In Loving Memory...

Terri Schindler-Schiavo
12.3.1963 - 3.31.2005

note: Terri's case has been in the national media, and when she passed many of the visitors to our website felt compelled to light a candle for her here. Though there has been some public denial by her family about the cause of her condition, the courts found that there was overwhelming evidence to indicate it was an Eating Disorder (resulting in a potassium imbalance) that led to her cardiac arrest in 1990. We at Something Fishy wish only the best to both the Schiavos and the Schindlers, as Terri's condition and passing must have been very painful to all.

We will not accept postings that are political in nature or wish to express an intended debate on this topic ~ the memorial wall is only for leaving peaceful messages to the person who passed, and their loved-ones.

  • Another sufferer who paid the ultimate price. Her story was played out in the media, and touched many hearts, for many reasons. We send prayers to Terri and her family. We will never forget her, her struggle or her family's steadfast love.

  • At age 41, Terri has brought a huge awareness of eating disorders nation wide. In the last 15 years of her life and now in death, she as demonstrated the danger of distructive eating habits. Being a shy girl that loved animals she is another victim of this nations corrupt vision of health & beauty. Trying to have societies version of the "perfect" body she became bulimic to keep weight off which caused an electrolight emblance in her blood which lead to heart failure. I pray we will all use her testimony to have a more realistic view of what "beauty" is and use that to live healthy lives (body & mind). May God be with her and comfort to her family.

  • Terri Schiavo died on the morning of March 31st, after her feeding tube had been removed for two weeks. Terri suffered cardiac arrest fifteen years ago as a result of her bulimia. She will be remembered and loved by many. Her story will be remembered forever.

  • Although the ed itself did not kill her, it did lead to the heart problems which eventually led to her death. After years of struggle she is finally at peace. I hope you are without pain now Terri

  • Rest in Peace Terri.

  • I never met you personally. I understand the pain you went through. Until we meet someday...

  • Rest in peace, Terri. All your suffering was not in vain, as you have brought worldwide attention to the danger of eating disorders. Millions have been touched by your story.

  • Terri had bulimia which caused a heart attack resulting in severe brain damage. We have spent so much time and money debating the ethics of her case, and have ignored the fact that her vegetative state was preventable and that others are still at risk for similar complications. I never met Terri, but when i heard she had bulimia, it was a wake-up call.

  • My heart goes out to her husband and her parents... I can only imagine the pain they must have felt all these years, and over her death. May she truly be at peace now and forever.

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