In Loving Memory...

No words cane ever discribe how much we all miss you.
The strugle for your life which unfortunatly you've lost came as a shock to us, you will be in our hearts and in our minds and we'll never ever will forget you beautifull smile that always lit up the room. Marijke, mother, aunt and dear friend your soul will live on in our hearts and mind untill we will be reunited.

Dear Tessa - You were taken away to soon, you didn't deserve this. But I hope you are finally happy where you are now! You were the best little sister anyone could ever had asked for. I'll always love you.

Died May, 2004
Kate was an amazing artist and writer. She was definitely a unique person, no one could ever fill her shoes. She tried so hard to get better. I know that she would be doing something great if she were still here today.

I was in the eating disorder unit with Sonja last year and heard that she lost her struggle with anorexia a few months ago. I know up until the end you were positive you were going to win this battle, the demon was just too strong... I light this candle for you Sonja.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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