In Loving Memory...

If you could have only seen what others saw, a perfect bud, gone before you had the chance to bloom into the flower you were destined to be. I will fight my ED in honor of you, I promise to live.

Sarah Siskin
Died April, 2003
A Beautiful young woman who fought for years against a disease that she never seemed to be able to control.

Shawnna Marie Phillips
10.3.1981 - 11.20.2004
When you look at the sun, see me smile.
When you look at the stars,
hear me laugh.
When you look in your heart,
Know that I am there.
~ I love you Shawnna, and someday I will see you again.

Kelly Graves
Kelly was an amazing woman with 3 kids... sadly she lost the battle... She had a heart of gold... She cared about everybody from her peers to the wildlife animals that she rehabilitated... it's sad she couldnt see what so many others saw...

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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