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If you have a special bulletin you would like to appear here please send the detailed information by e-mail or by using our contact form

posted: April 12, 2001

Access Clinical Trials
67 Union Street
Natick, Massachusetts

Access Clinical Trials in Natick, and Hampstead Hospital in New Hampshire are seeking females, diagnosed with anorexia nervosa to participate in a six week in-patient placebo-controlled trial of an investigational drug presently used to treat other disorders. Subjects will receive hospitalization at Hampstead Hospital, study medication or placebo, medical and psychiatric assesments at no cost. In order to participate you must be between 18 and 40 years old, diagnosed with anorexia nervosa for at least one year and able to provide informed consent.

If you would like further information please call us at (508) 650-7036 or e-mail us at AccessTrials@aol.com

posted: April 12, 2001
International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals (IAEDP)

Date: August 10-13, 2001
Location: Wyndam Emerald, San Diego,California
For More Information call 1-800-800-8126
Website: www.iaedp.org
Earn up to 20 continuing education credits.

posted: April 12, 2001

Please help us determine whether genes contribute to anorexia nervosa
The Price Foundation is sponsoring a multicenter, international study seeking to determine whether a gene or genes might predispose individuals to develop anorexia nervosa.

We need families with at least one member who has or had anorexia nervosa, both of whose parents are willing to participate in this study.

The study involves assessments, questionnaires, and a blood draw.

You do not need to travel; everything can be done where you live.

Participants will be paid upon completion of the study.

If you have or had anorexia and are interested in obtaining more information, please call our toll free number or email us.

If you know any families affected by anorexia nervosa that might qualify and be interested in participating, please let them know.

posted: April 12, 2001
WARNING - AD CAMPAIGN (new updated information)
Berry Trim Diet Scam

Please be aware of the an unbelievably irresponsible direct mail campaign by Health Laboratories of North America. They manufacture a "miracle" diet product called Berry Trim Plus. The company is sending a full page ad on a product for weight loss. It is a newspaper ad and at the top, they are handwriting your name with a message that says,

    [Name], Try it. It Works!
The envelope is typed and there is no return address. It is sent to you as anonymous mail with a personal note. Clearly the intention is to have you believe that someone you know is sending it to you.

This is now being sent out through e-mail, as SPAM or unsolicited mail. It comes as a message that states

    What do you think of my new scanner?

It is typed and signed, and stated in such a way that the intention is for you to believe it comes from someone you know. The e-mail contains a scan, either directly in the e-mail message or as an attachment, that is a newspaper ad/article about the Berry Trim diet product.

To the normal public, this letter might be brushed off. To anyone who struggles with an eating disorder, this can be an absolutely devastating "personal" message to receive by mail or e-mail.

At the advice of e-mail we've received from numerous people, we want to make as many people know about this as we can so that they do not take the personal message to heart. We also encourage you to report the company to the Better Business Bureau in Carson, Nevada, where their headquarters are located.

If you receive a copy of this "ad" in the mail or e-mail, please send it to the Better Business Bureau, along with a complaint, or contact them by telephone. You can also go to their website to file a complaint...
The Better Business Bureau - www.bbb.org

Several people have requested the company's direct address and there's even been mention of filing a class action mail fraud lawsuit. Here is the most current information we have:

Health Laboratories of North America, Inc.
Dept. 1293, 194 Katonah Ave., Katonah, NY 10536

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