In Loving Memory...

Dixie Lee Wooton
  • Dixie, you lit up the lives of everyone who knew you. We will always remember your frank discussions of anything and everything in that fabulous Kentucky accent with all your personal spark. We are grateful to you for the fight you put up against this illness and will remember always that your body gave out long before your spirit was willing to call it quits. Know that we hold onto you, even now, and please hold onto us. Love always, dear Rogers sister.

  • Dixie was another beautiful soul taken by an eating disorder. I will never forget the days I spent with Dixie in treatment. I was in utter shock the day her sister called to tell me she had passed away. I only spent a few short months with Dixie and then 2 years corresponding by mail and phone, yet she will stay in my heart forever. I will never forger her sweet southeran accent she had whenver I talked to her on the phone. You are missed Dixie.

  • You are so strong, Dixie. You still never cease to amaze me. You're a fighter - you gave it everything you had. I can't believe how much you endured, how much you went through... but you did it. You put it all together and changed; showed your true beauty in the end. Your light shines on, you are not forgotten. ~SBA

  • Shannon
    Died March, 2004
  • Although I only spoke to you a few times during our stay together at Remuda, your death hurts me very much. It hurts to know that such a wonderful person has been struck by the evil Mr. ED. Even though I continue to struggle every second of the day, your strength that I was lucky to witness has helped me to carry on. I will miss you, but I will see you up in heaven one day. Love you Shannon! ~Katie May

  • Shannon was an amazing spirit. She spent much of her life struggling against ED, but did not give up. She loved life and didn't want to surrender to this horrible disease. I was blessed to be her roommate during treatment and am forever greatful. I will never forget her and neither will the many others whom she touched.

  • Kathi Lyn Kornas
    4.28.1976 - 3.15.2004
  • Kathi struggled with her eating disorder for over eighteen years. We pray that she is finally free of pain and at peace. We love her with all our hearts.

  • You are loved and adored. I will always miss you my friend. May your heart be light and your soul dance. If only you knew how important you were to the world.

  • Allison Ewing Hilbun Guernsey
    6.19.1960 - 3.14.2004
    My mom suffered from anorexia and bulimia for over 28 years. In the end, she was absolutely miserable and in much pain. She could not walk or even drink sierra mist without help. It had taken over every aspect of her life. What started out as a "phase" at age 15 eventually took her away from family and friends that loved the awesome person she was very much. She always wanted young girls considering anorexia or any unhealthy eating pattern to know that it wasn't worth it and that they could end up like her - and now, she is dead. She was a funny lady with a big heart, and she was a loving and amusing mother to me and a joy to her parents. We miss her very much. Please remember my mom and the people who love you very much if you are dealing with an eating disorder.

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