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posted: February 20, 2003
VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Healthy Within Foundation

Volunteer with the Healthy Within Foundation...
Volunteers will help organize and run prevention events in the community, plus more!

Choose an area of expertise to be trained in: preschool/elementary, middle school, high school, college, parents and teachers, and/or athletes and eating disorders.

This is a wonderful opportunity to build your resume, make valuable connections in the field of psychology, design a dissertation, and meet a lot of wonderful people with the same passion and interest as you!

What to do if you are interested:
Attend two trainings at Health Within, Inc.
Sunday, February 23rd from 1-6pm
Saturday, March 8th from 10-6pm

If you have any questions please contact Divya Kakaiya PhD or her assistant Jeanine Pontes at 858-622-0221 or divya@healthywithin.com.

posted: February 20, 2003

Healthy Within is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of eating disorders. We are beginning a new project to determine various influences on body image and self-esteem. There are two questions we are current posing to young men and women to learn more about how their experiences in middle school and/or high school may have led to issues such as body hatred, body image issues and eating disorder behaviors.

This project is to help determine the effects of fat caliper testing and exposure to stories about eating disorders in middle school and/or high school? Help us examine these questions, we need your feedback.

The first question we are posing: "Were you affected in middle school or high school by a story of a person with their eating disorder?" We would like to determine how exposure to these stories may have had a positive or negative influence on your body image or related to the development of eating disorder behaviors.

Secondly, "Did you ever have any kind of fat testing done in middle school or high school?" If, so how did this effect your perception of you body, your self esteem, etc?

Please direct your responses to these questions to Dr. Divya Kakaiya at
e-mail: divya@healthywithin.com
Please put the word "Advocacy" in the subject line.

posted: February 6, 2003

Compulsive Overeating Study:
Men and women ages 18-65 with compulsive overeating are needed for a research study involving free group therapy.

Bulimia Nervosa Treatment Study:
Women ages 18 and older with Bulimia Nervosa are needed for a research study involving experimental treatment provided at no cost.

Anorexia and Osteoporosis Study:
Females age 16 and under with Anorexia Nervosa are wanted for a study of Experimental Treatment for Bone Mineral Loss (osteoporosis) provided at no cost.

For more information call: (612) 627-1991
e-mail: veneg004@tc.umn.edu
website: www.tc.umn.edu/~crowx002

posted: February 2, 2003

In the USA: Organized by the National Eating Disorders Association
February 23 through March 2nd, 2003

In Canada: Organized by the The National Eating Disorder Information Centre
February 2 through February 8, 2003

In the UK: Organized by the The Eating Disorders Association
February 2 through February 8, 2003

CLICK HERE for more information...

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