In Loving Memory...

Albert Carmine Ammiano
11.13.1945 - 3.15.2000
Loving Husband, Father, Uncle, Brother and Friend.
He will always be loved and missed by the many lives he touched. We will remember him in all that could have been, we will remember every moment we spent and cherish him forever.

Died July, 2004
I will miss your smiling face!

Alicia Regina Beth
7.15.1967 - 2.27.1995
My firstborn child, born July 15, 1967. I was convinced that the most loving thing I could do for my daughter at that time was to place her for adoption, with a family who would want her and love her. She survived, unbeknownst to me, being torn from her loving foster family at a year of age. She further had to battle unknown heredity, including substance abuse, depression, suicide and eating disorders. My offer of medical history to her adoptive family was refused.

Alicia succumned to the pain of living by taking her life on February 27, 1995. She was 27 and living alone, after her adoptive father died and her adoptive mother sold the family home and moved. Although we only saw one another a few times... you were and remain in my heart every day of your life and still.

Becky Howell
Best Friend and God Mother

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