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If you have a special bulletin you would like to appear here please send the detailed information by e-mail or by using our contact form. Submitting a special bulletin to appear in this area is FREE, but subject to approval.

posted: April 16, 2004

Where: San Diego, CA
When: April 26, 2004

Eating disorders affect over 70 million people worldwide. More individuals die of eating disorders and substance abuse than any other psychiatric illness, making eating disorders the leading cause of death among young women (ANAD 2003). Healthy Within Foundation, a local organization, is sponsoring the Candlelight Vigil to raise awareness of this illness and promote positive body image and good health. The Vigil will take place on April 26, 2004 at the Price Center Plaza on the UCSD campus from 6- 9 PM.

The Candlelight Vigil is an annual event initiated by the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD). Each year, all across the country, thousands of people gather in public and in private to promote eating disorder awareness and prevention. In San Diego, the event will feature musical entertainment, an art exhibit and speakers, including Dr. Divya Kakaiya, founder of the Healthy Within Foundation. Dr. Kakaiya was recently awarded the 10Leadership Award for her efforts in the treatment and prevention of eating disorders. The Vigil promotes the message, 'Accept Yourself ... Accept Others' to counteract the epidemic of body image dissatisfaction that plagues our society. Participants can privately observe the Vigil in their homes or join others on the UCSD campus to advocate healthy living.

Healthy Within Foundation is the only organization in this region exclusively dedicated to the prevention of eating disorders. The foundation is a treatment clinic which also conducts extensive outreach work in the community. Trained volunteers work with schools (middle school, high school and college), giving presentations which educate students on healthy living and empower them to resist the images in media which impact their body image.

For more information contact Jordan Weisman
Healthy Within Foundation, (858) 622-0246

posted: April 16, 2004

Finding Common Ground: Integrating Clinical Practice and Research
Where: Caribe Royale All-Suites Resort & Convention Center
Orlando, Florida
When: April 29-May 2, 2004

The conference will include the following activities: Clinical Teaching Day Workshops; Plenary Sessions; Workshop Sessions ~ Paper Sessions ~ Poster Session and Reception ~ Discussion Panels ~ Special Interest Group Meetings~ Academy Annual Business Meeting ~ Special Social Functions

For more information visit the website for: AED's Annual Conference Information

posted: April 6, 2004

Misleading weight loss advertising is everywhere, preying on consumers desperate for an easy solution. But claims for diet products that promise weight loss without sacrifice or effort are bogus and, in some cases, dangerous.

That�s why we�re asking for your help. The extra moment you take to review a weight loss claim is important for several reasons - It can protect your company from being known as one that promotes rip-offs. Running false claims can hurt your credibility and harm your audience; It can prevent your department from getting cheated by the companies or individuals that make these false claims because there�s a good chance they won�t pay their bills; and Effective ad clearance standards reduce the damaging effects of advertising fraud on American consumers and commerce.

In the False Claims section of the Web site, you will find examples of false ads. When you spot claims like these, take a moment to Red Flag them, and pass them along to the appropriate person in your organization.

For more information visit the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Website: Red Flag Bogus Weight Loss Claims

posted: April 6, 2004

We offer specific groups that teach relapse prevention strategies, skill-building, and the development of mindfulness; we work with patients and families to identify and utilize inner and outer resources to navigate the difficult recovery process; we try to help patients nurture a forward-looking focus on life after Renfrew and recovery. In addition, we will provide the Reunion Recharge Recovery Group � a special group for returning Renfrew Alumnae that will facilitate the recharge process.

For more information: Visit the website or call 1-800-RENFREW and ask to speak with an Intake Coordinator.

posted: April 6, 2004
A Body to Die For: Advanced Training for Professionals in the Treatment of Eating Disorders and Body-Image

North Caroline: April 16
Washington, DC: April 23
Boston, MA: May 7
White Plains, NY: May 14

A Full-day Seminar for Mental Health Professionals and Dietitians - A Body to Die For will assist psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, dietitians and other mental health professionals in understanding the complex issues surrounding body-image development and the problems with boundaries, control and suppressed emotion that almost always accompany dissociation from the body. In addition to a didactic presentation of material, the seminar will include hands-on strategies, experiential exercises, slides and videotaped sessions with clients.

For more information, please call Debbie Lucker at 877-367-3383 or visit the website for detailed schedule and registration forms

posted: April 6, 2004

Three-Part Eating Disorders Workshop Series
The Wesley Foundation at the University of Miami

May 7, 2004 - Feeding the Hungry Spirit: Treating Women with Eating Disorders
May 21, 2004 - To Eat or Not to Eat: Nutritional Challenges in the Treatment of Eating Disorders
June 4, 2004 - Never Satisfied: Treating Eating Disorders and Body Image Disturbance

For more information, detailed schedule and registration form, please visit the Renfrew Website

posted: April 6, 2004

April 15-16
The event will address a variety of challenging issues for people with eating disorders and their families, researchers, educators, treatment professionals, and government officials. The conference will create a national dialog on policy recommendations addressing eating disorders as a public health concern.

For details visit the EDC online at http://www.eatingdisorderscoalition.org or contact the Eating Disorders Coalition for Research, Policy & Action (202) 543-9570

posted: April 6, 2004

May 13-16th, 2005 -- Santa Barbara, California
Join Carolyn Costin Clinical Director of the Monte Nido Treatment Center and Francie White MS, RD and guests for a 4 day intensive advanced training and retreat. If you are established in the field and looking for renewal, a place to bring cases, or are considering treating eating disorders...this retreat is for you, it is a blast, as well as life changing.

For additional information contact INNER ESCAPES WORKSHOP CO. at 800 263-4217 ( 4# ) or visit www.innerescapes.com

posted: April 6, 2004
Treatment Update on Eating Disorders: Panel Discussion and Case Illustrations

Rogers Memorial Hospital, Oconomowoc, WI
May 7, 2004, 8:30am-4:00pm
Cost: $99 (includes continental breakfast and lunch)

Panel members will discuss treatment strategies and invite participants to present clinical questions. a variety of perspectives will be addressed, included psychiatry, psychology, dietary, experiential therapy and psychotherapy. Panel Members: Maureen Hill, MS, RD, CD; Catherine Loomis, PhD; Thomas Shiltz, MS, CADCIII; Jennifer Waite-Wollenberg, MS, ATR; Ted Weltzin, MD

To register by phone, please call 800-767-4411 ext. 566 or registration forms can be downloaded at www.rogershospital.org/seminars.htm

posted: April 6, 2004

Friday, May 14, 2004
Facilitators: Sondra Kronberg, MS, RD, CDN and Vicki Paley, CSW, BCD
Fees: Members $20.00; Non-member $50.00; Registration: 10:30am; 11:00am - 4:30pm.

LEARN: How to run a support group, The difference between a support and therapeutic group, How to get the group to work together, Using visualization in an eating disorder group, The necessary psycho-educational material for the different eating disorders, How to handle family members in the group, Methods of starting and ending groups, Use of other creative art and music techniques within the group, How to recognize and what to do when someone doesn't belong in the group, Experiential group exercises

This experiential training will provide important information and tools to develop your ability to facilitate a support group. We are looking for professionals to help us run the support groups we run throughout Long Island. If you are interested in running a support group, this training program will be a necessary tool.

For more information and/or to register: (516) 229-2393

posted: April 6, 2004

My name is Sal Rios and I am the Associate Producer for the Emmy Award winning MTV Documentary show, TRUE LIFE. I stumbled across your website in my research and have found it a truly remarkable tool to educate and bring awareness to the issues on eating disorders. I have actually referred several people who have emailed MTV regarding their eating disorders to your website. The next episode of true life focuses on Obesity, the rising epidemic facing the youth of the nation today.

We are urgently looking to find a male attending high school or college currently dealing with the issues of overeating to share their story. Ideally, we are looking to document a male who is looking to share their life with us and show the world what it is like to be them. In sharing their story I believe that this opportunity will be a positive one for this individual to show others around the world that they are not alone. Having personally struggled with weight issues all my life I understand how emotionally delicate young males may be in this matter which has proven a greater challenge than expected.

Again, we are slated to begin shooting IMMEDIATELY so time is of the essence. Our deadline is currently set at Thursday, April 8th at 5:00pm (eastern time).

If you are interested in participating, please contact me, Sal Rios, at SRios@pinksneakers.net.

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