In Loving Memory...

I miss you so much, and I wish we could have done more to help you. Even though you did not think you were beautiful, we did. I miss your smile, your laugh, and the way you told us that you loved us everyday before school ended. There is a void that can never be filled now that you are gone.

Angel Zaddach
Hi angel, we miss you so much. I wish you could have forseen the future. If you could have you would be here now. Sometimes people can run your life for you. You worried about how you looked to your friends but should have known that we all loved you the way you were. Maybe some good has come from this. Some of your friends are seeking help for their eating disorder. Maybe you saved their lives. We love you VERY much. ~ Grandma And Grandpa Alderman

Rachel D.
I only knew you for a few weeks in treatment, but I came to love you very quickly. You brought a smile to my face every morning during our time in the hospital. You have been taken from this world far too soon, at the age of only 15. You will be missed, little sister.

My Sister
So sorry I misunderstood your illness. Please forgive me. I know you endured terrible pain and suffering here on earth. I know you are in Heaven and loving it. Know how much I miss you and wish I could just see you one more day and tell you I love you. I wish I could have helped you more. I'll see you again.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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