In Loving Memory...

Dallis Ferrel L. Herrin Sr.
My dad was the some sweetest men you would ever want to know. He battled his weight problem for years and in 1995 he lost that battle. He is still my personal hero. He fought a long hard battle, Jesus just needed him. If your family member or friend needs you, please don't turn away from them. Don't ever judge a person by their apperance. My daddy weighed 585 when he passed away and I have never seen him as anything else, than great dad. I have and never will be ashamed of anyone that has weight problems. Just love them all.

Heather Hensley
Heather died way too young. She was a victim of a society who viewed skinny as beautiful. I roomed with her at cheerleading camp. I knew there was a problem then. If only I would have said or done something... Now, I live with the same disorder. Will I have the same fate? I want to get better Heather, so your death will not be in vain. I love you...

Joyce Buckalew
She was like a grandmother to me and I still miss her to this day. I can smell her and the memories I have of my time spent with her are great. I love her very much.

Mary Demick
You were my best friend when I needed you. You brought me laughter and joy as you danced to "Thriller" on my bed while we were in treatment. You are a blessing as my angel while I trudge through recovery. I love you and honor you. ~Love ya, Kate

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