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posted: February 9, 2001

The Something Fishy Website on Eating Disorders was reviewed by Forbes.com Best of the Web in their Mental Health category for February 2001. We were pleased to make the list.

Read the review here

posted: February 5, 2001

Featuring Dr. Jean Kilbourne
February 16th, 2001
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Barnard College: 117th and Broadway, New York City
For pre-registration, e-mail srs53@columbia.edu or register at the door
Admission: $10 / Students with IDs- FREE
Book Fair and Signing to follow conference

posted: February 5, 2001

A New Organization Helps People Actively Overcome Eating Disorders

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 1, 2001-Payson Road, a comprehensive website (www.PaysonRoad.com) designed to help people actively recover from eating disorders, is announcing the formation of the Payson Road Organization. In addition, Payson Road is announcing a new program, the Creative Collective, which will launch during Eating Disorder Awareness Week, February 25-March 4, 2001.

Founded in June 2000 as a discussion and resource site for eating disorders, Payson Road and its creative approach to healing, has attracted over 15,000 hits-per-day and has created an extensive network of volunteers and support group members. The comprehensive site includes facts and resources, proactive methods of coping, two weekly columns, a poetry wall, a mind and body healing section, news and events, an arts and book referral network, a "post it" section where people can post their own stories, and interactive online support groups. Founder Sarah Mason is a Los Angeles based screenwriter, whose 18-year battle and eventual recovery from bulimia has been the inspiration and driving force behind the site. Posting her story and encouraging others to share theirs seemed a natural and cleansing step in Mason�s recovery. "Writing and other creative forms of expression can be incredibly powerful in helping to rediscover yourself," stated Mason "Art gives you an outlet to openly express your emotions, aspirations, fears, dreams, thus making it far easier to reacquaint yourself with what really inspires you, instead of what burdens you." Eating disorders plague an estimated five to 10 million girls and women and one million boys and men in the United States alone. However, due to the nature of the disease, people who are afflicted tend to suffer in silence and do not actively seek out treatment making that number almost impossible to accurately define.

Payson Road is trying to get the word out on how large that number really is and how devastating these diseases are. While the media has covered eating disorders--mainly the obsessive desire to be thin and how that can cause distorted body images--Payson Road takes the position that the source of eating disorders is far more complex. In order to educate a wider population of people, Payson Road is launching the Creative Collective, a new program set to commence during Eating Disorder Awareness Week, February 25-March 4, 2001. The Creative Collective is a fusion of artistic mediums designed to help people struggling with eating disorders utilize creative expression to help them cope with their disease. The Collective is split into two programs, The Payson Road Arts Camp for kids and The Art of Healing Workshops.

Kerry Remsen a prominent actress and child acting coach in Los Angeles co-produces the Arts Camp. She has worked with Payson Road to design a program that will provide kids suffering from eating disorders the opportunity to learn to express themselves through many different art forms-acting, writing, singing, dancing and the visual arts. The goal behind the camp is to help alleviate the pain and emotions that are fueling the child�s eating disorder.

The Art of Healing Workshop will kick off the Creative Collective program on March 1, 2001 in Los Angeles. The event will include a Discussion Group, a Mind and Body Workshop with a half hour yoga session, a Creative Writing Workshop and an Improvisational Acting Workshop. Los Angeles Psychotherapist, Susan W. Ricker, M.F.C.C. and Boston Eating Disorder Specialist and Yoga instructor, Jennifer Campbell will host the event along with Mason and Remsen. Payson Road is organizing an event for Spring 2001 (currently slated for Los Angeles and New York). Called "Road to the Stars," the night will combine comedy and music and will feature several comics and local bands. While the entertainment won�t all focus on eating disorders, the night will provide for a large cross-section of people to come together in support of a common cause.

"If diseases like Breast Cancer, AIDS, and Muscular Dystrophy can generate the support of hundreds of thousands of people each year--who are willing to walk, run and shout in support of funding and research--then so too should eating disorders," states an emphatic Mason. "It's time for change. And it's time for us as a culture to open our eyes, not only to new methods of recovery for eating disorders, but also to admitting how deep the problem really is."

For further information about Payson Road, Payson Road�s Creative Collective, Road to the Stars, or the Art of Healing Workshop for Eating Disorder Awareness Week, please contact Sarah Mason at:

3767 Overland Avenue, Suite 103B
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Phone: 310-842-8100
Fax: 310-838-9320
The Payson Road Organization increases awareness and education of eating disorders and advances recovery through support of creative expression.

posted: February 5, 2001

May 16, 2001
Join our international celebration of media images that promote healthy body image and expand the definition of what makes people beautiful! We're inspired by New Moon's May/June 2001 special issue featuring 25 beautiful girls, who embody our definition of beauty based on good works, great hearts, and activism.

Help celebrate!

Kids: make your own ads about Inner Beauty; get them run in your local media on May 16th and enter them in our Make Your Own Ad contest (details at www.newmoon.org )

Organize action in your community:

  • Write letters to the editor & conducting interviews with local media on the day's purpose.
  • A screening & discussion of videos about girls, women and advertising
  • Send a card to a friend telling them why they have inner beauty.
  • Create a public exhibit about Inner Beauty, featuring photos, drawing and writing about people you know who are beautiful (young & old, female & male).
  • Hold a "Turn Beauty Inside Out" march at a mall or other public place to raise awareness of the issue.

Find the latest ideas and updates at www.newmoon.org
For more information call 1-800-381-4743 x 10 or email lindae@newmoon.org

posted: February 5, 2001

Weekend long eating disorder retreat trainings for the harried professional looking for the best hands-on training in the country for treating all disordered eating and body image. Francie White MSRD and her guest teachers teach specific counseling skills for difficult to treat anorexia, bulimia and compulsive overeater clients. Registered Dietitians will not believe the magnitude of learning and the whole weekend experience. Psychotherapists and other professionals come away loaded with the most advanced techniques and wonderful processes to take back. Bring your own eating and weight issues along! Demonstrations, case studies, incredible hand out book all mixed with yoga, meditation sessions, ritual, storytelling, optional massages, hikes, horseriding, canoeing, etc.

Michigan - Ronora Nature Preserve And Retreat Center (2 Hours From Chicago) -- April 20-22nd

New York - Omega Institute (Gorgeous Upstate NY) May 4-6th

California - Santa Barbara The White Lotus Yoga Retreat Center - July 12-15th Carolyn Costin Guest Lecturer.

Call: Francie White At Inner Escapes Workshop Co. 800 263-4217 for Registration and Information.

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