In Loving Memory...

Lyn Hankin-Golden
We met in treatment long ago. I was heartbroken to come across her obituary and ever grateful to whatever higher spirits there may be for my own recovery. She suffered over 25 years from anorexia. May she finally rest in peace. The world lost a good one.

Lisa P.
Athough I only knew her for the short time we spent together in an inpatient facility last summer, I believe, with all my heart and every fiber in my being and souls were destined to connect in way few can imagine possible. She was a shining lightand I detected that from very first moment I saw her, sheiled from view behind the customary plexiglass window. She was tiny, frail, she looked about 60 years old but in reality, she was 37. Her organs were failing; she knew she was dying and we had many conversations about me not ending up like her--in the end she wanted to so desperately wanted to live. I connected with her on a level I never have with another person--and perhaps never will again.

All I know of her now is that she passed away (I can only pray peacefully and painlessly) last November. I hope she knows, that, although her family wansn't totally behind her and believed in her, that I did.

She was a star. And she's somewhere in a land with no calories to worry about--and free.

I pray she made it over the rainbow, that the clouds are far behind her, and that she is at peace. She's an angel now and I feel her sometimes. I hear her raspy laugh...she was just too beautiful for this Earth.

Died in 2004. A sweet spirit lost way too young.

She was 47 years old, I met her in the hospital in 1998 we remained phone friends until her death in August 2003. She was a warm loving person, we shared so much both having anorexia. She died at home alone from complications of the anorexia. I miss her so much, it is like i lost part of me, please pray for her

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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