specialist and owner of the Inner Escapes Workshop Co.

WHEN: Sept 8-13
WHERE: Orcas Island, San Juan Islands (off Washington State)

This is a workshop limited to 16 women for 5 days in one of the most pristine islands in the world, nestled right beneath Canada, with whale watching, kayaking, biking, hiking and the most advanced specialized training in counseling eating disordered children, adolescents and adults. We cover all aspects of treating disordered eating and body image: compulsive eating, restrictive, bulimia, exercise disorders and everything in between. OK to bring your own eating issues to work on! Enjoy case reviews, lectures and processes, demonstration sessions as well as working with mythology, women's circle processes, ritual, meditations and personal retreat time to heal and relax.

COST: $949.00 MC/VISA accepted-payment plans possible Cost includes: all workshop supplies. large rented home, catered meals.

For more information call: 800-263-4217

posted: July 25th, 2000

I'm conducting a research project on the hormonal basis of bulimia nervosa, and I'm currently recruiting subjects. You must be in the Boston area to participate. To be eligible, you must currently have bulimia nervosa, you must have normal menstrual cycles, and you must not be on oral contraceptives or antidepressant medication. Financial compensation will be provided. Please contact me by phone or email if you're interested in finding out the details of this study. Thanks!

Natalie Lester
Harvard University Eating Disorders Research Center
(617) 493-4549

posted: July 25th, 2000

I am interested in doing research on a possible link between eating disorders and high IQ's. So many of the people I treat have very high IQ's. There are many emotional characteristics associated with a high IQ and most people are not aware of these. Many could definately be contributing factors to an eating disorder, such as extreme sensitivity and perfectionism. I would be interested in any personal or professional information anyone can offer. In exchange I would be happy to e mail them more information about having a high IQ. Thank you.

Katie Beecher, MS

posted: July 25th, 2000

I'm Steven Bratman MD, formerly a holistic physician in practice in Ft. Collins, now an author. A few years back I "invented" a disease: orthorexia nervosa. This term indicates an emotionally unhealthy obsession with eating healthy food ("ortho" means "right"). I later wrote a book on the topic, and now Dateline TV wants to do a show.

How do you know if you have orthorexia?

  • Are you obsessed with eating health food, and can't seem to stop thinking about it?
  • Do you frequently feel guilty about eating the wrong food and have to undertake fasts and purifications to forgive yourself?
  • Does your focus on health food get in the way of your social life?
  • Do you sometimes wish you could quit thinking about healthy food entirely?

If you recognize yourself in this, and would like to appear on DATELINE to talk about it, give me a call... 970-484-6955

posted: July 17th, 2000

12-weeks of comprehensive information, assignments and teleclasses, developed by Jane E. Latimer, M.A., recovered compulsive eater, psychotherapist and aliveness coach.

This 12-week Online Curriculum will give you all the tools you need to Stop your emotional eating patterns, Begin to explore the underlying forces that are driving your eating, Lose weight (only if your overweight is due to overeating driven by emotional reasons or a poor self-image), Embrace yourself with love, and Create a new powerful self-image.

(You may join the Course anytime during the 12-weeks, but you will not receive the lessons you have missed.)

For more information:

posted: July 17th, 2000

When: Tuesdays 6:45-8:00pm
Where: 2 West 86th Street, Suite 503, New York, NY
Anorexia, bulimia, and body image disturbances can be extremely isolating. Come share your experiences and gain the support and insight needed to live a full life free of weight and body image obsession. The group will meet weekly and will be led by a clinical social worker specializing in the treatment of eating disorders and body image issues.

For more information contact:
(212) 585-3450

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