In Loving Memory...

My roomate and friend, who always believed in me when I was weak. I'll miss your loving faith forever. I always told you I'd find a cure, and I'm going to keep working on that promise. You're my inspiration.

Ricky Borjon
Died December 1, 2004
He was such a neat person and he was just starting to make progress after almost 20 years and he was found that he had died in his sleep. He was only 37 years old and finally was making progress. It is so sad for his parents that found him. I am so sad for my sister and her lost of her "Ricky." He will be sadly missed. How i wish someone could have helped him before it was too late. ~ His Aunt

Ashli Ann James
4.12.1971 - 5.22.2002
Ashli's wish was to get well and help others with this horrible disease. She was so beautiful in all aspects, with so much love and feelings for everyone. We know Ashli is in heaven, and her sister Megan is beginning grad. school for studies in eating disorder areas -- Maybe all things do happen for a purpose. We miss you ASH BIRD ~ Forever our love ~ Mom and Dad.

Julie Muller
Thanks for your sense of humor. You really got me through my first Renfrew stay. We are all thinking of you...

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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